~ The Inn By The Side Of The Road ~ (Burned Down)
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Author:  Hanasian [ February 26th, 2017, 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  ~ The Inn By The Side Of The Road ~ (Burned Down)

(OOC: This thread is a free form RP and is a place for RP characters to stop in and relax and rest, talk, watch, tell stories, interact, leave, and maybe even set out on an adventure together if they so wish. It is a good place to test out new characters one creates. Caira and Caila are semi NCE characters, meaning they are ultimately my characters, but can be used within reason as the Inns hostesses for service and dialogue. I’ll also have a character or two arrive at the inn. As it is a year after the War of the Ring, it is possible that anyone from any race show up. We’ll see how this goes. Hopefully we have fun with it)


The Inn By The Side of the Road - Known as The Forsaken Inn

A day's ride east of Bree stood an old inn that was likely built in the hey-day of the Kingdom of Arnor. The inn had sat dormant and empty for so many years that the name of The Forsaken was given it. Strider and the Rangers of the North used that name when they would at times meet there in private. Even they did not know exactly what became of the last proprietor.

Now, the year was 3020 of the Third Age, a year after the Dread War of the Ring. Evil had fled and the lands felt alive in the new spring. And with the new spring came new proprietors who have been given the deed by the new king. Sisters Caila and Caira, who had long lived rough in the hills of Rhuadur. There was rumor that they had distant Rhuadurian royal blood, having been able to survive the dark years. True or no, they found favour with King Elessar, and the Inn and the lands around it was theirs.

The sisters set about making the place right, cleaning up the dirt and leaves that had collected, fixing the broken hinge on the door, repairing the bed frames and with many treks to Bree, making deals with Barliman to salvage his old bedding when he was replacing them. There wasn’t much there to draw people who could push west to Bree, but still, they would open before Midsummers Day. They had a lot of work to do.

The Inn as it stood when they arrived that rainy March day looked broken and inhabitable. With its entrance facing the road, its tall oak doors were weather-worn and its hinges rusty. A nameless sign hung from hooks on the covered porch, the true name of the inn long lost to the weather. To the sisters, the blank sign of the Forsaken Inn would soon offer the only comfortable rest between Bree and Rivendell. Caila tried to move the door that was slightly ajar, but the hinge was broken and it held fast. With the two of them, they managed to pull it open enough to squeeze in. With a cracking sound, the second hinge broke and the door fell out onto the porch. The sisters watched the dust fly as the light of day shined into the gloomy darkness. Caira went rummaging around behind the bar and found a very old, dusty bottle of Harfoot’s Shire Wine 1409. It appeared intact, and so she brought it to a table where Caila was sitting. Blowing the dust out of a couple small flagons, she uncorked the bottle and poured them each a drink. The taste was sweet if rustic, and they looked at each other and started to laugh. ”To innkeeping!” Caira said as she lifted the flagon. Caila nodded and smiled, ”Indeed”. They downed the wine and looked around. “Let us look and see what we have!”
Built from blocks of cracked gray stone, the sealing between the block had crumbled and there were gaps that let the weather inside. The roof was for the most part well ordered, mainly because the last proprietor had done some repairs long ago. Now, there were leaks, but the roof still kept out most of the rain and snow.

Inside the Forsaken’s door you looked upon a narrow log-framed parlour for about 5 feet. There were places to the side for cloak, hats, and such to be hung and could dry should the weather be wet. The parlour opened up into a great common room with a well-worn oak floor. To the left about three feet was a long oak bar that met the wall, making enough room for a man to stand at the bar without being in the way of the entrance. The open floor of the common room was only broken up by a half dozen logs standing upright supporting the heavy beams, and some clusters of well-abused wooden tables, each with its brood of rickety stools. Across the common room on the far wall had a great river rock fireplace that held a spit that could cook a fair-sized pig, goat, or cow. To the left of the fireplace there opened a wide hallway, where just inside to the left was a stair that curved to the right as it went up and led to the back of the stone chimney. There, the upper hallway went off left leading to the larger, more expensive rooms. If you passed this stairway in the hall below, it stretched along leading to the doors to smaller, cheaper rooms. The long bar from the wall reached its end where an opening was for the bar wenches and cooks to get through. This spot was the site of many a collision and fight between patrons coming out of the hallway, wenches with tankards on trays coming out from behind the bar, and servants with food dishes and empty stoneware coming and going from the kitchen.

In the back of the kitchen there was a side storeroom with a stair that went to the cellar where kitchen supplies were kept. Going straight out past the side storeroom, there also was a service door where the firewood could be brought in from the back. Also out back, there was a small well, and beyond that were the stables. Several hitching posts are positioned at front and back, east and west of the inn for short stays. The common room lighting came mainly from the hearth and from a few dim lanterns and candles around the room. In daylight the papered windows let in some light, but the sisters hoped that should they ever make any money, they would bring the Bree glazier out to make them proper windows. The décor was sparse, but above the fireplace was a shield of Westernesse. It had been hung there long ago, and there it remains.

It was three days before Midsummer, and the months of hard work had passed. Sure there was still much to do, but they had gotten the worst of it done.they were ready to open. The dishes had been replaced, as have the bed linens and the tables and stools were repaired. Fresh keg of Freddy Largebarrel’s North Farthing Pale were brought in and one was tapped, and the sisters managed to find and clean up many a good vintage of wine. They got the well working again, and the water was fresh. They decided that should they ever get a customer, Caira would manage the kitchen and Caila would manage the front. When they were ready, they stood outside the great oak doors with a proper glass of wine and said,

”Well, here goes nothing!!”

The glasses rang and they sipped, and the lit candle in Caila’s hand reached up and the lantern out front was lit.

It illuminated the newly painted sign said, ’The Inn By The Side Of The Road’.

It was the new name that seemed lighter, but the place would never shake the Forsaken name.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 26th, 2017, 11:18 am ]
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Caira and Caila had no sooner lit the lantern when they saw a small wagon coming down the road with an elderly man inside. The wagon was pulled by a rather large donkey and the old man was wrapped in tattered clothing. His snow white hair was long and thick, as was his beard.

Once he arrived he made a clicking sound with his mouth and said, "Woe there, Essy." The mule stopped and the old man looked down at the two women. "You must be the owners of this..." he looked the building over before finishing. "Fine establishment." He smiled, showing only half his teeth remained. "I'm the new workman at the Bree Glazier," he announced. "I've got yer windows right here." He pointed to the back of the wagon where the windows lay. "Look 'em over. Make sure they are... proper. Once I install them I'm not taking 'em out!" he eyed the women hard now, as if an elderly man scolding his predecessors.

Author:  Hanasian [ February 27th, 2017, 3:26 am ]
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Caila eyed the man while Caira eyed the goods he brought. She said,

"Well sir, we weren't expecting you so soon. they look thick and heavy enough, and I'm sure you can make them fit these window frames. However we will not be able to pay you right away. It was what we told Barliman when he said he would look into it for us."

She assumed he knew Barliman Butterbar at the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree. Who else would have known they needed windows?

Walking up from the east came a weather-worn man who wore grey and black. He was leading a dark grey mare who had only a satchel on her. He looked over and saw the lamp in the twilight sky, and sighed relief. He needed a rest, but expected to have to camp rough, for this place was always deserted. Instead of staying in the dark cold of this inn, he will enjoy a proper night's rest.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 27th, 2017, 5:51 pm ]
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"Pay me?" The old man asked. "I'm a hired hand ma'am. Payment would be between you and the office in Bree." When the sisters would go to Bree with payment, however, the office would have no idea who this elderly man was. Of course, by then he would be finished with his work and moved on.

The old man climbed down out of the wagon and lead his donkey over close to the side of the inm, near the first window. He began taking measurements. In spite of some of the windows being a little crooked he cut the glass to fit perfectly. Before they knew it he was well on bis way to instaling the windows.

Author:  Hanasian [ February 27th, 2017, 6:13 pm ]
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Caira watched the man work, and she looked at Caila before saying to him,

“You are too kind sir. We can give you a hearty meal and a free room for the night, for there are many windows and the sun is westering quickly.”

Caila nodded in agreement. As Caira went inside to tend to the pot of stew she had made up.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 27th, 2017, 6:35 pm ]
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The old man looked up from his work, tools in his hands and a splinter of old wood between his lips that he gummed like a toothpick. "Well," he said, straightening his back and stretching as the audible sound of vertebrate popping sounded. "That would be most kind of the two of you. I would greatly appreciate that." He looked over his own work with a critical eye. "And in that case I can finish this last window and save the rest for tomorrow."

He smiled his toothy grin, his splinter of wood held between one top tooth and his gums. Then he turned back to his work and said without looking at Caila who remained, "I hope you don't mind the odd markings on the trim that I'm using around these windows. It was all I had at the time. Upon inspecting closely one would see a blue marking that looked much like a rune marking from ancient times.

Author:  Hanasian [ February 28th, 2017, 1:16 am ]
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”I think I will like it. Adds a runic mark of workmanship to it that somebody will note in the next thousand years!"

He set to finishing the window he was working on, when a voice called out,

”Oi there!”

A man in worn grey leathers and cloak came walking up the road from the east He said,

”Are you open? For business?”

Caila looked down the road and saw his shadowy silhouette and waved.

”Yes we are sir! Welcome! There are stables in the back with some fresh hay for your horse, and the well is at the back of the inn.”

“I thank thee for that. I need to look at her foot, I think she picked up a thorn.”

He said as he diverted off the road toward the side of the inn heading to the stables.

Caila stepped up on the porch of the inn and smiled, heading inside.

Author:  Jax Nova [ February 28th, 2017, 10:19 pm ]
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"Ah, well..." the old man replied with a sly grin that was hidden from sight. "Someone might notice it a little sooner than you think."
He set his last window as the newly arriving stranger struck up a brief conversation with the hostess. The man dissapeared around the side of the inn and the old man finished his window, heading inside shortly after.

He looked the room over, finding a quiet little table in the far corner of the room where he could watch the door and other guests. He sat down with a sigh and a moan, a hand on his back. "Ah, well a solid seat mever felt quite so good," he said to no one in particular. He looked about, that hearty meal was sounding quite good about now!

Author:  Hanasian [ March 1st, 2017, 8:31 am ]
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Ciara came out of the kitchen with a wooden bowl of stew and a part of a loaf of bread. She set it before the glazier and said,

"I will bring butter, and can I get you anything to drink?"

Yhe door opened and in came the man from the stable. Caila was standing behind the bar, and she asked him,

"Is your horse all settled in?"

He stepped to the bar and said,

"Yes, yes. She picked up a sharp stone in her foot. I got it out ad she will be find, but she will need resting before traveling. It seems I will need a room for, lets say two nights? Oh, and that stew smells mighty good, and an ale would wash the dirt down well."

Caila smiled as she tapped a flagon for the man, and Caira soon had a bowl of stew before him at the bar.

Author:  Melanie [ March 1st, 2017, 5:36 pm ]
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Mariel rounded the corner and sighed with relief as she saw the firelight glow inside an Inn. As she neared the establishment, she removed the hood from her head, which revealed long golden locks that were loosely braided down her back and tied off with a piece of leather. Before opening the door, she pulled out a small pouch full of coin from her satchel, which inside held jewelry, clothes, and coins....all which were not originally hers.
As she opened the door, she smiled and closed her eyes as the wave of wood burning and good food cooking wafted into her nose.
"Good evening, ma'am." She addressed the woman behind the counter as she picked up her brown colored skirt and sat down on one of the stools. She then placed a few coins on the table and pushed them towards the woman.
"I'd like a bowl of stew and a good wine, please."

Author:  Hanasian [ March 1st, 2017, 7:18 pm ]
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”Caira, another bowl please.”

Caila called out to her sister. She looked at the woman and smiled, saying, I have this 1400 Old Wineyard’s Red, supposedly one of the best vintages the South Farthing have produced in recent times, so I was told by our Hobbit brewer friend.”

Caila poured a glass from the bottle they had opened earlier, and then refilled her own glass. Caira came out with another bowl of stew and some bread with a pat of butter, and took her sister’s wineglass and returned to the kitchen. Caila stood there with an empty hand, and shrugged. She said to the woman and the man there at the bar and said,

”Welcome to The Inn By The Side Of The Road! I am Caila, and the maker of this fine stew is my twin sister Caira.”


Came a voice from the back. The man who had been quietly eating his stew looked up and nodded, saying,

”I am Durian. I am quite thankful you were here open Caila. I remember this place as an abandoned wreck.”

He picked up his flagon and lifted it to Caila, then looked at the blonde woman and said as he nodded and lifted his flagon slightly to her,


Caira came out from the back carrying a large flask of water and a cup, and took it to where the glazier sat eating his stew.

Author:  Melanie [ March 1st, 2017, 7:57 pm ]
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Mariel lit up at the mention of the year of the wine, then smiled and nodded.
"Sounds marvelous."
She then lifted her glass in front of her and was about to speak when a low voice spoke from far behind her. She turned to look upon the speaker, then dipped her head slightly as he acknowledged her. When she turned around, she was met by the smell of sweet meat, broth and bread, so she began to eat and sip her wine slowly.
"So tell me, Calia...what made you want to refurbish this place anew?"

Author:  Hanasian [ March 1st, 2017, 9:26 pm ]
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Caila poured herself a new glass of wine and said,

”It was a gift. We were deeded this land by King Elessar.”

Durian leaned on the bar as he sipped his flagon, wanting to hear what Caila said. The King does not lightly deed lands to just anyone. He himself was deeded the small plot where his home was in the highlands of Rhuadur near the village of Canarth Arin. It was where he would go to after he goes to Bree, for he hasn’t been home in a few years. He said to Caila,

”A grand gift this is! The favour you carry with the King has enriched this part of the road! If you need any work done while I am here, please let me know.”

“I surely will kind sir!”

Caila said, already thinking of jobs he could do. She then looked to the woman and asked as she eyed the coins on the bar,

”One will be plenty for your meal and wine, with refills if you wish. Will you be needing a room for the night?”

With the setting sun, the light of the inn dimmed to what the candles and lanterns could throw, with the flicker of the fire making shadows dance as if the old inn was telling old tales of what the walls had seen over the centuries.

Author:  Melanie [ March 1st, 2017, 10:20 pm ]
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Mariel arched her brows in shock at the twins' answer.
"Oh...the King granted you this establishment? You two must be very important for such a gift to be bestowed on you."
After stowing away such information, Mariel continued to eat her stew until Caila addressed her again.
Mariel nodded and smiled at the woman.
"Yes, I would indeed like a room." Her eyes met the womans' and she widened them, as if a thought had struck her.
"Actually, I would like to book a room for 4 nights, please." Mariel then proceeded to take out a few more coins and slid them towards her.
"Will that cover the expenses?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ March 1st, 2017, 10:23 pm ]
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The old man smiled and thanked her kindly for the soup and replied to her inquery. "Thank you ever so much, and a drink would be excelent but just water please. I'm afraid if I have anything else these old bones won't be up in time to finish those windows."

A short while later his water and the butter was delivered. "Thank you," he said once more.

He watched and listened until the sun grew low. Then he waited for a lul in conversation then he pulled an old harmonica out of his pocket. He played a few short notes. "Anyone feel like having some music?"

Author:  Melanie [ March 1st, 2017, 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ~ The Inn By The Side Of The Road ~

Mariel had just eaten the last bite of her stew when she heard one of the occupants of the Inn play a few notes on a harmonica. She took her wine glass in her hand as she turned around, then lifted her glass in the air.
"Play on, sir! The night is young and there is a need for celebration!" What she referenced was not the opening of the Inn, but rather of her great loot that she had taken.

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