Over hill, over dale....The Journey of the Three
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Author:  Eyomilia18 [ February 4th, 2019, 11:06 pm ]
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(OOC: Woah, it's been way too long since I've written for Athilda & Gaelrin. *Cracks knuckles* *listens to Rohan theme* Let's do this.)

With Ralian by her side, assisting her in tending to the constant flow of wounded men, she felt an odd source of comfort and authority. Despite the wounds the Enemy caused, she and her...friend...were able to fight back by healing those who were meant to die on the battlefield. That is not to say however that they were able to save all of the soldiers that lay on her table; too many began to pass-their wounds too grievous to repair-and it was in those moments that she felt the despair and hopelessness she felt back in Helm's Deep. Her thoughts, however, could not be reconciled, for just as one man was taken off her table, another was brought in and Ralian left the tent to aid a wounded horseman.

As she worked on the man before her, carefully stitching the wounds in his side and legs, a tremor ran down her spine and she paused briefly at what she heard just outside.
Wild men approached, shouting and cursing the Rohirrim and everything they stood for; the shouts were followed by the sound of hard steel clashing against each other, and men on both sides, groaning in pain as they met their end.
Athilda worked hard to ignore such noises, to focus solely on her task at hand, but when the shouts of the Wild men came closer to her tent, her heart stopped and her whole body froze in fear.
She whispered into the air before the sound of horse hooves galloping towards her tent urged her into action.

With swiftness, Athilda helped the man stand and ran to the back of the tent, where she drew out her knife in an attempt to make an opening in the tent to escape the stampede of horses.
Just as she was about to pierce the fabric of the tent, she heard the soothing words of soldiers, calming the horses and directing them elsewhere.

Athilda let out a breath to calm her frayed nerves, and soon, she was helping the man with the side and leg wounds out of her tent and into one where he could rest; but the moment she stepped foot outside her tent, a horrific sound pierced the air. It was high-pitched and long, and it rang in her ears long after the sound stopped, despite having covered her ears with both hands.
"Are you alright, my lord?"
She knelt down to aid a man who lay helpless on the ground, writhing in pain and clutching his shoulder.
Her brows knit together in concern as she looked him over quickly, assessing his wounds; they were dire.
Her eyes lifted to the field in front of her to see if she could find Ralian or even Wulgov; but to her dismay, she could find neither.
Where had Ralian gone?
Had she be murdered....or worse? Taken prisoner by the Wild men to be-
Athilda's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a Rohirrim solider asking if she needed assistance.
"Aye, take this man into my tent, and see that this man finds solace and rest."
The authority in her voice sounded odd to her, but she found comfort in knowing that she was helping others. She was aiding her people in the war to fight for Middle-Earth.

Before entering her tent, Athilda turned back to where she thought she'd heard Ralian and Wulgov, but duty called to her, so she went in and began her work.


Gaelrin was growing weary, not just physically, but mentally. Although her ankles did not hurt her like they did merely a day before, her legs were becoming sore from forcing herself upright in her saddle, and her arms ached from wielding her sword. And as she hacked at orcs and maneuvered around the dead, she found herself lost in a sea of men.
A quick look up and around her made her realize the scope of this war.
It was detrimental.
It was horror.
Her throat suddenly became dry, but when she reached for her water canteen, she was met with a blade slicing her thigh, but before the orc could pull the final blow from above, she pulled out her sword and met his blade, cringing at the sheer strength of this creature.
She gritted her teeth and pushed against the orc, but he was proving himself too strong. Her blade came closer and closer to her shoulder, till she wholly trembled.
But then, she suddenly had a vision of her brother, standing on the lookout in Edoras-looking strong and proud as their father had-and her eyes filled with angry tears and a newfound strength overwhelmed her.
With a shout of frustration, anger, resentment, fear and sorrow, Gaelrin shoved the orc away and sliced halfway through his neck before pulling on Sandy's reigns, causing her to kick the orc in the chest with a final blow.
Then she rode forward with the others, using her strength well before it gave in.

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(Hey! Great to see you back! I take it by the new account that you lost your sign in info? The mods can re-set your password if you like. ;) )

Kano moaned in pain, disoriented as he came to. How long had he been out? He looked up, hearing the sounds of distant battle. He must have passed out for mere minutes. The battle had progressed past him and left him behind.

Kano struggled to drag himself out from under his horse. There was a sharp pain in his left leg, but he tried to ignore it. Finally free from the horse he searched for his sword. Unable to find it, he took up the sword of a fallen fellow.

Determined, he limped back into the battle that still raged beyond. He slapped asside the sword of a wounded orc, who had also been left behind for dead. The creature raged, but was sloppy with his swing. Kano easily deflected the attack and dealt the final blow.

He pressed on, nearing the battle where a few other soldiers fought on foot, their own mounts also having gone down. He fell into position with them and faced the enemy once more.

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As she rode towards the enemy, the grip on Sandy's reigns and her sword tightened; Gaelrin felt her own heart beat loudly in her chest as fear and adrenaline pumped throughout her body. Just before she lifted her sword arm to slay the enemy, she had a moment of uncertainty about everything.

What if they lost this war?
What if Kano died?
What if she died?
What if the Enemy made it into Rohan?
What would become of her brother?

Her eyes wet with tears, but instead of holding them back, she let them fall down her hot cheeks.
"Heavens us."
She didn't know exactly who she was asking for help, really she didn't know if her cry would even be heard. But she had to try.
The people of Rohan were in need of aid.

And just like that, Gaelrin brought her sword down on an orc who was distracted by another horseman, and with a swift yank, she pulled her sword out to dodge another blow that came from her other side, but she was too late.
Searing pain heated up her thigh, causing her to cry out, flailing her sword at the orcs around her as they crept towards her, trying to get another blow.

Sandy felt her distress immediately and reared up a bit, kicking the orcs in the face and chest; Gaelrin held on to the reigns, her fist shaking from pain and in fear.
She shouted in a bout of utter horror before stabbing an orc in the chest.
The creature squealed in pain and fell backwards, causing the orc behind him to stumble. But once he got up, he threw his sword and it landed with a thud on the ground behind her.

With her hand still trembling, Gaelrin reached for her dagger at her belt, but as she reached for it, a new kind of pain stopped her range of motion.
Her shoulder felt hot and....wet?
As she glanced down at her shoulder, she gasped as she saw a massive tear in her skin. Blood ran out of her wound and suddenly, she was back in Helm's Deep.

Nearly everyone she had loved had died that day; her mother, murdered by the attack on the caravan, and her father? Wounded in battle.
There was so much blood.
And Grihias.....he....he would be an orphan.

Fear mixed with anger and sorrow filled her lungs as she shouted into the battlefield, her fingers clenching to both the reigns and her sword.
She pushed away the pain in her shoulder and leg, and urged Sandy forth, slashing and stabbing any tool the Enemy brought her way.

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Kano fought on beside the footmen. He ducked, dodging an attack and stabbing the orc in the chest. He growled, a low rumble coming from his throat that even he didn’t know where it came from. He yelled, smacking another enemy blade away and barreling into his opponent. He ran the orc through and shoved it down when he heard his name.


Was it? Could it be Gaelrin? He glanced around, then heard her voice again.


He looked to the yell and saw Gaelrin on Sandy as she fought with a ferocity that made him proud. He left the safety of his fellow footmen and headed straight to Gaelrin.

“Gae-“ he began to shout, but stopped himself. He couldn’t distract her. One small distraction was all it might take for an enem blade to find her.

He rushed over, finally catching up to Gaelrin. He fought along side her, shoving two orcs away from her and Sandy.

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Pain shouted at her to stop with every single one of her arm movements, and when she put pressure on her feet, the slash on her thigh screamed in agony.
But she couldn’t stop defending her people; she would never stop defending her brother from those who would take his future from him.

But staring in the face of her enemy was proving too much for her. Her resolve began to waver and her energy and strength with it.
All she wanted to do was to let her sword fall and flee to safety....or flee as far as she could go.
Exhaustion started to weigh heavily on her, but as she lifted her sword one more time, she heard someone beside her: it was Kano!

Another surge of adrenaline pumped through her veins, and soon she was slaying the enemy from a top Sandy.

Her horse kicked the orcs away when they surrounded the pair, and Gaelrin leaned back, and delivered a fierce blow as she cried out in pain.
“Kano! I am wounded in my shoulder...and leg! I...I need to get a to a...”
she screamed, but this time it was fear, for a massive orc came tumbling towards them, showing no mercy or fear.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 17th, 2019, 6:30 pm ]
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Kano fought through the pain that grasped his body. He blocked, slashed, and parried high.
He looked over to Gaelrin as she called to him. She was wounded badly. She needed medical attention! He had to help her before her injuries left her too vulnerable to a deadly blow from the enemy.

Just then, fear flushed Kano’s face at the sound of Gaelrin’s scream. A giant orc was racing towards her with reckless abandon. Kano had little to no time to think, but he didn’t need time. The woman he loved was in danger. With not a second thought he ran at the creature. He rammed it, seord point first, and slammed into it with every ounce of strength that he had.

Pain shot through his bod as it never had before. He felt his body crash into tge beastly creature. Then, everything slowly faded to black. He wasn’t knocked out, but his head was spinning. He tried to get up, but he stumbled, unable to keep his balance.

Had he saved Gaelrin? He pleaded with the maker that his efforts had succeeded. As his vision returned he in fuzzy bits of color he looked around, trying to gain his bearings.

“Gaelrin?” He called out. “Gaelrin are you well?”

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All Gaelrin could think about was fear; the people of Rohan-her people, her familys' people-were surrounded. The sound of death ringing loudly all around her as the Rohirriam fought against the enemy of darkness....but it wasn't enough.
They were all going to die.
She wouldn't have anyone.
Kano would make it; he was brave, fearless and strong.
But her?
She was lost.
She was lost.
Her fear gave way as she stared at this creature who ran towards her, and she began to close her eyes, to accept the fate that was now drawing near, when suddenly everything stopped.
Hope welled up within her as she heard the distinct voice of her dear friend, her beloved, swoop in and save her.
When she opened her eyes, though, she was struck with fear at what she saw.
Kano ramming into the large beast, the tip of his sword jutting out of the beasts' back while Kano struggled to get up.
She heard his voice, calling out to her to see if she was safe, but all she could think about was getting him to safety.
Her leg burned, and her side ached, but still she pulled on her horses' reigns and held out her arm, reaching down towards him.
"Kano, I'm right here! I won't leave you here, you just have to take my hand! Please!"
She shifted on the saddle, scooting closer to him, looking at him with so many emotions in her eyes.
"Please, hurry! We need to get you to Athilda!"
Finally, Kano reached out to her, and with great relief, she pulled him up and carefully rode away, towards safety.
Athilda would care for him.
She would save them.
" saved...."
She didn't know what Kano said or what happened next, for in that moment as they rode to safety, darkness surrounded her.

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