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Cairbre looked at Liam’s grief-stricken face, glaring at him. If he had not been sitting here holding Guin, he would have been sorely tempted to reach out and strangle the other man. But common sense told Cairbre that he actually did need Liam’s help; he was the only other person awake in the house, and waking up Rosalind, who slept like a log, would waste too much time. Grudgingly, he decided that he had to make the best of the help available; but that didn’t mean that Liam was in any way off the hook. “I’ll tell you what you can do,” he said eventually, his tone low and dangerous. “Firstly, you can hope to god I don’t kill you. And secondly, you can wait here and make sure Guinevere doesn’t go back to sleep while I fetch a needle, thread and some hot water.”

Tenderly, he eased Guin back down against the couch pillows. Her eyes were still open, albeit blearily. She looked up at him and reached out with one hand to clutch at his arm. “Don’t,” she mumbled. “I need you here.”

“I know, Guin, I know, but I’ll be back in only a few minutes. I have to clean up the cut on your head and then sew it up before you lose too much blood.” Cairbre bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead. “You’ll be alright, I promise it. Don’t be scared.”

“I am scared… I’m so scared, Cairbre…”

Cairbre picked up the blanket that was folded up on the end of the couch, shaking it out before spreading it over Guin’s rain-soaked body. She was shivering. Cairbre tucked her up lovingly, and she drew in her breath, her mouth trembling with fear. Her fingers clasped about the back of his neck desperately. “Try and think of good thoughts, Guin,” he told her. She had to let go as he rose up from the couch. “I’ll be back as quickly as humanly possible, alright? I absolutely promise.” he stroked her hair before forcing himself to move away towards the door, where Liam stood nearby. He paused and spoke very quietly.

“Make sure she doesn’t fall asleep. Talk to her to keep her awake. But don’t you dare touch her. I mean it.” His tone was restrained and tight with anger; it was very difficult for him to curb his fury and blame. “I’ll be back shortly.” With those words he left the room, the sound of his footsteps pounding rapidly in the hallway.

Guin’s eyes rested on the place Cairbre had stood, her gaze mournful. Within a few moments, her eyes flickered towards Liam. They were still gleaming with tears. Anyone who knew Guin well knew that she very rarely allowed herself to cry. Her voice sounded fractured as she spoke.

“Is this when I die?” she said, speaking through her tears. She still looked and sounded extremely fatigued, as if she would lapse into unconsciousness again at any moment. “My parents… always said I was, was a waste… of space. That I deserved to, to die.” She sniffled and closed her eyes, beginning to talk to herself more than Liam. Her mind was moving quickly, shifting onto different subjects. “I need Cairbre back here soon. He’ll be back soon, he said.”

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The fact that Liam only nodded in response to Cairbre’s orders indicated the gravity of the situation. At any other time, Liam would never be commanded by him, nor would he let the moment pass to share his own opinion on the matter, but for now Liam watched how Cairbre left the room, before sinking on his knees next to the couch. With his threat ringing in his ears, Liam only briefly wondered if, when this all was over, Cairbre would still lose his self-control. That he had not yet been chased from the property or been shot sort of came as a surprise to him but then, it was who Guin was their first priority now.

Liam stroked Guinevere’s hair as Guin started to cry. He knew that he could not ease her pain or her fear, but he still hoped to comfort her. “Don’t be silly..” he said softly. “You’re not going to die. You are so strong..” He took one of Guin’s cold hands in his and squeezed it. “You should not think of such things now.. And besides, parents are of no use anyway.. You know that, don’t you? Just look at mine, they both left me..” For a moment a grin flashed over Liam’s face, making him look a little more like his old self, but his smile fell off his face, when Guin pleaded for her fiancée to return.

For a moment Liam closed his eyes, hoping he could shut out the pain. He felt as if daggers were cutting through his flesh and bones, though his heart. He wished that he would not feel anything. He wished for the pain to go away but it didn’t..It was hardly bearable, but he had to endure it. It was the price he had to pay.
Once again, he looked at Guinevere and he wiped away the tears from her cheeks. “Cairbre will be here any moment,” he said. His voice trembled and sounded choked. “Don’t you worry Guin. You will get better.. You will get married and have children with quaint English accents.. And you will be happy, Guin.. so happy..”

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Guinevere’s eyes remained closed, and yet tears continued to seep down her cheeks. The pain in her head was still acute. She was aware of Liam kneeling beside her, comforting her and speaking encouraging words. She knew that she had to fight the exhaustion that threatened to overwhelm her, but it was like a fog filling her mind. She couldn’t let it win; Liam was right, she was strong – but just then she felt really quite incredibly weak. With a great effort, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Sadness was etched onto Liam’s face as he held her hand and wiped her face. “Happy,” she repeated the word softly. “You know… a long time ago, before, before I met Cairbre… I was a very unhappy girl. Not just unhappy, desolate: hated, resented and unwanted. It got so bad that I planned to kill myself. Can you imagine that?” she watched him for a moment, wondering what his reaction to this sudden disclosure about her past might be, before turning her head on the pillows, her eyes half-closing, eyelashes spiky with tears.

“It all changed for me when I met him. Everything changed.” Her voice sounded very feeble, but a small smile adorned her lips; she was clearly thinking of Cairbre. Where was he? Only a few minutes had passed since he’d left the room, but it felt like a lot longer. Being without him felt like floundering in the dark, as she had done out on the cliffs moments before her fall; but she had his promise. He’d be back soon.

A little while passed as she stared at the wall opposite her, before she looked back towards Liam. Her head felt very heavy. Her brow furrowed a bit as she took in his expression again, properly this time; it was only now that she wondered why he looked so miserable, and then realized. “You don’t look happy,” she suddenly said. “It’s me, isn’t it? I’ve made you unhappy.” She paused; her throat felt like sandpaper. Who knew that hurting your head seemed to make nearly every other part of your body hurt too? Her hand, which Liam had enfolded in his, started to shake as her head panged with more pain. She was still bleeding beneath Liam's scarf. “You should hate me, you shouldn’t be saying kind things to me.”

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[Aahw, Guin is really torturing Liam by telling how much she loves Cairbre.. Poor guy.. :( ]

Liam squeezed Guin's hands even harder, when she spoke again. She spoke of her past, how unhappy she'd been. How she had intended to take her own life but that Cairbre had changed her life and that he had changed her. Liam bit his lip. Never had she shared such personal details of her past or given any clarity about her feelings or affections like the way she did now. But now she tormented him, by telling how perfect her life had been, but Liam knew it to be true; from everything he'd witnessed that night Guinevere and Cairbre seemed perfectly happy..until he had arrived.

"You don’t look happy,” Guinevere suddenly said. “It’s me, isn’t it? I’ve made you unhappy.”

Liam clenched his jaw and looked away. He could not tell her how he felt nor could he tell her his motive for coming here, not now, not when she was in a state like this. He noticed how Guin started to tremble, how her breathing became shallow and her face was contorted with pain. Liam quickly got to his feet and untied the scarf and now pressed it as a bundle to the wound to stop the increased bleeding.
"Being with you was the best thing that ever happened to me," Liam said quietly, glad that Guin couldn't see his face. He carefully tried to inspect her wound, but with all the hair and blood it was almost impossible to assess how deep it actually was.
"But letting you go was the worst. All I know is that I want you to be happy. And if that means that I'm to disappear from your life, than that's a sacrifice I will gladly make."

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(Aw, poor Liam! =( Here, he can have a hug :hug: )

Guin drew a sharp, painful intake of breath as Liam tended to her wound, the pressure of the scarf against her skin making her cringe visibly. “Thank you,” she murmured in a thread of a voice, drawing her blanket closer about her shoulders for greater warmth. She observed Liam as he quietly answered her question; she was unable to say anything more in return, even though his selflessness made her feel guilty beyond words. Her throat felt as if it was closing in on itself, and beads of sweat stood out on her pale brow. She could feel the blood trickling down her head, soaking her hair and slowly drying in sticky crusts.

Footsteps sounded loudly in the hallway beyond, and shortly, Cairbre burst into the room, carefully balancing a tray of assorted equipment: a silver needle, a reel of black thread, a bowl of hot water, a clean cloth and a bottle of brandy. Guin’s head jerked sideways, but her eyelids were beginning to droop again. Cairbre quickly reached her side, placing the tray on the floor. “I’m sorry I was so long, I had to sterilize the needle…” he spoke to Guin as he busied himself soaking the cloth in the bowl of water. Guin’s face seemed to have relaxed a little, even though she was obviously still in pain.

Carefully, Cairbre parted Guin’s hair, finding the gash. To his relief, it wasn’t as deep as he’d thought it to be. With the utmost caution, he cleaned the wound as well as the hair surrounding it, arranging the red locks around Guin’s shoulders so that he had a clear view of the cut. When this was done, he looked at Liam, his expression not at all easy to read.

“I’m going to need your help,” he said to him. “You’ll have to hold a candle nearby so that I have enough clear light to see what I’m doing with precision.”

Guin spoke up as Cairbre pulled up a chair, positioning himself behind the armrest of the couch so that he had a perfect view of the back of her head. This time, her voice sounded even worse, raw and aching. “Cairbre… it’ll hurt… it’ll hurt, won’t it?” Her hands reached out blindly, clumsily, looking for comfort. She heaved a hoarse sigh of relief when he caught one of her hands, steadying her.

“I’m afraid it will hurt, Guin, but we have to do the best we can. I brought some brandy for you.” He picked up the bottle, showing it to her. She instantly took it from him with shaking hands, spilling some on her nightgown in her haste. It was plain that she was very afraid, especially as she more or less poured a measure down her throat, gulping the liquid down hurriedly to soothe her nerves, and hoping that her mind would soon drift into a pleasant haze.

“That’s too much, Guin…” she felt Cairbre try to remove the bottle from her grasp, but she gave a small, choky laugh.

“Couldn’t possibly be too much.” She drank more. “It’s stitching time now. Hurryhurry.” She began to sound somewhat slurred. Cairbre admitted to himself that it was for the best as he threaded the needle, holding it up in the light and taking a deep breath.

“Liam, the candle, please.”

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[Sooo.. don't mind me.. I just didn't have inspiration, but then I thought that this song was absolutely perfect for the whole Liam-Guin-Cairbre triangle, so I wanted to integrate it in my post.. So, forgive my short paragraphs.. ;) ]

Dark was the night in which the two men endeavoured to save the woman they loved. The hand, in which Liam held the candle, now and then shivered. With his clothes still completely soaked, it seemed as if it was bitter cold in the drawing room. But he said nothing and held the candle close to Guin's head, so Cairbre would have better visibility. Liam watched how Cairbre carefully tried to stitch the wound and he realised that a this wound would be particularly difficult to stitch.
“How can you be sure that no blood will clot underneath the stitches?” he asked carefully.

I keep on wondering
When were you ever gonna let me know
That you just wanted something else in life

Liam tried not to listen to Guinevere’s moans of pain. The silence had been so much better. After all the brandy she’d had, she probably still felt the pain. He could only hope that the pain would soon overwhelm her and that she no longer had to suffer. But would she survive this? The chances of internal bleeding were big and the chance of her contracting a fever even bigger. Guin needed a doctor.. Liam could hardly think of all the guests who were to wake up in only a few hours and merrily prepare themselves for the wedding, only to find that the wedding was called off, that Guin was injured. And he would be there. He would be the one to blame.

What do you say when it's all over?
What do you when it's all gone?
What do you do when you get lost inside your soul?
Where do you go when love's gone?
Why do you say nothing at all?

“You might want to wake up your sister..” Liam said slowly. “Guin's bedroom should be warm and her clothes should be changed. A painless and dreamless sleep might also help..” He paused for a moment, waiting for Cairbre’s reaction, but when he remained silent, Liam continued: “Herbs like Valerian, Chamomile and Jamaican Dogwood will probably do wonders..”

When it all becomes reality
That this is where it ends for you and me
I'm about to lose my mind
Will love find a way on time

He’d said it. I love you.. I don’t ever want to live without you.. You changed my life. He told her. After all this time, after all these years. But this was it. Now it was all gone.

Please don't try and kiss these tears away
We know we've both have made mistakes
If I could do it all again
I wouldn't change a single thing

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(Brilliant post, Will! :-D Love it!)

The stitching process was slow and excruciatingly tense as Cairbre did his best to close the wound. Liam’s voice interrupted the silence but Cairbre didn’t answer, wanting to focus all of his attention on the matter in hand. But the question nagged at him all the same; how could he know that there was no clot? He was no doctor. He could only do what he could. “Nearly finished, Guin,” he spoke to Guinevere softly. She had clamped her hand over her mouth in an attempt to muffle her outbursts of pain. “Just one more stitch…”

He tied the end of the thread in a neat knot and snipped off the end, inspecting his work. The gash was closed now and had ceased to bleed. But that wasn’t the end of it. Guinevere was as pale as a ghost, and she continued to tremble. How long had she been out in the rain? There was every chance she could have contracted hypothermia. Cairbre looked towards Liam, who once again offered his opinion.

“I’ll wake Rosalind up shortly,” he replied, sounding tired and stressed. His hand shook as he put down the needle. His shoulders heaved with frustration as Liam reeled off a list of herbs. “How would I know where to find those herbs? I doubt we keep any in the house. I wouldn’t know. Guin would know…” he broke off as he looked at Guin; she lay almost motionless, her eyes bleary. He hastened to her side, and with one gentle movement scooped her up off the couch into his arms. Her head pillowed against his shoulder, and her voice sounded out in the silence, tiny and mouse-like.

“Where are we going?”

“Upstairs,” he answered her. “You’ll be far more comfortable in your own room, you can have a good long rest…” It was so difficult to speak, to try and remain normal when this whole situation was anything but. He felt the anger boiling up again; there was only one person to blame for all of this. “Liam,” he named him quietly, coldly, “I expect you’ll want to stay – when they wake, the guests will want an answer as to why the bride isn’t well enough for her wedding day. I’m sure you’ll be only too happy to provide that answer.”


Cairbre had set Guinevere down on the bed in their room, supporting her with cushions and draping a blanket over her. She continued to shiver, and begged him not to leave her, but he’d had to go and wake up Rosalind. He stood outside his sister’s bedroom door, knocking loudly. There was a muffled exclamation from within the room, a bump and a few scuffled steps. The door flew open.

“Are you crazy?” she demanded from behind a cloud of unkempt black hair. “Do you know what time it is? It can’t be time to wake up already?”

Silently, Cairbre pulled on her hand and drew her from the doorway, leading her towards his and Guin’s room. “Guinevere’s not well, Rosa… she’s had a fall and I need your help.”

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"As much as you like to tell yourself that I would want to stay and intrude," Liam answered to Cairbre's back. "I actually just want to leave.." He watched how Cairbre carried Guinevere up the stairs without giving response to his comment and, not wanting to ruin the sofa with his muddy clothes, slumped down against the wall in the hall. He thought about what was to happen next. He'd expected that Cairbre would put all the blame on him and that he would have to answer for it. Liam resented being in Eagle's house, to walk on eggshells when being around him, while he only tried to magnify his guilt. The other man would not make it easy for him, he wanted to let him suffer and Liam could not escape it. He could not leave before knowing that Guin would make it, that she would be alright. Not knowing if she would live or die would be unbearable.

Cairbre descended the stairs again and Liam assumed that his sister was now taking care of Guin. Liam looked up at the man and asked quietly: "What do you want me to tell your guests? Whole or half truths?" His expression was one of pain. If he was indeed out on making him suffer, Liam would make it easy for Cairbre to mortify him. If that would make up any of his wrongdoings, then Liam would gladly accept that as the consequences.

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Liam was sitting on the floor now, against the wall. Cairbre simply walked past him without replying to his question. His mind was filled with the image of Guinevere weeping in his sister’s arms, telling her that she was afraid she might die, whilst Rosalind looked towards Cairbre with wide, horrified eyes. Cairbre’s head ached with anxiety, and his throat hurt; he felt too upset to get involved in a verbal sparring match with Liam.

Instead of saying anything to the other man, he walked over towards the window, clutching his forehead. Long moments passed in complete silence as he looked out at the moon, which was creeping out from behind the dark clouds. It was still raining, very lightly. He and Guinevere should have been getting married in only a few hours, but now she was desperately ill and he had no idea what was going to happen. How long he stood there, he didn’t know. Nor did he care that he was without a doubt making Liam uncomfortable; all he could think of was Guin.

Then, with a sudden start, he turned around and walked to the doorway, towards the staircase.


Guinevere lay curled up on her bed, wearing a new nightgown, white and trimmed with lace. Rosalind had brushed her hair until it shone, at a loss as to what she could do to help. The impromptu nurse now sat at the end of the bed, reading to her patient from a book as Guin shivered beneath the thick blanket Rosa had thrown over her. There was a half-full glass of wine sitting beside her on the bedside table, which had helped to soothe her out of her exhausted hysteria. She remembered the words she’d said, tears pouring down her face: what if I die? Am I going to die?

“O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet…” Rosalind paused. “Are you still awake?”

“I’m awake.” Guin drew her sleeve over her eyes, which were damp with tears. “Keep reading.” She was clearly very unwell, but she didn’t want to alarm Rosalind, who didn’t deal very well with illness, probably due to the fact Cairbre and Rosalind’s mother had died of a fever when they were quite young. Rosalind was doing her best to comfort her, but in truth, Guin longed for Cairbre to return as quickly as possible.

(I had to edit out the bit with the musical jewelry box, because I found out they wouldn't yet have been invented at this time! Grr XD)

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[Sorry, short post for me.. But I'm quite busy, but wanted to get a post up.. I will also start working on my SN post, so that will also explain my slow posting.. ;) ]

Cairbre didn't speak when he returned. He was pacing, staring and did some more pacing. Liam didn't look at him but only gazed at his bloodied hands. He could hardly believe that a person could lose so much blood from a gash on the head. He'd seen many injuries, watched people die, but witnessing this with the woman whom he loved with all his heart was different. It was heartwrenching.. unbearable..

Dawn was drawing near, but it was still dark outside. Exhaustion overwhelmed Liam, but he would not sleep. He just sat there motionless, waiting for any news. At times he wondered how that morning he had felt quite happy, slightly excited, hoping to find Guin as he needed her friendship, her strength and counsel. But now he'd lost her.. he'd lost her as a lover and lost her as a friend. And if she would live through all this, than the only thing he could do was to leave as soon as possible and disappear from her life..

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(No worries! :hug: It's a lovely post <333
Here's my reply; I've fast-forwarded to dawn if that's okay =) btw, can't wait for you to check your PMs :-D I've sent you a Liavere banner, hope you like it :happy: )

A few hours had passed since Guinevere had sunk into a deep sleep, unable to combat her fatigue. Now, lying with her eyes open against the pillows, she could see the sun rising in the sky from one of her bedroom windows, filling the room with fragile light. It was dawn, and she’d made it through the night. She looked around, seeing Rosalind slumped in a chair near the bed. Her eyes then fell upon Cairbre, who’d fallen asleep on the bed beside her. They’d obviously both kept vigil for her. She didn’t blame them for succumbing to sleep, since they were worn out with stress and worry. Very slowly, Guin pulled herself up from the pillows, gingerly feeling the back of her head. The stitches were still sound.

She watched Cairbre sleep for a moment, her eyes very tender, reaching out and touching his hair lightly. “You need to rest,” she whispered, “I’m just going for a small walk, to stretch my legs.” She knew he couldn’t hear her, but she felt she should tell him all the same. Her head still felt quite muzzy, and her voice was slightly hoarse; she was not at all recovered yet. But Guin had never been a person content to simply rest and wait.

She lowered her feet to the floor, knowing that it wasn’t so wise to get up yet, but wanting to all the same. She found herself unsteady, but it did not deter her. She more or less dragged her feet across the room, pausing in the doorway to look at Cairbre again. She smiled at him, before disappearing onto the landing.

In the frail morning sun, Guinevere looked like a ghost, clad in her white nightgown, her red hair bright against the ethereal material. She had no notion of where exactly she was going; she only knew that she needed to be on her feet, needed to be in control of herself.

Reaching the staircase, she paused for a moment, faltering. Her stomach lurched uncomfortably; there seemed to be an awful lot of stairs before her. One hand reached out and clutched the banister, before she suddenly gave in and more dropped than sat down on the first step. Guin wrapped her arms about herself, shivering. Suddenly, it seemed a very foolish idea to have got up.

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[So is yours! ;) And Guin is getting out of bed? Does she have a death-wish or something? :P ;) ]

Cairbre soon went upstairs again, leaving Liam alone. Liam remained exactly where he was, as he was not asked to come upstairs, and waited. He waited for some sort of update, any news on how Guin was doing. But when nothing came, he expected that she was doing alright, or at least as good as could be expected. He did not sleep. He just sat quietly, waiting for the morning to arrive.

The sky slowly turned purple, then deep red and a little orangeish. The sun had come up. And in the light of the bleak morning sun, Liam still looked deadly pale, or as pale as his tanned face could be, and traces of tears were still visible on his face. His limbs had gone stiff from sitting so long in one position and he was still cold, although his damp clothes had dried up from his body heat. This all didn’t matter to Liam. He’d made it himself as uncomfortable as possible, as he felt that he deserved to feel this pain; he deserved to suffer.

Suddenly he heard a sound from the upper floor and to his utter shock, he saw how Guinevere tried to descend the stairs. She walked slowly, every step costing an enormous amount of energy. Her face was as white as her nightgown as she tried to stumble down the stairs.
“Guin!’ Liam exclaimed, when he noticed how Guinevere sank down on the landing. “What are you doing out of bed? Are you mad?” Liam ran up the staircase and helped Guinevere up. “Come, let me help you back to the bedroom.”
He looked at her and realised she still was not well. He wondered if Cairbre had done the things he’d asked ealier that night. Guinevere needed warmth, long and untroubled sleep, little bits of food to regain her strength. And she needed a doctor, who could examine her wound and monitor her condition.

“Please, Guin,” he said, taking her hand in his. “You need to rest.”

Why had she come out of bed? Why was she so damned stubborn and impatient? She needed to rest and recover. And if Cairbre wouldn’t watch over her, he would make sure that she would. Because he could not live with the thought of being responsible for the death of the woman he loved. That would not happen to him.

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“I’m fine,” Guinevere said shakily, when she was quite obviously the very opposite of fine. “Don’t overreact.” Liam had good cause to be worried about her, she knew that, but she still resented the way he asked her if she was mad. Didn’t she have a right to walk in her own house, to try to regain a little of her strength? She was clutching at straws, but she couldn’t bear being ill any longer. It was no use trying to force herself into good health.

She slipped her hand out of Liam’s and ran it over her brow, which was damp with sweat. She drooped back down onto the first step of the stairs, obstinately refusing to move. “Let me sit here a minute. I need to get my breath back.” She raised her eyes, looking at him and noting his expression of pained concern. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s alright. I’ll be fine.”

Guilt started to niggle at her as she realized that she was snapping at him when he was only trying to help. She felt too tired to apologize though, dropping her red haired head into her open palms, her eyes feeling hot and prickly beneath her eyelids. She despised the way she kept crying; it wasn’t like her to feel so overwhelmed by pain. Guin rested her head on her lap and wrapped her arms around her knees. She hoped that Liam wasn’t looking closely enough to see that even her fingers were shivering from the strength of her ill health.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said suddenly, quietly. “You’re thinking, 'oh look, she’s been neglected and no one’s bothered to look after her properly.'” Her gaze turned upwards; she could read all this in Liam’s face. “That’s not true. So don’t you be thinking that.” Cairbre had pushed himself to the limit, rushing about getting things for her, fetching her water and more blankets, searching for those herbs Liam had mentioned, which Guin had finally blearily remembered they didn’t have.

“Anyway, I feel like being awake,” she continued. “I want to see the dawn.” She had always loved seeing the sun rise, ever since she was a child. There was something so magical about it. She laughed, and her throat sounded as if it was full of nails. “You think I’ve gone crazy, don’t you?”

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Liam looked down at Guin, his brow furrowed with worry as she kept on repeating that she was fine. How she could say such a thing when she was everything but fine? Sweat trickled down her pale face, dark rings had formed under her eyes because of exhaustion and she was shivering of cold. Liam could not argue with her now, not now Guin was so weak and perhaps even was suffering from a delirium caused by her fever. He let her snap at him and he let her assume what thoughts were, but he couldn't just let her sit there, losing the last bit of strength she had left or catching another cold. Cairbre would kill him, if he would notice that he had allowed Guinevere out of bed and he would never forgive himself if anything else happened to her.

"If you knew what I was thinking, then you would also know that I think that you are ill and need to gain your strength by resting. This is not the time to be impatient or to decide for yourself that you are better." Liam settled himself next to Guinevere on the stairs, looked into her puffy eyes and wrapped an arm around her fragile shoulders. "Then you would also know that I can't let anything else happen to you. I did this.. I'm responsible for this and ruining your life and its most beautiful day.." He suddenly placed his other arm under Guinevere's knees and in a swift movement he lifted her from the step of the stairs.
"There will a dawn for you.. another time."

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(Beautiful post, Will! <333 I really love it :-D
So, here's mine; I've worked quite hard on this post, writing and rewriting it several times :lol: The perfectionist in me took over tonight, telling me repeatedly that I had to do better XD Here's the result, finally, after many drafts!)

“What do you think you’re doing?” This was the only protest, mumbled and feeble, Guinevere was capable of making in her current state. She considered trying to kick her legs, but it would be to no avail, and would only cost her more precious energy. She was forced to be carried like a bundle in Liam’s arms, feeling quite aggrieved that she should be transported thus against her will, when all she’d wanted was to catch a glimpse of the sun rising. Was that too much to ask?

Her fever was making her unreasonable. With a deep breath, Guinevere tried her best to clear some of the fog from her mind. To distract herself from slipping further out of her senses, she thought over the things Liam had said just before picking her up. Every word he said was testament to the fact that he did indeed love her. The fact that she was in love with Cairbre, that she’d left him for Cairbre, hadn’t altered his feelings, which had survived the greatest possible injury she could ever have dealt him. All of a sudden, memories began to drift into her thoughts, almost floating before her line of vision like an apparition. She didn’t know that her eyes were closing once more, that she was giving in to the fever.

She should have been paying attention to what Liam was saying; she heard his voice, but somehow the words seemed to disintegrate. What was she doing? Holding a map as together they tried to plot out a new route. But a sudden gust of wind blew the map right out of her hand, throwing it across the deck, as she stared at the figure in the distance. Cairbre was conversing with one of the crewmen, handing out instructions. It made her face burn with frustration that Cairbre's back was turned. Her head suddenly jerked to one side as Liam spoke again and she smiled, that perfect smooth smile which hid so much, laughing about the dropped map, hoping he hadn’t noticed anything was wrong, when inside she was like a boiling pot of emotion.

Back in the present, Guin seemed to have truly lost her grip on proper consciousness. She began to sing softly, the words scrambled and uneven, one of her arms slackly falling from Liam’s hold. Her head drooped backwards.

“Yo ho, ho yo, pirate's life for me… extort, we pilfer, filch and sack… me hearties… Maraud and embezzle, even high-jack… so on… Liam,” she broke off from her song, deliriously, “Liam, do you know any sea shanties? Did I never teach you any? All that time and I never heard your singing voice!” She was hardly even awake now, lost inside her mind, dreaming of memories, while outwardly she burbled on. More memories danced about in her head, talking, speaking, living. By now, her forehead was positively burning with heat. She didn’t hear the bedroom door suddenly loudly clattering open, nor did she see Cairbre and Rosalind run across the landing. Her voice was slurred like a drunkard's, incoherent and rambling.

"I tell you, I tell you who has a beautiful voice, I could listen to him speak all day... you wouldn't agree with me about this, Liam, you hating him and everything..."

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(I really hope you don’t mind this, Will! :hug: But I’ve fast forwarded to our planned storyline to get the action started =D Just tell me if it’s not okay =) And don’t worry, you don’t have to write a post as long as mine :lol: – it’s only this long so it can set the scene properly! I’m so inspired for this, I’ve been listening to loads of Two Steps From Hell to kick start my imagination!)

A triumphant smile curled Rosalind’s lips as she watched the departing figure of Liam from the drawing room windows. His leaving was the consequence of an explosive argument between him and Cairbre, a confrontation that Rosa had been unable to resist getting involved in, only too willing to verbally take up arms for her brother. “Off you go,” she muttered to herself happily. “And pray never come back again.” Rosa was not at all a spiteful person by nature, but she despised Liam for having once been Cairbre’s rival and then for having the sheer audacity to intrude on Cairbre and Guin’s home – and then to top it all off, he had caused Guin a near fatal injury.

Rosa moved away from the windows, her blue eyes dancing with glee. However, she was alerted by something which made her turn back again: the sound of hooves. The sound of horsemen clattering towards the house. Her heart sinking ominously, Rosa stared through the glass, her face draining of all color as she beheld the line of bewigged, armed redcoats, headed by an official.

Wasting no more time, she ran out of the drawing room, hoping to find Cairbre and Guinevere before it was too late. If they crept out of the back door and managed to reach the stables, they could still escape…

But it was far too late for that. The front door was flung open.


“Kindly tell me what you’re doing on our land, and by what authority.” Cairbre stood before the group of soliders, in his heart knowing full well what they were doing here. Their luck had run out; they’d been handed in, but by who? Who could possibly know them and their pasts here, in rural Devon? The man facing him, surrounded by soldiers, smiled smugly, removing two pieces of rolled up parchment from inside of his coat.

“I come bearing warrants for the arrests of two wanted pirates,” he announced. At his signal, the redcoats formed a semi circle around Cairbre, blocking any hope of escape. “Persons bearing the names of Cairbre Eagle and Guinevere Elliot.” He raised his eyebrows in apparent disapproval; he was obviously enjoying his task. “Someone told me the Eagles are a titled family."

Cairbre remained silent, his expression set in stony impassiveness, not wanting to give the man the satisfaction of seeing his panic. He hoped desperately that Guin would have a chance of escaping arrest, even if it was too late for him. He could not believe that this was actually happening; his heart raced with fear, and he had to resist the urge to punch the redcoat who stepped forward with a pair of wrist shackles, mocking him, “where’s the lady then? Well, I say lady. Her kind, getting mixed up with buccaneers, aren’t exactly women of ethics, am I right or am I right?”

“You shut your vile mouth before I shut it for you,” Cairbre warned him, his tone ringing with danger and fury. However, he was unable to enforce the threat now, as the iron of the shackles clamped painfully into his wrists. The redocoats’ laughter surrounded him, filling him with dread.

And then all of a sudden, his worst fear came true. Guinevere’s voice sounded out from the doorway. He looked over his shoulder to behold her; her shoulders were squared with determination, even though she was still weak from the after effects of her fever.

“I wouldn’t take the moral high ground if I were you, dog,” she addressed the redcoat who’d mocked Cairbre, her head held as high as a queen’s. It was instantly clear to all who saw her that she was no Tortuga wench; she was both a pirate and a lady, once the mistress of her own ship. She owned the ground she walked on. “If we’re going to discuss ‘morality’ the king’s men haven’t got a leg to stand on.”

“Ah, this must be Elliot. The Elliots, too, I believe, are a very grand house.” The official approached her. Guinevere was stubbornly rooted to Cairbre’s side, her arm wrapping through his. “This second warrant is for you.” He unrolled it, and a few lines down, his eyebrows raised. He tapped the parchment with one finger. “Interesting. Says here amongst your charges you once impersonated a nun. Now that must be blasphemy, my dear madam, a thief pretending to be a bride of Christ.”

Guinevere shrugged her shoulders silently. Discreetly, she snuck a glance upwards at Cairbre. Even in this direst of situations, neither of them had lost their sense of humor. She remembered that mission well, although it must have been about a decade ago now. She’d used that disguise in order to steal something of very great value; she could have dressed up as a housemaid, but that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.

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