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Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 10th, 2012, 2:33 pm ]
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Garreth, completely confused, ran to the boy and shouted:
"Come with me, child. She will not be able to save you if they attack you from the back!"
He didn't have any weapons and he was furious on himself that he was so stupid. They were in army, he should have at least a sword.

Author:  Harthad [ April 13th, 2012, 7:53 pm ]
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Crutchie stood still for a moment, the effect of Davina's words reaching him as if through a long tunnel. He stared wide-eyed around him at the attackers as Davina cut them down one by one. But there seemed to be even more coming. He ducked as an arrow whizzed over his head, and limped as fast as he could over to Garreth. Nyfer ran out from his tent, rallying the men on guard duty to him with a loud cry, and he and his men soon burst into the fray. Tent flaps were closed and tied up hurriedly as the women tried to protect their children and injured loved ones. Crutchie wasn't sure of what he saw anymore, all he was aware of was his limping, and the clang of sword on shield, the twang of arrows being released from bows and agonized or triumphant yells of the men, and Davina. Crutchie stumbled as he came upon a rock in his way, gripping his crutch even tighter as he pulled himself up again. He was almost to Garreth when one of the opposing force jumped in way, smiling. The soldier figured he would have an easy job getting rid of this kid. He reached up to swing his sword down at Crutchie.

But you know what? Crutchie was tired of yelling for help all the time.

He hopped on one leg, taking his crutch out from underneath his arm and thrusting it at the man's stomach. The man stumbled back with an 'oof!', and Crutchie took his wooden stick, hitting the soldier over the head with the handle. The man collapsed in a heap.

"Take THAT!" Crutchie yelled, his voice carrying clear over the heat of battle. Another arrow whizzed past his head and he ducked, quickly sliding his crutch under his arm and continuing to hobble over to Garreth.

Author:  Cara [ April 17th, 2012, 10:27 am ]
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Davina was trying to kill as many of enemies as she could. She quickly got tired because in the past days she didn't excercise that much as she used to. She was furious at herself for this weakness and tried to stay on the battlefield as long as she could.

One of the enemies knocked her on her knees and wanted to chop her head off. She did it slowly for her but in the fact very quickly - she rolled on the ground and jumped on her feet right behind the man's back. She sinked the sword into his ribs when he turned to finish with her.

Davina looked around, looking for Crutchie. She saw him in the distance, she saw also Garreth, who was trying to pull the sword from dead enemie's hand. Everything was captured by red heath of the battle...

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 18th, 2012, 3:48 am ]
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Garreth took the old sword from the one of enemies hand. He used to hold swords but last time he fought was 3 years ago. He was afraid that they are more skilled and most important in better age to fight. He was tired and he got old quickly even if he wasn't that old now.
He wanted to help Crutchie but one of the enemies stood just before him. The next one stood behind him. They wanted to attack at once, he felt that.
"Davina!" he screamed.

Author:  Harthad [ April 21st, 2012, 9:44 am ]
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Author:  Will [ April 22nd, 2012, 10:15 am ]
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[Sorry, like I said, I was occupied with two weeks of exams. But I'm here now. ;) I'll try to put up a post tonight or tommorow! :)]

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ April 23rd, 2012, 6:29 pm ]
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Annora's vision was blurred, and blood was running from a shallow cut on her cheek that she couldn't remember getting. She pulled a dagger from her belt, desperate to lend whatever help she could to the battle. Where was her father? She couldn't remember seeing him leave Nyfer's tent...he would want to join the battle as well, the urge to fight as fervent as her own. But unlike Annora, he would not survive another injury.

Someone rammed into her, and Annora fell flat on her face, tasting dirt and blood in her mouth. She quickly rolled over, bringing her dagger up to protect herself from the man that loomed over her, certain of his own victory. "Gain!" she called, knowing the man had to be nearby. "Somebody! Help!"

Author:  Eruraina [ April 23rd, 2012, 11:43 pm ]
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Gain had gone back to his fire, and sat down on a stump he had turned into a chair, found a piece of wood, and was carving at it to pass the time. He was still amazed at how the people here acted, especially towards authority. He sighed deeply as he continued cutting away at his stick.

That's when the screams began, and the attack on the camp ensued.

Being raised in the wilderness, he knew to have fast reflexes and to be ready for anything. Which usually meant bears, wolves, or bandits, and maybe the occasional dragon flying overhead. So as soon as he heard those sounds he tossed the stick he was carving into the fire and put his knife back in his belt.

First instinct was to pull out his bow, stringing it quickly with the help of his leg, for it would be impossible to string the bow just by hand because of it's immense strength. Gain had an arrow knocked and ready. At the first sign of an enemy, he let an arrow fly, and it skillfully hit it's mark.

Gain spotted Crutchie, and from the corner of his eye watched as the boy bravely took out an enemy. That boy is something else, Gain thought, then a cry above the rest came to his ears.

"Gain! Somebody! Help!" It was Annora. The hunter found it a bit odd that she would call for him, but dashed towards the sound to see an enemy looming over her. Gain let another arrow fly, sticking the man in the chest, before coming up to Annora and holding out a hand to help her up.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, not looking at her, but keeping an eye on the surroundings, not wanting to be taken off guard by an enemy.


Xavier couldn't help but chuckle when he heard the sounds of battle. The blind man had suspected someone had been following behind him, though they had probably known where they were going, unlike the blind man that had been hopelessly lost and stumbled upon the camp on pure accident. He chuckled because he found it ironic and amusing that he would just so happened to be here at the time of attack.

And what would you know, the sound of battle had attracted the dragon that had just come in range of Xavier's senses.
These people are doomed, he thought. He was not happy or smug about it, but neither was he sad. He was just simply stating fact. For Xavier was neither friend nor foe to either side. But grey. For he was human, and humans were oppressed by the dragons. But the dragons were his sight, so he utilized their presence.

The scout that had been with Xavier to him to stay put and ran off.
"I see how it is! Leave a defenseless blind man in the middle of a strange camp during a skirmish! I see what your code of honor is, a very poor one," he said loudly, though for the most part was ignored...

Author:  Will [ April 24th, 2012, 5:32 pm ]
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Out of nowhere, they were everywhere. Appearing from the shadows and the cover of trees, soon swarming through the camp. At first, Micah just couldn't move and one horrible thought dawned to him which solved all the pieces of the puzzle. He has been set up.. He had led them to the camp and only hours after his arrival, they attacked.
Overwhelmed with anger and frustration, Micah launched himself to his feet, ignoring the protests of his weak body. He whistled a shrill tune and his black mare quickly approached him, galopping away from the enemy lines. He grabbed his sword from the sheath of his saddle and turned just in time to block the blow of his opponent. Only seconds later his attacker fell down in the grass - dead.
Micah tried to look for the others so they could form a front against their enemies, but all members of the Rebellion had scattered throughout the camp. He tried to make his way to Nyfer's tent, engaging in a man to man fight every step on the way. He limped, but hardly felt any pain, only adrenaline.
Then, suddenly, Micah heard a shout; the shout of a boy, a shout of victory. He quickly turned and noticed thelimping boy, who had just taken down a man with his crutch, but now was approached by others. He hurried himself in the direction of the boy and took out a man that wanted to attack the boy in the back.
"I guess we are even now.." he grinned, as he sided with Crutchie.

Author:  Harthad [ April 24th, 2012, 9:26 pm ]
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Crutchie let out a nervous laugh, putting his crutch back where it firmly belonged. So he was right! Micah had been the person he had helped, at the orphanage. He looked from left to right, trying to spot any other people who were trying to sneak up on him. He knew he couldn't stay here with Micah for long. Crutchie was suddenly pushed face-forward into the ground, his crutch hitting the hard earth next to him. He tried to twist upwards and panicked, not seeing Micah nearby or anyone nearby. There was just the pockmarked, ugly face of his attacker, who had grabbed his crutch (his own crutch!) and was now holding it over the boy like a club. Crutchie frantically tried to scoot away, looking for anyone who could help him. Sure, he had acted tough before by taking down that man before, but that didn't much matter right now. The first blow came down on his stomach, and Crutchie cried out in pain. To think he was getting attacked, with his own crutch nonetheless! The man riased his crutch (his crutch!) to strike the boy again, and Crutchie was frozen on the ground with fear.

Author:  Cara [ April 25th, 2012, 2:34 am ]
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Davina heard the yell of Garreth and quickly move in that direction, making her way through enemies. She tried to only come through but she had to kill few of them and when she was close to the smith, one ofthem wounded her badly in the arm. She hissed and fell on the ground but menaged to block the sword with her weapon and stood slowly on the feet.

"That is only a flesh wound" she laughed and started to fighting with the enemy, pushing him further as he couldn't move anymore because he had tree behind him. "You thought you can win with me?"

But she didn't finished him. Garreth was more important. She pushed enemies who were around him but more were coming.

"Use a sword!" she shouted. "I know you can do this!"

Author:  Rumpelstiltskin [ April 25th, 2012, 3:55 am ]
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Garreth nodded without a word and preapared himself for the real fight. He felt whole his age in bones.
"Davina!" he shouted. "Look out, behind you!"
He saw as the enemie soldier is putting up his sword and aim on Davina's head. If the girl won't turn, it will be after her. Garreth was like stoned, he couldn't make a move.

Author:  Cara [ April 25th, 2012, 4:29 am ]
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Davina turned back almost at once but it was too late. The sword of a man fell on her shoulder and made her collapse. She saw billions of colors before her eyes, that were dancing like in some kind of morbid theatre. She wanted to stand up but legs didn't let her. She fainted with the sword above her head.

Author:  Arabella Baggins [ May 2nd, 2012, 4:05 pm ]
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"Fine," Annora panted before Crutchie's cries reached her ears. He was pinned to the ground, and his attacker stood poised above him, ready to strike another blow with the boy's own crutch. Before she even had time to think, Annora had taken aim and thrown her dagger at the man. It caught him in the throat and he collapsed to the ground, the life slowly leaving his eyes.

The boy was safe, but now she was defenseless until she could reclaim her dagger. "There's too many of them," she heard herself saying, although her voice sounded far away, almost dazed. Her body, however, felt exhilerated, almost drunk with excitement and fear. "We'll be overrrun."

Author:  Harthad [ May 6th, 2012, 7:16 pm ]
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The shout came unbidden from Nyfer's mouth as he realized the danger the camp was in.

"RETREAT! Into the woods! Leave your belongings! Retreat!"

Families hurried to escape together, and weeping mothers and children of soldiers who were already dead ran like a great tidal wave parting the invading forces. Some fell to the ground, but most ran away. The camp was not without it's casualties already. Crutchie stood up painfully, limping away, trying to catch a glimpse of Annora or Davina or Micah or Gain somewhere, anywhere. He looked around, seeing only the opposing army blocking his way. He knew he wouldn't make it. But it was worth a try, right?

Nyfer ran past the boy, not giving him a second thought, preoccupied with everyone else's safety.

Well, Crutchie thought. That's it. I'm done for.

Author:  Will [ May 12th, 2012, 8:20 am ]
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[ @ Eru: I know, that RPG was lots of fun! :) I believe Tur is still on now and then, so perhaps we might start something if she's up for it. ;) ]

There was screaming and crying, wounded and dead lay scattered on the ground, trampled upon by those who were now retreating to the forest. Yet Micah heard nothing of this, his head was empty of all thought and there was only his sword and that of his opponent, as he was once more engaged in a fight. He was only vaguely aware that Nyfer called upon all to retreat or that he could hardly stand on his left leg anymore. He looked up when he had disposed enemy and realised that all, who could still walk, ran for their lives. His grey eyes scanned his surroundings, searching for the boy who had disappeared moments ago. While limping to the tree line he suddenly became aware of the shouts of a familiar voice. Then he saw the woman of earlier that night collapsing, surrounded by opponents. He would not be able to reach her in time. "You there!" he shouted, as he spotted the ranger -what was his name? Gain?- "Gain!" He pointed in the direction of Davina with his sword, hoping that the man would understand the hint.
He whistled again, shrilly, and his mare appeared out of nowhere, but before he mounted his horse, he spotted the boy again in the mass. He fought his way over to the boy and took his arm and drew him closer to him. "Here, climb on the horse. She'll bring you to safety."

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