Following In Darkness Wake
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Lónannûniel nodded her head. She had no intentions of going back to the Woodland Realm, but she had nowhere else left to go. The Elven Queen climbed up onto the back of her horse, and followed after Anarion. "I have a request for you," she said. "You are not honor bound, nor would you have to swear any oath. On my travels, I request that you do not introduce me as a queen, nor use my title of Lady of Starlight. Nor any formalities at all. I find concealing my regal status allows me to travel longer, before anyone can report back to Thranduil of my whereabouts."

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Anarion looked at Lónannûniel and replied "As you say. When I'm on my travels I prefer to draw as little attention as possible. Unless it proves necessary to make myself known." Anarion then glanced back at Narussë and said out loud to her, as she caught up with them "We have not properly been introduced yet. I'm known as Anarion, and my Dwarven companion goes by Gror. Our friend who helped us back there is known by Lónannûniel." He nodded toward her as he said this. Then he continued "These little ones that I found back at the farm go by Elizabeth, and Arthur. They are the only survivors. We will be taking them to their family, and then we will hunt the servants of Sauron."

Anarion looked at both of the She-Elves, and then said "You are both older than me, but if you travel with me, then you have to follow my lead. I will be happy to take your advice, and will take council with you when making decisions that effect us all. However, I'm used to traveling a certain way, and me and Gror are used to watching out for each other, so we will have to adapt to your presence, and this will help us to. I'm sure that this may not be what you are used to, but it's what must be done to make sure we all survive. If you have a problem with this, then please, let me know now. We don't have the luxury of silence now, only for it to cause us to be in more danger later." They continued to ride hard as Anarion waited for their response. Lónannûniel wanted to keep hidden, well who would ever suspect the Queen of following a Rangers orders.

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"Anarion, I would like to take a moment to remind you, I am more than capable of surviving myself. You may remember, the time I last decided to go on one of my little walks, Thranduil searched for three years before I allowed myself to be found. I too am used to travelling a certain way." She knew however, that travelling with Anarion would draw attention to her, than she needed. Especially if she regained a hint of her regalness. "I will however agree to do as you have asked. As I am without choice. Either I agree, or I will have to travel alone. Danger's voice is much louder than it once was. Stronger and growing."

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Narussë tipped her head.

"I am afraid I cannot obey that request," she told him frankly, that distinctively High Elven lilt in her voice again.

The Noldorin princess sat easily astride her horse, watching Anarion's reaction closely.

"Not that I have anything against you, but simply because I operate on my own terms. I have spent two ages in the forests of Endor killing Moringottonar. I am a wanderer, and I too am used to my own way."

She gave a barely perceptible touch of her heels and Anarohtar picked up his pace a bit.

She didn't expect Anarion to be pleased with her answer. But Narusse, as all Feanorions were, was used to others not being pleased with them. She was hardened by thousands of years of being cursed, and countless battles against an Enemy far greater than any that the others had fought.

And, though years had dulled it a little, there was absolutely nothing that could eradicate her Feanorian pride. Even now, she held her chin slightly erect, not with hauteur, but with the simple grace of the Firstborn.

"If you wish for me to leave, then say so now. However, if you still wish for my company, you will have it, and my loyalty as well, but I cannot put my neck under a yoke, not now, I hope you can understand."

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 22nd, 2014, 9:19 am ]
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Anarion stared after Narussë while she rode out in front of them some way, and then looked to Lónannûniel and said "If you wish to be hidden then I would suggest that you start by not putting too much trust in her, there is something about the ways she acts that bothers me. I don't know what it is yet, but I'll figure it out, one way or another. I would not usually think of telling you what to do, but there is some things you need to know. Your people have loved you since you first wedded Thranduil, and although they would never tell you so, if they had to follow only one ruler it would be you." He let that sink in for a moment.

After giving that a second to sink in he added "Because of their filings for you they have long helped you to avoid being found when you left. Your subjects take turns helping you. Last time it was my turn. I led Thranduils gaurds on a false trail for nearly a year and a half, before they suddenly 'lost' the trail entirely, and had no more sightings of you again until your return. I'm not disagreeing with your skills, but you have yourself commented to me in the past how you don't get to do almost any training, because of the way your husband fusses over you."

He then looked at her with a sincere pleading in his eyes before he said "Just remember that even an Elven sword can dull if not properly cared for, and even the string of an Elven bow can brake if worn by to much time. You aren't a warrior. You're a huntress, and many warriors have fallen lately. The Servants of Sauron have grown in number, strength, and cunning as of late. I have already seen more dead Elven then I would've ever thought I could in a lifetime. I don't want you to be the next. It's more dangerous know then you realize, and if people see you taking your lead from me, then they would be much less like to see you as a Queen. Just consider my wordsm"

Anarion then tapped Shadowfang to catch up with Narussë. Once he reached her he said "Stay if you will, or go if you prefer, but think on this. You have yet to tell us your name, though we have given ours. You seem to hold yourself above us as if it is your right by birth, and to be of the Noldor is no explination, for I have known many who did not act in such a way. You also don't know who we really are, and therefore can't judge your place over ours. Remember that often those who stalk their pray for a long time soon find themselves acting like there pray. Don't let yourself become like the very creatures that you have hunted for so long." He looked at her letting his word sink in so the meaning was clear.

He then continued "As for your loyalty, how can any trust one who is only truly loyal to them self. I have seen some of the Firstborn die personally, by the hands of the Dark Ones forces, those creatures are not as they once were, and those Firstborn had fought their whole lives as well. I've only ever known one who had no need to fear the Darkspawn, and I can almost guarantee the he would be older even then you, and he trained me, so don't question my own abilities either. For I may surprise you. Remember, lonely huntress, that although a single person may change the course of war, they cannot fight it alone. There has to be a uniting of people to survive the onslaught, and if one holds them self higher then the others, on principal alone, it is often that person who finds them self to have fallen in battle first. Simply put, pride cometh before a fall."

He then urged Shadowfang forward again. He didn't want to loose the other two, but merely take time to think alone. No horse could catch him if he didn't want to be caught. Shadowfang was the fastest, and the strongest, among the Mearas, and only surpassed in intelligence by his elder brother Shadowfax. Even elves had admitted to never seeing their like before. It was believed that they would only allow the royalty of Rohan to ride them, and that was true except or a few exceptions, on of which was Anarion. He, and Shadowfang, had met long ago, and had formed a bond, so Anarion had been granted the honor of riding the proud beast. Gror shook his head behind Anarion then said "So I take it you don't want to make friends on this quest eh lad, this attitude is half the reason you haven't found a woman yet." Anarion simply said "Not now Gror." and the two left it at that.

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Narusse listened, but her pride was unbowed, and her head remained held high, bright copper hair streaming out unbraided behind her.

Despite the accusations of secrecy, she would not give her true name, but used a pseudonym, which had become her identity in the Third Age.

"I am Mistarë," she told them, "Mistarë Nairenis, of the People of Fëanor." But she said no more about her identity, and rode Anarohtar in silence.

The golden chestnut stallion obeyed her, not pushing forward as was his wont, for Anarohtar was also of the mearas, though the strain of the great horses ran not entirely true, for he was more of the breed of the wild horses. But his swiftness he had inherited entirely from his meara ancestry, and he, like his mistress, did not like being surpassed in swiftness, for Narussë Talintë was aptly named 'swift foot,' for she was lighter and quicker than any of the Children, and her horse was also one of the swiftest of his breed.

Narussë spoke quietly to him in the High Elven tongue, rubbing his neck gently.

"And you need not distrust me in the matter of keeping secrets, for secrets I can keep until the end of days. Though my people be ill-renowned for betrayal, you must not judge my ways by the ways of my people," she added.

Before, Narussë may have been less haughty and more amiable, but long years in the wilds had taken their toll on her, and she'd grown bitter, especially from the loss of Maitimo. She had been very close to her eldest brother.

In former days, her Fëanorian temper and pride had been far less unpleasant, and she resembled her mother more in temperament as well as looks, but being the last of her siblings, and living as she had, caused her father's personality to wax and her mother's to wane. And the nightmares she had every time she closed her eyes didn't help.

But she would tell none of this to her traveling companions, for even if she had wanted to, she could scarce bring herself to speak of such things. The Doom was still heavy upon her, pressing even harder after the years, so that one did not have to be extremely wise to feel the shadow upon her heart.

But as Narussë flicked her grey hood over her face, a faint glimmer could be caught sight of on her cheek, like that of a tear; but none could be certain, for she bent over the neck of her horse, speaking quietly in Quenya all the time.

Author:  Erin Lunaire [ October 24th, 2014, 5:24 pm ]
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Anarion's words had not had the effect he had intended. All these years, the elven queen had prided herself on her ability to evade the king and the many well trained guards. Believing she were a match for even the best within the realm, gave her the strength to hold her head up high during those darker days.

With her head lowered, Lónannûniel followed Anarion. Her horse needed no direction. She was truly saddened that her little adventures were all some great lie. In a low voice, filled the saddness she failed to conceal, she muttered, "Then what choice do I have? If your words are true, alone I will perish by day break."

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 25th, 2014, 12:17 am ]
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Anarion continued to ride hard until it was getting near to night. Elizabeth had woke up during the ride, and they had taken care of feeding both her and Arthur while they rode, only stopping if the had to clean up the young boy. But know that night was near. Anarion knew that it would be best to get some sleep. So as they reached Weather Hills he slowed and looked for a place to rest.

He found a small cave that had been dug into one of the hills. It was man made, and appeared to be a mine shift that had been started, but then was soon abandoned. Weather Hills was full of small mines and so it was no oddity to find one that had been started, but never finished. He led the group into the cave, and began to set up camp.

He cleared the area of any large boulders, and anything that could be dangerous to the two children, and then began to take care of Shadowfangs needs, speaking softly to him the whole time. While he did this Gror dug a small fire pit, and used some of the rocks that Anarion had moved to make a border around the pit. He then found wood, started the fire, and made a stew for the group. He also got some bread out that he had brought from the house, and after the stew was done he soaked the bread in some of the broth to moisten, and soften it for the young boy.

Anarion feed Arthur while Elizabeth ate her meal. When she was finished Anarion gave Arthur to her so she could get the two of them ready for bed. Then he cleared an area for the bed roll that the children would use, while Gror prepared their own two bed rolls. When they where done, Anarion got the children tucked in, and then sang them a lullaby that his adoptive mother had sang to him when he was a small child. Afterwards he watched them sleep for a bit and whispered words of comfort until Elizabeth, who was being bothered by bad dreams, sleep soundly. He then stood and stretched and walked back over to his bed roll to sit across from Gror.

The Dwarf looked at him and said "Strang how someone who can be so good with animals, and so protective, and gentle with children, can be a complete fool when it comes to dealing with people.""What is that supposed to mean?" Anarion asked in annoyance. Gror then snapped "It means that you should pay more attention to what you say, to who you say it to, and how you say it. You made it sound like Lónannûniel was incompetent, and always had people following her, and guarding her, or didn't your realize that?" Anarion thought about the events that happened after they had left the farm, and then lowered his head and said "I see what you mean. I'll take care of it, tonight, before we all take our rest. Will you be fine with first watch tonight Gror?" Their discussion had been heated, but quite enough not to wake the children, and also where none of the others would've heard it.

The Dwarf nodded then said "Yes, but you need to try to get some rest tonight. You won't do anyone any good if you don't start sleeping better. I know the dreams are bothering you, but lack of sleep will either get you, or someone with you killed." Anarion nodded his head in agreement, and then said "I'll be back soon, and I'll make sure to get some sleep." He then walked passed Narusse, who had called herself Mistarë, and said "Gror said he would take first watch. So if you would like to get some sleep, go ahead."

Anarion then continued walking until he came to Lónannûniel and said "If you would allow me, I would like to speak to you alone for a moment. I thought that we could head up to the top of the hill to talk. I need to explain soon things to you." He hoped that she would be willing to listen to what he had to say.

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Narusse hadn't spoken again the entire ride. She merely dipped her head.
"Hantany-- I mean, Le hannon."

She kept her hand on Anarohtar's neck, and the young stallion followed her into the cave.

She turned to Gror as she passed him.
"I can take second watch. Wake me as seems fit; I can be awake at a moment's notice, and you needn't give me extra sleep, as it is only a convenience for me, not a necessity."

She went inside and tapped the inside of Anarohtar's shoulder with two fingers.

The horse lowered himself down, curling his legs up beneath him. Narussë unbuttoned her cloak and wrapped it around herself like a blanket, then laid down next to Anarohtar, resting her head on his shoulder. He nickered gently before closing his eyes and drifting off.

But Narussë did not sleep so well. She shifted restlessly, and though she made little sound, her expression was one of anguish.

"Mai--" she choked... "Uv.. Mait..."

She shivered. Anarohtar awoke and touched his nose to the side of her head, blowing out a bit against her temples. Eventually, she calmed.

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Lónannûniel had remained at the entrence of the cave. The horse that had carried her this far wandered around, nibbling on clumps of grass. She listened to the sounds, songs and conversations within. As much as she wanted to enter the cave, a part of her felt like she did not belong there. Even in her days wandering through the wilds, she never much cared for caves. The irony was not lost on her, when she came to settle in the Woodland Realm. The elven queen always was more comfortable under the stars.

She thought the good old days, when Thranduil and herself were newlyweds. How much kinder he was. Just because she had mentioned in passing, how she longed to have a proper window in their quarters, to gaze out at the stars, he had many white gems set into the ceiling. Each night, he would light a candle. The light would make the gems glisten beautifully. Many years had passed, since he had done such a thing.

When Anarion came out to speak to her, Lónannûniel nodded her head to acknowledge his request. She walked up to the hill. Her gaze focused on the skies.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ October 25th, 2014, 2:50 am ]
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Anarion noticed that Lónannûniel was focused on the stars, but he wasn't sure if it was simply because of her love for them, or if it was because she couldn't bring herself to look at him. He dropped to one in front of her, leaning forward he placed both of his fist on the ground before him then looked up at her and said "Lónannûniel, Queen of Mirkwood. I beg your forgiveness for my words earlier. I was weary from travel, and lack of sleep, and anger filled my mind, and clouded my words.

"I've realized that I did not speak clearly, and therefore have mislead you in the meaning of my words. I wish now to clarify what was said. I didn't mean to lead you to believe that your skill to survive was not your own, I merely meant to explain the love and care that your subjects have for you. Let me start by saying that when you leave, you are alone. None follows you. Your subjects chose someone to go out and lead the gaurds with a false trail for about around a week, to distract them from finding your true trail. They don't believe that the gaurds would find you if they didn't mislead them, but they do this as a precaution, because they wish to serve you by giving you time to get farther away before the gaurds have the chance to possibly look in the right direction.

"As for my self, when I mislead them for a year and a half it was because I was on business of my own, and so I had planned to distract them for an extended period of time as it was, but originally that time had only been a months time. However, I had so much fun misleading them that I decided to lead them stray for longer and ended up doing so until I dropped the trail so I could head back to Mirkwood myself. Though we do worry for you while you're gone, we could never deny you what you want when you leave. Your freedom, and the ability to look after yourself. I have offended you with my poorly chosen words, and beg your forgiveness. I understand, and accept whatever anger you my hold towards me, and will accept any other form of punishment that you may choose to place upon me. Think badly of me if you will, but please, don't think less of your people because of my words alone." He then lowered his head again bowing it as far as he could, and then waited for what would come. A single tear ran from each eye, though they could not have been seen. He was worried that the Queen would be furious with him, and he feared that he may have ruined there close relationship that he cherished, but only Lónannûniels reaction would let him know if his fears were warranted, or not.

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Lónannûniel lowered her gaze, to look at him directly. She placed her hand on his cheek, and guided his gaze up to her. "You know, I think of you as a son. I care for you the same as I would Legolas. I will not hold a grudge against you, nor will I punish you. If that were in my nature, I would have left the Woodland Realm a very long time ago, and never returned. Legolas would never have been born. Nor would I have ever met you. We shall speak of the matter no more. As if it never happened. Forgotten in time. Now rise. Tell Gror to rest. I shall take the first watch. I could not rest, while the stars shine down upon us. Why dream, when I can see them with my own eyes?"

Her hand stroked his hair, like a mother would to soothe her child. "Should we hold a grudge against the sun, for stealing the moonlight? No. For the moon forgives the sun, and continues to rise each night. They move in perfect harmony, opposite one another, in a cycle of forgiveness of one another. We can not live with just one." The elven queen felt that thought most fitting to the moment. Maybe it was the elf with in her, that made her want to speak in riddles. Or perhaps being out in the night that she loved so much, made her feel the need to poetically describe it.

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Anarion let out the breath that he had been holding, and then said "Thank you Lónannûniel. I will tell Gror that you have decided to take first watch." He then walked down to the cave entrance and stooped next to Gror. Gror looked at him and asked "So, will I be walking on eggshells from now on, or did you straighten everything out?" Anarion smiled and said "Everything has been fixed my friend. Also, Lónannûniel said she would take first watch." Gror smiled and replied "Works for me. I'll be in in a moment."

Anarion nodded, and then walked in. Gror turned to the hill and headed to the top. Once he got there he looked at Lónannûniel and said "Thank you for taking first watch M'Lady. Mistarë said she would take second watch, so can you please tell her that I said I would take third watch after her, since you've decided to take first.i would very much appreciate it."

Anarion walked over to his bed roll and sat on it. He looked around then, making not of the surroundings. Mistarë was laying on her horse, Elizabeth and Arthur seemed to still be sleeping soundlessly, and Shadowfang was sleeping next to the cave wall near Anarions own bed roll. Anarion then laid down and fell asleep, although he soon slipped into the same dream that had been robbing him of so much sleep lately.

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Narusse awoke, after being forced to relive her oldest brother's death yet again. She pressed her forehead into her horse's neck.

"Stay," she whispered into his ear before she stood and donned her cloak, slipping out of the cave. She was shaking a little, as always after she had that dream, but she composed herself as she passed Lonannúniel.

"I am going for a quick walk," she told the Mirkwood Queen as she passed, "I will come and take my watch in a few moments."

After nearly a thousand years of spending very little time in the company of others, she'd lost a bit of her shield, and appeared a little shaken as she darted into the trees, disappearing almost immediately.

She ran until she came to the banks of a stream, where she sank to the ground and buried her face in her hands, sobbing quietly and half-murmuring a song in Quenya.

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Lónannûniel nodded to acknowledge Gror. "I shall do so." She wandered around outside the cave. The temptation to sing or play her flute was getting a bit too strong, but she resisted it. For a moment she thought of Legolas, and where he could be now. He had left over a month ago. No word of him. Her thoughts wandered from her son, to her husband. Thranduil must have sent out half the guard by now.

What felt like moments, since be begun her watch, Narusse spoke to her. "Take your time. My watch has barely begun."

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Gror had already went back into the cave and fell asleep before Narusse had left it. When he had entered the cave the first thing he had noticed was that Anarion was already having his reoccurring nightmare. Though most wouldn't have noticed that. Gror could only tell because of how well he knew him, and because he had been around his friend long enough to be able to notice the signs of him having a bad dream.


Anarion saw the village, and it looked the same way it had when he, and Gror, had first found it. It was a little mining village, and had been completely destroyed. The only thing that wasn't totally destroyed was a large building in the center of the village. It had been used for a number of things. It had been the inn for people who passed through the area, a tavern, and the common house, as well as whatever else the people would have needed to use it for.

Now it's door was kicked in, most of the windows had been smashed, and there was holes in the walls where there seemed to have been something punching through them. Around the building was a massacre. The men of the village, as well as the boys old enough to fight, all laid dead, with weapons near them that had fallen out of their hands. Their wasn't any question about who had done this, because the proof laid here and there where a few men had gotten lucky enough to bring down one or two of their enemies.It had been Orks, and with as bad as the village looked, and even with how terrible it was to see the men, it was still nothing compared to what waited for him inside.

Anarion tried no to go in, but he was a slave to his dream, and the dream was his own memories. He had no choice. He walked in and saw the women laying all around the building. They had been butchered, you could barely recognize them as women, and even their own families would have found the task of finding them almost impossible. and then they had been walked over to get at the children. The children were by far the worst part of the whole situation, and it made Anarion vomit when he saw them.

Anarion was not usually bothered by things that would make people sick, but there had always been something about seeing children hurt that had gotten to him. He felt that children should be protected, that they shouldn't have to suffer from war, much less something like this. The children had been pulled apart by the Orks. They had fought over them, like starving animals over scraps. What was left had been stacked in the fire pit in the middle of the building.and burned before the creatures had left.

All of a sudden the dream seemed to shift, and change, around Anarion. He started to hear the sound of a baby crying, and it was coming from the other side of the fire pit. He then heard what sounded like a hissing sound, but at the same time could've been someone hushing something. He walked around the fire pit and saw a Goblin leaning over a baby with a knife in his hand raised over the child. He screamed "No!" and the moved to attack the Goblin.

Anarion sat up on his bed roll, with a dagger in his hand, breathing hard. He looked around and realized where he was. He then saw Elizabeth trying to get Arthur to stop crying. It had been them that had made his dream change, he had heard them, which in turn affected his dream. He got up and walked over to the children. As he reached them Elizabeth looked up and said "I'm sorry. I tried to get him to be quite before he woke you up, or Mr. Gror, but he just wouldn't be quite."

Anarion smiled and said "It's OK. Why is he crying?" She replied " I don't know. He's not dirty, or hungry, so I can't think.of anything else." Anarion nodded his head in agreement and then said "Here, give him to me." Elizabeth handed Arthur to Anarion, and almost as soon as the baby was in Anarions arms it quieted down. Arthur snuggled up in the area between Anarions arm and chest and greed his shirt tightly.

Anarion then said "He just wanted to fell protected. He needed an adult. That's why he was crying. I'll get him to sleep and then lay him down with you. You go ahead and go back to sleep." Anarion then started to get up, but Elizabeth grabbed his arm and said "Mr. Anarion, wait, please." He looked at the girl and said "OK, do you need something, what is it?" She looked at him and said "I've never sleep outside before, it's cold, there are all kinds of wierd noises, and I'm scared. Can't you just sleep next to us?"

Anarion smiled at the girl and said "OK, just give me a second. I'll be right back." He then stood up and walked over to his bed roll. Then he grabbed one corner of it with his free arm and dragged it next to the kids bed roll. He then laid down with Arthur in his arms, and Elizabeth laid down on the bed roll next to him. Soon they were all asleep. Anarion slipped back into his dream, but know it was further the memory.

Anarion, and Gror, we're leaving the village and Gror looked at Anarion and said "You know that this wasn't your fault. There was nothing you could've done. I mean, we weren't even here when this happened." Anarion knew that he was right but it didn't really change the way he felt. Grors voice continued to echo what he had said. Then the dream suddenly seemed to stop, and then it slowly began to fade away. Grors voice still echoed in his dream though.

Then he started to notice that something else was forming. It turned out to be the farm from earlier that day, and the memory seemed to fly through his head, all while Grors comment continued it's nonstop echo through his dream. It then began to slow down once he found the two children alive and well. He then saw himself riding away from the farm with Arthur, and Elizabeth, strapped to Shadowfang, sitting in front of him, and Gror riding behind him.

The echo of Grors voice stopped, and then he heard his own voice. It said "For as long as I live, I shall save as many as I can. Not matter the cost. Even if it takes my life." The dream then ended, and the nightmare didn't return. He had saved the childrens life, but they had saved his sanity at the same time. He slipped into a comfortable sleep then, and the children sleep comfortably as well, as if his piece had also brought piece to them.

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