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Author:  Amara [ November 24th, 2010, 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  The Portal Voyagers RPG

Well, you guessed it. Due to reading the title of this RPG, you have guessed that the storyline has something to do with a portal. Congratulations! You are, indeed, correct! But, this RPG doesn't just have to do with portals of any sort. This RPG also involves wizardry, creatures only spoken of during fairy tales or horror stories. This RPG connects two different worlds that are loved by many and hated by few.

That's right... Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Not to mention that there are going to pretty much be any kind of creature involved in this that you wish.

Now, onto the actual storyline.

The year was 1932 in Hogwarts' time and, in the time of Middle-Earth, it was around the year 1080 of the Third Age. (No one truly knows how Middle-Earth ties in with our time.) Dumbledore had been slaving away on something he had been working on for many years. A portal. He had no earthly idea how to make it work or if it even WOULD work. After many trials and errors, the portal came to life. Not knowing what to expect or what would be on the other side, he cautiously entered the portal. Being well aware of his safety precautions. When he made it to the other side, he had entered a whole new world. A whole new dimension. It was called, "Middle-Earth". He knew for a fact that no one in humanity knew of this place, not including the people that already occupied the lands.

Spending many a day there, Gandalf heard word of this newcomer and knew that he was a man that needed to be greeted properly. Gandalf knew the extremities of Dumbledore being there. But, accepted it nonetheless. They both spent lots of time together and ended up becoming the best of friends. Both wizards of their time. Both completely unaware of what the future would hold for them.

Fast forwarding to modern day, so many things have changed. Dumbledore barely has any time to go back to Middle-Earth, due to all of the endless problems that Harry Potter has been faced with. He's becoming quite worrisome and troubled and know that he's in dire need of some help. A war is brewing and he knows it. Someone... Somehow... Had discovered the portal. Someone that wasn't supposed to know anything about its whereabouts or just how powerful it can be. Someone that just so happened to communicate with Sauron his company. So, that's when he calls on for the help of Gandalf; his long-time friend. Both worlds are in danger.

Now, it's up to you to make sure that peace is restored in both worlds. Can you be the hero?

1. Thou shalt not have more than 3 characters per person. There is a limit of people that you are allowed to roleplay in this inn. Mainly because of the fact that when people have, let's say, 10 + characters that they are roleplaying, they tend to forget what conversation went where. If you can handle a lot of characters, let me know and I may allow you to do it.
2. Thou shalt not have sexy time. Due to this forum being family-friendly, there will be none of that. If you want to do something like that, please take it to the PMs (private messages).
3. Thou shalt not kill another person's character. First off... Killing is wrong, anyway. But, in Middle Earth, things are a bit different. This does not mean that you can come into the inn, pick a random person and then kill him right then and there. You MUST have the permission from the person first, before you do so.
4. Thou shalt only write in third person. I hate, hate, hate when people write in first person. (EX: I walked into the inn and looked around at everyone. They were all staring at me. Why? Because I'm so gosh darn good-looking! ) ... HECK NO!
5. Thou shalt write a certain length or be smitten. There will not be ANY one-liners here. Doing this disables any hope for an ongoing storyline with someone. One-liners are the killers of roleplaying. The minimum amount of writing that you can do is one fairly lengthy paragraph. I don't want a little three liners paragraph. Do a good seven liner paragraph. Just give us something!!!


6. Thou shalt have fun! I want you guys to be able to express yourselves, find friends, comfort and love all underneath the roof of The Lavender Inn! So, have fun with it!

Author:  Torziel Evenstar [ May 20th, 2013, 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Portal Voyagers RPG

Hello, I would like to join! If, of course, this is still happening?

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