Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters
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Author:  Jax Nova [ January 26th, 2017, 9:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Name: Rie-Zunic

Age: 29

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills: Hand to hand combat and quite an exceptional aim with a spear

Eyes: Hazy Gray

Hair: Black

Height: Six foot

Weight: 192 pounds

Clothing: He wears the traditional Gondorian armor and military outfit. His armor is decorated with markings of his people, but instead of a decorative silver or gold color as many may desire his markings are blood red. He says it is to remind him that no one walks away from war untouched...even the victors. On the rare occasion he is seen out of his military outfit he wears a simple dark brown tunic over pants and shirt of a similar color.

Items of Note: He owns little beyond his armor, sword, a long and heavy spear, as well as a trusty war stallion with it's armor as well.

Back Story:

Rie-Zunic was adopted by a family of nobility in Gondor at age six. The family had long been strong supporters of the King and the throne. Their history was to always have their first son serve in the King's military. Darius and Leda, however, had no son or children. As their age approached near to beyond the chance of childbearing they adopted Rie-Zunic to continue their family tradition.

Rie-Zunic served with distinction in the military and with unfailing loyalty. He wasn't to rise to authority within the ranks. He never wanted to anyways. He was, however, seen by all the leaders as a steady man who could get a job done. He was a trusted soldier and friend of many.

Name: Almara

Age: 23

Race: Human

Class: Huntress

Skills: She is quite skilled with bow and arrows, preferring a crossbow

Eyes: Hazel to Green depending on lighting

Hair: Dark, almost black, but with the sun it shimmers with a touch of red

Height: Five foot three inches

Weight: 134 pounds

Clothing: She wears huntress outfit of animal skins, mostly of browns and blacks that blend in with nature. The leather is held together with thick forest green leather ties and laces at the seems. She also wears a midnight blue cloak often times with high topped black leather hunting/hiking boots that reach just above midway up the calf.

Items of Note: A crossbow made of the strongest wood and braced/overlayed with metal engraved with writings of ancient superstitions and folklore. With her bow she has a quiver of steal tipped arrows that she crafts herself. She also carries a short sword and a large dagger. She also carries a pouch of rune stones engraved with ancient superstitions and warnings.

Back Story

Almara grew up as an orphan in Gondor. Showing promise with a bow and arrows she was soon tasked with hunting for food and sometimes water to provide for the other children at the orphanage. She always swore that she would leave that place behind her as soon as she could, but when the time came she could not find it in her heart to abandon the other children. She still, to this day, brings wild game and provisions to the orphanage on a weekly basis.

Outside of her involvement with the orphanage she lives most of her life in the woods as a wanderer but always sticks close to "Home" though she has no home to call her own. She has been known to work with the military as a tracker and scout from time to time but she dislikes the rules and structure of the military.

History of Note

It was on Almara's first tracking assignment that she met Rie-Zunic. Rie-Zunic was 24 at the time and Almara was 18. The two had known eachother casually growing up because Rie-Zunic and his parents often frequented the orphanage to help provide for the children as well as visit with them. Rie-Zunic and Almara played together as children but as Rie-Zunic grew older and entered the military he stopped going with his parents on their visits. About five years later, once Almara was 18 she was allowed to leave the orphanage. Seeking opportunity of employment she accepted the tracking assignment from the military to track down a group of bandits that had been attacking travelers.

Her and Rie-Zunic have had a friendship ever since and kept in touch, though sometimes going months without hearing from one another.

Author:  Hanasian [ January 27th, 2017, 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Kin-Strife of Gondor ~ Characters

Here is a link to the Kin Strife of Gondor Planning and OOC Commentary thread.

Name: Berian (declared as an NCE free to use. I'm not clicking with the character)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Gondorian - Hometown: Pelargir
Height/Weight: 6’2” 194 Lb/88 Kg
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Merchant, Trader, Hunter, Soldier
Appearance: Lean and muscular, if a bit skinny. Has sandy brown hair that he keeps well cropped.
Eyes are light grey/green and his skin is lightly tanned.

Skills: A skilled hunter and a sly trader. Until recently, he had managed to move freely through Gondor, working his trade as a traveling merchant of goods.
He has some skill with a knife and short sword, but excels in archery. His ability to move quick and with stealth has had its advantages.

Personality & Bio: Born to a bar wench in Pelargir in a room at the Quay Inn. His father was a seafaring man and he did not know him. His mother worked as hard as she could and tended to him as best she could. As he got older, he would work with tradesmen that plied their skills in the port city. Skills he learned were tanning, smithing, and baking. He would at times travel with them when he went to Minas Tirith or Osgiliath for the markets. Berian was always watching and learning, and his ability to slip around unnoticed allowed him to learn and know much. He was clever, yet he was always felt a distrust by the people of the northern cities. He would go there less and less. As he grew to adulthood, he took over the tanning business when his mentor became ill, and again started traveling to Minas Tirith and Osgiliath to trade goods. His leathers were considered good quality there at the markets, and Berian did quite well for himself. He didn’t pay much attention to the arguments about the king and his heir, for he had reason not to take sides. He traded his goods to both sides, and demand was increasing with the rumors of rebellion. The day was coming when he would have to choose sides…


Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Rhovanion
Height/Weight: 5 foot 5” 125 Lb/57 Kg
Marital Status: Single
Occupation:Shieldmaiden, Soldier serving as a Royal Guard to Eldacar of Gondor.
Appearance: Shapely feminine frame that masked her true strength. Hair is shoulderlength except for a long braid that reaches to her waist.and slightly curly, nearly sandy blonde with a slight brown tint.. Eyes are deep blue/grey that sometimes has a silvery gleam to them. Her skin appears pale, but she tans easy in the summer sun.

Skills: Vilmaith learned some blacksmithing from her father, and knows some herb-lore learned from her aunt and has some abilities with a healing hand. She learned skill with a bow from her father. He made her a fine bow when she became of age, and was a very skilled hunter. She learned knife and swordwork on her own. And hoped one day to compete in the tournaments.

Personality & Bio: Vilmiath was the youngest child of a blacksmith. Her mother died shortly after her birth, so she was raised by her aunt that worked as a chef in the House of the King of Rhovanion. She was always a quiet and withdrawn child who usually kept to herself. She learned to listen, and so would hear and learn much through the years. As she got older, she would work with her father and travel with him when he had need to go to the markets. It was during a trek south to Osgiliath that she became restless. She found herself watching some Gondorian soldiers sparring with their swords on the training ground. She watched carefully their movement, and found herself practicing as she watched. When they returned north, she watched the Rhovanion soldiers practice. At age 16, Vilmiath decided she wanted to be a soldier of Rhovanion.
At age 18 Vilmiath won her first tournament at bow shooting,
At Age 19 Vilmiath competed and placed third in the sword melee, behind Prince Vidmavia, heir to the throne of Rhovanion who placed first, and Prince Vinitharya, heir to the throne of Gondor who placed second. Many mighty captains of both Rhovanion and Gondor had lost to her in this tournament, and from that day she was taken seriously as a soldier of Rhovanion. In training, she taught her skills to anyone who was willing to learn from her. Two who were willing were Vinitharya and Vidmavia, and most of the captains who had lost to her in the tournament.
At age 20, Vilmiath again placed third in the melee at tournament, with Vinitharya winning and Vidmavia placing second.
At age 21, she defeated Vidmavia and faced Vinitharya in the final, and their match went long. Finally Vilmiath managed a blow to Vinitharya’s head and he fell back. She pressed her advantage and Vintharya’ forfeited. Vilmaith had won all three competitions of sword, bow, and knife! She immediately bowed down in honour to Vintharya, and then turned to Vidmavia and bowed down to him. She was a simple commoner born to a blacksmith. To be competing and winning against the high captains and princes of both Rhovanion and Gondor was something she had never anticipated.

It was 4 years later when Prince Vintharya announced that after many years dwelling in Rhovanion, he received a message from his father King Valacar asking him to return to Osgiliath. He immediately called his Rhovanion Guard to him and asked if they would accompany them to Osgiliath. Vilmiath was excited and saddened all at once. They would be leaving, and she would miss everyone she had known. She had never been far from home, and heard the stories of Gondor and the great city of Osgiliath. But she had to accept and go. Most of the othesr of his guard who did not have families did likewise. When they assembled to leave, Vilmaith sadly said goodbye to her father and her aunt. She also said farewell to the other soldiers of Rhovanion whom she had trained with the last few years.

The next day, with honour and fanfare she took her place among the Royal Guard with the Gondorians and other Northmen chosen for this honour, and they marched out south to Osgiliath. She hoped they would meet King Valacar at the gates of the city.

Author:  Jax Nova [ January 28th, 2017, 12:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Cool, I'll check it out. I am looking forward to it as well.

Author:  Hanasian [ February 18th, 2017, 4:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Name: Nadia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Gondorian
Height/Weight: 5' 9” 130 Lb
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Maid at an Inn
Appearance: sturdy but feminine build. Hair is reddish brown with wavy curls that reached down to her waist. She sometimes had it braided. Eyes are light brown with grey flecks. Her skin appears pale and she has some freckles on her face and shoulders.

Skills: As duties at the inn, she can clean, wash tables, wash linens and clothes, make beds, and sweep floors, She knows how to sew, and is trusted by the innkeeper to help keep the inn stocked with supplies. She would like to learn more skills, but the opportunities are slim living at the inn. She can play a lyre and a harp, and she has a sweet and sultry singing voice, but she only sings and plays when she is alone. She also makes up her own songs. She has never fought anyone, but carries a knife in her boot.

Personality & Bio: Nadia is a shy girl. She kept to herself mostly, but as she has gotten older, she worked at getting past her shyness and tries to make some money and save it in the hopes she will be able to travel somewhere else. When she has seen a musician come to the inn and play, she wishes she could be bold enough to do that, but her shyness takes her words away, and she fears not being able to sing or being good enough. She likes to hear stories of far off places, and the people who come to the inn from far off places usually have many to tell. Pelargir sounds like an adventurous, but recently she heard about the Northmen and wondered what their land was like. Of their tales, she makes songs.


Name: Vilna and Vinavi
Age: 27
Race: Rhovanion
Gender: Female
Appearance:About 5'10" they are strong, lithe, and athletic. Eyes of bright blue with blonde hair reaching straight, in curls, and braids to their mid back.
Occupation: Rhovanion Guard assigned to Prince Eldacar
Skills: Both sisters were skilled in the use of sword and axe in close combat, When not practicing with weaponry, the two sisters also sang and played harp and other musical instruments. Vilna excelled in bow sharpshooting at distance, while Vinavi excelled in close blade and had a collection of knives she carried.
Personality & Bio: Vilna was firstborn and was the quieter, more reserved of the sisters. Vinavi was born a few minutes after Vilna, and was the wilder, more daring,more outgoing. As a team, Vilna would watch and analyse while her sister talks and asks questions. Both were fierce and would do anything for each other as they loved each other very much.

When a young friend they tutored became Rhovanion champion and was accepted into the Rhovanion Guard, they too worked and were also chosed by Eldacar. The journey to Osgiliath was their forst time they had let their lands.

Author:  Moryár [ February 23rd, 2017, 10:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

I thought since they shared many similar qualities I would combine their character profiles! Hopefully it isn't confusing...

Name: Gethen and Garren Undarcil (twins)

Gender: Male

Race: Men

Height: 6’ 2”

Age: 20

Location: Osgiliath, Gondor

Occupation: Guards of the East City

Family: Cync (father) and Dardyn (mother)

Animals: None

Weapons: Gethen has a one-edged sword passed down from his father and a bow and quiver of arrows. Garren has two, long double-edged knives along with his bow and arrows and his boot knife.

Appearances: Both young men have jet black hair that hangs to their shoulders and dark green eyes that are slightly sunken. Being identical twins, they share the same swarthy skin, same long nose, and same defined chin. They are lithe and sure footed as goats. When on duty they wear the traditional Gondorian uniforms, however they choose the lighter, leather armor over the more expensive metal. Off duty they were simple, homemade tunics and trousers. Their weapons are never off their person. Gethen and Garren can easily pass for each other, no recognizable difference can be marked when they do switch.

Personality: Both twins are fun-loving and light spirited, however they can be sober when serious matters are discussed. Garren, the younger twin, is more reckless and tends to laugh more except when he is pretending to be Gethen. The older of the two gives more thought to his actions and weighs the odds. Both hold their own and other’s honor very highly. Garren can easily be provoked to anger, though depending on the circumstances, Gethen will burst out as well. They are very calm in action, thus their assignment of patrolling the East City.

History: The twins were born on a cold winter night to a guard of the West End. Coming from a long line of guards, the boys were highly encourage to follow in their ancestor’s steps. They did. At age 18 they both joined the guard. When they were 19, they were assigned to patrol and guard the East City. They bonded well with the locals and will often spend their off time with the people. The locals have learned to watch them very carefully if they join in a drinking game, for the twins have been known to switch spots mid game.

Now my third character:

Name: Sorin Eledwhen

Gender: Male

Race: Men

Height: 4’ 8”

Age: 10

Location: Osgiliath, Gondor

Occupation: Pickpocket

Family: Bora (father) and Reodyn (mother-deceased)

Animals: A rat that he feeds and it follows him around. He calls it, Patch.

Weapons: A little sling and a pocket full of smooth stones

Appearances: Shaggy brown hair that falls into his dark brown eyes. A round face, hollowed by hunger and often marked with bruises. A tall, thin frame with not an ounce of superfluous flesh, his ribs often showing through his ragged clothes. He wears no shoes, but has a black patched hooded cloak he wears at all times.

Personality: He’s smart and manipulative at times. Acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world, but he often goes hungry. He has a sharp wit and will enjoy arguing with an older person. However if you break through his act of survival, you’ll find a very distrusting little boy.

History: He was born in the summer, one of the hottest in Gondor in a long time. His mother shortly succumbed to ‘heat sickness’ leaving him with only his father. Raised by the neighbor woman who had recently had a baby, Sorin didn’t return to his father until he was six years old. His father had turned drunkard since his wife’s death and took out his anger on his son. Starving, Sorin learned how to snatch the purses of people who could ‘stand to lose a little’. The proceeds from the clueless victims payed his father’s drinking and gambling debts. Now to pay his father’s debt, he must wash tankards at an inn. But he sees this as an opportunity to steal a few coins.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 23rd, 2017, 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Cool characters. :D Look forward to seeing them in action!

Author:  Hanasian [ February 24th, 2017, 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Love the characters Moryár! Gotta watch that kid!
Things could get interesting with two sets of twins in the tale! :)

Looking forward to your posts! :-D

Author:  Elora Starsong [ November 22nd, 2017, 4:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Propsective Character Profiles:

Name: Therald of Edhellond

Gender: Male

Race: Men

Descent: Numenorean

Height: 6' 1"

Build: Solid

Age: 87

Location: Edhellond, Gondor

Occupation: Shipwright (Guild Officer)

Family: Married to the Lady of Edhellond (a descendant of Hyardemacil) and one daughter, Amarwen, upon whom he dotes

Weapons: Sword and shield

Appearance: A tall man with dark hair and a closely cropped beard just beginning to silver, deeply set dark grey eyes under bushy black brows, a prominent nose and a generous mouth given to laughter.

Personality: He’s keenly intelligent and gifted in the design of ships (sea faring vessels his preferred medium). He is loyal, committed to his wife and daughter (both of noble birth), with an effusive manner. Therald is a charming man with a sharp wit and bold (given he pursued and wed a member of the broader royal family of Gondor). Once Therald sets his mind on something, little gets in his way.

History: Therald was born in Minas Anor, to a father that was a ship wright and middling officer of the city's chapter of the Mariner's Guild. He followed in his father's steps in some respects, although he preferred sea-faring vessels to river boats. As a young man, he had a fateful encounter with the young Lady of Edhellond. Enchanted by her, Therald set about wooing this intoxicating creature and touched alight something of a scandal when she at last agreed to wed him. The Lady of Edhellond descended from Hyardemacil himself whilst he was of humble birth. Fortunately, the then younger Prince of Dol Amroth interceded and the marriage proceeded. In time, he fathered a daughter, Amarwen of Edhellond, and fell head of heels once more. This passion for the design and shaping of ships transferred to his daughter and he nourished this openly, and then secretly once his wife discovered and tried to put a halt to it. He knew Amarwen would never be granted entry to the Guild to study, but he simply could not bring himself to let her talents founder through neglect.

Professionally, Therald climbed through the ranks of the Mariner's Guild as one of the most talented shipwrights of his generation. He was a close friend to the Master of the Mariner's Guild right up until the tumultuous outbreak of open civil war. Owing to his marriage and the daughter he dotes upon, Therald is a strong supporter of the Line of Kings. As a result, he is a firm adherent to Valacar and his nominated heir, Eldacar. In private though, when no one else is around, he and his wife discuss their reservations over Valacar's rule. For this reason, when the matter of his daughter's future match arises, Therald agrees that it should be Valacar's youngest grandson and not his heir. Even so, Therald is aware that his daughter's heart and mind is her own and it lies in a direction his wife does not approve of.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Amarwen (Gondorian Sindarin – Earth Maiden)

Born: Third Age 1398, Edhellond

Race: Numenorean

Lineage: Amarwen is the only heir and heir to the Lady of Edhelland. She can claim descent through her mother's line from Hyardemendacil. Her father, not of noble birth, is a gifted shipwright within the Mariner's Guild.

Height: 5’ 8”

Build: Clean lines, curvaceous

Appearance: Blue black, glossy hair that falls straight to her hips, large clear grey eyes, fair skinned - Amarwen is a classically beautiful woman (and my current avatar).

Skills: Amarwen is educated and trained in all the various arts a noblewoman is expected to have mastered. She dances well, plays a number of instruments but does not sing. She is well and widely read, has studied the history of her people extensively and can speak several languages. She rides well, hawk and hunt, and has a skill with the bow. She most certainly is not a warrior and has received no martial instruction in combat or war. However, she has a sharp mind and this has been encouraged by her parents. Secretly, her father has been fostering her keen interest in the design and construction of ships.

Personality: Warm hearted, she was lively and joyous as child, largely innocent of the world. Amarwen has been raised to place her family ahead of herself. She is very easy to love but she is far from passive. She knows her mind and heart and will not lightly abandon either. Like her parents, she possesses a keen intellect. She draws her staunch will from her mother, her boldness from her father.

History: Raised in the relative protection and safety of Edhellond, Amarwen's childhood knew little by way of misfortune. Still, she was not indulged for her mother, whilst loving, was stern and ever vigilant in her upbringing and education. Her father, however, indulged her. When she displayed a proclivity for his craft he nourished it openly and then, once her mother discovered this and frowned upon the building of false hopes, in secret. Over the years, she nourished a close friendship with the son of the Master of the Guild, Halvarin of Pelargir. Despite their inauspicious meeting as small children, this blossomed into friendship and then something more as the years passed for Halvarin's father was often a guest in her parent's halls.

Still, when the time approached, Amarwen's mother had a very different match in mind for her daughter for she foresaw the bitter fate of Erendis. Unlike her father, Halvarin was a navigator and so this would mean long tracts at sea, a lonely life for those left ashore. And so, her mother turned her thought to something she considered more suitable and entered into negotiations to match her to the King's youngest son. Her noble birth and education would prepare her well for such a role whilst sparing Amarwen the burden of rule or so her mother maintained. Whilst her mother, and sometimes her father, worked at this match, Amarwen remained steadfast in her own desires.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 22nd, 2017, 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Love the characters. Look forward to “meeting” them in the Rp!

Author:  Elora Starsong [ November 24th, 2017, 6:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

Thanks folks - I'm adding one more NCE - Helda, the forebear to a much later character (Freja Fireborn).

Name: Helda

Gender: Female

Race: Men

Descent: Northman

Height: 6'

Build: Lean, muscular

Age: 27

Location: Rhovanion

Occupation: Shieldmaiden

Family: None

Weapons: Spear, shield, sword and anything else she can set hand to.

Appearance: A tall woman with wavy auburn hair, piercing blue eyes and strong, proud features. She has a slender build, but that should not be mistaken for fragility. Her hair is nearly always caught in braids that reach her elbows.

Personality: Helda is no diplomat. She speaks her mind and she has a temper that flares easily and burns hot. For all of that, she is honest and true hearted. Her ill temper swiftly blows over and she does not easily bear grudges. She is bold and will seek forgiveness rather than permission. Helda's sense of honour is deeply ingrained and there is no end to what she will do for those she feels bound to. She laughs easily, often inappropriately, and has a sardonic wit. She will follow orders, but not blindly. She has brave, warm heart that she often wraps carefully.

Helda is the sort of person you either want in your corner, or raising hell somewhere far away from you. You most certainly do not want to face her as a foe. Or attempt to contain her.

History: Helda's family circumstances are wholly unremarkable. She has no siblings that she is aware of and her parents perished when she was quite young (not uncommon). After rattling around grandparents, uncles and aunts, her extended family breathed a collective sigh of relief when she was admitted into the Shieldmaidens. There, Helda found something worth working towards and she settled down to a degree. The unruly, mischevious child matured into an impudent adult who follows orders unless she has a better idea in mind. Fortunately for her, Helda's improvisations usually work out and so thus far she has escaped significant censure.

She is skilled in combat, an unholy terror upon the field. However, her unpredictable nature has meant that Helda has not assumed any positions of command. Those that do have started to form the opinion that Helda actively seeks to avoid such responsibility for every time she accomplishes something remarkable, she follows that up with something outrageous. Still, when the chips are down, Helda can be counted on.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 24th, 2017, 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

*Thumps up*

I am going to wait for Hanasian to post next. I am hate taking too much liberty with his plot since I don't know all the details he has in mind.

Author:  Elora Starsong [ November 24th, 2017, 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

I don't know either, and I live with the man.

Far as I know, there is no plan beyond the sequence of historical events for this era. That gives us plenty of scope, or "wriggle room" as I like to call it, for our characters to develop and roll around in.

Author:  Elora Starsong [ May 14th, 2018, 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gondorian Kin-Strife Characters

As Hanasian has yet to introduce Halvarin here, I have lifted his profile from elsewhere and pasted it:

Name: Halvarin

Race: Gondorian Dunedain

Born: 1395 of the Third Age in Pelargir

Height: 6’0”

Build: Lean and muscular if a bit skinny

Appearance: Thick dark hair that goes just past his shoulders, slightly curly. Blue-gray eyes with a rough, short-cropped facial hair.

Skills: Good swordsman and has skill with ships.

Character: A quiet, easy going demeanour yet can be forceful should he see injustice. He is very much his father’s son, but he keeps his own counsel.

History: A loyal Gondorian, Halvarin always supported the Line of Kings. But when the Ship Captains Guild eventually sided with the claims of Castamir one of its high members, not long after the death of King Valacar, Halvarin reluctantly sided with the Guild and his father.

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