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Author:  Henoluin [ June 9th, 2012, 7:10 pm ]
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Tony crossed the short space and tossed Bruce the clothing, which the doctor accepted gratefully. “For now,” he said in reply, his tone carrying much less of an edge now. He looked away to give Bruce some privacy as he pulled on the clothes, but kept watch out of the corner of his eye out of concern, knowing how exhausted The Other Guy always left the other scientist. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired,” the physicist replied as he pulled the tee over his head. Tony passed him a spare pair of glasses and Bruce nodded his thanks, looking the other man over as the slid them on. “What about you?” he asked.

“Fine,” Tony replied, much as he had a moment ago with Thor. He jerked his head towards the jet. “Let’s go.”

Tony closed the ramp behind them and the jet took off again. Bruce, ever the doctor, immediately went to Steve and Thor. “You guys alright?”

“We are well, Banner,” Thor replied, placing a welcoming hand on the scientist’s shoulder. Bruce looked doubtful. “Sure you are,” he commented, shaking his head at the three of them and knowing that Steve’s answer would be the same. “You guys know I’m a doctor, right?” he inquired with a tired but good natured smile. “So I can tell when something ins’t right.”

Tony snorted in soft amusement from the front of the jet. “You might want to take a look at Steve,” he commented dryly, and whether the singling out of the soldier had been some kind of twisted vengeance or genuine concern no one could tell. “Fury tried to strangle him. After that you might want to check on Reindeer Games. Unless you’d rather me have one of the bots do it.”

Bruce stared at Steve, his forehead creasing in a mildly disbelieving frown as he gave the soldier a questioning look, instantly concerned. He also turned to glance back at Loki, taking in the damage with a small hint of guilt that only Bruce Banner would show.

“No, I’ll look at him,” he said, and no one had really expected anything less. “But first, you,” he turned to Steve again.

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Steve instantly drew away out of habit and stood up. He almost drew his shield in front of him to keep the doctor away, but he quickly realized that it was silly and simply crossed his arms over his chest.

"I'm fine." He tried to sidestep away from Bruce, but the doctor wasn't having any of it.

"Come on, Steve. Let me just have a quick look. For my peace of mind, ok?" Without waiting for a reply, Bruce sat the stubborn soldier down in one of the velvet seats and reached over his head to open one of the compartments. He pulled out a small medical bag and knelt in front him. As he gently pushed against Steve's throat, he raised his eyebrow.

"Take your boots off for me, Cap." Steve opened his mouth to protest, but Banner shook his head. "Don't think I didn't notice you favoring your right leg just now." The soldier closed his mouth and pursed his lips as he yanked his boots off. Bruce smiled a little and continued to examine him.

"You know," the doctor said quietly. He's angrier with himself than he is with you."

Steve glanced at Tony and said nothing.

"Give him a break, Cap. He's thankful to you. Even though he won't admit it."

Steve sighed and yanked his uniform up to reveal an ugly bruise around his bottom calf and knee. He sat back and finally relaxed, as he closed his eyes.

"I don't need a thank you from Stark," He pushed his hair out of his face and shrugged a little. "I never expected one and I never will. But that isn't going to stop me from saving him from his own stupidity." He shook his head.

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Bruce knelt down and gently probed the bruise, keeping his eyes focused on the injury even as he went on. “I kind of missed out on the situation, but if what I think happened, happened, then maybe you should step back and think about how ‘stupid’ it really was,” Bruce suggested, neither approval of Tony’s actions nor disapproval of Steve’s displeasure at all indicated in his eyes or tone. “Because if you’re honest with yourself, don’t you think you would have done the exact same thing?”

Without giving Steve any time to protest or comment, he straightened. “Stay off your leg until we land,” he went on. “And try not to talk too much, especially if your throat is sore. I’ll get you something for the pain once we’re down. And you-” he said, locking his gaze on the cockpit, from which Tony had been ever so sneakily watching the entire time. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your limp, too.” In fact he had noticed that Tony seemed to be favoring his entire right side, not just his leg. He tried not to sigh - of all the Avengers Tony and Steve were the worst about their injuries. Steve would usually give in first, just because he had a conscience that wouldn’t allow him to be rude. Tony, on the other hand, had no problem being rude and it usually took Bruce hours to get him to go to the medical ward to get taken care of.

Tony looked away, rolling his eyes in exaggerated annoyance. “I’m fine, mother-hen. Go look after the demigod.”

“Forgive me if I don’t take your word for it,” the physicist replied with an exasperated shake of his head. “We talked about this, Tony. No lying if you’re injured. It’s important for my peace of mind, remember?”

Rolling his eyes again the billionaire snorted. “Sometimes I think you pull that ‘piece of mind’ BS just to guilt me,” he complained. Bruce’s mouth twitched in a smile but he gave no reply. He was far too used to Tony’s games by now to fall for the diversion.

“ETA is twenty minutes,” the playboy reported.

Bruce made his way to the back of the jet, bag in hand. He didn’t pause as he crossed to Loki, sitting down beside the still being and taking in the damage with a hint of renewed guilt. On one hand Loki was an enemy, and Bruce never regretted doing what he had to, to keep his team and other people safe. On the other hand he hated the fact that he was capable of causing such harm... especially knowing that he could cause equal hurts to those he cared about.

Thor approached and sat across from them, trying not to appear concerned as he looked at the brother who had caused him so much pain.

As he began to slowly and carefully clean away the blood and grime from Loki’s head and neck, Bruce’s gaze flickered to the golden haired god. Thor was watching him, and when Bruce looked away again the god spoke. “You should not feel guilt over this, Banner,” he said solemnly. “It is not your fault.”

“It’s not yours, either,” the doctor replied evenly, returning Thor’s look. “And I’m not feeling guilty,” he lied. “We do what we have to. Sometimes,” he paused and looked at Loki again. He had no sympathy for the god, but seeing his own handiwork staring back always unnerved him. “Sometimes we just don’t like the results. But none of this is your fault.”

“He is my brother,” Thor replied. “And he has attacked your world. A world that I love and which I am sworn to protect. That makes this my responsibility.”

“He’s his own man - or... god,” Bruce reminded. “That means the only one responsible for what he does is he himself.”

“He causes much harm.”

“Yeah, he does,” Bruce agreed. “But it’s still not your fault.”

The two fell silent as Bruce finished tending to the god of mischief, wrapping a bandage around the dark-haired head and cleaning all the grime away. Until they were somewhere with an x-ray or some other advanced medical tech that was all that Bruce could do. “Tony, how much longer?”

“Estimated time of arrival is four-point-one-one minutes,” JARVIS reported.

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As soon as the plane touched the ground, Steve was on his feet again. But before he could even turn to pick up the young Asgardian god, Banner thew an arm out and arched an eyebrow.

"Don't even think about it." Though he wasn't quite as bulky as the captain, Bruce managed to gently lift up Loki with one arm under his neck and the other securely beneath his knees. As the door opened, Steve helped Thor to his feet.

"You must be careful, Rogers. Dr. Banner knows his craft." The thunder god bent down and took the soldier's arm. He draped it over his shoulders and smiled a little. "We shall help each other. Agreed?"

Steve simply nodded and winced a little as they began to slowly walk out of the jet. As soon as their feet touched the wet grass, Steve looked up and noticed what appeared to be a small cabin in the middle of an enormous forest. He let go of Thor briefly to turn around with surprise written across face.

"Is that the safehouse?"

"Sure is, Cap." The physicist shifted Loki in his arms and walked down the ramp slowly. "Most of it is underground. Tony designed it himself. Pretty brilliant, eh?"

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“The door’s unlocked,” Tony announced from the rear of the jet. He had paused in following Banner out to give JARVIS a few final instructions on where to take the jet - obviously they couldn’t just leave it sitting here, and the underground hanger for this particular installation was, unfortunately, still incomplete.

Bruce didn’t turn back to make sure Tony followed but it was obvious that he expected to have to return and drag the hero inside once Loki and the other two had been safely deposited in the medical ward. “Don’t make me come back out here, Tony,” he called over his shoulder.

“Yes, mom.”

Thor and Steve reached the cabin first and the god slowly pushed open the heavy wooden door. The inside of the cabin was even less impressive than the exterior, with only one room and a ceiling that was half caved in at the back. The two exchanged glances, not entirely sure of where they were to go or how to even begin going about finding the underground levels that the physicist had mentioned.

Bruce slowly made his way across the ‘yard’ and up the stairs to the porch. “There’s a panel next to the fireplace,” he instructed Thor, nodding to the small hearth that took up only a fraction of the wall. “Just put your palm flat against it.”

The god nodded, lifting Steve’s arm from his shoulder and leaving him to lean against the wall beside Bruce while he crossed to the place that the physicist had indicated. “I see no such device,” he announced after a short second of searching.

“It’s behind the loose board on the left side,” Tony instructed, coming up from behind and brushing past Banner and Steve to stand beside Thor. “A little old fashioned, but it does the job,” he said as pried a loose board away from the wall and revealed a panel, the light of which glowed blue as soon as the board was gone. Tony waved a still armored hand and motioned for Thor to put his palm against the scanner.

As soon as the god complied there was a soft hiss of sound and the wall on the opposite side of the room shifted, sliding back and vanishing into the wall beside it to reveal a waiting elevator.

While Tony replaced the board to hide the bioscanner again Thor returned and pulled Steve’s arm across his shoulder again. The god looked tired, his blue eyes faded and darker than usual, but he still helped to support Steve just as the soldier was supporting him. Bruce followed and Tony entered the elevator behind them all. “Down, JARVIS.”

The elevator dropped slowly and within seconds the doors were sliding open again. Bruce instantly stepped out, obviously knowing exactly where to go. Everything about the safehouse was at least mildly familiar, it’s appearance unsurprisingly similar to that of one of the floors back at Stark Tower.

Tony left the others to follow Bruce while he wandered off, presumably to finally get out of his armor.

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"You know, you should be thankful that it's just a pulled muscle." Bruce said two hours later as they strolled into a small grocery store not too far away from the cabin. He eyed Steve's injury and shook his head. "Still, I don't think it was a good idea for you or Thor to come along, considering your conditions."

"We'll be fine, Doc." Steve shoved his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket and scanned the store as they walked inside. He relaxed as they began to browse through the first aisle. "Besides, Thor insisted on coming along." He lowered his voice. "I don't think he's ever been to a grocery store before."

The doctor raised an eyebrow as he watched Thor make a beeline for the liquor aisle. Before either of them could stop him, the Asgardian god picked up one of the wine bottles and uncorked it with ease.

"Thor--" Steve stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder as the god began to drain the contents of the bottle. "--those aren't for drinking." Thor gave him a sideways glance and lowered the bottle with a frown.

"But liquor is for drinking, no?"

"What Steve means is that you have to pay for it first." Bruce bit back a grin as he took the bottle away from Thor and re-corked it. He placed it into the cart carefully, then reached over and pulled a few more from the rack. "Tony will be wanting these."

"Stark does not seem well." Thor commented after a short awkward silence.

"He'll be fine." Bruce said quietly. Steve stared at the ground for a moment, then turned and walked out of the liquor section silently. "He's just--"

"--look, Banner! These are amusing, are they not? They appear to be joyful fish." Thor plucked one of the bags from the shelf with a wide grin on his face.

"Those are goldfish, Thor."

"Can we keep them?"

"Er, well. They're for eating." Bruce said in a helplessly amused way. "They're not actually alive."

"Ah." Without hesitation, he ripped the bag open shoved his hand inside, taking a handful and tossing the cheese crackers into his mouth. "They are delightful!" He declared, his voice muffled. He stuck out his arm and swiped the rest of the bags on the rack into the shopping cart, and then proceeded to waltz away to the next section, leaving Bruce in a state of dismay.

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Steve made his way to the next aisle, not really taking in the foodstuffs that lined the shelves. He could hear Thor several aisles over, gushing about some kind of “joyful fish”. The solider couldn’t help but grin, mostly in sympathy for Banner. Some of the stores other patrons were beginning to notice as well and Steve figured he should probably keep an eye on the god while Bruce finished with the shopping.

“Hey, Thor-” he began as he found the god, but Thor cut him off.

“I have discovered the most glorious place,” the god declared, sweeping his arms to point out the entire aisle. The candy section, Steve then noticed. Great.

“Look at these,” Thor went on, lifting several bags of brightly colored candy from the shelves. “These goo-me bears are soft and made of many colors. We must have some,” he declared, grabbing all of the packages and cradling them in his arms. “And also these, for they are tiny and come in many colors also,” he went on, adding a bag of M&M’s to his load. Bags, boxes, and bars of numerous candies followed, until Thor had enough to last him two Halloweens.

Very aware of the stares they were receiving, Steve rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “Ah, Thor, I don’t think we need quite that much,” he began, but at the mildly crestfallen look that Thor gave him he rescinded. “Here,” he said, sliding one of the bags of Gummi Bears free and putting it back on the shelf. “That way we leave some for other people, okay?”

“Of course,” Thor nodded. “We should not take all of the bears of goo-me and leave these good people none. Well thought, Captain.”

Steve shook his head with an amused and resigned smile. “Yeah. Uh, come on, we should go find Banner again.”

Thor followed Steve back through the aisles, occasionally distracted to the point where the solider would have to backtrack and tug on the gods arm every few seconds. When they found Bruce again Thor dumped the candy into the basket without ceremony, instantly waltzing away again while Banner just stared at the mountain of sweets with a quietly amused grin. “He found the candy aisle.”


The soldier and the physicist shared a look that was part laughter part regret. “Maybe we should have left him with Tony,” Steve finally said, agreeing with Bruce’s earlier sentiment concerning bringing them along.

Thor suddenly appeared again, his arms once again loaded to the brim. “I have found the poptarts!”

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"The... what?" Steve looked appalled. Bruce winced, then shook his head with a quiet smile and wheeled the cart over to Thor, who was borderline dancing between the different flavors.

"Never deny an Asgardian god of his poptarts." Bruce muttered to the soldier as Thor began to scoop up the rest of the sugary snacks and piled them high in the shopping cart.

"So many enchanting flavors! Look here, this one is filled with chocolate and marshmallows! Marshmallows! Such a wondrous idea. You Midgardians are very clever."

"Thank you." Bruce exchanged an amused glance with Steve and wrapped an arm around Thor's shoulders. "Now it's time to pay."


"Yes, and as soon as we get home, I promise we can open a box of poptarts."

"Banner, I like this idea very much. Let us pay." Thor nodded seriously. Steve chuckled as he took control of the shopping cart and followed them to the check-out stands.

As Bruce and Steve took turns piling their groceries onto the conveyor belt, Thor watched in awe. The clerk, who was a young boy with bright red hair and freckles, stared at them incredulously as the poptarts and other sugary snacks moved down the belt.

"You havin' a party or somethin'?" He asked, looking at Thor.

"It will be an extraordinary feast, if that is what you are asking, young man." The thunder god replied with a wide grin. The boy gave him a strange look, but continued to scan the items until he reached the last pack of goldfish.

"Your total will be $112.37." He said, drumming his fingers along the register as he watched Thor sniff a stick of gum.

"We'll use Stark's card." Bruce muttered. He slid his wallet out of his pocket and opened it.

"We're going to have to make another trip in a few days. All this sugar can't be good." Steve rubbed the back of his neck. He eyed the massive brown bags and shook his head.

"Well if anything, it will lift Thor's spirits and help him have a fast recovery. Or at least, that's how I'm justifying this." Bruce grinned as he held out the credit card. The clerk took it and swiped it through the machine. He tore the receipt from the register and handed it to Bruce along with his credit card.

"Here you go. Have a nice night and come again soon." It was obvious from his tone that the boy had been trained to say it so many times that it had been ingrained in his memory for life, but the lack of enthusiasm in his voice escaped Thor completely, for a split second later, the Asgardian god was suddenly leaning over the counter and had somehow grabbed hold of the clerk by his shoulders. He moved closer so that their faces were merely inches apart.

"Indeed we shall come here again, my friend. For I have not only discovered your impressive supply of poptarts, but I have also found your joyful fish and goo-mee bears to be just as alluring. I thank you kindly for the great service that you have done for this place."

Bruce was shaking with silent laughter at the astonishment in the boy's face. Steve cleared his throat and took Thor's arm, giving it a light tug.

"Let's go, buddy. I think you had one too many swigs of that wine bottle."

"But Rogers, this kind young Midgardian has blessed me with his wishes that I should come again to this wondrous place! I am simply reassuring him--"

"--come along now, Thor." Steve spoke as though he was coaxing a dog to come back into the house. He caught Bruce's eye and averted his gaze quickly to keep from laughing. "It's time to go home and eat your poptarts."

"Alas! The poptarts! Yes! I shall come now. Farewell, kind Midgardian!" He released the poor cashier and grabbed four of the paper bags into his large arms. He waltzed out of the double doors, humming a jolly tune as he danced into the darkness. The two remaining men followed with their heads ducked and their arms containing the remainder of the groceries as they followed suit.

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Tony was in the lab when they returned, tinkering away at his armor because what else was there to do? When JARVIS alerted him to their arrival he tossed the now useless visor aside and rose, making his way to the kitchen area that was just to the far left of the elevator.

Without a word he began to unpack one of the bags that Thor sat down, only to pause as he noticed the contents. “You bought the entire candy aisle, I see,” he remarked with an bemused glance at Thor before sharing a look with Banner, who could only grin and shrug helplessly.

“These aisles you speak of contain much goodness, Stark,” Thor announced, removing the poptarts and stacking the boxes - at least fifteen of them - so that he could examine each flavor. “Your Midgardian stores are glorious places.”

“Yeah, okay,” Tony replied, shaking his head and unpacking the candy from the brown bag. He tossed each package to Steve to be put away, sharing a glance with the soldier as he did so. He seemed to be back to his normal self, if a tad subdued. Then again, it was Tony. No one could fake anything better than he could. But at least he wasn’t moping and refusing to so much as look at Steve any more.

“So is there actual food or is it all poptarts and Gummi bears?” he asked, his muddy brown eyes alight with a hint of mirth as he arched an eyebrow at the three of them.

“Ah, Gummi bears,” Thor repeated, taking one of the bags of said candies and ripping it open, admiring one of the tiny, colorful gelatin animals before popping it into his mouth with a childish grin.

“There’s food,” Bruce informed him, in the middle of stocking the fridge with a few of the items that weren’t coated in sugar and hadn’t been picked out by Thor. Dropping a frozen pizza into the freezer - along with the ice cream, which Thor had discovered between the milk and the checkout, he closed to doors and ran a hand through his hair. “Who’s hungry?”

“I am ravenous,” Thor declared, already halfway through a box of s’mores flavored poptarts. Bruce laughed silently. As if they hadn’t all known that Thor was hungry.

Tony gave no answer, instead examining the label of the wine that Bruce had picked up. Not really his type, insanely cheap compared to what he was used to, but it would do. Alcohol was alcohol, after all. He hadn’t had time to stock this safehouse’s bar yet. “I’ll be in the lab,” he informed no one specifically, waltzing out of the kitchen as quickly as he had entered it.

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"I'll get something started then." Steve moved past Bruce and opened the freezer, pulling out a plate of frozen chicken thighs.

"I didn't know you could cook." The doctor watched as Steve sliced the plastic wrap with the tip of a knife and began plating the chicken. The soldier shrugged and tilted his head.

"You learn how to make ends meet. Of course, we didn't have this sort of luxury out on the field. Put these in the microwave to defrost, will you?" He moved to wash his hands in the sink. As Bruce slid the plate into the oven, Steve dried his hands on a towel and flung it over his shoulder, glancing at Thor, who had already cleaned out an entire box of poptarts.

"Might want to go easy on those, buddy. You have to save some room for my chicken parmesan." The soldier threw the towel at Thor with a smile that rarely ever crossed his face. Thor caught it in midair and used it to wipe the sugary sprinkles around his mouth.

"Do not worry, my friend. I will eat your chicken. Are my services needed?"

The other two men quickly exchanged looks. Steve shrugged helplessly and jerked his head towards the oven.

"Can you preheat the oven for us? Just turn the knob to until the arrow points to 450."

Thor got up from his stool, hugging a newly opened box of poptarts as he did so, and peered at the markings above the oven. He moved the knob into place and smiled proudly to himself. As Bruce took out the thawed chicken and helped Steve start the sauce, the god glanced at the two men before curiously reaching into his box of delights and tearing the silver wrapper of another package. He stuffed one poptart into his mouth, and then, not unlike a child, sneaked a quick look at the physicist and soldier before opening the oven door and tossing the pastry inside with a loud chortle.

Upon hearing this, Steve frowned and glanced over at the god, who was innocently chewing on his strawberry poptart and averting his gaze towards the ceiling. When the captain detected nothing out of the ordinary, he turned back to his sauce and added the garlic and bay leaves. As the two men turned again to place the pot on the stove, Thor wrenched the oven door open and plucked the poptart from the rack, stuffing the entire treat into his mouth. His blue eyes lit up with indescribable joy. He proceeded to open the door again, but this time, he shoved the entire contents of the box, wrappers and all, into the oven. He laughed gleefully to himself and waltzed away from the scene before either of the men could question him again.

"Give the guy something to do," Bruce said in low tones as he watched Thor laugh like a maniac into his hand, his eyes darting from the oven to the gummi bears on the table. "I feel like if he just sits there, he's going to eventually finish off the rest of the snacks within the hour."

"You're right." Steve sighed, then raised his voice. "Hey, Thor, could you come over here? And bring your hammer." The thunder god perked up at the sound of his name and hurried to the couch, where his hammer was resting, and crossed the kitchen to where they were standing.

"You called?"

"Yes," Steve finished wrapping the chicken in plastic. He set the pieces on a cutting board and moved it to the island counter. "Pound these for me, will you?"

Before Steve could instruct him any further, the god raised his hammer and brought it down on the first chicken thigh with such force that the chicken seemed to explode in every which direction. The cutting board promptly split in half, causing a rather large fracture in the counter. Bruce and Steve stared the marble counter, their faces aghast.

"I meant... in a gentler fashion, Thor."

The god gave him a puzzled look, then bent down until he was eye-level with the chicken. He raised his hammer an inch above the second thigh, and tapped it so lightly that it barely even made a mark in the plastic.

"Is this what you mean, my friend?"

Bruce began to laugh as he turned his attention back to the stove. Steve patted Thor's shoulder and shook his head with an amused look on his face.

"Yes. Just like that."

And so the thunder god continued to treat the chicken thighs as if he were merely tapping the heads of small children, humming merrily to himself as he worked in harmony with the other two men by the stove.

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Tony spent only a few brief minutes in the lab before deciding to go back to the kitchen - not that he would ever admit it, but it was too quiet in the underground safehouse and he actually didn’t feel like being by himself with only JARVIS for company for once.

Padding through the hall in his socks Tony entered the kitchen under the pretense of snagging one of the boxes of poptarts. He jerked to a halt, however, when he came face to face with Thor, tapping away at the frozen chicken.

“Do I even want to know why he’s poking at dinner with the same hammer he uses to crush bad guys?” the playboy quipped, staring at Steve and Bruce with an eyebrow arched in question.

“He’s tenderizing it,” Banner explained, his look telling the playboy far more than the words did.

“Mmhmm, I see that,” Tony responded. “And destroying my marble countertops. You know I had that imported from India, right?”

“I am sorry for that, Stark,” Thor said, pausing in his ‘tenderizing’ to look at the cracked counter with a frown. “It was an accident. If you would like I can attempt to repair-”

“Forget about it, big guy,” Tony replied, slapping Thor lightly on the shoulder. “It’s fine. Pepper picked it out anyway.”

Leaning against the refrigerator Tony snagged one of the carrots that Bruce had begun to chop as topping for the salad. He then rolled his head to watch Steve stir the sauce - he himself was completely hopeless in the kitchen, so he was kind and left the preparation to everyone else. “So who taught you how to cook?”

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Steve seemed surprised that Tony was making conversation, let alone making conversation with him, but he wasn't complaining. As much as the guy got on his nerves, it put his mind at ease that he wasn't sulking around by himself. He waited for awhile before replying.

"A friend of mine taught me while we were at camp in the woods." He reached above his head and pulled down a large pot from the ceiling. He held it under the faucet and filled it with water before placing it back on the stove to boil.

"Ah, I know that look." Thor said knowingly as he continued to tap the chicken. He raised his eyes to study Steve's guarded expression. "It was a woman, was it not?"

The captain paused.


"What was her name?" Bruce asked gently, though his own face was carefully devoid of emotion as well.

"Peggy. Peggy Carter."

"Was she pretty?" Thor asked.

Steve gave one of his rare smiles that accentuated his handsome features. His eyes seemed a little brighter than usual as he appeared to be lost in thought for a long while.

"She was beautiful."

"They always are." Bruce smiled sadly and slid the carrots into a bowl.

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Tony looked down when Steve mentioned Peggy, his eyes shadowing and growing distant as he only half listened to the others talk. He wondered if Steve knew that Tony had known her.

“Anthony, come say hello to Miss Carter.”

The young, dark haired boy peeked out from behind the curtains, looking up at his father with childish timidity.

“Come on, boy,” Howard said, tapping his foot impatiently. Tony slid out of his hiding place and approaching the adults slowly.

“Hello, Miss Carter.”

“Hello, Tony,” the woman replied, smiling sweetly as she crouched down, putting herself on the little boy’s level. “How are you?”

“I’m good.” Suddenly the child’s eyes lit up with enthusiasm. “Wanna see what I made!”

“Tony, don’t bother Peggy with your toys,” Howard scolded, but Peggy objected.

“It’s fine, Howard,” she said, still smiling. “I’d love to see what you made, Tony.”

The little boy grinned wide and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small metal device with wires and a tiny fan. Peggy looked at the clumsily made contraption with sincere delight, her eyes shining as Tony flipped a tiny switch that caused the fan to move. “Tony, that’s fantastic. You made this all by yourself?”

He nodded, a sheepish grin on his face as Peggy took the small fan in hand and looked it over, exaggerating her wonder for the sake of the child before her.

“What is that?” Howard asked, and when Peggy passed the small motor to him the father frowned. “Tony, where did you get these parts?”

“I - I found them in your workshop,” the little boy admitted.

“What did I tell you about taking things from my shop?” Howard demanded. As Tony's lip quivered the older man sighed. He dropped the fan back into Tony’s hands. “Go put it back.”

“Yes, sir.”

As Tony ran to do as bidden, blinking back tears, Peggy watched with a sad frown. She found him later sniffling in a corner with the fan, now broken, clutched tightly in his hand. Pulling him into her arms, she stroked his hair. “Do you know who would have been very impressed by this, Tony?” she asked.


“His name was Steve. Have I told you about him?” Tony shook his head and Peggy smiled. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that. I know he would have liked you. Very much.”

“He would?”

“Yes, he would.”

“What happened to him?”

Peggy smiled, very sadly; so sadly that Tony couldn’t help but give her a hug. “I’m sorry, Aunt Peggy,” the boy whispered, calling her by the name that he only used when his father wasn’t around.

“Thank you, Tony,” she said quietly. Then, pulling herself together, she wrapped her arms around the boy. “Now, let me tell you about the time I taught Steve to cook...”

Looking up, the playboy blinked and quickly shoved off of the refrigerator, glad that all of the others had been too preoccupied to notice his lapse in attention. He stole another carrot, dropping a hand on Bruce’s shoulder for a moment before moving away and propping himself up on the counter near the stove, watching Steve stir and add things to the sauce.

After a few seconds he frowned, brows lowering in confusion as he sniffed the air. “Is something burning?”

Author:  Juliette [ June 11th, 2012, 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Avengers, Assemble! (Private RP)

Steve's head jerked up as he sniffed and spun around.

"Jesus Christ!" But Bruce beat him to it. As the door fell open, a steady cloud of black smoke streamed from the oven, accompanied by a lick of bright orange flames. The doctor coughed through the fumes and grabbed one of the spoons lying on the counter. As he prodded the rack, a burnt, frosted pastry fell out and rolled across the floor. As it came to a stop at Thor's feet, the Asgardian god gave the three men a sheepish look and picked up one of the chicken thighs.

"I have finished the chicken." He said in an attempt to sound helpful. Bruce collapsed into fits of laughter as Steve pushed him aside and slid the rack out to dump the melted bits of silver wrapping paper and burnt poptarts onto the counter. He waved a wet towel to keep the smoke away. But even the captain couldn't wipe the grin off his face as he turned to Tony.

"Got a fire extinguisher handy, Stark?" When he caught sight of Thor sneakily trying to escape the scene of the crime, he threw the towel at him again. "Hey! Where do you think you're going? You're going to clean up this mess." The soldier's voice was stern, but his lips were quirked upwards with amusement. "And no more poptarts for the rest of the night as a punishment for your curiosity."

"That seems rather harsh, Cap. Don't you think you should ease up on the guy? He didn't know any better." Bruce placed a hand on Steve's shoulder with a chuckle. Thor looked crestfallen.

"How else is he supposed to learn? No more poptarts. Now if you're good and help us finish dinner without any more disasters, you can have a whole box tomorrow." Steve wagged his finger at the god and walked around the table to scoop up the rest of the poptart boxes.

Author:  Henoluin [ June 11th, 2012, 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Avengers, Assemble! (Private RP)

Tony jumped away from the stove and Bruce and Steve both lunged for it, snorting in laughter at the charred mess that was puled from it. Doing as he did best, he stood back and watched the disaster unfold, secretly having JARVIS record the whole fiasco for future use.

When Thor looked at him Tony motioned for the god to run while the others were distracted. Unfortunately Steve caught the god before he could get away and Tony could only chuckle as the soldier threatened a ban on the Asgardian’s favorite snack. Normally Steve’s reaction - even though it was in joke - would have annoyed him, but tonight it was actually... fun.

He blamed in on two and a half nights without sleep.

In lieu of a fire extinguisher he grabbed another towel and soaked it in the sink before tossing it over the burnt remains, smoldering both the fire and the still curling smoke.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” he said to Thor, who still looked mildly crestfallen over the poptart ban. “I’ll sneak you a box when mom and dad aren’t looking.”

Thor perked up at this, though the bright gleam in his eyes showed that he was, perhaps, not so disappointed as he pretended - mostly he was just enjoying the joke. Tony thought that maybe there was something to that, and wondered if the god hadn’t been playing around with them all evening just to lighten the mood.

If he had, it was working. It was unusual for them all to look this happy. And not that he would admit it, but Tony liked it.

“Maybe you should also show him how to work the toaster,” Bruce suggested as he swept the blackened mass off into the trash compactor.

Author:  Juliette [ June 11th, 2012, 2:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Avengers, Assemble! (Private RP)

"Toaster? What is this device you speak of?" Thor picked up one of the wet towels and wiped the counter down, spilling the rest of the burnt crumbs all over the floor without a blink of an eye.

"Ohhhh no. No one is going to teach him to use the toaster. Next thing you know, he'll be stuffing gummi bears into it." Steve shook his head as he freed the chicken thighs from the plastic wrap and seasoned them with salt and pepper. Bruce moved to the stove and drizzled a pan with olive oil as Steve had instructed him to do earlier. As they waited for it to heat up, he glanced at Thor before lowering his voice so that only Tony and Bruce could hear.

"How is Loki doing?"

"Fine. I gave him some medicine earlier to help with the pain, but it's going to make him drowsy for awhile. He should be conscious in about a half an hour." The doctor pushed his hair out of his eyes and turned his attention back to the salad. "What are we going to do when he does?"

"We have to get him to eventually open up about how he escaped Asgard. Keeping him here can be risky, especially if the big guy who is chasing him realizes that he's in our realm." Steve sighed. "But Thor hasn't fully recovered yet. And until he does, I don't feel comfortable letting him transport both of them out of here."

"You've got a point. What do you think, Tony?"

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