The Darkness is the Light [Private]
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Author:  Calloniel (PD) [ December 16th, 2012, 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  The Darkness is the Light [Private]

The Darkness is the Light
A PD and Ara RP Production

Gage Kingsley
Thomas Kingsley
Denera Delmati
Reece Larke


Dark gray clouds started to fill the sky; it was going to be a dark night now that the sun was setting. Here and there long shadows stretched over the uneven cobblestones and reached out for her. Reece's pulse was beginning to quicken as she saw these signs of the oncoming darkness. She couldn’t spend another night out on the streets. Last night had been the worst with the unfamiliar noises, men’s voices, rats, and stray dogs and the hunger. Over anything else, her hunger was the worst. Her hand covered the gentle rise of her stomach that was mostly disguised behind ruffles of her faded and dirtied pink gown. She had discovered she was pregnant while on their trip to England. The memory shot back to her and smacked her hard in the head and she had to sit down on a barrel outside the baker's shop for a minute and breathe. She tried to steady her breath, which was shaking now, and her eyes were burning and her throat was swelling up. She recalled when she had told him, he had been so thrilled. She could still feel his arms wrapped around her waist, his fingers digging into the small of her back as he spun her in a circle. He had talked of the work he would get when they landed, he talked of the cottage he would buy for her, he talked of how they would raise their baby, he talked of all the promise their future had. It was a future that she no longer had after that hurricane. She felt sick at the memory of the waves crashing against the side of the ship, it nauseated her even on dry land to remember the yells of the sailors and to remember the wave that washed over the deck and took him with it as it rejoined the ocean. Her throat burned and she knew that it wasn't only the memories that were nauseating her.

She quickly hopped off her seat and ripped the top off the barrel and let the contents of her stomach loose into it without even looking to see what goods were stored inside. She could sense people's eyes on her and she could only imagine what they were thinking of her. The taste in her mouth was foul and she ran the back of her bare hand against her lips in a sad attempt to clean herself up a little. Two lines of tears trailed over her cheeks and dripped into the barrel as well and she sniffed. When her blue eyes looked back up she realized more and more people were noticing her. It was time to leave here too.

With as much dignity as she could muster, she smoothed out her skirts and her dirty blonde hair and put her nose up and tried to walk past everyone without paying them any attention at all. It was easier said than done as she felt all eyes on her and she could hear them whispering behind her. She knew she was a sight to behold and she knew she smelled terrible and that the vomit (which was mostly just empty, burning bile from her stomach) didn’t help.

As soon as she was out of their sight, she darted around a corner in the street and kept running. She pulled up her skirts and her shoes clacked against the stones in the street until one caught her wrong and she went tumbling. She shrieked but didn't hit the ground. Instead she fell right into someone...

(figuring this could be Gage)

While Reece was beginning to cry uncontrollably and apologize outside, inside of the shop right beside where she had fallen, Tom was looking out. He wasn’t paying any attention to the street though. He was watching the skies. What was left of the sun had sunk behind some dark gray storm clouds and the shadows had faded out completely. He slipped his large hat from his head and spun it around in his right hand before turning back into the shop. The owner of the store was talking with Denny about something, Tom only picked up on a word here and a word there. Both of them seemed pretty interested by the conversation though.

He pulled a toy Jacob’s Ladder off a shelf and played with it, chuckling in mild, bored amusement before slipping it into his pocket. Thomas' hair was a smooth dark brown and cut short. His clothes were all dark and covered most of his body although now that wouldn't be necessary with the sun gone down for the night. Normally, he didn’t make stealing a habit, then again, normally he didn’t make drinking a habit either but he had grown quite fond of it lately.

He moved up to the front counter and listened in on their conversation. "Come on, Den," he whispered in her ear, his lips barely moving. He leaned an elbow against the hard oak countertop with his back to the owner and his front facing the door, "we have bigger things to do then discuss silk versus cotton with this bag of meat."

About the only thing he had on his mind was going down to the tavern to have a drink or two (or three or possibly four) and find a couple of nice ladies to divulge in. That had been his nightly ritual since his father had died and it seemed to help him cope with the anger and sorrow that he felt.

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ December 17th, 2012, 12:39 am ]
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Denera’s nostrils flared impatiently at him as a warning that would no doubt go unheeded. Tom never took her as serious as she would have liked, but after so many decades of her hollow intimidation attempts, he seemed to just brush them off. She glanced towards the salesman who looked a bit confused and wary of the man that had his back to him, and she offered him a sweet smile though inside she was feeling anything but.

“Thank you, sir, but I will have to come back another time and decide,” she graciously nodded her head before grabbing Tom’s arm and all but yanking him outside into the chill December air. Denera ripped the veiled hat from her head with one hand and used the other to point a finger at him, almost prodding his chest with it. “Rude,” she hissed. “You could have spared me another moment. The sun isn’t even all the way descended just yet and your whores will be at the tavern until it rises again.” Her tone was as biting as the cold wind that whipped her blonde curls and swung the wooden store sign hanging above the business they had just exited. She turned away from him, completely finished with the eldest Kingsley son and now looking towards the youngest, who had potentially just discovered tonight’s dinner.

Without a word, she started making her way down the cobblestone street, pushing past people without a second glance or an apology. Her sights were fixed on the boy and his new acquaintance, a certain hunger rising from deep within that was unlike the normal sort she had felt as a human. This hunger was different and could only by sated by one thing: blood.


Gideon raised a dark eyebrow down at her, having caught the woman just before she would have hit the ground. He was just about ready to tell the dirty girl to take a long walk off a short dock, but his insult was interrupted by the woman’s frantic sobs and sputtered apologies. It caught him off guard and he normally would have just set her straight and gone about his business, but this woman was holding his attention and mostly for the wrong reasons.

He sniffed at the stench of vomit and wondered where she’d come from and what she’d been doing – though perhaps it was better not to know since it was none of his business and if she were at all respectable, she wouldn’t look like… that. But then again, London received many newcomers arriving each day looking somewhat like this girl before him. She seemed desperate and strange enough, that was for certain.

“Do you… need help?” he asked slowly in his thick English accent. Concern was leaking out on his voice but he had to keep his guard up because there was no telling who this woman was or what her intentions were. For all he knew, she could be some miserable street urchin with cannibalistic intents, or maybe she wasn’t as bad as he was making her out to be. Either way, he helped her to her feet and tipped his hat at her, bidding her a good evening. He turned to find that Denera and Thomas were headed towards him, neither of them looking too happy.

Author:  Will [ December 18th, 2012, 5:40 am ]
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Hey girls!
Nice to have you back here! :hug:
Any chance you also will be starting any open RPs? :happy:

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ December 19th, 2012, 4:13 am ]
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[[Hey Will, long time no see :hug: We probably are going to, once we get back into the swing of roleplaying again :) ]]

Author:  Calloniel (PD) [ January 2nd, 2013, 5:31 pm ]
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Tom's bitter laugh met her back. Damnit, she had already turned away from him. Still, the corners of his mouth twitched upward in disdain and his nose crinkled as he watched her move away from him and down the narrow, darkening street. What did she really know about him? Only what she pretended to know. He absentmindedly rubbed his hand over his chest where she had pointed. His hand found its way above his heart. There was no murmur there - there never would be again - there was just a dull, still ache. "Go ahead and sit on your pedestal, Den," he muttered under his breath. She had always thought herself better than he was. Truth be told, they were in the same position and she couldn't even imagine the things he had been through.

He sauntered up behind Denera and, over her shoulder, he eyed Gage's catch. The blonde girl didn't look like much, she was certainly nothing compared to what might be awaiting him in the taverns. Why were the two of them even wasting their time?

Reece's throat constricted as her sobs continued to choke her up. Her eyes were flooded with tears that she was trying to will back, "no." it was a lie. Anybody who saw her would know that it was a lie. Anybody who heard her and her strange accent would know it too. She stood before him and watched numbly as he tipped his hat. Was he going to leave her? Was the one person who had shown a tiny tad of kindness to her going to just leave? Panic swept through her. She didn't even know this man, for all she knew, he might kidnap young women like her and sell her into some form of slavery. At the same time, she couldn't just let him walk away either. She had to take a chance.

"Please," her voice gave away her panic, "please don't just leave. I don't know where to go or who to trust... and... and I'm pregnant."

She finally noticed that there were other people who stood behind this man. And there was a woman! A woman might have more sympathy with her situation. She kept her pleading eyes trained on Denera.

By this point, Thomas arched a brow and tried to make eye contact with Gage or Denny, either one. This was a curious situation they had stumbled upon and maybe they could have some fun with the girl.

[hi, Will!!! It's nice to see you again too! :)]

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ March 14th, 2013, 10:09 pm ]
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Pregnant. The word echoed in her ears and sent haunting chills down her spine. Denera raised an eyebrow at Reece, this girl certainly having piqued her interest. She would have time to deal with Thomas and his attitude later. For now, the only thing in her mind was the blonde woman before her – a mirror image of her past.

“Gideon,” she purred smoothly. “I believe this situation requires a woman’s touch?” She caught his gaze and smiled as she walked by him, but there was something darker in her eyes. He knew she would not harm this girl – not with a baby at stake – and so he stepped aside to let Denera handle this.

She stood in front of Reece, reaching out to the girl. “We would not harm an expectant mother,” she said, making sure it was clear to Tom and Gage that they were not to drink her blood. Not yet at least. Once the baby was birthed, well, then it might be a different story. “I know all too well what it is to be with child, alone and frightened.” Her voice was low, sympathetic. She managed a sympathetic look, tinged with sadness and sorrow.

Gage wasn’t sure of Denera’s true intentions, but if they at least got this girl to trust them, she wouldn’t have to spend another night out on the street. Their home was dark but provided plenty of shelter from the weather and wandering eyes. The girl might not like the look of it (much less the backstory) but if she was desperate enough – and she appeared to be – then it didn’t matter what their home was like. So long as she was safe inside it. He looked to his brother, shrugging slightly. Denera seemed to have this under control so he didn’t want to step between the women and make Denny angry.

“You can come and stay with us, if you would like. It is nice and quiet at least, since we are what you’d call night owls. So you could at least rest while we are out.” She took Reece’s hand and gave it a comforting squeeze, marveling at how warm her skin was. How warm the blood that ran beneath could be.

[[I figured maybe they could live in a gothic style church, that has been closed down/abandoned because it’s not an average church, but rather one of Satanic worship? ]]

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