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Author:  Renji's Howl [ March 10th, 2007, 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Narmithwen

Name: Narmithwen, (Nahr-myth-wehn) friends call her Armith (are-mith)
Race: Half-Elf, Half-Dunadain
Age: She’s half-elf so kind of old, but let’s say 16 in human years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Dunadain Ranger

Height: 5’9”
Hair: Wavy, black, down to her hips. She normal has it in a long braid down her back, or down.
Eyes: normally brownish green but changes with her mood
Green brown-happy
Dark brown- Sad
Complexion: fair with some freckles

Other: Narmithwen takes on more to the rangers than the elves, though she has slightly pointed ears. She tends to be clad in tans, brown, greens, and grays. Her normal outfit is brown/tan leather shirt with tooled brown bracers. Her tan skirt reaches just past her knees with brown/tan leggings and knee high dark brown boot. She also tends to wear a molted green and brown Ranger cloak. If it is winter she has on a long sleeved dark brown shirt with a skirt to her ankle and leggings under that.

Weapons: Narwen has a hand-and-a-half sword named Icebiter. She also carries a Mirkwood long bow of dark wood with gold elvish writing on it. It is 6’2”.

Bio: Narmithwen is very good with animals, but is really good with horses. She has a tall, gray, Ranger-horse named Galadhir (lord of light). She fights fiercely and can move unseen thought the forest, a trait she inherited from her father. Narmithwen has elf-eyes from hre elf-mother and has elf like hearing also.

Family: Her mother was an warior elf of Mirkwood. She was killed by a hunting party of orcs when she was travling to Rivendell. Her farther and brother were both Rangers but went hunting orcs with 3 men and none were ever seen again.

Personality: Rather hard-headed and strong-willed. She is very excepting of other people idea, but tends to be very convincing when she speaks.
Name:Galahir (gahl-a-here)
Race: Horse
Color: Light Grey with a Darker mane and tail
Height: 15HH
Other: he can comunicate to Armith though snorts, paws, nickers, ect.

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