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Will wrote:

I'm new so I'm not sure if this is how you reply to someone, but if it is, I love your picture and quote. :D

Author:  Thalionwen [ November 13th, 2013, 4:41 pm ]
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Again, I'm new. So first off, hi everyone!!! :D Second, I'm afraid I don't understand how to do this character thing. Sorry. Could someone explain it to me please?

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Alrighty - so I have been creating characters for JRRT collab writing for well over a decade. What follows below is a brief reprise of some of the notables in terms of race.


Name: Elora Starsong

Race: Ainur - not Maia but officially expunged from the annals as Valar

Gender: Female

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 165 pounds

Build: Lithe

Hair: Copper curls fall to her hips

Eyes: Green and gold, not unlike a forest glade illuminated by the sun

Occupation: Warrior, wanderer, huntress and some say trickster. Whilst Varda brought the stars, Yavanna the wide forests, Manwe the wind and Ulmo the seas, Elora brought language and song.

Personality: Fiercely independent and inclined to challenge anything she sees fit, including her own kin. Prone to merriness, frequently mischievous and irreverent approach. Elora rarely displays her sorrow and her wrath, when rarely unveiled, is terrifying for its power. Only one is mightier than she, her brother Melkor (Morgoth). Like Melkor, Elora is considered a spirit of fire.


Name: Naiore Dannan

Race: Noldorin Elf - Finarfin's kin

Born: Second Age - 4

Lineage: Naiore is related through her mother to Galadriel. Both her mother and father came to Middle Earth with Finarfin's people in the First Age.

Weapons: Silken garrotte, seven daggers and a Noldorin sword made for her by Celebrimbor

Appearance: Tall and fair as the dawn, blonde hair that fell like silk to her hips and eyes of living starlight.

Personality: Aloof, Naiore was a loner from birth who only became progressively more isolated as her gifts unfolded. She is highly sensative to the emotional states of others and in time would develop the terrifying ability to manipulate the emotions of others to their downfall. This strength is perversely her weakness. For each manipulation she performs on another, she too pays the emotional toll. There is a gaping hollowness within her that eats all hope, all brightness and leaves only despair.

Naiore is a lonely figure, convinced from early childhood that she is somehow fundamentally flawed. It is this weakness that was so ably exploited by Sauron. She can be supremely arrogant and distant, her defence from any perceiving the flaw she believes within her. Her rage is glacial, and she is capable of truly horrendous acts that have earned her a feared and reviled reputation amongst Men and Elves alike. She can be prone to excesses of appetites but is rarely seen to smile or laugh. She is an intricate character who has been shattered and remade into a weapon capable of unimaginable horrors. She has no allegiances and a frightening appetite for destruction.

She is contemptuous of mortals, and views her own people with an abiding resentment.

Edain- of which there are numerous characters (fitting for this race)

Name: Simra Arghaet

Date of Birth: Third Age - 3004

Race: Man - non Aduanic

Lineage: Simra is a native of Khand, sole daughter of a General Arghaet, leader of a small group of rebels against Sauron

Weapons: None – although Simra will dance under another’s sword if she deems the honour worthy of its owner.

Appearance: Tall for her people at 5’8”, Simra possesses a dancer’s lithe strength and physical presence. Her skin is dusky, her eyes the colour of melted chocolate and her hair falls in cocoa waves to her hips. She wears the wealth earned through her dancing in the custom of her people. When not dancing, Simra is swathed in the flowing thobes favoured by her people.

Personality: Simra is intelligent and gracious, charming and sensuous. That said, she was respectful of her people’s customs and comported herself in a manner befitting a woman of her standing. She is a woman of unflinching bravery. Simra has spent little time outside of Khand and so knows little of the wider world.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Laurelinquë

Born: Third Age - 769, Annuminas

Race: Dunedain (mostly)

Height: 5’10”

Build: A fighter's build - trim, lean, muscular

Hair: Russet, length varies according to when last she cut it

Eyes: Pale grey

Personality: Laurelinquë has an analytical mind with a pragmatic streak as wide as the ocean. Her practical nature is matched with a tenacious, at times pugnacious, attitude. She is deeply principled by nature. Fidelity, honour and courage in particular define her world view. These were ingrained in her at a tender age by those who took her into their keeping.

She is a hard worker who prefers to go unnoticed by important personages. She takes her duty very seriously indeed. Laurelinquë lives simply and desires only to discharge herself to the satisfaction of her commanding officers. She harbours no ambition herself, convinced that her humble heritage suits her better to tasks other than command. She is the sort of person who will do a job she is given, no matter how challenging, and do it well.

She is quiet, chooses her friends carefully and usually found alone.

Skills: Laurelinquë is a skilled warrior who rose from the rank and file of Prince Earnil’s men during the Dunlending campaigns of ~800. That she did so without the benefit of noble heritage, a family to support her and as a woman is of particular note. The Dunlending campaign was Laurelinquë’s first experience in the field and she took to it very well indeed. Amongst the shieldmaidens of Rohan she is particularly well regarded but she is vigilant in avoiding accolades.

~ ~ ~ ~

“They are proud and wilful, but they are true-hearted, generous in thought and deed; bold but not cruel; wise but unlearned, writing no books but singing many songs, after the manner of the children of Men before the Dark Years.” Aragorn, describing the Rohirrim in the Two Towers, as written by JRR Tolkien.

Name: Freja Fireborn

Born: Third Age 2993, Rohan - East Fold

Race: Rohirrim

Height: 5’11”

Build: Like the spear she wields - tall, slender, strong

Hair: Wine red, a colour unique to the East Fold - typically caught up in braids and woven with silver rings (torcs of rank)

Eyes: Startling blue - too blue to be accounted beautiful, according to the menfolk of Rohan.

Personality: Indomitable, bold and daring. Freja rolls through the world as if nothing can stop her. She is inclined to take a risk if the gain is worthy. Quick of temper she is quicker still to laughter and does not bear a grudge. Beneath that larger than life sparkle, though, is a steady will of iron and an untarnished streak of fealty and honour. Diligent and disciplined as she has to be, Freja is by no means sober, dull or grim. She makes friends easily enough but her freedom with her thoughts means she makes enemies too. She will ask for forgiveness before she will ask for permission.

Skills: Though young, Freja is a gifted warrior who was admitted to the Shieldmaiden ranks early, even by their standards. She has risen steadily and acquitted herself with distinction in her training and later service. She was the youngest initiate to attain the full rank of Shield Maiden in the known history of the order. At the time of the War of the Ring, she has risen to second in command of her order and all believe that she will go on to succeed Captain Eriwyn provided she survives the War itself. She is accounted a master of sword and spear, as well as skilled horsewoman.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Lochared (Loch)

Age: 30, at a guess - born in the Forth Age, Year 12

Race: Man

Lineage: Mix of Dunland native (mother) and Rohan (father)

Weapons: His hands. Lochared has no material possessions, including weaponry of any sort.

Appearance: Tall, and would be broad shouldered if he were properly fed. He has sandy hair from his father, his mother's deep brown eyes and facial structure. He wears whatever he can get his hands on.

Personality: Loch is a naturally affable individual forced into desperate circumstances. He is fiercely protective of his younger sister and pursued by an innate sense of inadequacy owing to his mixed parentage and the prejudice he has encountered as a result.

He is tenacious, and sometimes reckless. Loch prefers action to inaction. He very much wishes to become a soldier, to protect his sister and avoid the fate of his parents. He is hardy, loyal and dogged in his persistance. He has a hard time following instructions and is hard to dislodge from an idea once it has entered his head.

Loch prefers to leave most of the thinking to his younger sister. Loch, if properly fed, is a difficult man to best in hand to hand fighting. He is an accomplished scout and steadfast companion. He is too easy to trust, wishing more than anything to actually belong.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Rosmarin (Rin)

Age: 27 - born in the Forth Age, Year 15

Race: Dunedain

Lineage: Initially thought to be the same as Lochared's (her foster brother), it emerges that Rin's heritage is different indeed - she is heir to the fallen throne of Cardolan

Weapons: Rin owns nothing except her wits, remarkably deft fingers and an occasionally sharp tongue

Appearance: Tall for a woman, and slight as a willow due in part to genetics but mostly due to prolonged malnutrition endured across most of her childhood. She has paler hair than her brother, piercing blue eyes and a delicate facial structure. She is as fair as her mother before her, the Lady Verawyn.

Personality: Rin is the yang to Loch's yin in many ways. She is quick tempered and impatient, and slow to trust others. She has a deeply ingrained fear of soldiers owing to her traumatic early childhood and keeps her own counsel.

Rosmarin has an aversion to anyone using her full name aside from those few she permits within her inner circle. She never takes up her birth name (Erían), even after it becomes known to her and the wider Reunited Realm.

Rin is highly intelligent, keeps to herself and is rarely given to outbursts. When they happen, they tend to be notable. She is a naturally gifted and exceedingly strong healer, which was the first clue as to her true lineage. One of the few people she trusts is her foster brother.

She has, as one soldier puts it, spit. She's not afraid to confront something or someone if she thinks it necessary. Rin has a pronounced contempt for people in power who fail to do what she considers the right thing to do. She is direct, can be blunt and scathing in her assessment of such individuals. While she can be all sharp edges with anyone she doesn't like or who frightens her, she is remarkably tender with those she trusts and loves.

~ ~ ~ ~

Name: Amarwen (Gondorian Sindarin – Earth Maiden)

Born: Third Age 1398, Edhellond

Race: Numenorean - descent from Hyardmendacil through her mother's line.

Lineage: Amarwen is the only daughter and heir to the Lady and Lord of Edhelland. She can claim descent through her mother's line from Hyardemendacil. Her father, not of noble birth, was a gifted ship wright within the Mariner's Guild.

Height: 5’ 8”

Build: Clean lines, curvaceous

Appearance: Blue black, glossy hair that falls straight to her hips, large clear grey eyes, fair skinned - Amarwen is a classically beautiful woman (and my current avatar).

Skills: Amarwen is educated and trained in all the various arts a noblewoman is expected to have mastered. She dances well, plays a number of instruments but does not sing. She is well and widely read, has studied the history of her people extensively and can speak several languages. She rides well, hawk and hunt, and has a skill with the bow. She most certainly is not a warrior and has received no martial instruction in combat or war. However, she has a sharp mind and this has been encouraged by her parents.

Character: Amarwen was a warm hearted, rambunctious and joyous child with an honest nature, largely innocent of the world. Amarwen has been raised to place her family ahead of herself. She is very easy to love but she is far from passive.

Author:  Elora Starsong [ March 9th, 2018, 6:59 pm ]
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Name: Farien

Born: Second Age 3408, Annúminas

Race: Dúnedain

Lineage: Farien is the youngest of two children, born into a humble and hard working family. Her mother died shortly after Farien's birth, leaving her in the care of her father, a blacksmith. She has a brother, older by some 8 years, who is following in his father's footsteps.

Height: 5’ 8”

Build: Slender as the reeds that line the shores of Lake Evendim

Appearance: Stubbornly curly, thick hair, various shades of gold that is unusual for her people. It falls, dry and curly, to the centre of her back but Farien rarely lets it out. Her eyes are more blue than grey. She wears customary garb for a blacksmith's daughter - neat and well repaired and cared for.

Skills: Farien grows up as her brother did, assisting their father in his work. Whilst she does not work in the forge itself, she is surprisingly strong and is particularly good with handling the horses brought to her father for shoeing.

Personality: Farien is a survivor and she knows what it is to make hard choices. She is reserved with strangers but once she warms her wry, frequently irreverent sense of humour comes tumbling out. She will take risks, and doesn't always think things through. When this leads her into trouble, her ingenuity comes to the fore. Farien knows her place in the world and she's keenly aware that everything has a price.

History: Shortly after her mother's death, her grieving and distraught father quits Annúminas with his young son and his infant daughter in his arms. He cannot get far, for he is a man of limited means now that he has left the King's service behind. He settles outside of Annúminas and there sets about rebuilding his life and his business. The going is slow and hard in those early days, particularly when he refuses to return to the King's service in Annúminas. Still, through bloody minded persistence, Farien's father successfully re-establishes his forge.

This is aided, albeit quietly, by the Rangers of Arnor. Through their sustained patronage is he able to provide for his son and daughter. The Rangers would come to have their horses shoed, their saddle and tack repaired, their weapons mended. Farien's father did it all, quietly and without a fuss. He was a hard working man, a stickler for quality, and his work was highly regarded. Thus, Farien grew up surrounded by the Rangers that came seeking her father's forge. As she grew older, she came to understand something important about the world she was in through an unfortunate incident involving her older brother.

The Rangers were ever kind to her and her family though and Farien had a untroubled, simple childhood that was unremarkable solely because she knew no other way of life. The outbreak of hostilities that led to the formation of the Last Alliance changed Farien's life fundamentally. Her father and brother were conscripted and she was left with the small farm and forge to protect on her own. Most able bodied men, Rangers included, went with Isildur to the south. Their departure left the north vulnerable to lawlessness and those who saw opportunity for profit. Farien learned through hard and bitter experience how difficult survival could be for she was alone - no family to call upon.

Food and coin was scarce and yet somehow Farien managed to hold hearth and forge together. By the time word reached her of her father's death in battle, Farien was doing a credible job keeping everything in order. The tidings of her father's death sorrowed her, for he had not wanted to go to war, but she had not the luxury of time to grieve. She kept the forge going as best she could, tending to the smaller things she used to make before the war - nails and the like. She could smelt raw metals well also, and so she managed to keep the forge going for her brother. It would be his to inherit upon his return from the war.

News from the south was irregular and unreliable. She heard that Sauron had fallen in battle one week and two months later she heard that the Last Alliance had been defeated. She stopped worrying over it, unable to do anything about it one way or the other, and time slowly trickled past. Farien's waking hours were filled with the numerous daily tasks entailed in survival. After one particularly long day, wherein Farien had been forced to track down the bent old woodcutter to obtain her meagre share of wood she had paid for, she wearily pushed open the door to her family home only to be met by her brother's sword. He almost ran her through in his daze and her joy at his return quickly vanished when she took in his state. He was covered in old blood and new, delirious and ranting of treachery.

Farien tended her brother through the night, fearing that he would die, and yet whenever she made to fetch a healer her brother became frantic. At dawn, he dragged himself up still grievously injured and left her with a warning: if anyone came asking for him, she was to say she had not seen him since he rode off with his father, reluctant conscripts for the war.

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Name: Boron

Born: Second Age 3400, Annúminas

Race: Dúnedain

Lineage: Boron is the eldest child of two, born into a humble and hard working family. His mother died shortly after his younger sister's birth. leaving them both in the care of his father, a blacksmith. His sister, Farien, is younger than him by 8 years and Boron is following in his father's footsteps and hopes to one take over his father's forge.

Height: 6' 2"

Build: Tall, large build and heavy set

Appearance: Stubbornly curly, thick hair the colour of chestnut that he keeps closely cropped. He has his mother's eyes, like his sister does, more blue than grey. Boron wears customary garb for a blacksmith's apprentice - sturdy clothes suitable for the hard labour of his days.

Skills: Boron is apprenticed under his father, learning the skill of blacksmithing from a man so talented as to have risen in prominence in the King's service. He spends much of his day labouring in the forge, leaving the customers to his younger sister or his father to see to. Boron is strong, able to work hard in very hot conditions for a long time.

Personality: Boron is a quiet man who sees things in crisp, black and white detail. He is not a man who is swift to change his mind. He is not demonstrative or vocal when it comes to his inner world and he keenly feels the sharp bite of the injustices he sees in the outside world. He can be an enduring, loyal friend or an intractable foe. He is most comfortable in the forge or sitting quietly late at night as his father and sister chatter after dinner.

History: The loss of his mother when he was a boy affected Boron deeply. He resented his sister, blaming her for their mother's death, and the subsequent upheaval his life was thrown into when his father quit Annúminas and moved them all away. He held his grudge with Farien for quiet some time before she was able to wear him down and it shifted in grudging acceptance. That did not develop into filial love until he was approaching adulthood. However, once Boron was able to separate the terrible circumstances around his beloved mother's death from sister, he loved her in his fashion: quietly, deeply and powerfully.

Boron sees just how hard it was in those early days for his father. He sees the pressure his father was put under to return to the King's service two or so years after he quit it. Farien was barely a toddler but Boron was aged 10 and though his father said little, Boron saw much that made him angry. It seemed unjust, to him, that something as arbitrary as parentage could determine your lot and fate in life. He knew he had the same blood of Númenor flowing in his veins as did any of the various lords the King dispatched to pull his father back into service. He resented the way they bullied and sneered and threatened them and this carried over to the Rangers that made it their habit to seek his father's services out.

Boron did not trust them. He suspected them to be agents of an uncaring, arrogant King. He tried, more than once, to convince his father to refuse their coin but his father could not do that with two children to care for. Thus, Boron kept to himself whenever there were Rangers about, little to say beyond the bare necessities until one unfortunate incident involving his sister.

Boron happened across a scene there where a Ranger, ill-pleased to find his horse's mane woven with ribbons tied into tiny knots with her small fingers, sternly chastised Farien. Though the Ranger had not shouted nor raised his hand, the sight of a Ranger scowling fiercely down at his much smaller sister sent Boron into a sudden charge. The resultant scuffle could have ended poorly had Farien been too shocked to scream. Or had the Ranger's restraint snapped at being bodily tackled by the blacksmith's son.

As it was, Boron's father managed to restore peace. He watched his father make amends, almost bowing and scraping before these Rangers who held themselves silent and aloft. After that day, Boron's resentment found a new target. He called them the Bloods and into that he cast every man of noble descent, from King to Ranger. He would serve them as he must, he knew, but he would never love them nor trust them. Farien, like his father, managed to shake off the incident but Boron did not forget.

The years passed and Boron proved to be an apt, hard working apprentice. He had mapped out his life where he was the master of his own fate. He would serve no King but the Last Alliance changed everything. As Isildur prepared to ride south, he and his father were conscripted. His sister was left to fend for herself, with their small farm and the forge to protect. Boron protested this, perceiving rightly just how difficult his sister's lot would be and fearing that the Bloods were about to swallow his future. His father, however, made it clear that to refuse the call to arms was treason and he would not brook the stain of dishonour upon his family. Thus, Boron went to war an angry, resentful and reluctant soldier.

In that dreadful time, Boron would endure the Siege of Barad-Dûr, including the fearful horror unleashed upon the Last Alliance by one of Sauron's most potent creatures: an Elf he had twisted into a cruel weapon. Her name was Naiore Dannan and Boron's confidence that good men did good things and bad men did bad things was broken time and time again. Somehow, though his father fell, Boron survived.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, Boron's quiet ways saw him assigned to Isildur's party to return to the North. He did not properly grasp the full nature of what he had overheard until the Disaster of Gladden Fields. Only then did he grasp what had done. Again Boron survived that attack, though barely, aware of the treachery behind it. He knew he had to tell someone and the only person he could think of that he trusted was far to the north.

Boron gained his family's small cottage just on dusk, barely on his feet. He found it empty and feared that Farien had perished or quit it during the hard years of the north. He was hungry, exhausted, and losing blood. He could barely discern between waking and dream and when the door opened behind him, he almost ran his own sister through. Horrified, Boron dropped the sword and collapsed.

He drifted, in and out of consciousness that night, trying to tell Farien what he had learned. He feared pursuit and capture at any moment yet somehow they did not find him nor his sister that night. Having already lingered too long, and unable to place his sister in any further peril, he left at dawn with a warning for Farien.

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Name: Adanel

Born: Third Age 2910, Westfold

Race: Rohirrim

Lineage: Adanel is the daughter of the Lord of the Westfold, Marshal Léof and his wife, a woman of Gondor. It is through her mother that Adanel can trace her lineage back to one of the three Houses of the Edain: Hador Lorindol

Height: 5' 10"

Build: Feminine, strong with long arms.

Appearance: Blonde, wavy hair, pale as the sun ripened grasses of her father's lands. Adanel has eyes that are either blue or grey depending on how the light strikes them and her mood. She has an expressive, open face with even and well balanced features.

Skills: Adanel is a bard and as such has a powerful command of her people's histories, lineages and tales. Whilst her people are not known for recording such details, preferring to pass such knowledge on in the telling, she has learned from her mother the skill of writing and has a fine and even hand. This has seen Adanel transcribe poems, sagas and music not set to paper before and it is her ambition, scandalous as this might seem, to record all of Rohan's rich cultural heritage. Her chief love, however, is music and Adanel is able to play a range of instruments very well. The fiddle is the instrument she prefers most of all.

Personality: Adanel is a good natured, kind hearted woman. That said, she is also a woman who knows her own mind. Once she sets it on something, she works diligently to accomplish it and she rarely gives up, even when she probably should. She is quick to laughter, at herself or others, a keen student of people and has something of a temper that she tries to keep, with varying degrees of success, on a leash.

History: Though born into a time of upheaval in Rohan, Adanel's childhood was a safe and settled one. She had two loving parents and when her bardic talents showed themselves, her parents were only too pleased to have her study under the resident Bard. Adanel worked hard in these years, fetching and running errands, repairing instruments and costumes and her Bard's clothing even, as well as learning the extraordinary breadth of lore every Bard must master.

For years she worked and in that time, grew from girl to young woman. In that time, the king of Rohan wrought disharmony and ruin upon his realm. Fengel King had never been raised for the throne and he came to it by unhappy circumstance ill prepared and ill inclined to rule well. Greedy and grasping, even his own son quit Rohan to abide in Gondor with his wife's family. Adanel's father could not do the same. Nor could the other Mashals of the Mark.

Inevitably, as the realm soured and malcontent grew, incursions from Rhûn increased and the toll was heavy. When the king refused to act, citing any course of action too costly to his precious treasury, the Marshals of the East and South Folds took measures into their own hand in the hopes of forcing secession to Thengel sooner rather than later.

Their plot has many casualties, Adanel just one of them. Finding her husband murdered on their wedding night, she flees Rohan.

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