The Invasion!
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Author:  Harthad [ June 10th, 2011, 7:55 pm ]
Post subject:  The Invasion!

This is a Doctor Who RPG. However, you may jump in with your own original character, or even a past Doctor.

The year is 2011. There have been frequent alien sightings all over the world. Reports have come in of mysterious children showing up out of thin air, people dropping dead for no apparent reason, multiple flying saucers and abductions, and even a mysterious blue police box flying through space. . .

Scientists are very hopeful that they will make contact with alien civilizations, very, very soon.

Skip forward to Year 3050.

The Macadaws have woken. 50 years ago, they were driven from their planet by angry blue-skinned people (no Avatar connection, sorry) who wanted the planet for themselves. Since then, they have been harboring a hate, a hate that will destroy the entire universe. . .

The Macadaws can take on the shape of any kind of person, but not a person who is still alive. They most often appear as children. They feed on your thoughts and fill you with despair and dread, sucking any will from you to live. They can use your darkest fears against you. They have now targeted Earth as one of the many planets on their long, long list to destroy in the next few years. . .

The People of Earth are all united by one government. Earth trades with alien planets, and everyone is happy. At least, until they receive a broadcasted message saying: "Help! They're coming, they've captured the Doctor! You need to help me, the Macadaws are on their way!! My name is Jennifer---"

There it cuts off.

In a few minutes, this message was transmitted all over the world. Skeptics rise, alien geeks organize conventions and one question is on everyone's minds: "What the heck?!"

Will you investigate further, or ignore it? Will you help this mysterious Jennifer, and find out more about the Macadaws?

Your choice, People of Earth.


So! I'll be playing the 11th Doctor. You can join as a Macadaw, a human, or a different alien. OR you could also be Jennifer, as I don't have anything planned for her. But first come, first served for her. And a note for the humans: you can be a regular old person, just minding his/her own business, or someone very high placed in the government. As for the aliens: perhaps you've heard that distress signal, and decide to help? Please post your bio below, in your post.

Name: The Doctor

Race: Time Lord (human, alien, Macadaw. . .whatever)

Age: 908


Other: The Doctor is currently imprisoned by the Macadaws. They didn't want him to interfere with their plans to take over the universe, so, they captured him.

The Doctor was cast aside, like a moldy old shoe that nobody wanted anymore. He stood up, looking around at the dozens and dozens of Macadaws forming ranks in the spacious spacecraft hanger. He knew what Amy would say to his comparison about a shoe. He chuckled in spite of his predicament, but immediately stopped when one of the lead Macadaws thrust a gun into his face. The Macadaw called to four others, and together they advanced on the Doctor. He held up his hands to show that he was innocent, but they were merely leading him to his new room. They locked the door behind him, and walked out with his sonic. Shame. He would try to get it back later, there must be someone in here to negotiate with. But the chances of that were highly unlikely, mainly because of the fact the Macadaws were off to destroy the Earth. He looked down and sighed.

But it was then that he noticed the vortex manipulator on his wrist.

Thank Rassilon! He had forgotten to take it off. The Doctor pressed some buttons, and he went off to Earth. The trick would be returning before the Macadaws noticed, for there was something he still had to do. . .

The Doctor landed in the middle of the Main Government building, startling the guards and the congressmen that looked like they were in the middle of an important discussion. He straightened up.

"Ah! Hello! I'm the Doctor. No doubt you know about this Macadaw threat, well! Let me tell you: it's big, and it's coming fast. But no worries, I've got it all under control! At least, for the moment, but I would really appreciate your help. . ."

He grinned somewhat sheepishly, and used the vortex manipulator to go back to his cozy cell. The Macadaws rounded the corner just as he appeared, guns in hand. Home sweet home.

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