Freedom is What You Survive To Fight For
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Author:  Darkheart [ July 10th, 2009, 5:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Freedom is What You Survive To Fight For


[[ When did the chaos start? ]]</center>

Original Post wrote:
Rules, Info and Possibly Important Things ::
* One line posting to a minimum, pretty pretty please.
* Be nice. Unless you're evil. Then be evil.
* Any kind of station I have mentioned in this post is available. Use that imagination! :P
* Rank increases with status. It usually applies to those serving Governors/Councillors or politicians of importance. Rank increases with the number, so 1st rank would be the lowest, and 6th would be the highest.
* There is no distinct leader, like a King or Queen, just a corrupt government ruling via oppression. This means the roleplay characters are going to, for the most part, but split in two: those who are either a part of the government and want things to continue, or are too afraid to take a stand, and those who seek the truth no matter the cost. You are welcome to play either or both, depending on what you fancy at the time. :P
* Oh, and you know that thing where you have fun? Do that. :P

Bio Template ::
Name ::
Age ::
Appearance ::
Assignment/Rank ::
Affiliation ::
Personality ::
History ::
Misc. Notes ::

<center>I'm afriad this is a closed roleplay. You're welcome to read, but I'm not going to be accepting any more bios. Sorry :(

- Characters -
Lucius Nylander -- Darkheart
Cameron Hart -- Darkheart
Adrianna Hart -- Darkheart
Alexander Marcus -- Darkheart
Garnet Smith -- ~Goldleaf~
Allegra Nylander -- ~Goldleaf~
Gardenia -- ~Goldleaf~
Dylan Whittaker -- Will
Lilly Tash -- Will

Why should we be free if no-one fights for it?</center>

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ July 10th, 2009, 5:55 pm ]
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(Hurrah! :-D Yay, here's my bio and first post! I'm so excited that this is up!)

Name: Garnet Smith
Age: 20
Appearance: ... ried04.jpg ... ried03.jpg
Rank and/or Assignment: Garnet works as a book keeper, a job which she finds frustrating and tedious. She often reads the old books that have been salvaged and saved in the disaster of many years ago that she has to restore, and wishes for a different life.
History: Garnet was born as an only child in the underground confines of the new society; her parents worked as teachers, since they both had a skill with languages and learning. In secret they taught her more than was considered appropriate for the children of this new community; this gave birth to Garnet’s yearning to learn and know more about the world. However, when she was thirteen years old, her parents suddenly disappeared. Garnet knew that they had been killed, and she was furious in her grief; but she knew that, in order to stay safe, she had to hide her acute anger. Having resented the government since then, Garnet now in secret supports the rebel movement against the “rulers” of the society, despising every day more the constraints of the life she lives.
Character: Intelligent, determined; she has a creative streak that she yearns to put into practice but is suppressed by her frustratingly ordinary, boring job. Garnet is often stubborn but she has a head on her shoulders; she acts effectively in a crisis and is careful to hide her secret support of the rebel movement.
Miscellaneous Notes: Garnet is in love with Cameron, a young man she has known since childhood and grown up with. Not knowing if he returns her feelings, she has kept her love for him secret for many years.
Affiliation: Supports the rebels


Garnet sat alone in the small, secluded room, at the tiny wooden desk, bent over a battered old book. Painstakingly, she was piecing shards of the cover together with tweezers. Not for the first time, she felt infinitely bored. She hated her job. She wondered if she had been allocated such a tedious job to suppress her creativity on purpose, so that she should not repeat the actions of her parents. They had questioned things, looked further beyond the cavernous tunnels of their society. For that they had died.
In this job her talents were going to waste, and she supposed that was no bad thing for the “rulers” of this society she belonged to. She yearned for something more than this, a life with more meaning. Above all else she wanted to get out of this room, this career that threatened to slowly numb her mind.
She wished Cameron was here. Sighing, she leaned down to put together another piece of the book cover puzzle. His job was far more interesting than hers, and allowed him more freedom. But more than that, she dearly wanted his company. He could make life seem more worthwhile, the world seem brighter. She had known him and his sister since childhood, and her friendship with him had always meant everything to her – though her feelings for him were more than that of a friend. She loved him; she had always loved him. However, she had never found the courage to tell him, for fear that he would reject her, and she did not want to spoil their friendship. Still, she longed to tell him how she felt.
She sat back in her chair, gazing at the book. Her eyes ached and her back felt strained. This was taking hours. She hated being a book keeper passionately; she wanted a job that she could use her creativity in, but she would probably be stuck with the same job forever.

Author:  Nauriel Rochnur [ July 11th, 2009, 1:25 am ]
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Ooo. Sounds like fun!

Name :: Jameson (James) Caldwell
Age :: 32
Appearance :: Very tall (6'4") and imposing. He is very muscular and strong. James has dark, tight curly hair and pale grey eyes.
Assignment and/or Rank :: Jameson is best when he is working with his hands, so he works mainly in construction. Although his large frame enables him to do his construction work very well, be is also a bit an artist, working with mediums like wood and clay. Although there is little use for art underground, the higher powers often come to him if they are looking for an artistic piece, like an engraved desk.
Affiliation :: Rebel
Personality :: Boisterous and rowdy, Jameson is a very social creature. He is lucky to be surrounded by coworkers with a similar attitude, even though their loudness and joking have gotten them into trouble. Jameson is very laid back and rarely feels the need to trade blows.
History :: Jameson had a fairly normal childhood. He liked his job and position in life. However, when in his late twenties, his best friend was taken for assaulting a warden. James knew that his friend was killed for his action, and now harbors a deep resentment for the wardens and the laws.
Misc. Notes : Even though he hates the wardens, he will put on a happy face and talk pleasantly around them. This talk borders on the patronizing, however, and he has often received a blow or two for his loose tongue.

"Oi, James, catch!" A husky female voice called out. James barely had time to adjust his stance as a bag of concrete mix hit him squarely in the chest. He quickly wrapped his arms around the load, digging thick fingers into the plastic to keep is from slipping out of his grasp. Pivoting in place, he quickly sliced open the top and dumped the contents into a large mixing vat. "You bloody near killed me." He complained loudly as he shook out the bag. "If I'd 'a slipped with this knife in my hand, it might well have been the end of me."

"Good riddance" the female voice replied. Looking over his shoulder, he smiled at Nina, the girl who had tossed the bag at him. She heaved another bag, and prepared to toss it to him.

"No, that should be good" James remarked, judging how much concrete they had. Nina threw the bag down. "I think we have enough." Suddenly a sly grin crept onto his face.
"Though, maybe we need a bit more." He watched as Nina lifted the bag, her muscled arms tightening as she lifted the concrete.
"Well, nevermind." James said again. "We'll make do." Again Nina dropped the bag of concrete.
"Although, better safe than sorry, right? Toss me that bag." James couldn't contain his chuckle as Nina again reached down to pick up the concrete. She heard his laugh, and immediately realized the joke.

"You're a cruel, heartless man." Nina sighed, glaring at him with a smile. Her coarse black hair was plastered to her dark skin with sweat. She stretched her limbs as her dark vibrant eyes surveyed the work site. "Where is every one else?" She asked suddenly. "Did they ditch us again to ogle at those chicks next door?"

"Most likely" Jameson admitted. They were working on building a new house, and he couldn't help but notice that it took much longer to complete a house when attractive women lived in the lot next door. "Perhaps I'll take a break as well" he grinned.

Nina rolled her eyes. "We've got a foundation to lay. No ditching." She ganced behind her, noticing that a man was walking towards them "Ah, here comes Robo" she smiled, using Robert's pet name. "Perhaps now we can make a little process. Are the babes still hot as ever, Robo?" She asked, staring him in the face. Her blatant attempt to make him blush was in vain. He smiled and nodded, his eyebrow waggle suggesting something not work related. Nina sighed "Men..."

James smiled. "I thought you'd be used to it by now."

"There's no getting used to you guys."

James had to agree with that.

Author:  Maethoriel [ July 11th, 2009, 3:57 am ]
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(I'm in! I'll have my bio and post up tomorrow.)

Author:  Darkheart [ July 11th, 2009, 9:49 am ]
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[Hurrah! I've added you all to the list. :D]

Author:  Will [ July 11th, 2009, 3:23 pm ]
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[ I will join! Bio up tommorow! :-D ]

Author:  Eruraina [ July 11th, 2009, 6:14 pm ]
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(This looks interesting and I'd like to join but I won't be able to post a bio or anything until I get a new moniter for my comp.(I'm posting from my PSP right now, but it takes too long to type from it to me.))

Author:  Will [ July 13th, 2009, 6:12 pm ]
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[ So I tried to post my bio here now.. but in some way everything was deleted. :annoyed: It's quite late.. so I will try to post it again tommorow. ]

Author:  Darkheart [ July 14th, 2009, 3:55 pm ]
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[ @ Eruaina: IF you want to join, I'll save you a space and if/when we start you can jump in, if that's alright. :)

@ Will: Argh. D: :hug: It's alright, there's no rush. :no:]

Author:  Will [ July 14th, 2009, 6:45 pm ]
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Name :: Dylan Whittaker
Age :: 30
Appearance ::
Assignment/Rank :: Dylan is a surgeon and very dedicated to his work. In the past being a doctor was a respectable profession and healthcare open for all. Today the quality of healthcare goes with the rank of the individual. There are hospitals, named the Prodigus, with the finest equipment, unlimmited supply of medicins and the best docotrs but this is only open for those with power or many. The Communis, which are more like field-hospitals and have a shortage of everything, is meant for the common folk. Dylan choose to become one of the few surgeons at the Communis because he wanted to do something good.
Affiliation :: Rebel
Personality :: Dylan is a very passionate man with a strong opinion of his own. When his mind is set on something, he will do anything in his power to make it work. These two characteristics combined makes him quite a stubborn man. He's very loyal to his friends but the more distrusting to the ones he does not know.
History :: To be added


Dylan Whittaker found his way through the relaive dark streets towards the outskirts of the city. Although it was not advised to wander around after the artificial underground sunset, Dylan prefered walking out at this time of day. Not that anyone dared to bother him. Being quite tall and having a stronly built body, the young man was not an easy prey.
He had grown to like his long eveningwalks from the hospital, which he refused to call anything else than a hospital, to his home on the edge of town as it offered him some rest after hectic days.
Most doctors were rich individuals living in the citycentre and were respected by those who mattered. That is only the doctors who worked at the Prodigus, the facility for all government officials and people of high rank. There was no understanding, only suspicion for those who were willing to help the common people. They were labelled as 'strange' for they wasted their talents.
But Dylan had seen the inequality in the society and had his heart set on helping the helpless.
The man sighed and ran his hand through his dark hair as he thought of last years. It was a hard task, more like a challenge. He'd kept a list of the names of people who'd not survived due to lack of medicins or other supplies. It seemed endless. Three more had been added today. The list, however, would have been longer if it were not for the medicins from the black market which Dylan was able to buy every month or so.
At last the young doctor arrived at the place he called home. He carefully looked over his shoulder as to check if noone had followed him but when he didn't see anything, he entered his house, closing the door quickly to shut out the night.

[ Okay.. anyone can jump in if she likes :)

Melda, I made a whole lot of stuff up. If it's not alright, please tell me :) ]

Author:  Maethoriel [ July 15th, 2009, 5:29 pm ]
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Name :: Abigail Murphy
Age :: 26
Appearance :: ... mart36.jpg
Assignment/Rank :: Secretary and general errand runner
Affiliation :: Aerlon Government
Personality :: Sweet, talkative and a bit nervous
History :: Abigail's father was a pharmacist and her mother a shop keeper. She often helped her mother around the shop when she had time to herself. After finishing school it was found that Abigail had no particular talent, being relatively normal in everything except note taking - she was an avid fan of it during her school years. So she was quickly sequestered off into a government office where she runs errands and takes notes. Her parents were not overly active in the rebellion movement but at one time they unknowingly harbored someone that was and when he left both of her parents were taken to prison and were sentenced to twenty five years. After that Abigail was sufficiently frightened of the government to keep her head low and not associate with any she was not already well acquainted with.

Name :: Grayson Butler
Age :: 30
Appearance :: ... rphy04.jpg
Assignment/Rank :: Council man. Supposed elected official
Affiliation :: Aerlon Government
Personality :: Charming, witty, stuck up
History :: Grayson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He came by money and power the old fashion way - inheriting it. He grew up in privilege and wants to keep living in it. This need to have a comfortable life style is the driving factor of his career and decisions. He is well acquainted with the other governor's, although he is suspicious of them all.


The din of construction could clearly be heard from down the road. Sawing, hammering, all sorts of noise assailed the girls ears as she hurried down the dirt covered lane.

At first, Abigail had attempted to hold up her skirts so as to keep them somewhat clean. That endeavor was quickly abandoned as she found it difficult to do that and concentrate on finding the right site. Although, for the life of her she couldn't decide why any of the officials wanted her to send instructions on their home layouts. What if the men had questions? She couldn't answer them for certain.

Finally after several more blocks past tired the flushed blonde stopped at the house where she noted only two people were now working. Gingerly she stepped onto the site, the hand that had been holding her dress now used to cover her head from sawdust and other building materials.

"Who's in charge here?" She asked of the woman and man throwing heavy objects at a decidedly unsafe distance. Abigail took a step back should the woman's aim go amiss.

"I have changes here," she held up a vanilla colored envelope to verify her claim, "from...well, whoever commissioned this house."

Abigail sighed. So much for attempting to sound official and somewhat knowledgeable, she thought, still holding up the envelope in an awkward and unnecessarily showy fashion.

Author:  Eruraina [ July 16th, 2009, 5:11 pm ]
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Darkheart wrote:
[ @ Eruaina: IF you want to join, I'll save you a space and if/when we start you can jump in, if that's alright. :)

@ Will: Argh. D: :hug: It's alright, there's no rush. :no:]

(yes, I would like to join. I shall get my bio up as soon as I can! It will probably be up by Saturday, hopefully. I've been really busy, I will be busy for the next few days. And jumping in sounds good to me!)

Author:  Darkheart [ July 16th, 2009, 5:33 pm ]
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{@ Will: No, that's all ace. :D
@ Eruraina: Awesome. :D As I said to Will, there's no rush. :)
Alright, I'm going to kick-start this now. :cool: :D}

All in all, things were getting worse. You could count on two or three abysmally covered-up disappearances a month, if not more; it was getting dangerous to walk the streets at night alone unless you had some kind of protection, a close, reliable friend who knew exactly where you were, a task that, if left uncompleted, would result in punishment for whoever had interrupted the order of events, something that would mean any disappearance was questioned ny those higher up the social chain, ones who would not stop until answers were satisfying and to their tastes.
Adrianna knew this. She also knew that while she was useful to the Governer, however distasteful she found her never-ending servitude, her life would remain intact, and there would be very little done to damage her opinion of the government or dissuade her to continue as she always had; but fear can torture even the most determinded, logical mind.

Fear was what kept her in her place. It was not her sole reason for wishing things would stay as they were, but it played a large role in most of the daily decisions she made. No-one had forced her to stay silent and keep the secrets she knew, but Lucius did not need to be clear with regards to what would happen should she start shouting them for all to hear. His reputation was at stake here, yes, but she had so much more to lose, and few dared question his word over the word of a lowly aide. Resigning had never been an option, cowardice would not be tolerated. So she stayed, silent and as resolute as ever.

Cameron hadn't quite understood how bad the situation had been until his sister, agitated and restless, had paced infront of him, recounting every minute detail that had taken effect since his last visit. The rapid delivery numbed the initial shock of her words, at least for a little while; the siblings remained in silence until the elder of the two ahd a chance to process all he'd been told. After a minute, Adrianna sat down, exhausted. Cameron himself wasn't sure what to do - or what to say, for that matter. Adrianna's behaviour was unusually eratic: her obvious distress unnerved him more than anything else. She was adept as disguising day-to-day emotion from people who would judge her is she revealed her true thoughts, though she found this difficult to turn off sometimes. However, in this instance she wasn't even trying to conceal her mental anguish. This act was completely outside her character; it asked more questions than it answered, and increased his confusion tenfold, and more than anything, it scared him. Always, Adrianna had found some way to overcome any kind of problem she faced - now, it seemed, she'd always hidden that there were things that she couldn't cope with.

"Anna-" he began, using the childhood nickname he'd given her, "Why did you never say-"
"-Anything?" she finished. "Because.." Unable to finish her sentence, her words dwindled into silence and she gave up trying to voice her reasons for remaining taciturn. Her face seemed somewhat drained, though she had regained some of her composure, at least: her breathing was almost back to normal, her eyes were neither as wide nor as crazed as they had been a few minutes previously. As her nerves calmed, she seemed to find some semblence of rational thought.
"Look, it... it doesn't matter." she was biting her bottom lip ever so slightly, but other than that she showed no other lasting sign of stress. "I'm exaggerating." There was a weak smile on her face, and Cameron suspected she was again hiding something, although he wasn't entirely sure what it was.
"It's fine. I'm just tired." Adrianna rubbed one of her eyes with her right hand, then blinked to clear her vision. heaving a sigh, she stood up again, and began rifling through papers she'd discarded when she'd found Cameron waiting for her. She stopped suddenly, gently slamming a hand down on one rogue sheet that intended to slip off the table and float gracefully to the floor. After a pause, she laughed. The movement was unexpected, and Cameron raised his eyebrows at her. Her laughter sounded again, a little louder than before.
"I was just thinking. You remember Garnet?"
Cameron didn't have to search to put a face to the name, but Adrianna was not looking and din't see the expression that briefly graced his face: a mixture of surprise and delight. Quickly he calmed it, masking it with mild surprise that wasn't too hard to feint.
"She'll want to see you, seen as you're visiting. She's been locked up piecing together old books..." Adrianna trailed off with a frown, though she still seemed to be trying not to laugh. "I'm sure she'd appreciate seeing you..." she trailed off again, but this time looked directly at her brother, who was perhaps her sole worthwhile connection to humanity.
"At this hour?" Cameron's surprise enveloped his features.
"At any hour. She'll have been stuck in a dusty library for hours, wouldn't you want a break?"
"I guess."
"Oh, come on." She threw his coat at him and unhooked her own; it was cold outside.


Outside, she thought she felt a breeze. Pulling her jacket tightly around her, she led Cameron through dingy, narrow streets, navigating more by instinct than by sight. She knew her way around this place backwards; the centre of the city was a maze of mismatched houses, odd-looking shops and the occasional abandoned building. The layout was unorganised, but it worked. It was easy enough for people to find their way around, at least when they knew which part of the city they were supposed to be heading towards. Getting lost was easy enough, although she'd never admit that she'd found that one out for herself.

Soon enough, they'd reached the doorway to the library. Adrianna moved around the edge of the building, searching for the back door. It took a minute to search in the ever present darkness, but when she found it, she knocked softly, then listened carefully to assertain whether or not there was anyone around.
"Why do I get the impression we're not supposed to be here?" Cameron murmured softly behind her.
"There's no law against it," Adrianna frowned as she tried the door handle, and was relieved to find that it was unlocked.
"And that means...?"
"We're probably not supposed to be here." she agreed.

The door swung inwards, louder than she'd anticipated. Wincing slightly at the noise, she poked her head around the door before creeping inside. No sign of anone apart from themselves.

"Alright, she's down here..."
Adrianna counted the doors, her brow furrowed just a little as she tried to concerntrate, to remember. She stopped outside a door with light spilling out from the crack between the door itself and the floor. Turning to Cameron with a slight smile, she whispered "You first."
He knocked gently on the door, convinced that his heartbeat was audible to anyone within five feet in any direction. The sharp knocking echoed slightly in the hall, and there was muffled movement from behind the door.
<center>And maybe if my heart stops beating, it won't hurt this much...</center>

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ July 16th, 2009, 5:51 pm ]
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Garnet looked up, hearing the loud knock on the door, an expression of surprise flickering across her features. Who could possibly be calling at this hour of night? If it was one of the head book keepers again, then she would be beyond furious. I'm working as fast as I can with these stupid books. The last batch only came in last week, I can't piece together forty books in a week! She heaved herself up from her seat, her fatigue making her slow; she rubbed her aching back, having been sitting in the same place for hours, and walked towards the door. She wrenched it open, and looked at the two people waiting outside in the hall.

Of all the people she could have guessed would be standing there, she would never have imagined Cameron. His sister Adrianna stood behind him, but Garnet barely registered her presence properly. A moment passed in which Garnet stood there, astonished into silence. Then, like the flickering of a candle, a smile lit up her face, transforming her from the tired, weary bookkeeper to the vibrant young girl she was. She was only twenty, but her job had fast dimmed her natural cheer, faded her radiant smile. Yet the smile she wore now was one of utter joy, undeniable happiness to see Cameron.
She shook her head. "Cameron!" she went forward and hugged him without thinking. His presence here meant more to Garnet than anything. She had not seen him for months, and had wondered if he might not come back this time at all. The thought of that had been incredibly painful, and she had tried to push it back, to tell herself that she should be happy for him that he had such an important job, and that he had escaped from the dull life she led. But she had missed him more than she could ever say.

She pulled back to survey his face. "I didn't know you were coming back!" she said. Her smile was still bright on her face. "It's so good to see you!" Then she realised her arms were still around his shoulders and Adrianna still stood behind him. She stepped back a little.
"Hi, Adrianna," she said. Her greeting was warm but her gaze still flickered back to Cameron, her smile still constant, as if she could barely believe he was here.

Author:  Nauriel Rochnur [ July 16th, 2009, 10:23 pm ]
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James poked at the concrete, judging whether or not the mixture was ready to be used.

"Is it ready, James?" Nina asked, frustrated at the time James was taking to judge the consistency. "We might want to use it before it sets up, you know."

James chuckled. "Yeah, Nina, its ready. Just needs one more bag." Nina groaned, and then tossed him another bag of concrete none too softly.

Suddenly a woman appeared, wealthy by the looks of her. "Who's in charge here? I have changes here from...well, whoever commissioned this house." She held up a white envelope, thrust out for someone to take.

The group of construction workers stopped to watch this stranger. "That'd be you, Momma." A voice suddenly pitched in. "Go up an see what the lassie has for us." The voice belonged to a thing, wiry man named Don, and he was speaking to Nina. She had earned the nickname "Momma" for being the only one of the construction crew to actually force people to stop goofing off and get to work. She was also the brains, having an actual education in engineering. Nina stepped forward, wiping her sweaty palms on her pants. She grabbed the plans, riffling through them quickly.

"No no no." She muttered. "Why'd we get these now, eh? We've already laid down the foundation on the north side, and now they're saying they want it gone?." She sighed, glancing them over as if she hoped they would say a different thing the second time around. "Why do they want the changes, hm?" She asked the woman. "And if they truly want this, then you're going to have to tell them that it will take extra time to fix it, and that we better get paid for the time it takes, alright?"

Author:  Maethoriel [ July 16th, 2009, 10:58 pm ]
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Abigail stood with her arms folded in front of her. Not the most natural position, but it was one she adopted when nerves threatened her not quite calm demeanor. This was definitely a time to use it. She was used to being ordered about in quiet words, spoken by silky educated voices. This boisterous lot was very nearly out of her league.

Their loud questions, well, demands really were quite a shock to her system. Her eyes narrowed a moment as some decision was reached that Momma, what a strange name, was in charge. The barrage of questions - that she had so prayed for not to come - came.

The blonde's mind worked overtime to process everything the woman spit at her in the small amount of time.

Abigail's mouth hung open awkwardly as she tried to piece together her thoughts. Unfortunately for her, nothing came. The mouth moved a few times soundlessly and then came a real reply. A stuttered and absolutely useless reply.

"I-I truly do not know why they sent such orders, miss. It was just my job. Perhaps you should come and explain the difficulties yourself? Can your men spare you?" She sighed. At least something in that was useless.

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