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 Post subject: Lithoniel Arethel
PostPosted: June 7th, 2005, 9:48 pm 
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Name-Lithoniel Arethel

Translation- Lithoniel the golden healer

Age- 2500

Home- Born & raised in Mirkwood, but now she tends to travel throughout the realms.

Skills- Was trained as a healer by both Elrond and the healers of Mirkwood. She was said to have been given the gift of healing from Este herself. She is also excellent with a bow; trained by the Mirkwood Archers

Hair-Long golden hair, like a middsummers day.

Eyes- Blue like the sky after a summers storm

Face-soft and pale

Lineage-Her parents are unknown but they close relatives to King Thranduil.

Siblings-a younger brother Derrick and a younger sister Avaria.

Married?- No, she has not found anyone yet

Children?- none

Weapons- A long bow of Mirkwood. She also carries a small dagger attached to her inner-thigh.

Animals- A black Horse named Serenity. Serenity got her name because she has moon shaped patch on her head.

Basic clothing-Not in battle-
Usually she wears a pale blue or deep green dress, shorter in the front and longer in the back. She wears a mithril necklace adorned with a silver leaf. She also wears a circlet, a reminder of her Mirkwood heritage.

Battle- A dark green tunic over a pale green under-tunic. Each etched with the Mirkwood symbol. The tunic is paired with sable leggings and brown boots. She wears her hair in a traditional single braid with a few loose strands in the front.

History- She was born and raised in Mirkwood; both her parents died from the growing threat of the shadows and spiders. She was left alone at a young age with her two siblings; Derrick and Avaria. When their parents died Lithoniel and her siblings were sent to live with Thranduil in his halls. They all become good friends with Thranduil and his son Legolas. When Legolas left for Rivendell, Lithoniel and her sister were in the art of healing. They travelled with Legolas to Rivendell and learned the craft of healing from Elrond.

Her brother stayed and learned archery. When they returned they informed Thranduil of Legolas's task. Thranduil told Lithoniel that she should train in archery, because she was all that her siblings had left. She agreed and stayed in Mirkwood training with the best archers from the realm. She would become one of the best archers and travel from realm to realm, always on the lookout for the growing threat that killed her parents.


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PostPosted: September 16th, 2005, 3:58 pm 

Wow! Now there is TWO Lithoniel's! One in Mirkwood and one (mine) in Rivendell... this could get confusing.... oh well... welcome!

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