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Author:  smeagollum [ March 27th, 2007, 8:50 pm ]
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[font=Arial, sans-serif]RUTH ANN UNDERHILL[/font]

Race: Hobbit

Name: Ruth Ann Underhill

Gender: Female

About: She has an adventurous soul. Much of this will be explained in her past. She can fight and will if needed to, maybe even if not needed. She also has learned the way of the wild and loves the woods of the Shire, but escapes every now and then to visit the mountains. Oh yes, she also has an inate fear of the Mines of Moria.

Past: Her father was a great adventurer whom also loved to get out of the Shire. He did many trips. He even travelled with Bilbo here and there. His many friends include Bilbo, Aragorn, and Elrond. He had visited much of the lands of Middle-Earth. Ruth Ann then followed in her father's footsteps, and went to the wild. She learned to fight and use a bow at a very young age. Her mother was very much against her father leaving the Shire and even more her. Her mother died, and they found out returning from one of their adventures. And to just get to the main point why she doesn't have a father. Her father and her went to the Mines of Moria one day just to visit and say hi basically, but that was the day when the Balrog came out. Ruth doesn't really remember how, but somehow she escaped and when she looked back they were all gone. On another note, Ruth Ann, following after her father, was really close to her father's friends: Bilbo, Aragorn and Elrond. Aragorn was the closest because they got along very well. Bilbo next, and Elrond after that.

Some Past Adventures: She first and foremost "adventure" was when she was five. Her dad took her out of the Shire to go and meet one of his (and now her) good friends: Aragorn(Yeah.. like the king). Other adventures included varies trips to Rivendell, Fangorn, Misty Mountains, and such. However, the other very compeling trip was one to the Mines of Moria. It wasn't her first time going there, but she definetly wanted it to be her last because it was the time the Balrog was awoken. Ruth Ann doesn't remember how she escaped (which is common from tramatic situations), but all she knows is that her father didn't escape and she does not perfer to talk about it. As for her adventuring after that, Ruth Ann stopped for awhile because of the death of her father, but, a few years before the ring was found, she started up again, traveling all throughout Middle-Earth.

Personality: She is focused on three main things: curiousity, loyalty, and protection (whether that be for her or another). She has wondered all through Middle-Earth, and it would be very hard to find a place that she, at least, doesn't recognize from her curiousity of what might be a few steps in front of her. Although, you may try. She believes in loyality and "sticking with" others. She has wondered alone before.. but that would only be because she is either looking for someone or there is no other way. Lastly, she feels the need to protect herself and others. She is exceptly practical in her thinking, and is able to figure what is most likely the best way to go. Then, from being protective, she always factors in what is best. To sum up, she is adventureous, courageous, and is pretty much anxious for a fight. To sum, her disadvantage would be her height, but, to her, she just thinks of herself as "travel size".

PS. The General Points of the Past are always prevelant: her father dieng in the Mines of Moria, the places she has adventured to and such. However, if there is a MAJOR change in timeline, such that would require her to be 100's of years old, the "original" past of her knowing Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin would not be true.

Author:  smeagollum [ June 15th, 2008, 3:56 pm ]
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[font=Arial, sans-serif]KIRA MARSHALL[/font]

RACE: Human

NAME: Kira Marshall

GENDER: Female

AGE: 17

APPEARANCE: (Finding Photos)

BACKGROUND: Born in San Fransico, Kira Marshall was one of one. She would get everything she wanted, but, miraculously, she does not act spoiled. Instead, she takes the attitude of slight arrogance. She can be overimpressive and girly at times, but, for the majority, she is cocky, sarcastic, annoyed at ignorant people, and smart, very smart. She comes up with the most practical plan, and she believes that everyone should follow it. However, not being an idiot, she will still follow what everyone else is doing even if they (in her mind) are a bunch of half-brains.

CURRENT RPS: Sacred Realm, Abridge Academy, and she is in my story Gifted Abilities

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