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 Post subject: Re: The Waning Days of King Valacar
PostPosted: January 12th, 2020, 2:51 am 
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Pelagir – Early Winter

Calimir, chief advisor and Halvarin’s father, dismissed his latest visitor. The hour was late, but not so late that he could not inform the Master of Ships. Castimir’s most senior and trusted advisor, though, was in no particular hurry. He rose, joints popping, and went in search of a particular dossier. It was fat with all manner of papers already. Drawings that he hastily skipped over given the subject was someone he still thought of as a girl many years younger. Reports of her health records and the various examinations she had undergone during her time betrothal to a prince. Perfect health, no defects.

His recently dismissed guest had confirmed for him that the young woman was assuredly released from her betrothal and not with child. An interesting outcome from the summer’s assassination attempt, in many ways, and yet it begat yet more questions. It was a matter of the fact that the prince had taken her into his bed at over a year ago. More than enough time to conceive. Given Aldamir had already sired one child out of wedlock, Calimir thought that care to avoid a repeat could explain it. His most recent guest speculated that the prince had tired of his young bride to be. The Master of Edhellond's Merchant’s Guild had described a proud, temperamental, wilful girl in wont of a firm hand. Wearisome, perhaps, for a prince many years her senior. Yet this was at odds with other reports that described Aldamir treatment of Amarwen as tender. That of a man smitten despite the circumstances that had foisted her upon him.

More likely by Calimir's estimation was the notion that circumstances had simply been against them. It took time and diligence to sire a child. Diligence Aldamir may have had. Time, however, was another thing entirely. Reports from Minas Ithil, where the couple had spent most of their time, indicated that Aldamir struggled with increasing committments and demands. Entire nights spent in his office whilst the woman he was to sire a child upon occupied an empty bed. A week could pass, apparently. And again, their age difference. Aldamir was a good deal older. Less vital, perhaps, than a younger man more of his intended’s age.

Halvarin's father was inclined to set aside suggestions that Edhellond’s heir was barren. Tidings that she remained untainted by corrupted seed served his purposes well. If she’d grown fat with that half-breed’s child, then the Master of Ships would have little use for her. Calimir added a few notations to his dossier and then set it aside. Untainted and intact, yet in need of significant correction if she was to serve their ends.

A more willing bride would be ideal, but there were so few marriageable women of suitable lineage within Gondor. If the Master of Ships was to assure his line, he would require a legitimate grandson within the year of rising to the throne. Both his sons had proven themselves potent. Once they’d broken her of her wilful inclinations, a task not beyond them by any measure, Castimir would have his grandson within a year. And if she survived the delivery, perhaps he’d have another within the next two.

He turned next to the letter that had sat on his desk for weeks now. More than once he had read Farien’s desperate note. The Queen had every reason to be fearful. Two years she had squandered and now it was simply too late. For much had shifted in the wake of the Palace’s decision to end the betrothal. Any arrangement the Queen might seek to reach no longer served them any advantage.


Thank you for reaching out again. I do so enjoy receiving your letters. I fear you may not enjoy my reply.

You had two years to deliver Amarwen of Edhellond to us and you failed. Edhellond, of course, will not give her up readily. What you are not aware of, however, is that Edhellond will also not seek to betroth their heir again. There is, in their words, nothing to be gained. They will not make a less favourable arrangement and there is only one advantageous match remaining within the realm.

Edhellond will capitulate, one way or the other, in due course. We would rather see the mercantile port continue to prosper but we will bend them to our will, seize our hostage, or break them. Either way, Amarwen of Edhellond is no longer yours to deliver but ours to take.

And so, dear Queen, I urge you to enjoy what remains to you. For there will be no agreement concerning yourself, nor your tainted offspring.



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