Lamford House ( A Downton Era RP)
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Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ June 7th, 2012, 4:39 pm ]
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As soon as she'd heard her father's voice greeting their guest in the entrance hall, Susan had been on her feet, concealing her letter from Nancy inside her dress pocket. Without a moment's hesitation, she exited the breakfast room and headed towards where she was meant to be - in a graceful and leisurely manner, of course. Unladylike deportment was never to be allowed. As she walked along a long corridor, which was decorated with ornate mirrors, multiple Susans smiled in the shimmering glass, ethereal in the flawless violet silk of her dress. No one looking at her could have guessed how very out of sorts she felt; but of course, that was just how she wanted it.

She greeted Mark de Clare like the lady of the house, reaching Lord Maxwell's side and resting a hand on the sleeve of her father's suit. Susan allowed herself only a moment or so to look De Clare up and down, judging how he might have changed in appearance or manners during his time away. She felt incredibly sorry for him, thinking of how he'd lost his parents in such a terrible way. She would do her best, she decided, to be especially kind and hospitable to him whilst he was visiting. Who knows, she could even subtly persuade him to stay the whole day! His own house would seem very empty now, and the Maxwells were renowned throughout the county for their hospitality to friends.

"We are so glad to see you," Susan said to Mark with a smile. "Are we not, father?" With these words she turned her head towards Lord Maxwell, before looking back to Mark. "It is only so unfortunate that we meet you again under such sad circumstances." With supreme effort, her voice did not wobble over this sentence; she was still thinking about the letter she'd just read. "We were just about to have breakfast - please, won't you join us?"

Author:  Will [ June 11th, 2012, 6:10 pm ]
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A young man, who could not conceal the look of surprise on his face, opened the door. Mark could not recall that he had seen the footman before, but then it was a long time ago since he had last been at Lamford. He greeted the boy politely and entered the house. But before he could excuse himself for his arrival at this uncivil hour and explain his business, Lord Maxwell, who seemed to be less surprised to see him, already descended the grand stairs.

He shook hands amicably with Lord Maxwell and thanked him for his condolences. It had been long since he had last seen him and undoubtedly Lord Maxwell was reminded as well of the circumstances under which they met then. Years had passed and even though Maxell’s characteristic smile was still the same, his face was marked by lines of tiredness and his grey hairs started to show, indicating that his worries had not ceased over time. Immediately, Mark regretted that he had not visited the Maxwells sooner. Had his antipathy for his parents made him so blind that he had turned away from his acquaintances and friends as well?

He let the footman take his coat, but he was distracted for a moment when the footsteps of a woman echoed through the hall. Lady Susan joined Lord Maxwell’s side and Mark was amazed: the last time they had met, Susan had been only a girl, but like a flourishing flower she had bloomed and now obviously taken the place of Lady of the house.

“Lady Susan,” Mark smiled, while taking her hand, “it has been too long. Please, let me apologise for the hour. I did not want to interrupt your breakfast and it was very inconsiderate of me to think that your father would talk about business before breakfast.”

Inwardly he laughed at himself. This display, with all its prescribed dialogues and manners, it was not like him, not like he wanted to be. And suddenly he realised that this was the reason why he did not come around anymore.

“If you insist, I will join you for breakfast and I was hoping to have a moment to speak with you afterwards, Sir,” he said, turning to Lord Maxwell. He followed the father and daughter into the breakfast parlour. “How is Lady Josephine?” he inquired. “I hope she is well?”


“I will make sure that it won’t happen again, M’lady,” Liv said, opening the curtains of Josie’s four poster bed. She would make sure that she would inform the new maid about her duties and the customs of Lamford House, without telling Mrs Millward –the house keeper- of course.

She opened Josephine’s wardrobe, looking for the dress she had mentioned. Whenever, browsing through their wardrobes, Liv envied the girls, as the both Susan and Josephine owned the most luxurious dresses of the latest fashion. It was a trait of Lord Maxwell to spoil his girls now and then, especially after they had lost their mother. She took Josephine’s blue dress with the sailor collar from the coat hanger and arranged it on the bed. “Wonderful choice,” Olivia said smiling, “the colour suits you very well..-”
Abruptly, she paused upon hearing the bell of the front door and loud voices from downstairs. For a moment she looked at Lady Josephine, who seemed just as surprised as she was. “I believe so, my Lady, but I am not sure if Lord Maxwell was expecting anyone.” It was indeed strange that there was a visitor as this hour, as usually Lord Maxwell would only receive guests after ten o’clock, when he retired to his library. “Come, let me help you with the dress so you will be presentable.”

Author:  Nenriel [ June 19th, 2012, 5:45 pm ]
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Josie Slipped into the dress that Olivia held out to her, then sat back down to let the maid pull her hair up into a full coiffure. She was young yet, so her long hair was then tied back into a wide blue ribbon.

She dabbed a bit of lavender- rose perfume onto her neck and wrists, and then was off. A swift thanks to Olivia and she was skipping down the grand stairs to the main hall. She smiled when she saw Mark in the light of the still open doorway.

Before her sister could answer she jumped in and bubbily replied, "I'm just fine Mr. De Claire! And it's wonderful to see you as well!"

Author:  Will [ July 10th, 2012, 1:28 pm ]
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Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ July 15th, 2012, 8:35 am ]
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Susan settled down at the breakfast table, observing her younger sister carefully. Was that… rouge she spotted on her cheeks? Sometimes, she really quite worried about Josephine. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her waking hours were so out of sorts! However, seeing as the family was in company, Susan held her tongue and kept a smile on her face, buttering a piece of toast.

“We are all well, as you can see, Mr. De Clare,” she informed Mark from across the table. “But pray tell us how you yourself have been faring; we have been so very concerned. I hope you know that you are a very dear friend to us.”

Beneath the tabletop, she fidgeted with the letter, wondering how on earth she would tell her father of yet more bad news. She hated being the bearer of evil tidings; Susan was a person who liked to keep everyone happy. And yet these were dark days that threatened to deny the very existence of happiness. As she picked up her cup of tea, without her notice the letter slipped off of her lap, landing beneath the table.

Author:  Will [ July 18th, 2012, 5:00 am ]
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Mark seated himself at the family table, thanking the butler for the cup of tea that was immediately offered to him. He flashed a smile when Josephine entered the breakfast parlour, cheerful as ever, not missing Susan's disapproving glare.

"I'm well enough considering the situation. My brother only informed me of this dreadful news two days ago, so I came out here at once to deal with all the affairs." Fatigue was more apparent on his face than grief as he spoke. This was not because of capability of masking his feelings, but just because he was not sure how he felt about all that had happened.

Mark took a thoughtful sip of tea, glancing around the table at the family, which was marked by loss as well. It had affected them all, but in different ways. The one had lost her innocence way too quickly, while the other longed to never grow up.

“There will be a memorial ceremony in the village next Sunday, which is partly the cause of my visit. I wanted to invite you personally, as I know that you all knew my parents well.” He looked at Susan. “But also because Lamford still holds a special place in my heart.”


After Josephine had rushed of, Olivia finished tidying her room and then returned with a pile of laundry back downstairs, resisting the temptation to take a detour through the hallway to catch a glimpse of this very early visitor. She was Head Housemaid and had to set the right example for the other maids.

When entering the servant hall downstairs, she glanced at Raleigh, realising that it was him who had opened the door. “So, who was this stranger who dared to disturb Lady Susan’s breakfast?” she smiled. “I believe Lady Josephine’s was down for breakfast in less than an eye wink.”

Author:  Will [ August 23rd, 2012, 10:08 am ]
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