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 Post subject: Re: One Good Reason (Private RP)
PostPosted: November 30th, 2016, 6:51 pm 
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"Please understand, my dear Lord Eagle," Lady Gray said with her baritone voice, "my nephew poses no threat to me or my family. He roamed the streets of Port Royal for years, like some street rat. No one has any knowledge of our connection. But I must say, I am hardly surprised that he has chosen the company of criminals," she scoffed.

Lady Gray waved with her fan for some cool air and listened to the music and chatter coming from the house. Perhaps tonight her daughter would finally have a worthy suitor to dance with.

When Lord Eagle mentioned his son, Lady Gray looked up, clearly intrigued. It was without doubt that a man as powerful as him had enemies and weaknesses. If he had crossed the seas from England all the way to Port Royal to catch this woman, she couldn't be just a petty thief. This could be an opportunity.

"Naturally, I would be more than willing to assist you, Milord. Port Royal should be protected from this witch. And if we can be rid of that mulatto in the process, that would be more than convenient."

Lady Gray closed her fan with a snap and briefly brushed with her hand past Caithair's arm and smiled.
"I feel that this might be a very profitable acquaintance for the both of us."


"For the love of God, Guinevere." Liam let his fist land on the wooden panelling of the cabin and he started to pace through the cabin. "You claim to choose me, love no one but me." He tapped with his left hand on his chest to stress that last word. Only inches above his hand was the scar of his old bullet wound. It seemed ages ago now. Guin collapsing on the rocks. Cairbre hitting him. Rosalind hauling him into the carriage.

"But at the first test your faith in me crumbles and you turn to someone else. Someone, you say, who doesn't shut you out. But trust comes from two sides Guin. How can you demand it, if you're not giving any of it in return?"

Liam stopped pacing and turned to Guinevere. When he saw her sitting on the bed, he was reminded of the shadow of the woman he was with when they were camped out in the woods, on the run from the Redcoats. She was exhausted and in the verge of loosing grip. Like him, she looked older and carried a heavy burden.

Liam fell to his knees in front of the bed. He placed his hands on Guinevere's knees and looked up to her.
"I was taught that you need love yourself before you can love another," Liam said softly. His dark eyes locked with hers. "You need to love yourself again, Guin. Forgive yourself. Lord knows, I've been trying." Liam took Guinevere's hand in his and placed a light kiss on the inside of her wrist. "I can't turn back time. But I will try to get us back."


Tim turned away from Bathsheba, almost as if to shield himself from her insensitivity. His face was drawn in a grimace as he tried not to notice the excitement and fondness in her voice. Tim turned back to Bathsheba, but looked straight past her when replied: "I'm sure he will" before quickly excusing himself.

He was a fool. Any man would know if he heard Bathsheba speak, if he heard her admiration in her voice, her dreams envisioned with hopeful words, where her heart truly lies. Never had she spoken to him with such longing or would she see him other than as the things he was not.
He was a fool. For hoping, for believing that something extraordinary could be possible. He only had himself to blame for shattering his own heart.

Tok. Tim's cane hit the wooden stairstep at the same as his shin. Without even realising it, Tim had mindlessly wandered over to the quarter deck. He bit back a swear and ascended the stairs to the deck, where he heard the voices of Ciaran and Cairbre. Upon hearing the latter speak Tim felt the urge to run.
Ever since he was little his first instinct was to run whenever he struggled in dark times. Back when one of his brothers died of coughing disease, he had run away from home, halfway through town. His mother had never been so furious as then when he turned up again.

But being stuck on this ship, running now seemed literally impossible. Plus that running hadn't been his strong suit lately.

Soon however, they would reach their destination. That would be his only chance, his chance to run, to get far away from Bathsheba and Cairbre, to start over.


"When she is your soulmate, then no one ever is," Ciaran said with a sad smile on his lips. "Just make sure that you don't give up on her."
He clapped Cairbre on the shoulder with one hand while he held the wheel in the other. "The rest is up to him," he added while nodding to the dark sky filled with stars.

It was sometimes comforting to him to know that there was a reason or purpose for everything. It lightened the weight on his chest, making it a little easier to breathe; knowing that she died not solely because of him. But then in the darkest hours of the night, when his thoughts kept him from sleep, he felt this petrifying fear that his wife had only been taken away from him to punish him and that she would have to pay for it with her soul.

The sound of Tim stumbling up the deck diverted Ciaran's attention. A genuine smile appeared on his face as he called out to the boy: "And how is our Romeo doing on this night?"
Tim's pointed glare made Ciaran laugh but he did not tease the lad any further.

"What do you think, Eagle, if we keep the wind, when will we arrive at our destination?"

"Will we arrive soon?" Tim asked Cairbre eagerly, relief written over his face.

"Keen to get off this ship, are you?" Ciaran grinned. "Well, your d*mn right. I can't wait to set foot on solid ground again."


O children, lift up your voice, lift up your voice,
Children, rejoice, rejoice..


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 Post subject: Re: One Good Reason (Private RP)
PostPosted: January 1st, 2017, 7:35 pm 

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"Good," said Cathair shortly. He coldly glanced at Lady Gray's hand as it lightly brushed his arm. "Then we understand one another. I want this woman dead. She is even now hunted as a notorious criminal. I am sure that the crown would look very favourably indeed on the person who brings her to justice." He smiled briefly, an empty smile. "I look for no reward. I myself have privately put a price on her head. If you ensure that she is captured and handed over to the authorities, great favour and fortune will be bestowed upon you. So... I look forward to our cooperation, Lady Gray."


Guinevere flinched as Liam's fist landed violently on the wooden panelling. But after that first shock, she remained silent and still, only watching him as he paced the cabin. Much of what he said was true. She realised that in his eyes, her behaviour had been capricious and frustrating. She could understand that, of course she could. But had his behaviour, at times, not seemed inconsistent? She said none of this, however. She felt that she could move past it, forget all of it, if only they could find a way to move forward together.

She looked down at Liam as he knelt beside the bed. A saddened but relieved smile formed on her lips, and she curved her hand around his.

"I know," she said softly. "And I will try, too. I'm sorry, Liam. For everything. I've been a fool. We've all of us been living in impossible circumstances. It was naive of me to expect it all to go perfectly, for you and I to live at peace whilst... whilst Cairbre is here." She reached out and tightly clasped Liam's other hand. "I know that I was wrong. Once we reach port, we can decide what to do. Things aren't working the way they are now. But I can change that. I promise." She leaned down and kissed the top of Liam's head, closing her eyes.


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