~ The Inn By The Side Of The Road ~ (Burned Down)
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"Durian!" Mariel's throat was being choked with smoke, as was her hope of finding her...friend. She brought her arm to cover her mouth and turned around and began to quickly make her way back out to her husband when suddenly she was forced to the ground by a wave of heat so intense that she blacked out.
She regained consciousness only to hear the roof falling, and just before pain crushed her, she shouted three words to the air.
"I love you!"
Then, darkness began to slowly overwhelm her.
Lyiana blushed as Kayden held her hand, but she made no move to remove hers; but as he started to release her hand, she tightened her grip and gazed into his eyes.
"It is my deep pleasure to help you, sir Kayden. I..."
Her voice faded suddenly at the sound of an explosion, and when she turned around, she was aghast at the sight.
Her face paled and she shook her head.
"I have to go, sir-Kayden." She turned her head back, her eyes frantic yet calm.
"Forgive me for leaving you so soon, but I must see to whoever was near the explosion."

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No matter how she strained, Freja could not draw breath. It felt like her throat was closed, her lungs collapsed. Nor could she she make sense of her surrounds. Walls scraped at her, tearing through her clothing from all sides. And behind her, someone or something kept pushing. Was she walking or crawling on hands and knees. She could not control her thoughts. She was confused and sometimes she lost where she was, where she was going, where she was. But whatever, whoever, was behind her goading her onwards, they had no mercy. No respite.

Eventually, the pressure of scraping earth released and Freja sprawled forwards into what felt like a strange, empty abyss. She did not know that she had breathed in too much smoke. She could not know that with that smoke came poisonous gases that left her confused and lost. All she knew is that she could not get enough air no matter how hard she tried to breathe.

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When Kayden loosened his grip Lyiana held tighter. As she did he closed his hand around her own once more. He was about to speak when suddenly the roof of the inn came crashing down.

"No need to apologise," Kayden assured Lyiana. "Go, help who you can. Please, be safe, though."

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Khule and Mulgov paused atop a knoll where they could see the inn. The roof had fallen in and the flames were finishing off the rest.

"We should get as far away from this place as we can."

Khule said, realizing this could be pinned on them for setting up the still in that hidden storeroom. Mulgov nodded, torn between wanting to go and see what was left and salvaging some of his hidden loot, or getting as far away as they could. It was then Khule saw the group of riders coming at speed down the road from the east. It was Malvagil and the rangers that had been there a couple days ago. Khule eased his horse back down the knoll so they wouldn't be seen and said,

"I think we stay off the road and ride west. We'll stop in Bree for supply and then head south. I don't think foreigners will be too welcome here."

~ ~ ~

Fahalas couldn't believe that Mariel had run back into the burning building. Somehow he managed to get some strength and followed her inside. The heat and the smoke immediately scorched his lungs as he tried to get to Mariel. He couldn't be gentle when he grabbed her, and his hand pressed hard against her knife wound even as their clothes started to smoulder. The roof creaked and gave way, and Fahalas lifted Mariel and staggered back out the burning door. Crashing to the ground, Fahalas rolled Mariel to put out the flames, and beat his arm as it burned. They were singed and black, but they were coughing hard, trying to clear their throats. Fahalas gasped as he lay flat on the ground,

Mariel, you took a blade for me I could not let you die!"

~ ~ ~

Freja was coughing and trying to breath, and Durian gasped and coughed too. They lay in the narrow passageway and tried to breath the cool air that was coming from the darkness. a cloud of smoke and dust billowed around them and the fresh air nearly ceased to blow by. The opening at the inn had collapsed. Their only way out would be forward, and whether one could get out that way was unknown. But for now they needed to recover. A waking dream overtook Durian as his head spun. He felt like he was drifting, floating, in a lake of cool water. A cough brought him out of it. Freja lay still and silent in front of him.

"Freja...*cough* Freja..."

There was no response, but he could hear her struggling to breath, with the wheeze becoming a little more stable. Hoping Freja had not die, He lay his head down and tried to regain his breathing with his hand holding her ankle, feeling her move ever so slightly.

~ ~ ~

As Caira and Wulgov sped toward Bree on the road, a deer crosed in front of them, spooking the horse. He reared up dumping the two into the brambles. Like two insects caught in a spider's web, they struggled against the thorned vines. As thehorse ran off down the road, it became quiet except for the crunching of the broken vines and the tearing of clothes and skin.

"Blackberries, the bane of Dunland. They have now spread up north I see. We can get out of this, but it will hurt."

Wulgov then worked to try and untangle himself from the vines. He thought of leaving Caira there, but sighed,

"You will be able to follow me out if you can get yourself untangled"

he said as he worked at getting his feet onto the ground. The underlying dead ones were worse as they were hard and broke off when they punctured you, but he could now step on them and break them down as he tried to stay under the arches of the live vines. Once they had extracted themselves from the entanglement, they had a long walk to Bree.

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Videgavia was on his knees, arms hanging at his sides, when men rode up at haste out of the blackness. He watched them fan out. Some slipped from their saddles, keeping a firm hold on their restive mounts, whilst others rode around the inn. Searching for survivors, the Daleman numbly thought, his expression bleak. They won't find any. No one could survive that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Freja drifted, lack of air producing delirium.

She was on the Pelennor, staring down at the thick black dart she had just plucked from her hip. The Witch King's poison flowing already through her veins and all she could do was stare dumbly at the dart, unable to block her bleeding ears from the Nazgûl's virulent screams.

She was outside Edoras. It was autumn and the grass around the berg upon which the city sat was a sussurating sea of gold. She rode through it, bouncing without a care or a saddle, as a girl and by her side was her dearest friend, Éowyn.

She was in Meduseld, waiting just beyond the main hall where Théoden King held court. Within there was an uproar, men shouting, vying to be heard. It was such a din that it made her legs tremble and all she wanted to do was hide. Under Théodred's bed for he did not grow cross when he found her in his rooms. Not like Éomer did.

She was in the kitchens of Meduseld, stealing all the eggs she could carry and trying very hard not to chortle in anticipation of what she planned to do with them. Teasing Éomer was one of her favourite things of all.

She was under Théoden King's mighty oak desk with Éowyn. They had stolen Éomer's carved horses and were playing. Overhead, they could hear the scratch of the king's quill and from time to time, the desk or the chair he occupied would groan as he shifted his weight.

She was climbing the rocky escarpment behind Meduseld, if only because the others said it could not be done and the adults all forbade it. Below, the cheering and shouting has stopped because they'd realised that she really meant to do it and that it really was dangerous. If she fell, she'd be dashed on the ground below and she was far enough up now that the breeze had turned from fresh to cool. But there was no turning back. She had come too far for that.

She was-

Someone called her name. A hand gripped her ankle too. Took her several grinding moments to place the voice. The Ranger. The one that had given her the blue cloth. The one whose shoulder had needed stitching together. Then Freja grasped his name.

"Durian," she croaked.

It was so dark in here that she could not be sure whether her eyes were open or closed. Had they been buried. Was this a barrow? A barrow like those that ringed Meduseld? Horror rose within her.

"Forward," Durian rasped but Freja did not move. Could not move. The Ranger's grip on her ankle tightened and she drew a ragged breath down her seared throat. It was agony and then she felt Durian move. His weight pressed into her as he pulled himself over her. Somehow, he managed slide himself past her.

"Follow," he gasped and pressed on. She could hear him wheezing, the sound of his body scraping over rocks and earth. She was not of the Dunedain. She had not their strength and endurance. He was leaving. She was alone. In the darkness. At that Freja was moving, her progress painstaking compared to the Ranger's.

It felt like an eternity before she found him again. The way ahead was blocked, the tunnel collapsed by the explosion. They were trapped, like animals down a hole. Durian scratched and scrabbled at the earth but his strength was flagging too. A whimper echoed through the tunnel. It came from Freja and the Ranger paused to reach out a hand that smacked into her shoulder before he found her hand.

"We will not die here," he said but there was no way out for behind them was a nightmare of flame.

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Mariel gasped as she hit the ground and flinched as Fahalas doused the flames on her skirt and sleeves. She coughed in an effort to free herself from the smoke in her lungs, and once the burning in her throat subsided, she stared at her husband in disbelief.
Was that his way of showing her that he loved her?
Not every man would risk his life to save someone dear to them...not unless they had something to loose by their loss.
Mariel swallowed-but flinched as her throat was dry-and searched her husbands expression.
"Why did you go in after me?"
She knew it was a self answering question, but she had to hear the answer from his lips. She had to see the truth in his eyes.
Lyiana walked a few paces down towards the rubble, but looked back over her shoulder towards Kayden and nodded, then began to look for any injured people. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw the king's Ranger pinned underneath a fallen piece of wood and she made to go towards him, when she saw some men dismount and begin to search through the rubble. Her brows knitted together in concern and suspicion, but she saw them looking for survivors, so she called out to them.
"Over here!" She pointed to the fallen man. "There is a man pinned underneath some wood. Please! I must help him if I am able! There is no time to loose."
She took out a handkerchief and placed it over her nose and mouth then carefully walked over the burned pieces of the Inn until she stood by the fallen soldiers' head.
"Sir? Sir? Can you hear me? If you can, I need you to nod your head!"

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Sadly, Hilferin was beyond hearing anything. He was beyond the Circles of Arda, his fate as a mortal man unknown to the Eldar and Edain alike. He did not respond because he could not. Others, though, were not beyond such mortal cares.

"What is that woman doing?" one of the nearby Rangers muttered, for the inn was still ablaze. What was left of the walls could topple at any moment.

Malgavil let his orders ring out to his men: "Douse the flames if you can and search for survivors. Any civilian underfoot or in your way is to be detained. For their own safety," and then added more quietly to himself, "And my sanity."

No sooner had he said that, though, one of his men cried out, "A body! A woman!"

Dread curled in the pit of Videgavia's gut as men hastened to the Ranger that had raised the alarm but before he could draw closer to see for himself Malgavil caught at his arm and swung him about.

"You. Your name!"

he returned, his head turning to peer back at the gathering men, "Of Dale."

"A long way from home,"
Malgavil observed and Videgavia recognised the suspicion in the Ranger's voice. His rough demeanour and lack of general charm had led more than one individual to conclude the worst of him. And, to be honest, sometimes those dark assessments were accurate but not this time.

"I am," he agreed, "I seek Freja Fireborn. Is said she is in these lands."

Malgavil's eyes narrowed, "There are no Shieldmaidens in Arnor."

"Found her horse in the stables not an hour ago...unless one of the Méaras accompanied your kindred north."

The Ranger scowled for if Freja Fireborn was indeed here, then he'd have quite the mess on his hands. Edoras, for one, would want answers. There would be reports to write and it was entirely likely that a phalanx of Freja's sisters would come riding north to see for themselves. A unit of ferocious Shieldmaiden rattling around Arnor, with their spears, aggrieved.

As the Ranger considered this, Videgavia slipped away and approached the Rangers carefully extracting a body through what had once been a door. It's charred frame was still well alight and it was dangerous indeed for the men freeing one of the fire victims. Videgavia's blood was strangely cold but, when the body was set down again, he paused. Whoever the woman had been, it was not Freja. That much he knew despite the state of the woman's remains. Freja was tall, slender as the spears she wielded so well. This woman...smaller in stature.

The Daleman faded back again, keeping out of the way of the Rangers trying to bring the fire under control. Not Freja but he could not let himself hope...

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"Why did you go in after me?"

Mariel’s words seemed so distant, yet so close. Fahalas’s ears rang and he coughed and rubbed his eyes, then looked at Mariel as he straightened what was left of the shoulder of her tattered dress. He looked into her eyes and said in a raspy voice,

”Why? You were going to die running back into that fire! I couldn’t bear to see you die! And you took a knofe thrust meant for me!”

He looked at Mariel’s ribs and saw the black blood stain still wet. He gently touched near it and looked back up to her face. He said,

”Know that I still love you, even if you do not love me but love another.”

He coughed as one of the rangers came up to them and offered them his water bag. Fahalas took it and was going to drink, but instead held it to Mariel’s lips. She gulped down a few mouthsfull with some splashing her sooty face and running clean rivulets down her neck. Fahalas turned to the Ranger and said,

”She is wounded! She was knifed just before the fire!”

The ranger nodded and said,

”There is one who says they are a healer, and we have our company physician. Come to the back of the inn where there is water and cool grass. We need to gather everyone there to find out what happened.”

Mariel looked weak from the loss of blood, and Fahalas wrapped his arm around her and the ranger held her other arm and led them to where they were gathering. Fahalas gently sat Mariel down as she flinched in pain, and the ranger Bereck came over to look at her wound and burns.

~ ~ ~

Lyiana felt helpless as a ranger came to look at Hilferen. His one eye that was not burned stared lifelessly straight up. There was no life in the ranger.

”Come miss, your healing hands are needed on the living.”
He led her away.

Malvagil and his rangers had secured the place and got everyone out of the smoking, unstable ruins. They had everyone gather on the grass on the hillside away from the inn. There were two bodies found in the burning ruins, and there were three men and two women sitting there in the grass. There was Videgavia who had just arrived and had not set foot inside the inn. There was Kayden, who had come to the inn seeking aid. There was Fahalas and Mariel, a married couple, and Lyiana, who the ranger indrean had brought to the inn. There was no sign of Indrean, or of anybody else that they said were there. The Daleman was sure a shieldmaiden of Rohan had been there, and also another ranger, but Malvagil only knew of Indrean and Hilferin. At the mention of this mystery ranger, Malvagil noticed Mariel turned her head. He asked her

”Lady Mariel, do you know of another of our kin that was here?”

Malvagil watched her eyes as they turned to the smouldering inn.

~ ~ ~

Durian and Freja rested even as he could feel some cool air blowing by them. The tunnel back to the inn had caved in, and it appeared that where it led had caved in long ago. The dirt and rock were packed hard as if many rains had fell and washed over them. But up at the top there was an opening. They would not suffocate, but did they have the strength to dig themselves out? It would take a long time. Durian felt around for his knife. It was all he had. He said to Freja,

”You rest and gain your breath. I will try to widen this opening to get us more air.”

He worked at it for some time, making little progress, but progress it was. When he could do no more, he slid back down and pushed Freja aside, claiming some room for himself. It was good hearing her breath much better as she slept. Durian was soon asleep himself.

When he awoke, he found Freja had climbed up and was working at the opening with his knife. There was a feint light coming through the Maybe, just maybe, they will be able to get out in a week… if their strength didn’t give way first.

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For some reason, doubt about her husbands' motives filled her heart with uncertainty and she didn't answer him...not when he mentioned loving another. She herself didn't know the true answer. It was-well, in a word-complicated.
Once Fahalas lifted her up and carried her over to where the Rangers and everyone else were sitting, she blinked as dizziness started to overwhelm her. She had become so focused on Durian and her husband that she didn't realize just how faint she felt; one look at her blood soaked hand told her the amount of blood she'd lost.
The weight of her eyelids suddenly felt heavy and her chest started to rise and fall in rapid succession; a breath escaped her lips at the mention of Durian, and she immediately turned and looked at the burning Inn.
"I have not seen him since..." She swallowed and grimaced as her throat was catching the smoke from the Inn, but she turned her eyes to Malgavil and nodded.
"Sir Durian was...protecting me, m'lord but I know not what happened to him."
Her voice was soft and held a hint of sorrow, for Durian had been protecting her from the man who sat next to her. But her husband showed his love for her by going into the fire after she had willingly left him. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she blinked quickly then collapsed onto the ground, whispering her husbands name as she fell into darkness.
Lyiana lifted her eyes to the Rangers who were speaking softly amongst themselves and staring at her strangely. Her first instinct was to defend herself and her desire to help the fallen man, but she instead allowed the kind ranger to guide her out of the fallen and burning Inn and over to those who were wounded.
The lady who was with her husband was unconscious.
Lyiana quickly began to tend to her in an effort to revive her.

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Videgavia prowled around the inn, unable to find a way into it. The futility of this all threatened to overwhelm him but he kept moving. The kitchen and common room were utterly ruined. They had taken the brunt of the destruction. The roof had caved in entirely where it was not burnt away. Some of the walls of the rooms stood, but they were treacherous and liable to topple at any moment. Rangers tried to do what he was doing, combing through the rubble.

The Daleman rounded to the rear of the inn and saw that there was a great gouge in the ground. A dull light flickered from it and he drew closer to find it was a still, ruined now but still alight. This, then, was the likely source of the explosion and he glared at it balefully. Videgavia recognised the handiwork and he dropped into the crater to take a closer look. Then he turned about and sure enough saw a jagged hole in the side of the ditch. It was just wide enough for a man to squeeze through provided that man was not Molguv of Harad. Khule would have used it to steal supplies from the inn for the still. This time, they'd gone too far. Hanasian, their mutual Captain, would have to hear about this but first the commanding officer on the scene: Malgavil.

Videgavia pulled himself out of the ditch again to find that Béma had returned. Freja's horse cropped the grass between the crater and the still burning inn. Or, at least, that was how it looked. From time to time, the magnificent ebony creature pawed at the ground, carving out great tracts in the sod before he lowered his nose to the earth again. The horse whuffed, snuffled and snorted, his ears flicking this way and that impatiently and when he noted Videgavia's presence, his great head bounced up sharply.

Then Béma returned to pawing at the earth. Now, horses were known to dig at things for all sorts of reasons. Boredom, amusement, chasing water...but Béma was one of the Méaras. He was not so foolish as to play games so close to a dangerous fire and there were abundant streams nearby if he was thirsty. A chill ran over Videgavia's skin as he recalled the tunnel...

"SHOVEL! BRING SHOVELS!!" Videgavia bellowed as Béma dug at the ground.

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Durian pushed away some rocks and dirt and slid back down.

”I think we can maybe squeeze through now. I will try and you will push my feet.”

A feint scratching sound could be heard even as Durian climbed back up and Freja pushed at his boots. Durian sucked what breath he could and managed to get his body through even as more dirt fell by him. He slid down the other side and felt his way along.

”I think it may be clear, but it slopes downward…”

The scrunching sound grew louder, and dirt Started to fall. Durian turned and saw the small opening he had squeezed himself through light up bright, then close with the falling earth. Durian could not hold himself and he slid into the darkness chased by an avalanche…

Malvagil had what ever they could find in the stables to try and dig where the Daleman stood. The horse was agitated, and with a step to the side, bumped Videgavia as he tried to calm her. The ground where she had been scratching at had fallen in, and Vid moved and jumped down and started to dig. He found a hand, and when he grabbed it it squeezed his. Frantically working to push dirt and rocks away, he extracted Freja with some help of two rangers. She coughed and sit out mud and tried to get her breath. Videgavia tipped his water bag to wash off her face. She drank some and spit it out as she gasped,

”..Du… Durian is down there!”

Malvagil gave a nod and two rangers went in to carefully dig, trying to find him. But it was to no avail. All they could find was dirt and rock, and no sign of Durian, or a tunnel for that matter.

”Do we tell the sleeping blonde about this? She will surely find out.”

Bereck said to Malvagil.

”She is resting in the arms of her husband. We will not disturb them. How is her wound?”

“She will heal in time, as long as she keeps the wound clean. If she ever coughs up blood, then it means her lung was cut, but I didn’t see any sign.”

Bareck said, Malvagil nodded and said,

”In time…. In time. “

The fire was burning itself out, and Malvagil had to figure out how to get all these people to Bree, for there was nothing here now.

Once he talked to everyone, he would let them find their own way.

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It was her. It really was her. Alive…though Freja was in a very bad state. Her breathing was shallow and rasping. She was covered in dirt and ash, shivering with shock, and she was so weak that she could not stand without assistance. Her clothing was tattered and, aware of what swirled across her back, Videgavia was swift to throw his cloak over her before these strangers, these Rangers of the North, saw. That was sacred, forbidden. Not for their eyes, or his…even though, to his eternal shame, he longed to see again what he had accidently glimpsed years ago.

Had her hand not gripped his with the last of her fierce strength, he would have missed her within the earth’s embrace. His hands shook such was the emotion crowding him and he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

”Easy,” Videgavia softly said as she clutched at the water he offered her, ”Not too much at once.”

”This, I take it, is the Shieldmaiden?” Malgavil inquired, looking down at where Videgavia crouched by Freja.

Videgavia nodded in response and Malgavil felt some of the tension in his shoulders ease. No angry hordes of Shieldmaidens, then. That was something.

She looked up, reactions blurred by shock, and stared at the Ranger, ”Where is Durian? What happened to Hilferin? Did the others get out? The Dunlending…where is he?”

”What Dunlending?”
Videgavia asked and Freja’s attention shifted to him, blue eyes widening as she looked past him to the ruined, flickering inn.

The sight of the inn robbed her of what voice she had and all she could do was stare until Videgavia moved to block the inn from view. Gently, he reached out to touch her shoulder and break the silence Freja had fallen into. When he did so, she recoiled and drew in a breath too sharp for her seared throat to contend with. Freja doubled over immediately, coughing painfully into the ground as her hands closed into fists around the grass and earth. The two Rangers that had helped draw her forth from the earth’s hungry embrace winced.

”Do something,” Videgavia barked at Bareck, desperate for some way to ease this distress but the Ranger shook his head.

”Smoke, dirt, ash and shock…there’s little I can do about that here.”

The Daleman scowled at that, hovering ominously as Freja curled up, weakened further and gasping for air.

”I’ll take her to someone that can, then,” he growled and gathered Freja up.

”The only place you’re taking her is to Bree,” Malgavil declared as he thrust an arm at the inn, ”There are questions to answer.”

“Mark my words, Freja is not responsible for this,”
Videgavia said as he moved off.

He did not make for Freja’s horse, though the steed anxiously followed the man that bore his mistress. Malgavil remained where he was, watching the Daleman as he carefully carried the Shieldmaiden over to where the others gathered. For all of his rough manners, he treated the Shieldmaiden with a tenderness approaching reverence.

”Watch him. Watch them both,” he murmured, certain the Daleman knew more about what had occurred here than he had divulged.

Bareck nodded, ”We’ll have to move soon, Malgavil. Need to get both women to Bree to treat them properly.”

Malgavil rubbed at his face…two deaths…an inn razed to the ground and one of his men still missing. Buried alive? It was a hideous thought. Loathe as he was to leave, though, he had the living to see to.

”See what horses can be rounded up. If need be, we’ll ride double back to Bree,” he said, ”And continue your search for Durian. I want him found.”

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Kayden sat by, feeling very helpless. He tried to see what was going on, but much of the commotion was on the far side of the building. He thought about getting up, but the pain of such a movement changed his mind.

It seemed rather suspicious, all this happening... The men in the hallway earlier, the girl with the knife, and rangers all over the place. Shieldmaidens, large groups of men, a Dunlander.... This small in had turned to a mad house. Kayden had come out here to escape such "excitement."

He sighed and lay his head back against he tree. At least he had met Lyiana. There was a silver lining.

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Lyiana had been so busy with tending to the blonde woman and reassuring her husband with soft words, that she wasn't able to see the Shieldmaiden get pulled out. Upon hearing the woman try to relieve herself of the smoke and ash that had no doubt piled up in her lungs, she tied the knot on the blonde's bandage and quickly stood up and rushed over to the group of Rangers to see if she could be of any further assistance.
Her hands were stained in blood, but she hardly noticed it-there were too many people in need of help, and by the sound of it, the Shieldmaiden was in need.
Without consulting the men who had judged her just moments before, Lyiana took some healing herbs and some soothing aloe from a small glass vial and knelt down next to the Shieldmaiden and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder once the coughing fit died down.
"Milady, here are some herbs that will help to keep any infection from your lungs."
Lyiana smushed the herbs in her fingers-which were now cleaned of blood- and offered them to her for her to eat.
"Here also is something that will aid in cooling your throat. It is called aloe. It is safe to drink, but it may have a bitter taste."
She uncorked the small vial and handed it to the maiden, hoping she would take it.
"You are going to take everyone to Bree?" She asked curiously as she looked up at the Rangers.

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Herbs, was something, Videgavia reflected. More than these Rangers had managed to provide and whilst the Daleman was not a man to smile, he hoped his gratitude for this woman's aid was evident. Yet, as his eyes swept from Freja to Lyiana, he noted something jarring.

Freja's lips were a strange shade. Even in the ruddy, uncertain light they bore a blueish tint. The healer too noticed this, concerned by Freja's non-responsiveness. Indeed, her lashes fluttered and the healer soon discovered her pulse did as well with a swift application of two fingers to the Shieldmaiden's throat.

"What is this?" Videgavia asked, his voice harsh with his worry, "Why does she not breathe?"

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Thoughts rushed through Lyiana's mind as bats quickly flee from their cave homes; the Shieldmaiden seemed to be reacting to the herbs or aloe she was given. She wracked her brain for anything she could administer to the Lady, but there was nothing. But she had to do something, for the Shieldmaiden was loosing oxygen, and therefore loosing time.
The man who was kneeling down beside the Shieldmaiden demanded to know what was wrong, and although he was ignored, he was not forgotten.
She was going to have to use what she was taught a long time ago, and these men, these Rangers might not like it.
With a deep breath in, Lyiana reached out her hands and placed her left hand on the Shieldmaidens heart, while the other she rested over her forehead and began to speak a melodic sounding language. When she first began, her eyes remained their shade of brown, but as she continued singing-her voice becoming louder as it happened-her eyes started to glow as did the markings on her arms and chest-although these were covered by her clothes.
Lyiana began to feel the energy flowing out of her and into the Shieldmaiden, so much so that her hands began to tremble, but she did not stop until the Lady was healed.

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