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Author:  Arabella Baggins [ February 8th, 2012, 8:30 pm ]
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Alice tossed the young man a flirtacious smile and shook her head. He was certainly handsome--dark hair and brooding eyes to match--and she found herself wondering why she didn't recognize him. Surely he was well-off, based on his dress and manner of speaking, and yet she certainly would know him if he had made appearances in all the best circles. Perhaps he was new to London, visiting rich relations for the holidays? Recently introduced to the highest society? Alice was dying to find out.

"No, that won't be necessary, thank you sir. I have no reason to think he'll be bothering us again, especially not with you here to guard us. Might I have the privilege to know our rescuer's name?"

"I'm Hazel Pennyworth," her darling but socially disastrous sister piped up. "And this is Alice."

"Hazel!" Alice scolded. "It isn't proper to say one's name first, it is the gentleman who always begins an introduction!"

A clamor in the streets up ahead caught Alice's attention, and she looked up in alarm. She heard shouting and the pounding of many feet, and what almost sounded like the shots of a rifle.

"Oh God, no," she whispered.

Another riot was beginning in the streets of London.

Author:  Will [ February 9th, 2012, 12:47 pm ]
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Sarah quietly stood by and watched as a dandy, young man approached Alice and Hazel. Although he was a polite and handsome fellow with not only elegant but also prestigious manners, his features also betrayed snobbishness and a sort of arrogance towards those he deemed to be less worthy than him, and she decided that she did not like him.
Alice had seemingly all forgotten about tea and Sarah wrapped her coat more closely around her and waited patiently until the social talk was over. Only when she heard loud shouts and when she noticed people started running, Sarah realised that something was terribly wrong. Something was brewing in the streets of London lately: quarrels turned into fights and uprisings got out of hand in no time, resulting in many casualties. “Oh, good Lord,” Sarah exclaimed as she heard a gunshot.
“Misses, we must go now!” Sarah said decidedly, ignoring Jonty completely. “It’s not safe here and I promised your mother that I would bring you home safely.” She cringed upon hearing another gunshot and more and more people started to run in panic. “Please, lets hurry!”

Author:  Harthad [ February 9th, 2012, 1:00 pm ]
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Crutchie turned towards the gunfire, his eyes wide. He stood still, watching everyone run helter-skelter, their feet pounding the street as they hurried to get away. Women hitched up their skirts, screaming, while some men stayed and turned to fight the others who had started the riot. Crutchie flinched as a man was thrown towards him, landing with a sickening crack against the wall. The man raised his head slightly towards the boy, and whispered a warning.

"Go on, boy. They're looking for the medallion. You don't really stand a chance here."

Crutchie shifted his feet, not knowing what to do. He looked out towards the street, the heat from a fire across the way warming his face and casting everything with a sickly glow. He shifted his crutch, and began to run down the street. He didn't really want to get involved, besides, the people who were leading the riot reminded him of the boys he had met on the street a while ago, the bullies they were. They had beaten him up, and that was when the others had found him. Crutchie kept limping away, and then tripped over a crack in the road. He fell flat on his face into the snow, and lifted his head up to see two men leering down at him.

"Ar, what've we got here?" one said.

The other laughed. "Another street urchin, Joe. Looks like we can rid the world of another one, huh?"

Joe laughed, taking out a knife. "Looks like we can, Pete. Looks like we can."

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ February 9th, 2012, 5:28 pm ]
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Hazel's face had gone deathly pale, and she gripped Alice's hand so tightly that Alice winced in pain. She began to drag Alice down the street, desperate to get away from the shouting and chaos.

"Sarah!" Alice yelled before grabbing the maid's hand too, not wanting them to be separated in the aftermath. They dashed wildly down the street, some of the parcels they held tumbling, forgotten, to the ground. A gunshot sounded somewhere nearby, and Alice heard her sister scream and let go of her hand.

"Hazel!" she cried, looking around. She didn't see her sister lying anywhere in the street, but it was so hard to see, so crowded it was with frantic crowds of people desperate for safety. "Hazel! HAZEL!"

No response. Alice kept running, dragging the faithful maid along behind her. "You lost her!" she said accusingly, although she knew the blame truly lay with herself. If she hadn't let go of her hand...

Alice let out a scream as she saw a man with a knife up ahead, looming over the same street rat that had accosted them in the street. "Run!" she urged him just as someone trying to do just that ran full-tilt into the man with the knife, knocking him to the ground. Without realizing what she was doing, Alice hauled the child to his feet and dragged him along with her. "Where's my sister?" she demanded, thinking that he may have seen her. "Where's Hazel?"

Author:  Will [ February 9th, 2012, 8:43 pm ]
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People were screaming in pain or fear and others seemed to be shouting more in excitement. Sarah hold on tightly to Alice's hand as they were making a way through the fleeing mass.The panicking crowd almost scared Sarah as much as those who had started the riot. They couldn't see what the danger was or what they were running from, but the sound of gunshots was everywhere. Suddenly she heard Alice scream and Sarah almost ran into her as she abruptly stopped running. Only then she noticed that Hazel was not with them anymore. She looked around, trying to find the younger sister, but it was an impossible task: she was pushed and pulled by the crowd, people had fallen to the ground and her voice was hardly audible over all the loud noises

Alice’s strong grip pulled her along again and Sarah heard her snapping something about it being her fault, but she did not reply. Panic welled up inside her. Where was Lady Hazel? What if something had happened to her?
“Lady Alice!” Sarah called out. For a moment she fell silent when she saw that the boy with the crutch was with them again, but then she quickly continued: “We cannot find your sister without losing each other.. You are not safe here. .. You should go!”

Author:  Harthad [ February 9th, 2012, 9:50 pm ]
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"I--I don't know!" Crutchie stammered, looking back to see his crutch lying in the snow where he had dropped it when this girl had started dragging him away. He struggled to release his hand from the girl's grip, but then what? It wasn't like he could exactly run back and get his crutch.

"Wait!" he tried to shout over the chaos of gunfire and screaming and the fire. "My crutch! I dropped it back there! I can't walk without it, so unless you're planning to drag me away from this the whole way, I'll need it."

Author:  Shadowcat [ February 10th, 2012, 12:42 am ]
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Jonty barely had time to complain about how terribly inconvenient a riot was before he was swept up by the mob. The women were soon forgotten as he tried to pull himself away from the mass of bodies. Worse yet, ringing out over the clamor of voices were gunshots.

Jonty hadn't exactly figured bleeding to death in the streets into his plans for the day.

He was attempting to push his way to the edge of the crowd, and thereby to freedom, when he caught sight of one of the girls he'd peacefully spoken to only moments earlier. Hazel, had she said? There wasn't time to think it over too closely. Jonty grabbed her arm as gently as the situation would allow, winced as someone's elbow collided painfully with the side of his face (that would leave a choice bruise; he'd have to think of a reason to get out of the city just to hide it), and finally managed to pull the woman away to relative safety at the edge of the crowd.

"That," he declared, turning to the woman, "was dreadful." He had plenty more to say on the matter, of course, but he needed a moment to breathe. He wondered where the other woman and their maidservant were; probably still caught up in the riot, he assumed.

Author:  Will [ February 10th, 2012, 11:17 am ]
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Sarah wringed her hands, betraying her nervousness and fear, as she stood beside Alice and the boy, not knowing what to do. They couldn't leave without Hazel, but by staying here and looking for her they risked to end up hurt or even worse..
Twilight slowly turned into darkness, making it even more difficult to look for a familiar face in the mass. As she desperately tried to come up with a plan that would make sure they could all reach home safely, she heard the boy next to her shout something about his crutch. In only a few seconds she decided what she had to do. The boy obviously needed his crutch to move at all and get home, but Alice, too occupied with searching for her sister, did not hear him. Sarah grabbed the boy's hand and said: "I think I know where you left it. I’ll go back and get your crutch.. Wait here!" And with those words she had disappeared in the crowd.

It was even more difficult to walk against the flow of running people and other men and women constantly bumped into her when Sarah tried to find the place where they had met the boy again and left his crutch. Only too late she noticed a man, who lay at her feet, on the street. His eyes were wide open and blood trickled down his forehead, from where the bullet had entered his skull; he was dead. Sarah tripped over the body and fell flat in the snow. Sputtering, she wiped the snow from her face and tried to scramble to her feet, but the panicking crowd didn’t care whether they had to trample over others to get out of harm’s way and stepped on her as if she was a corpse. Sarah cried out in panic for help, but no one listened. At last she managed to grab a person’s arm and drag herself up. Just then she noticed the long piece of wood, broken in two and almost covered with snow. She wrenched herself through the crowd and grabbed the pieces of the crutch from the ground. When Sarah got up again, she wavered on her feet, feeling bruised, utterly disoriented and lost.

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ February 11th, 2012, 12:25 pm ]
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"Sarah!" Alice screamed after her maid's retreating figure. "Sarah Davies, you get back here this minute! That's an order!" But her frantic cries were lost in the crowd, drowning out all sound. "Sarah!!"

She whirled around, her eyes flashing with anger as she looked at the crippled child that had started it all. If he hadn't had the audacity, the sheer stupidity to run into them, they could have been halfway home when the riot had broken out, sparing them from the worst of the danger. Instead, here they were, her maid and sister God knows where and her stuck with this filthy urchin. "You," she hissed.

Another gunshot sounded, far too close for comfort, and Alice cringed as a terrible keening wail filled the air. She looked around wildly, desperate for a place, any place, to hide. She spotted a nearby alleyway, deciding quickly at at the very least they could escape the crowd and its maddening terror. "Come on!" she shouted, grabbing hold of the boy's arm and dragging him down the street. They had to go slow on account of his useless leg, but they finally made it, hiding in the shadows and watching the chaos just out of reach. Alice leaned against the brick wall, its surface freezing cold against her back, as she panted for breath. "We stay here til its over," she warned him. "Or else I will not be responsible for that happens to you."

Author:  Harthad [ February 12th, 2012, 3:00 pm ]
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"We just want the medallion!" a voice, stronger than the others drifted over the screaming of the crowd to Crutchie and the girl he was with. "Give it to us, and we promise everything'll be all right! There'll be no more fighting, no more poor or nuthin'! We'll get rid of them just if we have the medallion!"

Screams and shouts died away as they listened to whoever was commanding their attention. Another voice broke in, this one deeper and more rough, like sandpaper, as compared to the high and nasally voice which had spoke earlier.

"Wouldn't you like it if everyone was all rich, all the time?! No more street rats, no more poorhouses, just everyone living all together, livin' the fine life all the time!"

The other person added, "And there'd be no more illnesses, too! No more gimps, no sick people anywhere. Just give us the medallion and everthing'll be fine."

The crowd murmured, and Crutchie yearned to see who the two people were, and what was really happening out there. But he didn't dare move. Besides, he really couldn't have if he wanted to, anyways.

"We'll let you think on this tonight," the nasally-voiced person yelled. "Tomorrow we better have your answer about the medallion, or else there'll be worse comin' your way."

Crutchie heard a gunshot that had apparently been fired into the air, because almost no one screamed in panic again. Only when he had begun to hear the crowd resume meaningless chatter did he turn to the girl he was hiding with.

"I didn't catch your name, sorry," he said to her. "And I really didn't mean to run into you, promise. Do you have any idea what this medallion rubbish is about?"

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ February 12th, 2012, 4:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

Alice's brow furrowed at the words the men spoke, clearly directed more at the boy than at her. A world where everyone could "live the fine life?" Impossible. A fairy tale, nothing more. The dreams of someone who could never hope to climb any further on the social ladder of society. Still, something about their voices made it sound like they knew something she didn't--that they actually thought that such a dream was possible, that it could be made into a reality.

And what was all this nonsense about a medallion?

There was one final gunshot, and then the crowd seemed to dissipate, the hysteria coming to a close. Alice looked down at the boy, her heart still pounding wildly in her chest, her breath still coming in ragged gasps. "Alice," she answered. "And no, I don't know anything about any medallion. I was hoping you would." She glanced over at the entrance of the alleyway. "Do you think it's safe?"

Author:  Harthad [ February 16th, 2012, 10:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

"Don't know," Crutchie answered. "Can't exactly get up and walk over there to see for myself." He paused, listening. "But it certainly sounds safe, from what I can tell."

He looked down at the ground, wondering how he had even gotten here. Into this mess. One moment he was walking home (or to a place to sleep, at least), and then the next moment he was caught up in a riot.

What would the other boys do?

They would stay calm, Crutchie realized. Not give into despair, just keep on living life as it happened. He had to, if he wanted to keep his head (in more ways than one). Crutchie would stay the optimist he always had been, though his type of thinking would occasionally drive the boys nuts. He looked up at Alice's eyes, which were untrusting and filled with a manner of disgust. But she was the only one by him, and, maybe he could melt her icy exterior. He smiled, and said,

"At least we're still alive, right?"

Author:  Will [ February 17th, 2012, 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

As soon as the mob stopped pushing and warily listened to those who were speaking, Sarah took her chance and forced herself to the outskirts of the crowd. Only then she noticed Alice and the boy standing near the entrance of an alley.
“Lady Alice!” Sarah shouted and she propped the pieces of the crutch under her arm and lifted her skirts to rush over to Alice’s side. At first she couldn’t speak but only gasp for breath as she stood trembling next the eldest sister. Her blond hair had fallen loose from her bun, her cap had been lost during her fall and her coat was dirty with mud and snow. “Oh my lady,” she at last managed to say, almost on the brink of crying. “I.. I thought that you.. I was so scared. I went to find Lady Hazel and the boy’s crutch..” She turned to Crutchie and gave him the broken pieces of wood. “It’s broken.. I’m so sorry..”

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ February 17th, 2012, 10:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

"I suppose so," Alice said, not looking at the boy but instead into the streets at the mouth of the alley. The noise was settling down and the streets were slowly beginning to return to some semblance of normal, but the air was still tense and heavy with anxiety and uncertainty. The smoke was beginning to clear, but Alice wasn't sure if she wanted to face what was waiting for her when it did. Where was Hazel? And Sarah? Had they found each other in the chaos? Had they made it to safety, or...

Suddenly, Alice wasn't seeing the street in front of her anymore. She was picturing herself standing over Hazel's broken body, her wide green eyes still open but forever unseeing. Imagining Sarah, a gunshot through her head, never to say another word to Alice again. She closed her eyes, placing her hand against the brick wall to steady herself. She couldn't think like that, she couldn't...

At the sound of her name, Alice opened her eyes, and she breathed a sigh of relief to see Sarah rushing towards her. The maid certainly looked worse for wear, as if she might break down at any moment as she stammered out apologies and explanations and tried to catch her breath. She saw tears glittering in Sarah's eyes and, after a moment's hesitation, she put a hand on the maid's shoulder. Her motions were stiff, formal, but she hoped it was some small comfort.

"Come along, then," she said after a few moments had passed, hopefully enough time to put Sarah in a calmer state of mind. "It's not your fault, Sarah, but we'll never find her if we just stay here." Alice glanced back out into the streets, spotting something. "Wait here. Just for a moment."

She darted out into the street, quick as a cat. On the ground next to a gentleman who hadn't been as fortunate as them was a cane, long and shiny and black. She tried not to look at his poor trampled limbs, at the blood that was still flowing from the gunshot wound, at his mouth still wide open in shock. Instead, she focused on the pristine whiteness of his gloves, of the sturdy wood of the walking stick. The boy was small, she reasoned. It might suit him as a crutch.

"He's not going to be needing it anymore," she said quietly, returning to Sarah and the boy. "Try this on for size."

Author:  Harthad [ February 18th, 2012, 12:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

Well, this was one thing that could put a damper on Crutchie's optimism.

His crutch was broken. His crutch, which had been with him for the past three years--the one that Will had made for him when he had first found the other boys. He stared listlessly at the pieces of wood in Sarah's hands, wondering what he could do without it. Nothing, really. He couldn't walk anywhere, and that was the main thing he had to do everyday. Crutchie barely noticed Alice darting out of the alley, but he looked up when she returned.

In her hands was a polished walking stick made of sturdy dark wood. He looked up at her face cautiously. Did she want him to take it? He did so, sliding the cane underneath his arm and griping the side. Crutchie straightened up, taking a few tentative steps forward, and then walking in a circle. The stick worked fine--maybe even better, though he didn't want to diminish Will's craftsmanship on the other one. It didn't have a place for him to hold the stick on the side, but that was fine. He could make do.

Crutchie stopped walking around, looking at both women, first Alice, and then Sarah. "Thank you, Alice. It works fine."

Author:  Will [ February 24th, 2012, 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Victorian London RPG

With trembling hands, Sarah wiped away the tears that had ran down her face when Alice tried to reassure her. "I musn't overreact like this," she said, her tone more determined. "It's foolish.."
She looked at the boy beside her, who now seemed to be able to walk again with the black cane Alice had found, and frowned slightly when he addressed Alice with her first name. "You ought to get on your way now," she said, placing her hand on his shoulder. "Your parents must be really worried about you.."
She then turned to Alice and continued, more hesitantly: "My lady, we may not find Lady Hazel, perhaps she managed get away herself..perhaps she.." She took a few steps towards Alice, who was scanning the street in search of her sister. "We should head home as well and get up a search party. They will find her."

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