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 Post subject: Chi's Characters
PostPosted: August 5th, 2008, 10:56 am 
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Please note that, most likely, I will not be using these for roleplay unless I really fall in love with one of them. This is created mainly because I'm bored, and I think I need some practice in creating characters! Feel free to critique as you like. They're welcome.

Name: Laurence Baker ("Laurie")



:: Hair :: - His hair, in length, normally reaches his chin if wet and straight. However, given that his mother had extremely curly hair, he too, unfortunately, inherited this dominant gene. So, rather than reaching past his chin, it reaches to about his ears before it fluffs out in almost exaggerated curls. It's dark brown in color, which, surprisingly, doesn't contrast with this green eyes very much. Rather, it compliments them quite well.

:: Eyes :: - Speaking of eyes, they're the green windows into his very soul. Well, maybe not. He plays the 'I'm young and innocent' act, but inside, he's very much the little thief. The almost kicked-puppy look that his eyes give off only adds to the effect.

:: Body :: - Laurence comes in at about 5'5". As if he couldn't get any smaller and more fragile looking, right? And he weighs almost 130 lbs, so he practically gives off the epitome of starving young man. He's got a smart head, though, and willingly uses all of these traits against those who might fall prey to them.

:: Clothes :: - This young man normally wears baggy clothes. Why, you ask? Well, obviously, it's to continue adding to the effect of 'I'm hungry and poor! Feed me!'. But also, it hides the fact that he does have muscle. The loose-fitting cotton shirt he usually adorns covers the toned stomach and hardened arm-muscles, earned from many hours of training with the two small daggers he has sheathed beneath his shirt, carried by two leather straps that crisscross across his chest. An extra one is hidden in his right suede boot, just in case he might need it, should he happen upon some trouble.

Personality: If there's one thing that Laurie knows how to do, it's how to use his mind. Always calculating, whether it's how much ground he can cover in one day, or how long he'll have until the guard comes to arrest him after stealing a loaf of bread. Of course, he'll never keep the exact same personality for long. But I won't bore you with the personalities he keeps. Instead, I'll let you in on the man behind the mask, so to speak.

Laurie is a naturally cold person. Don't let his warm smile and inviting eyes fool you; he most likely doesn't even like the fact that you're breathing his air. He doesn't enjoy letting people get close, and most of the time, when they do, they just get frustrated and leave, confused by his assumed case of multiple personality disorder.

But in reality, he might just be afraid to let someone get close. After all, if he thieves to get by, how could he possibly provide for someone else?

History: Believe it or not, Laurie actually had a fairly normal family life. He lived with his parents in a small village, where he was raised, and he was actually a normal child. However, at age seven, his mother grew sick with a plague from the North, and became bedridden. Months later, she died, leaving he and his father to fend for themselves.

His father was not a happy man. He never had been, really, but the death of his wife seemingly sent him off the edge. He still worked and provided for his broken family, but when agitated, was known to beat Laurence for minor mistakes that the boy made. When he was twelve, Laurence fled the village, wishing to put his past behind him.

Of course, at twelve, you weren't of legal age to do anything, especially be out on your own. He'd escaped to a larger village - the capital, might I add - hoping to make a life there. Instead, he was captured and thrown into the workhouse, to be let out when he hit the legal age of seventeen.

In the workhouse, he learned the aches and pains of living in true poverty, and of having no one to care about whether you lived or died.. But his body also shaped and molded itself, egged on by the strain of muscle working hard for a good five years, so when he was finally let out, it wasn't as if he hadn't gained something.

In the workhouse, it was common for children to work out systems to steal food, clothing, and whatever else they needed. They never stole from the [s]slave-driver[/s] master, because the punishment would be too great, and surely he would notice if things started going missing. Instead, late at night, they would sneak out and steal from the village, which earned them their badge of survival, if you'll pardon the pun.

That was how Laurence's life into thievery began.


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