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 Post subject: Galen Duin (Starwars form)
PostPosted: April 19th, 2015, 11:56 am 
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Just because I like the name I am going to go ahead and use the same name for this starwars character as I used for my last middle earth character.

NAME: Galen Duin


RANK: Apprentice

SPECIES: Half Human Half Zabrack. (Mother was Zabrack and father was Human)

AGE: 16


HEIGHT: 5 foot 8 inches

WEIGHT: 158 pounds

EYES: Galen's eyes are a piercing Aqua, though in low lighting tend to look more grayish.

HAIR: His hair is jet black with blood red highlights, it is just past his shoulders and tends to be thick and wavy with a bit of curl at the ends

SKIN: His skin is a naturally well-tanned color, though when outside in the sun it becomes even darker towards a dark brown much like his mother's.

CREDITS: 450 credits (Wanting to start out small)

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Galen has a single distinguishing mark. Though it looks like a tatoo he claims it is a birth mark. Given his mother's Zabrak heratige it is highly possible that she tatooed this mark on him before he was old enough to remember. The mark is in the form of a snake coiled up on his left shoulder.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Galen is force sensitive and has been trained from a young age as a youngling. Due to there not being Masters or Knights available to train him he was not made an apprentice until he was nearly 14 years old. At that point he set off with his first master who eventually died and at his current age of 16 is having to adjust to his new master.

STRENGTH: His strongest abilities are those of survival. Doing whatever it takes to scrape by. He might end up batter bruised and homeless at the end... but so far he has always made it out alive.

DEXTERITY: Galen has a great deal of dexterity and athletic ability. He is slender and muscular allowing him to move swiftly and agile.

CONSTITUTION: Galen is physicaly fit and in good general health, though he has an unknown condition that causes unexplainable aches and pains in his muscles and body. Most times he is able to ignore these pains, however, in their worst occurrences the terrible pain can be paralyzing.

INTELLIGENCE: Galen prides himself on his common sense and "Street smarts" but lacks severely in anything technologically advanced, complicated, or mentally advanced.

WISDOM: Perhaps not a typical "wisdom" Galen posses a sort of intuition. These feelings are often correct and the majority of the time involve his own personal capabilities. He has the innate ability to look at a situation, hurdle, or task, and know almost instantly if he will be able to complete it easily, or if it will be difficult, or even beyond his ability.

CHARISMA: Having spent his life struggling he has little charisma. He is not a talker, nor does he desire to be. He tends to be blunt, to the point, and speak his mind. He can, however, argue his point and come up with convincing reasons for what he believes.

SKILLS: Galen has used a blaster his whole life nearly, but lacks any official training. His mother did train him in hand to hand combat and sword use for nearly five years before her death. This is his preferred skillset. He also practices acrobatics and agility excersizes (Free running and/or parkour) in his spare time and is moderately proficient at it given his age, though his skills need much refining. He also has been trained in the force and lightsaber weilding by the trainers at the jedi temple.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Galen posses his strengths in survival. Knowing where to take shelter, where to run and where to avoid. He can find food and water, tend to minor wounds, and has a decent skill in sneaking and/or stealth. He also is a decent hand to hand fighter. He lacks training, however, and his fighting skills are un-honed and unprofessional with a slight exception to the training His mother provided him in martial arts and sword play. Galen also lacks any kind of negotiation skills and can come off as abrasive in all the wrong moments. When it comes to his comrades, however he is loyal and supportive to the death.

GEAR: Galen wears a black and red leather outfit. It is simple and looks somewhat like an assassins outfit. Though it is perfect for combat it offers no protection. He carries a simple vibroblade and a blaster on his hip as a secondary weapon. Beyond this he has only simple, basic devices, such as his communicator, data pad, etc....

SHIP: None


PETS: None

PERSONALITY: Galen Duin is in it for himself. Though his loyalty to comrades is unwavering his own survival is always the top priority on his mind. He seeks gain and promotion, but still holds to somewhat of a moral standard in ways of achieving such things. He, however, is careful to do things that constantly seem to contradict his moral standards. In doing this he makes it nearly impossible for anyone to guess what his moral convictions are and thus they can not exploit them.

Galen tends to be blunt and to the point. He voices his opinions and can tend to be abrasive in all the wrong moments when dealing with hostiles. Towards comrades this abrasive edge is much less but he has never been one to greese palms or gain favor points by going out of his way or norm. He tends to fight his hardest on everything he does. With more brawn than brains he often goes about things the hard way and would rather put physical effort into it rather than mental effort.

BIOGRAPHY: Growing up on Nal'Huta wasn't the picture of glamor Galen's parents wanted to offer's just what they ended up being forced into by fate. Shortly after his birth, however, Galen's father began a transportation business. In the beginning it was lagit, but with promises of greater credits it soon turned to smuggling on the side. During these early years Galen stayed at home with his mother. His mother, being a zabrak, was sure to teach him some basic hand to hand fighting and sword play. These things kept his mind off his father's absence and assured he was not out on the streets.

Shortly after Galen's 10th birthday his father was killed in a run in with space authorities. The fate hit his family hard and his mother was forced to hire herself out as a mercenary to the huts. Having no where else to go Galen accompanied his mother on most of her less dangerous missions and stayed back with the hut cartel when she went on more involved tasks. During these times it was his mind to survive and his mother's teachings that he clung to and soon his young mind developed a hard determination to survive no matter what the cost. This determination was bolstered, not crushed, by his mother's death on her last mission just before he turned 11. After this he was left as an orphan and sought out the Jedi council who reluctantly trained him to be a Jedi.



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