Hi, everyone! Mae govannen!
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Author:  Anariel_the_Ranger [ September 16th, 2005, 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Hi, everyone! Mae govannen!

Hi, everyone! Mae govannen!
Some of you may know me, some of you may not - to those of you who don't, it's a pleasure to meet you! ^^;;

Well, here's my character...


Name:Anariel Narie.


Gender: Female.

Hair: Scarlety-red.

Eyes: Gold.
Here's a picture I use to illustrate RP Ana:

Animal(s): Arod - an ancient, wise white stallion with a long grey mane and tail, whose guidance and and strength has helped the Ranger in many a battle and journey.
Chaos - a wise mountain hawk whose sharp eyes and wisdom help guide Ana through the Wild, if ever she needs it, and who never fails to deliver a message from the Ranger to one of her friends.

Weapon(s): Two twin fighting daggers with silver-inlaid mahoghany hilts, and elvish script etched into the blades themselves, spelling out her name; a bow and quiver full of arrows from Mirkwood; a belt jam-packed with any kind of knife, dagger or sword you could think of - dirks, throwing knives, daggers, a cutlass, etc.

Occupation: Ranger and Fire Mage.

Special Power(s): Power over Fire, power to shapeshift into any animal or creature she wants, power of healing.

Family: Two brothers - Eldarion(affectionately nicknamed Eldar) and Araglas.

Race: Elf

History: Her history is too long to really tell, and it would take a very long time to explain, but here's a condensed version for you...

...Ana was born in Mirkwood, and when she was fifteen she set out to become a Ranger, and to train her strange power of control over the element, Fire, and her ability to shapeshift. Once she'd mastered the Ranger's abilities - fighting, surviving in the Wild - she set out on her own, with no one but Arod, and Chaos. She trusted no one but herself and her animal friends, until she met back up with her brothers, Araglas and Eldarion, and met her now dear friend, Itarille Ellie. She traveled with Itarille on her ship, the Celeb-Gil, for a time, then came back on land, still traveling and meeting new people in this strange new world which so many called home.

She met many others in her stay at Arwen-Undomiel, and found time to keep coming back between visits with Itarille, and journies with her brothers. She now wanders around the place she calls her second home, and enjoys every minute as she chats with her friends on the comings and goings of the world, battling, duels and meeting new people.

Right! That about covers it, I think!

Can someone please tell me if special powers like power over Fire are allowed in the LotR section? Or are they only allowed in the non-LotR section?

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