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Author:  Cara [ March 28th, 2012, 1:37 pm ]
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Davina left the tent and saw that Crutchie talks with Annora and accidentaly heard their words.

"You are right, everybody is equal in Rebellion. I have met a lot of warriors that think that it isn't place for a woan who helds a sword but the truth is that we are all the same; we fight against Dragon and his evil minions and we keep this place alive. Your leg isn't nothing that makes you less worthy."

Author:  Will [ March 28th, 2012, 3:16 pm ]
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Micah looked up, surprised that Nyfer allowed him to stay. He nodded in reply and repeated: "I don't need sleep, not now.. I hope you don't mind me sitting down, though" he added with a small smile, while sitting down on the forest floor, stretching his wounded leg in front of him. "Standing upright is still a bit painful."

Author:  Harthad [ March 28th, 2012, 3:56 pm ]
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"No, but your father's important," Crutchie mumbled to Annora. "They don't dare say anything to him."

He looked at Davina, slightly bashful now. "Thanks," he said quietly, not really knowing what to make of this praise. Crutchi8e glaned back behind him, looking around for Gain. ". . .where did Gain go?"

Author:  Eruraina [ March 29th, 2012, 1:31 pm ]
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Gain had helped Annora bring her father to Nyfer's tent where they helped him sit. The stranger was there, as were Crutchie and Davina. Gain knew that this tent was not the best place for him at the moment. He shouldn't be in it while such matters were to be discussed and was headed towards the door as the man, Micah, gave his report.

Gain found it odd how the man didn't wait till the people who shouldn't hear the news were out of the tent, but what made the hunter pause a moment longer was the man's report itself. He cursed under his breath, and was at the flaps of the tent when Nyfer commanded to be alone with the man.

The hunter then slipped out of the tent, and headed back towards his fire, disregarding the others that came out behind him. He should not have heard that, and hopefully the news wouldn't spread too quickly through the camp of what happened. Gain knew that men like Rufus would point to him as the traitor first.

But it's not me, he thought to himself as he kicked at the edge of the fire, at a coal that had fallen from the pit. I want the dragons dead as much as any other man here. I guess people just don't like difference.

Gain heard his name and looked up to see the boy Crutchie looking around for him. For a moment he debated on whether he should go over to the boy and the two women, or if he should just stay by his fire...

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ March 29th, 2012, 4:31 pm ]
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(This is a joint post between me and Crutchie, written together in a Google Document!)

“It’s fine,” Nyfer said to Micah. “You’ll be here long, anyway.”

Annora gave a little shrug at Davina’s words. “Still, I wish there was something we could do to prove to them that we have every right to fight in the Rebellion as the rest of them.” She glanced over to the tent before impulsively taking a few steps forward, leaning so that she could listen through the fabric. “Come here,” she said, gesturing to Crutchie. “I can’t quite make out what they’re saying, can you?”

“Yeah,” he said quietly. “Something about. . .who first started the Rebellion.”

“When our world was first conquered by the dragon and his minions, a few set out to take back our land and regain what is rightfully ours.” Nyfer began. “Now, I am not here to give you a history lesson. Just the basics. Kodran,” here Nyfer nodded to Annora’s father. “was one of the leaders at the very beginning. As was my father, Padraig. And Griffith Sharpeye, who this sword belonged to. Griffith was the strongest of us three: the best warrior, if I do say, Kodran. My father was the tactician, and Kodran was the other warrior, and our strategist.”

“I’ve heard this story,” Annora whispered to Crutchie. “Well, sort of. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this Sharpeye fellow.”

Crutchie nodded. “All of this is new to me.”

Annora strained her ears, struggling to hear as her father’s frail voice took over the story. “Sharpeye was the sort of warrior that parents tell their sons to emulate--honorable, courageous, always willing to put his life on the line. Or so we thought. Everyone in the camp trusted him...which made it all the more heartbreaking when he revealed where his true allegiances lay.” Annora’s eyes widened as her father broke into a coughing fit, and she stared at Crutchie, waiting for her father to continue, or for someone else to pick up the story. The coughing continued, and she looked away, suddenly feeling ashamed for her father’s weakened state, for the fact that she was listening in on a conversation that she had no right to hear.

Finally, she heard Kodran catch his breath, the coughing subsiding. “Long ago, before the dragons came, legend told of a prophecy involving the children of the Rebellion. Most thought it nothing more than children’s stories, but Sharpeye always believed the legends to be true. He believed that only the children of the prophecy could truly defeat the dragons, that the work that we were doing was only to stall our enemies until the children in the legend were old enough to fight.” His voice hardened. “At least, that was the lie that he led us to believe. In truth, his concern with the legend was something else entirely.”

“Sharpeye served the dragon from almost the start of this Rebellion,” Nyfer continued. “He believed that he would have wealth beyond his imagining when the dragon took over the land completely. So little did we know that he was selling every plan to the servants of the dragon, and every move we made was doomed to fail. But Sharpeye also had a master plan behind all this. Little by little, we found evidence that Sharpeye was designing an attack on the camp itself, mainly to kill all the children or send them into slavery.”

Annora stifled a gasp, looking down at Crutchie in alarm as her father took over the telling of the tale once again. “He thought that by destroying our children, the prophecy would never come true, that the dragons would win and he would get all the riches and rewards he so greedily dreamed of. We never saw the attack coming. My own daughter was barely eight years old. I still cannot believe that Sharpeye was so willing to send such innocents to their deaths.” He gave a heavy sigh. “The fact that Annora survived the attack at all is still miraculous to me.”

Nyfer nodded. “My father and Kodran banished Griffith away from our camp. He undoubtedly went to the dragon he served, and it is not clear if he is alive today.” The man looked at Kodran full on at this moment. “You remember Griffith’s wife, Rosaline?”

“Oh, of course I do,” Kodran said immediately. “Their tent was right next to ours, and Rosaline and Astrid were friendly. Rosaline would even watch Annora sometimes, when her mother was busy.” Annora closed her eyes, trying to recall this unknown woman from her past, but the memories were clouded, fuzzy. She thought she remembered blonde hair, a kind but shy smile... “Rosaline was a dear woman, always so timid, but she worshipped the ground her husband walked on. Truly devoted to him, despite the way he treated her. And so she stayed that way, until...until their son was born, the night that he led his attack on the camp.”

“Correct.” Nyfer said, weighing his next words carefully. “She escaped into the nearest town with their son, refusing to follow Sharpeye. My father later learned that Rosaline soon died of grief, and her son was sent into an orphanage, trying to give him the best opportunity he could have, even with his. . .”

Here Nyfer faltered for a moment. “Even with his lame leg.”

Author:  Harthad [ March 29th, 2012, 4:54 pm ]
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Crutchie's eyes widened, but he was forced to stay quiet as Nyfer continued his tale.

"My father kept an eye on Griffith's son until the day he died, where then he passed the task onto me. Unfortunately, we lost track of the boy for several years. I traveled to the orphanage, and they told me that they had thrown the boy out onto the streets some time ago. I did find him, however, and brought him here where we could keep a better eye on him. So far he's proved to be. . .manageable. He's the boy you met earlier, Micah. The one with Annora and Davina. I believe the orphanage called him 'Crutchie'."

Crutchie's eyes got even wider, if that was possible. He lowered his gaze to the ground and started to study the grass, ashamed and worried. And in shock. He was the son of the person who had betrayed the Rebellion?! Why hadn't Nyfer told him sooner, that he had known who his parents had been? Hot anger started to boil inside of him, anger at who his father had been, and he started to feel a bit sick. What would Annora think of him now?

He barely heard Nyfer resumed talking. "And if the ambushes have started again, it means that Griffith is up to his old work. He might be on a mission to eradicate the leaders of the Rebellion, or at least their descendants." He paused. "You see, Sylus was my brother."

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ March 30th, 2012, 5:26 am ]
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Name: Garreth
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tanned man who always look like unshaved even if he spends much time for his look. He has one eye torned by minions of dragon. He wears simple clothes, fitting for the smith.
Personality: Once very serious, once cheerful and ready to joke. His personality is really a riddle but he always is for helping others.
History: He was a head of large family until dragon came and destroyed the village and his life. Now he serve for greater good as a smith of the Rebellion.

Garreth was walking near Nyfer's tent and he saw Davina standing near this impossible boy with a crutch. He shouted her name but she didn't react. He shouted louder and waved the hand.

"Davina, your sword is ready, I was looking for you whole day!"

Author:  Cara [ March 30th, 2012, 6:09 am ]
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Davina at first haven't heard the voice of a smith but when she heard the word 'sword' she reminded about new wapons that Garreth was going to make for her. She was unsure if she should leave Crutchie but he was safe with Annora and surprisingly he was getting to know most important things in his life, so...

She walked to the old smith with a smile.

"I bet it's like your usual work, that means it can hold the dragon fire" she said a compliment. Garreth was like a father to her and when she lost her real father she took care of her. Now they were close friends.

Author:  Will [ April 1st, 2012, 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

[ Nice twist Ara and Harthad! ;) ]

Micah had silently listened to the story of Nyfer and Kodran, clearly impressed by what they told. “So the boy.. Sharpeye’s son was left in the orphanage?” Finally some pieces of the puzzle fell together: the boy’s confession that he knew him, the orphanage, the boy with the lame leg. Would it have been Sharpeye’s son who had saved him all those years ago, after his village near the border had been destroyed, perhaps ironically at the order of Sharpeye himself?

Nyfer had continued talking again and this time, Micah was even more shocked by the next revelation. He scrambled to his feet and looked at Nyfer, but then cast his dark eyes to the ground. “Sir, if I had known that you were Commander Silus’ brother.. More diligence from my side would have been appropriate. I’m sorry.. – for the loss of your brother… He was one of the best men I knew.”

He fell silent for a moment, but after a while his thoughts inevitable returned to the events of a few days ago. “But..” he slowly said. “You said that the sword of Silus was that of the traitor Griffith Sharpeye.. Only by the information of one of the men in my unit, it could have been possible to ambush us. There was a mole.. But I trusted every single men with my life. So what is that you are suggesting?”

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ April 1st, 2012, 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

For a moment, Annora could hardly move, and her breath froze in her chest. Her eyes slid down to the small, seeming unnoticable boy next to her--the boy who was apparently more important than anyone in the camp realized. What would those who taunted him say if they knew the truth? Yes, he was the son of a traitor, but what about that prophecy? Was it possible that the son of the person who had betrayed the Rebellion could be the one to bring it to victory? She sighed, pressing her ear more firmly against the fabric, wishing they would go into more detail.

What must Crutchie be thinking right now? It was a lot to take in, even for Annora. She couldn't imagine how he must feel, to know he had come from such dishonorable parentage. She looked down, putting a hand on his shoulder in what she hoped was a reassuring manner--she had never had much in the way of mothering instincts. "It's all right," she breathed, not daring to speak louder for fear of being overheard.

"Kodran, just how much do you know about the prophecy?" Nyfer asked.

Annora's father's voice was sharp. "I know enough, although it's been years since I've heard it told. I couldn't possibly recite it for you now, if that's what you're after."

Nyfer sighed. "A copy of it was found by scouts a few weeks ago. The writing has all but worn away, but the important points remain. The portion about the children is legible enough. Kodran...I apologize. I should have mentioned it sooner, but I knew that what I'm about to tell you might strike a nerve. I know why you are so anxious to keep Annora away from the war, and as her father you have every right to do so. But Kodran...I have reason to believe that this is your daughter's destiny."

Author:  Harthad [ April 1st, 2012, 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

Crutchie flinched violently at Annora's touch, turning away from the tent to stare out at the assembled Rebellion, all the people who were clueless about the events that had happened so many years ago. Maybe it was best that they didn't know anything, because this turn of events wasn't helping Crutchie any. He tried to shake his head to clear his head of all these unwanted thoughts, but it didn't work as it so often had before. This was one thought that just wouldn't go away anytime soon. He risked a look up at Annora, but she was still trying to listen in. Crutchie stood there painfully, feeling quite lonely and unsure of himself.


Nyfer looked at Micah. "I am suggesting that, out of the men you trusted, one of them may not have been so loyal as you thought. Search your memory, and try not to make the same mistake we did with Griffith."

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 2nd, 2012, 4:40 am ]
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Garreth smiled.
"I tried my best, knowing you will as usual treat this sword like your worst enemy. Be careful, because I used cosmic metal this time. It should be harder to break and sharper as well."
He looked at the Nyfer's tent.
"What is happening there?" he asked. "This boy made a prank once again?"

Author:  Cara [ April 2nd, 2012, 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

Davina took the sword with sheer love. She loved weapons Garreth was making for her, they never failed. She looked back when she heard the last sentence.

"No, Nyfer wanted me to take care of him. I am not the right person to talk what he heard in the tent. I believe it's a secret. I wonder how I will be carying of little boy...I am not a mother, Garreth. I took the task, because I believed that it's right thing to do...but I doubt I am the right person. I am a warrior, Garreth."

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 2nd, 2012, 5:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

"Don't be afraid, my child. You survived numerous battles and you had no fear in heart during them. You got wounds and nothing stopped you. Don't let it put you down. I know that you feel that he isn't safe with you..."

Author:  Cara [ April 2nd, 2012, 6:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

"I have many enemies, even in this camp. I believe that I have personal enemies in dragon's army. What I will do with a boy, when one of them wanted to show me where is my place?"

She shrugged her arms and smiled.

"Enough with that. What with Sefera? Still wants to see me in her nefarious tent? I am afraid I am the last person who is ready for her experiments with herbs."

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 2nd, 2012, 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy RPG

"Yes - Garreth smiled - Sefera wants to see you today, as always. She says her herbs witll make you stronger. But from what I heard, she has unusual guest from land far away. Maybe you would like to meet him. Take the boy. Or not. Do what pleases you, I think after last battle you got wounded you deserve at least one day of break."

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