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 Post subject: Re: Over hill, over dale....The Journey of the Three
PostPosted: February 12th, 2018, 12:28 am 
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
Dunedain Ranger of Arnor
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Dunhama made fair time getting around the column to get to Theoden, and the ordered Dunhama to ride forward to tell Eomer. He set out and passed the wagon with Athilda, Railan, and Wulgov, but he knew it not. Railan gently elbowed Athilda and leaned to her ear,

”There rides Dunhama!”

Athilda looked up and saw the rider disappear ahead. What urgency had sent him on his errand?

It was here noonday when Dunhama returned. He started to pause to talk to King Theoden, but Saw Athilda on the wagon in front of his column of riders.

”My lady!”

He cried as his horse paused and turned. He came up to the wagon and reached his hand to Athilda’s, and looked deep in her eyes. She appeared wan, her face pale and her eyes red with spent tears. He took a deep breath as his look of love embraced her. He was in haste, and as much as he wished he could rest for a time and hold his wife in his arms, he knew he could not. He had to get back to Deorwine and ride hard west. He said to himself as he rode with speed,

“Let us get this war won so we can get back to our lives!”

As soon as he was back, he changed horses and Elfhild rode his company out, following Halmon.

 Post subject: Re: Over hill, over dale....The Journey of the three
PostPosted: February 14th, 2018, 11:51 pm 
Warden of the Knight
Warden of the Knight
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Kano was scarcely aware of the commotion that carried through the ranks. His focus was on two things. Keeping pace with his company and keeping sight of Gaelrin. Until steel met steel on the battlefield he had little else on his mind.



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 Post subject: Re: Over hill, over dale....The Journey of the Three
PostPosted: Yesterday, 11:32 pm 

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Athilda had lost track of time, for all she could think on was the future of Rohan, and the future of her husband. He was riding with his company to a battle that might not be won, despite all of them riding out to aid Gondor. A feeling of nausea washed over her at the thought of loosing Dunhama to the war, and just after she found a bucket to relieve herself in, she felt Ralian's elbow in her side and her voice in her ear.
She glanced up, but it was already too late.
He was gone ahead of them, to do what, she knew not. But she knew it must have been important, for he was riding hard and escaped her view quickly.
Hours had passed, and she found herself gazing up at the company ahead of them to see if she could spot her husband, but it was useless. Perhaps he would now ride ahead of them, instead of be-
"My husband!"
Athilda's eyes lit up as she spotted Dunhama riding down towards them, and her eyes locked with his in an unspoken exchange of words and desires before he urged his horse back the way he came.
Her heart raced for a bit afterwards as she settled back into the uncomfortable seat between Ralian and Wulgov, but after a few moments, she rested her hand on Ralians' and let out a breath.
"I know not what my husbands rides towards, but I can only believe that it is nothing good. Ralian, my friend?"
Her brows pulled together and she looked at Ralian with fear filling her eyes.
"I am frightened, but I don't know what to do or how to help."

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