The Amnesia Games ~Starting~
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Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ April 17th, 2012, 7:46 pm ]
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Lucien looked around for a second, and then said "No, left sounds fine to me. Lets go then shall we." He then pulled out his two black handles, and spinning them in his hands, ignited the bright silver blades of his lightsabers. He then stepped next to the tunnel and looked at Arah, and said "After you, M'lady."

Author:  Nesselde [ April 25th, 2012, 6:16 pm ]
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Marik crept down the passage, clutching his bow. He followed the sound of voices and soon saw them(Arah and Lucien) down the passage lit by another torch.

Author:  Eruraina [ May 2nd, 2012, 1:29 am ]
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(Sorry for the late reply guys. And also, if you ever kill something/someone, pm me so I know because for the most part I skim most of the posts that aren't directly related to my characters.)

Orophin wrote:
Arodghash flew through the air, and then landed on the ground sliding a few more feet before he pulled his claws out, and used them to stop his momentum. Arodghash then growled at Vincent and started to chage at him until Orophin put his hand up, signaling the lion to stop. Arodghash roared irritably, and began pacing back, and forth, watching Vincent. Orophin just waited as Vincent answered his questions, slowly at that.

He rolled his eyes as Vincent finally got done talking, and said "As far as being already gone when the people woke up, if you where the one who put us here, although I can't remember anything, I do have a felling that I have been around people who would choose to stay nearby just to get a close look as their prisoners suffered.

"However, I get the feeling that you are speaking the truth, and having someone to watch my back would be welcomed. My name is Orophin Tulcakelume, and the lion with an attitude is Arodghash." The lion glared at Orophin for what he said, and Orophin jus ignored him as he held his hand toward Vincent to shake it, as a sgn of trust.

Vincent nodded to Orophin and Arodghash as Orophin introduced them. The druid then clasped the man's hand and shook it with his stern grip, glad to get a strong shake in reply. A strong handshake meant a strong man that knew where he stood. Vincent liked that in a person.
"Now, since going this way, the way I came from, will only lead us to where I woke up and the same message on the wall, why don't we take one of these other passageways?" Vincent suggested, now not taking his time and getting right into what they should do...


Nesselde wrote:
Jerah thought for a moment. "Dont know. Haven't decided yet." she slid the blades back out. "These feel right though. Right for killing someone." she gave the strange man a look. He was dressed oddly and had a strange weapon.

"Well for now why don't we say that it means self defense and not fight each other," Adrian suggested, though he didn't entirely relax. "But seeing as there's the same bloody message on the wall as I woke up to, is it safe to assume you don't remember anything as well?"

Author:  Nesselde [ May 2nd, 2012, 4:40 pm ]
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"How did you know that?" Jerah said, suspiously.

Author:  Eruraina [ May 2nd, 2012, 4:51 pm ]
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"Because I don't remember anything, either. Only my name and how to use these weapons," Adrian replied to the girl, glancing around the chamber. There were a few other passageways leading from this particular room, and the soldier couldn't help but notice the skeleton chained to one of the walls. "My name, speaking of which, is Adrian Skye. What's yours?"

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ May 3rd, 2012, 4:05 pm ]
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Orophin nodded in agreement, and then said, while indicating the closest passage "Sounds like a plan to me. I've heard noises down that passage, but I've not heard anything from the others. So should we take the one that we know something is in, or take one of the others, and hope that there isn't something silently waiting for us?"

Author:  Eruraina [ May 3rd, 2012, 4:26 pm ]
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"Either way, the path will be dangerous. And there are likely to be others around here that will not want to ally with anyone and so will go straight to killing anything that they come up to. Return of memory makes it tempting, but not tempting enough. An ally is necessary for survival, I think. But any way we go, let us choose quickly. I would father find the creature than let them find me," Vincent replied, tapping the end of his staff on the ground and creating a light at the top...

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ May 3rd, 2012, 4:50 pm ]
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Orophin listened to what Vincent said, and then said "/then lets not waste anymore time." He then raised his hand, and streams of fire shot down each path except the one that Vincent had come from. /most of the passages showed nothing, but the one that the noises had come from, showed a massive spider running out of the way of the fire, back into the dark tunnels. Orophin closed his hand, making the fire vanish and then said "Lets go squish a big bug. What do you think?" He said this as he moved to stand beside the passage on one side, and Arodghash stood on the opposite growling in anticipation of the hunt. He then looked back at Vincent, and said "One thing though. If you don't mind, will you let me go first. I would like to keep the light out of my eyes. I can handle the light, but my eyes where made for the dark."

Author:  Nesselde [ May 3rd, 2012, 10:50 pm ]
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"Jerah Hawkeye." She studied him closely. "You have a strange weapon." She looked closer. "What exactly does it do?"

Author:  Illana Elanesse [ May 4th, 2012, 8:29 pm ]
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Arah walked off to the left, holding her torch high. "Thank you." She said.

Author:  Nesselde [ May 4th, 2012, 9:06 pm ]
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Marik let his torch fall as he slid into the the shadows and nocked an arrow to his bow as one of the two came closer.

Author:  Kraven H. Silverfox [ May 5th, 2012, 1:28 am ]
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Lucien fallowed Arah into the darkness, and then said "Arah, did you here that? It sounded like something being knocked to the floor, and I have the strangest feeling that we are being watch. If you don't mind my saying M'lady, it may be prudent for me to slip by you, and go first."

Author:  Eruraina [ May 5th, 2012, 1:22 pm ]
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(Because of my multiple characters, it can get hard reading back and remembering which of my posts belongs to which character(since it seems I keep ending up doing a post per character), I have decided to do thing a little differently than ever done before. Before each character's post will be a 200x30 banner that will indicate which character is being rped. Maybe this will help out for you guys as well.)

Elrien pulled a torch from the wall, deciding it better to get moving than to stay stationary. The woman randomly chose a passageway and proceeded to walk down it. She held the torch behind her so she could peer into the dark without the light blinding her, and yet still be able to see her footing. It wasn't long before she saw another light, and it was coming towards her. Elrien automatically dropped the torch, pulled out her bow, and aimed.
"Who goes there?" she called out into the dark, not knowing who would answer.
(That person she sees is Ethan.)

"Bugs are easily squished. But I'll let you kill it, if I get the next one. Something tells me killing even the bugs brings back memories, and we should try to have a system that makes it even for us. To keep things fair," Vincent told him. "In which case, take the lead."

Adrian glanced down at his Baretta, which he had lowered to point to the floor.
"You've never seen a gun before?" he asked, a bit surprised. But then again, she was dressed oddly, and by the look of it, had only blades about her. "It shoots bullets... er..." he grabbed his extra clip, not daring to fire to show her what it did, or unload the clip in his gun, and showed her the bullet casings inside, before placing it back in his belt...

Author:  Nesselde [ May 5th, 2012, 8:13 pm ]
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((i like that idea Raina!))

Marik decided against shooting, but he kept an arrow notched to his string. He could feel himself blending into the shadows, away from the flickering torch. Dispite his absent memory, he felt he had done this before...


Jerah gave Adrian a strange look. "and that does exactly what?" she said sharply. "It doesnt make any sense at all. It shoots? Like a bow?"

Author:  Illana Elanesse [ May 7th, 2012, 5:26 pm ]
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Arah stepped back, motioning for Lucien to go ahead.

Ethan stepped, knife drawn into the woman's light. "I am Ethan Tide, that's all I know."

Author:  Nesselde [ May 7th, 2012, 9:10 pm ]
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Marik's grip tightened on the bow, still waiting to see if these other people posed a threat. He wouldnt shoot unless he had to.

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