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 Post subject: A *before the Fellowship* RPG (cant think of a name...)
PostPosted: September 19th, 2005, 1:41 pm 
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Name : Rhavaniel of Náith

Age :Two-thousand and fifty-nine

Race : High Elf

Appearence: Tall with long raven hair. She has sea-green eyes and a pale complexion. Rhavaniel wears mostly green tunics and lofty white shirts, offten with a short white skirt

Character : Short tempered, loyal, protective and lonely.

Animals : a black stallion (Urúvion) and a black leopard-type cat

Children : hates them all

History : At the age of 156 she was sent away from Naíth to a guru in the Misty Mountains where she learnt all she needed to become a guard to the Kingship of Mirkwood ; cordon bleu cooking, marksmanship, a customised blend of martial arts, emergency medicin, archery and swordplay, alongside thepower to endure all kinds of pain- mental and physical. At 1345 she was sent to guard the young Prince of Mirkwood. At 1900 they fell in love and she was banished from court for this. Only secretly did they meet, rarely and in strage places. Years later she joined a group of rouge elves and men and became a Robin Hood type woman. She and Legolas kept in touch all through the years

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PostPosted: September 19th, 2005, 9:58 pm 
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Name-Elenanna Lothenedhel

Translation- Stargift, Blossom of Elves

Birth Year-SA 4048

Skills-Can use any weapon given to her, also controls the element of Air, telepathy and foresight-given to her by her mother.

Hair-Silver colored


Face-resembles her mother and sisters

Lineage- Mother- Galadirel
Father- Celeborn

Siblings-Celebrian and Falathiel

Married?- Yes, to a high Elf, Voronwë

Children?- Yes, twins, Nedhudir(M) and Eruaveil(F)

Weapons- Mithril Elven daggers with 8 inch long handles-Names are Din (Silent) and Aha (Rage)
Bow of the Galadhrimm, along with a quiver
Mithril longsword with a black,gold, and silver handle-named Celebmegil (Silversword)

Animals-An immortal silver Meara, Shadowpax, the daughter of Shadowfax, and twin immortal gray/white half wolves, Mellon and Draug

Basic clothing-Not in battle- blue tunc with silver etchings and white breeches along with her Lothloren cloaks and brown boots. She also wears a silver belt
Battle- Grey-silver tunic and breeches, her armor which has her symbol on it (the blossom) and she doesnt wear a helm but a band with a protective ornament shaped as a dragon which covers her nose and around her eyes, black boots and her red cloak.

History- Elenanna was born in Lothlorien. She was raised as a warriror and soon became one of the March Wardens of Lothlorien, along with the rank of a Master Archer. She is called the Blossom of Lothlorien because of her exceeding beauty, and also her widsom
In TA 20, soon after the Last Alliance, she met Voronwë, a high elf of Mirkwood. He was actually the uncle of Legolas Thranduillion, who would be born soon. Elenanna and Voronwë fell deeply in love and soon married.
They had twins, who were slightly older than Arwen Undomiel. Elenanna and Voronwë moved to Imraldis, where they dwelled for over two thousand years.
When Celebrian was travelling to Lothlorien, Elenanna, who was with child accompanied her. When they were attacked, Elenanna was forced to drink a solution that tasted foul. She didn't know that it was supposed to kill the child.
When they were rescued by the twins, Elenanna worried for Celebrian. They both recovered fully, but Elenanna's child had been a stillborn. Voronwë and Elenanna mourned over the loss of their child and Celebrian, but they soon recovered.
Elenanna stayed in Imraldis for a while and in TA 2985 she went to Lothlorien with her daughter, Eruaveil and they stayed there until the summer of 3018. They went back to Imraldis along with Arwen and was greeted warmly. She went to the council, and was made a Protector of Frodo. She protected him througout most of the quest, but was captured by Sauron and tortued for informatiion, but not enough to turn her into an Orc, and apparently not enough to get her to give him the information. She was nearly dead when she was brought out to be a token for an agreement. She was grabbed by Aragorn before the last stand of Men. Surprisingly, she managed to survive the last Battle. She recovered fully, and went to Aragorn's coronation and her neice's wedding. She lived in Gondor and acheived many honors. She will continue to live there until her King has died, then she will travel to the Undying Lands.


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PostPosted: October 25th, 2005, 7:48 pm 

i like your characters very good imagination! WOW

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