Idril Falastári - Melarë
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Author:  Idril Falastári [ June 4th, 2005, 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Idril Falastári - Melarë

Hello! I am an avid RP'er! I use different characters for different roleplays, Melarë, for instance, in Corwin's War of the Jewels RP, and Idril in all LotR/post-RotK.

Idril is a simple Elf-maiden, although her lineage is full of twists and turns. Her hair is long and dark, with silvery strands. Her eyes are a queer mixture of forest green, with earthy brown in the centers, but they are known to change color to blue when filled with dreamy thoughts. She was raised in Lothlórien when the Lady Galadriel took pity on her. Sheltered for her long life, during the War of the Ring she broke of the reverie and learned to survive in the open world.

Melarë is a loyal subject of the Elvenking Thingol's halls in Doriath, with lengthy hair of silvery-gold, and bright eyes.

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