To The End [Private]
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Author:  Bellatrix [ May 13th, 2013, 7:49 pm ]
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To The End
Sorry guys, this is a private RP between myself and motorkitty.

Genre: Horror / Zombies
Set: United Kingdom

Bella's Characters:

Evan Grace Reynolds / Age 22

Lindsey James / Age 13

Rick Grimes / Age 35

Amy's Characters:

Paige Martin, Age 21

Leah Wilson, Age 19

Shaun Mason / Age 25

Let the apocalypse begin...

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 12:43 pm ]
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Except for the crickets and Lindsey's soft breathing the air was silent. Although it was eerie in the darkness of the night, she felt gratitude most of all. Whenever there was silence, it meant the Others weren't near. Evan's mind always referred to them as "Others", simply because there was no better word for them. When everything happened, when her world had been turned upside down, it had all happened too quickly. With the blink of an eye she'd seen her friends, family, neighbors and the rest of the people she knew either die horribly to stay dead, or die horribly but get back up on their feet. She couldn't explain it and she didn't know if she even wanted to. A huff of air escaped her lips as Lindsey turned in her sleep, the once shiny golden hair now stripy and bland. Evan hadn't known Lindsey before. Before everything. But by chance they'd ended up together and now that they had no one else they clung to each other like best friends. Like sisters.

For the past few days Evan had lost track of where they were, because after the herd of Others they encountered outside of Birmingham the pair had stayed off the roads completely. Evan wasn't from there, she was a London girl through and through. If she'd known the world was going to end she'd never have gotten on the train to visit her grandmother in Manchester. She'd have stayed with her parents, only to see them for a little while longer. Of course they were gone now, they had to be, just like Lindsey's family. At least Evan hadn't been forced to witness the death of her loved ones. At least there was that.

When her eyelids got too heavy to keep open any longer Evan adjusted her back against the trunk of the tree and put her right hand on Lindsey's head, resting in her lap. Whatever would come tomorrow Evan knew she had to be prepared, and that she wouldn't like it one bit.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 1:32 pm ]
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"Well, the good thing is at least it's not our blood, y'know?"

It was Leah who broke the tense silence, her attempt at humour going down like a lead balloon. Paige shot her a look that she hoped conveyed a clear message to shut the hell up, then looked back at the building they were standing in front of.

It was an old building, rustic-looking, possibly an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. It was the kind of cottage that Paige's mum had always dreamed of moving into it, and once upon a time it may have been inviting. But now, in the dim light of dusk, it looked cold and abandoned. One of the windows was smashed and the front door was ajar and covered with flakey streaks of blood.

They two females started forward, Paige naturally taking the lead and kicking the door all the way open. She expected it to creak in protest but it opened smoothly and silently and for that she was grateful. Clutching the knife in her hand tightly, she started through the house, thankful there was no upstairs to check. They worked their way through each room until they were sure they were alone, then retreated into the living room.

"Well, at least now we can relax," Leah spoke again, her voice still optomistic. Paige barely resisted the urge to roll her eyes as they both collapsed onto the sofa.

Paige had never been one to think about the apoccolypse or monsters, but if she had she never would have thought she'd be teamed up in that kind of situation with a girl like Leah.

They'd met by sheer chance. Leah had been at a concert and it took so long for people to realise the screaming wasn't just excited fans that it was too late for almost everyone trapped there. The only reason Leah had gotten out was by slipping out the fire exit for a cigarette not long before all hell broke loose. When it all kicked off, Leah had found what looked like an old warehouse and barricaded herself in. That's where Paige had found her. One of the back rooms in the warehouse was where she took her dance classes, cheap but effective. By chance the two of them were flung together and now here they were, fighting for their lives and Leah thought they could relax.

Paige thought once again about striking off alone, but she didn't move from the sofa, just listened to the sound of Leah's breathing and waiting for the next thing to go wrong.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 2:02 pm ]
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It was the rain that awoke them, while the sky was still hanging on to the last bits of night. Lindsey moved into a sitting position, quickly, startled, eyes wild.

"Calm down," Evan ushered, reaching for the younger girl. "Look up."

Sure enough. Lindsey looked up and saw the weeping sky and relaxed again. A sheepish expression formed on her features. "Sorry. I thought it was..."

The sentence didn't need to be completed. Out in the open like they were, being awoken by a sudden rainfall was the least of their worries. If one of the Others had come upon them they might not have had a chance to escape. There'd already been too many close-calls.

"C'mon, we might as well keep walking." Evan got to her feet, brushing herself off, while Lindsey did the same.

They weren't completely without aim, Lindsey had suggested they headed for Wales, because her grandparents had a cottage out there, and hope sparked in her voice when she dropped the words. Evan knew that there was no hope to find any living relatives there but since she didn't have anywhere else for them to go it seemed as good an option as any. Together they picked up what little supplies they had; a water bottle, a knife, an axe, a tattered blanket and a flashlight they used only for emergencies. They'd had more, just like their pair hadn't always been just a pair. There'd been others. There'd been guns. Rifles. But now only Evan and Lindsey remained although Evan didn't know why. Neither had any idea how to fight, Lindsey even less so, and they weren't sharp or fast or anything else that seemed to matter so much in their ruined world. But they were alive and Evan intended to keep them that way.

"Got everything?" she asked after gripping the axe again, feeling confident simply by being armed.


In silence Evan looked around for the markings she'd left the night before in the trees painting their already wandered route; they'd head in the opposite direction. Neither could know for sure that they were heading in the right direction, but without a map or any sense of localisation they couldn't do anything but walk and hope for the best. Slowly, while the rain forced their torn clothes to cling to their bodies, Evan picked up a train of small talk. Deep within herself Evan had already given up, accepting that there was no reason left to fight, but for Lindsey she would keep the facade up for as long as possible. She'd radiate hope and strength. There wasn't much else she could do, but she could keep her companion alive, and she would, any means possible.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 3:00 pm ]
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Leah had no problem getting to sleep and staying asleep but Paige was awake for hours after Leah's soft snoring had stirded. She flicked her knife from hand to hand, practising lunges and jabs and stabbing motions. She was thankful now for her older sister's insistance that she came with him to his self-defence classes, not many months before the outbreak had happened. Paige was also thankful she hadn't been forced to put it into practise too much, thankful that Leah and her hadn't encountered too many of the hoards of creatures that had once been human.

A wave of weariess washed over Paige and she put her head in her hands, fighting back the urge to sob. She missed her family, her friends, her routine- she missed her old life. She didn't know how it had gotten like this but she knew she'd trade anything to change it back.

Taking a deep breath, she resisted the urge to break down completely. She couldn't afford to think about her old life, it was in the past and she'd never get it back. Crying wouldn't solve anything.

She looked over at the still, sleeping form that was Leah. Neither of them had talked about the people they'd lost or left behind but Paige didn't doubt that Leah was hurting too. But she still managed to rest peacefully.

Paige closed her eyes, curling up and waiting for sleep to take her away. It seemed like only seconds had passed when suddely Leah was shaking her awake, hissing that somebody was trying to get in the back door.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 3:22 pm ]
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Lindsey's hand shot out suddenly, grabbing onto the wet fabric of Evan's torn gray sweater. Before she could ask, Lindsey had placed a finger over her lips, begging for her to remain silent. With a twitch of her neck in the direction Lindsey was pointing Evan saw them instantly. Four of them. Others. People who had died but refused to remain that way. Her heart instantly shot up into her throat and a protective arm wrapped around the young girl by her side. Lindsey was looking at Evan expectantly, waiting for direction; Evan didn't know how to give them.

After a silent pause where they both stood frozen Evan moved slightly to her left, her worn sneakers avoiding anything on the soft ground that might give away their position. The rain had stopped, but the air was still damp and the ground slippery. Through-out her life Evan had seen a number of zombie movies - and she did assume that the Others were zombies, somehow - where sometimes the creatures managed to run and other times just stumble. These ones, the real ones, ran. And they were fast. And they weren't dumb. Not smart, but not dumb. If they heard you they'd be over you in a heartbeat and the only way to make sure they didn't get their teeth stuck in your flesh was to smash their brain to pieces. Only then did their bodies remain still on the ground.

Within seconds Lindsey had caught on to what Evan was doing; she was aiming for a larger oak, one they could stand behind until the Others had passed. Even with their small weapons they'd be stupid to attack, trying to stay hidden were their best bet. They could run, but with the ground treacherously wet there were no guarantees.


The soft sound echoed like a gunshot. Lindsey hadn't meant to. Hadn't meant to. It was an accident. Her wide eyes, now brimmed with tears, caught sight of Evan's equally fearful ones. The branch had snapped under Lindsey's foot and the Others had all stopped, instantly, their dead eyes now searching for the source. The two girls weren't safe yet, not tucked behind the tree yet. They would be seen, and then they would be hunted.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 4:31 pm ]
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Immeadiatly Paige was wide awake, hand wrapped tight around the handle of the knife as she slid off the sofa into a crouch, pulling Leah down with her. She listened hard, hearing the thumps and crashes coming from the back door situated in the kitchen. She cursed herself under her breath for letting her guard down. They should have taken turns sleeping so one was always on guard. Instead they'd both passed out and it was only sheer luck that they weren't dead already.

"Have you got any weapons?" She asked Leah, keeping her voice low, then bit back another curse when the younger female shook her head. It must have fallen out of the belt she insisted on tucking it into- ignoring Paige's advice to always have it on hand. "Here, take this."

She shoved her long knife into Leah's hand and then on her hands and knees made her to the cupboard in the hall. Out there the banging and grunts at the door were much louder and Paige felt her skin break out in goosebumps. She fought back the terror as she eased the closet door open enough to slip inside. Hands outstretched she felt blindly around the tiny space, praying to feel a toolbox or anything like that which might carry a screwdriver or something like that. In the darkness her hand knocked something soft and round, a football or something and it rolled out of reach again, knocking into something that hit the ground with a metal clang. Paige's hand shot out for it, fingers curling around a hard object, impossible to identify in the darkness but it felt sturdy and heavy in her hand. She backed out of the closet and once she was returned to the light she saw that her find was a metal crowbar, slightly dusty but easy to swing and no doubt would come in handy.

Returning to the living room, she beckoned for Leah to follow her and then they ventured over to the kitchen together. The previous owner of the house had obviously been bad at DIY or had attempted to keep the zombies out because the handle was missing on the door, leaving only a small hole where it had once been. That explained why the zombies hadn't already gotten in here, and the windows were boarded over so they couldn't get access through them either. But the door was already buckling from the relentless pounding on the other side.

"What do we do?" Leah asked, her eyes wide as she looked at Paige. She looked terrified, her face covered in patches of dirt and grime but she still looked young. They were both too young to be making these kind of decisions. Fight or flight? Die sooner or die later? Paige didn't know and it was no use pretending she did. She was just as scared as Leah, she just buried it under quiet anger. She didn't know what to choose.

The decision was made for her when the door finally gave way and the creatures spilled into the kitchen wth them, hungry eyes roaming the empty room until they landed on the girls crouched by the door. The one nearest them let out an inhuman screech and was upon them in seconds.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 4:45 pm ]
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The decision was made in Evan's mind in the split of a second. Her free hand harshly grabbed onto Lindsey's dark coat and she shoved her with all her might towards the nearest tree.

"Climb!" she demanded, voice sharp. Her companion didn't waste any time, and with her heart beating so hard in her chest that Evan thought her ribs might crack she continued pushing Lindsey up as the girl did her best to make her way up the tree.

Growls and snarls made their way into Evan's consciousness and she found herself thinking a million thoughts at once. Curses flooded her mind as well as the images of loved ones. Of that girl next door she never liked, the cute cashier at Sainsbury's. The hand gripping the axe started aching as she made herself prepared, the dead too close for comfort. Two of them had split away from the others and were advancing fast, too fast. Lindsey was still within reach and there was no room for Evan to follow when they were only meters away. In a determined stance - although all Evan really wanted to do was sit down and cry - she raised her weapon and readied herself for the first strike.

When it - once a woman with raven hair and a fancy wardrobe, now a stinking corpse with rotting eyes and a broken arm - lounged Evan was ready, and the axe fell, making contact with the flesh and digging itself deeper and deeper into it. The creature didn't yell out, as Evan would have if she'd been violently attacked, it simply stilled and fell to the ground as gently as if it'd done so on purpose. Sweat beaded on Evan's brow when the next thing - it - body - dead - other - zombie - attacked and this time her left foot slipped on the ground beneath her and she missed with her first strike.

Curses made their way through her mind but her lips remained silent. The hands of the Other, the dead, grasped for her clothes, its teeth snapping dangerously. Behind it more of them followed, and if Evan didn't quickly dispose of the one - a man - clinging to her she would have no chance to survive.

"Not today," she thought and steadied herself, pushing the thing with all her might until it too stumbled and fell.


The cry from Lindsey came at the same time that Evan disposed of that Other too and without hesitation she lounged towards the tree, the axe falling from her grip mindlessly; there was no time to tuck it away into her belt and no time to bring it with her. Dead hands fumbled for her legs just as she pulled them out of reach, sweat now pooling at the small of her back too. It wasn't until it dawned on her that she was still alive, and that Lindsey was too, that Evan realized she was crying.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 5:39 pm ]
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It was thanks to her dancing training that Paige managed to dodge the reach of the zombie that dove for her. Lunging out the way she crashed into Leah, both of them screaming as the zombies advanced, quick and deadly.

Leah pushed Paige off her, scrambling away from her and backing into the corner, still screaming. Paige kicked out at the zombie she'd originally dodged, as it reached to grab her ankle. Her heart was hammering in her chest, the only thing that seperated her from these monsters. They may have managed to walk around but they were dead and she was still alive. And she wanted desperately to stay that way, no matter how horrible it got her survival instincts always kicked in and screamed at her to fight for her life.

Paige struggled to her feet and lashed out with the crowbar, thanking the Gods for it as it smashed into the face of the now closest zombie. His nose crumbled in on his rotting face, one eye already missing. He barely seemed to notice until Paige struck again, this time splitting open his forehead. He let out a low noise that was almost like a hiss and lunged forward, pinning her to the wall as he tried to get her neck. Looking past him as she strugged, she saw that there was only three of them. The old man, the younger dark-skinned woman who had been the first to attack and one that was impossible to identify as the flesh was so rotten it looked ready to crumble into nothingness.

"Leah! Leah!" She screamed at her companion, who was still screaming and backing away from the advancing other two zombies, totally forgetting about the knife in her hand. "They're weak, Leah! Just use the knife and-"

She was cut off as the male pinning her almost managed to sink his teeth into her cheek and she grunted as she tried to get his body away from hers. The other two zombies were smaller, scrawnier, looked ready to die for real this time. But this one had obviously fed more recently judging by the strength in his arms. Paige kept wriggling, dodging his teeth and managing to lean forward enough so her full body weight was behind the shove that got him off her. He stumbled backwards and she went with him, both crashing into the floor.

Trying to ignore the dizziness threatening to overwhelm her, she grabbed the edge of the kitchen counter they'd landed next to and pulled herself up, her arms screaming in protest. But she wasn't ready to give up and once she was standing she slammed her crowbar down with all her strength onto the zombie's skull, blood and flesh spilling, darker and congealed than a living human's but disgusting nonetheless. He writhed underneath her but she kept hitting, screaming as she did so until he was still. Once Paige was satisfied he was dead, she turned to help her friend. It didn't matter how different Leah and her were, they were living and these creatures weren't. It was them or the monsters and Paige would be damned if she let the monsters win.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 5:53 pm ]
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"It's okay," Lindsey whispered and Evan wanted to slap herself when she heard the comforting tone in the girl's voice. It should be her weeping and Evan consoling her.

"I'm sorry," Evan stuttered out, the arm that wasn't wrapped tightly around the trunk reached for Lindsey. "Thank you."

There was a moment of calm when they just stared at each other, the gentlest of smiles tugging at both of their faces. But then the snarles reached them and they were thrown back into reality. They were safe, but for how long? Evan hissed and fidgeted, managing to lean so she could look down towards the creatures. Four of the monsters, two of the humans. The odds didn't convince Evan of anything but their mortality. Although the zombies, things, did possess some form of intelligence still they couldn't figure out how to climb the tree that for now offered Evan and Lindsey protection, but in the months that had passed since the world crashed Evan had never seen one of them starve.

They'd slow down when their rotting corpses hadn't fed in too long - but they had never died from it. Or re-died from it, Evan corrected herself in her mind. Their options were slim. Stay or go. Die in the tree from starvation or die on the ground trying to fight the dead. Evan didn't like either option.

"What are we going to do?" Lindsey asked, her voice tense. Her blonde hair hung in a tangled mess around her frightened face and Evan tried to form an answer.

"I don't know," she admitted at last. She shook her head, despair filling her soul to the core. "I don't know."

Without the axe the only weapon that remained was Lindsey's knife, and it wouldn't do them any good against two walkers let alone four. Morning had now reached them and the weak sun was kissing the sun to their right. But the daylight offered no comfort.

"We'll just wait, for now," Evan decided. They'd made it up the tree, they were still alive, there was no point in challenging that yet.

Lindsey nodded but Evan could see the realization on her face. She knew too, in what kind of trouble they were, and how unlikely it was that they'd both make it out alive. The noises from the monsters never stopped, it was forever relentless, grunts and growls replacing each other and with the snapping of teeth soaring through Evan's mind like lightning strikes. Even when everything first went wrong, even when she'd run out of her house to escape her changed grandmother in her pajamas, even then it'd seem like maybe there'd be a tomorrow. Now Evan wondered if they'd even see the night return.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 6:41 pm ]
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Paige was surprised to see that Leah was managing to hold her own against the other two, even if she was still screaming at the top of her lungs and covered in blood and gore. The orginal zombie had backed Leah into a corner but the female draw back her knife and plunged it into the side of her head, the blade sliding in to the hilt. The zombie twitched, lashing out at Leah in a final desperate attempt but Paige knew that her companion had the upper hand.

She was so busy watching Leah that she didn't notice the absence of the other zombie until she felt hands grab the back of her neck from behind and heard Leah scream her name.

The end of your life was supposed to consist of seeing all your important moments flash before your eyes. Learning to ride a bike, your first day of school, first kiss, getting your drivers license. Then you'd see a bright light and your family members guiding you back into their arms. But Paige knew that if a zombie had her, it would more likely consist of her watching her own insides torn out and eaten raw as she screamed for mercy.

Out of reflex, her hand tightened on her weapon but she knew it was too late as she crashed to the ground. Her head smacked back on the tiles, blurring her vision and making the room feel like it was spinning.

'This is it,' she thought. 'This is how I die.'

The figure crouched over her, hand outstretched and Paige prepared for the incoming pain. Instead the hand grasped her upper arm and pulled her into a sitting position, another hand on her lower back to make sure she didn't fall back down. Confused, she blinked at her attacker, vision clearing. Dark hair, pale skin, and most definetly not dead.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 6:48 pm ]
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"Do you think they'll leave?" Lindsey whispered, balancing slightly on the branch she was sitting. Her eyes darted down towards the ground and there was a hopeful glint in her voice. Evan knew it was useless to hope.

"I don't know," she said instead of saying what she really thought; that they might as well end it themselves because they were dead anyway. There was a small thought, tiny really, that made its way into her consciousness but when it had latched on she couldn't get rid of it.

It would be for mercy. Only for mercy. Her eyes drifted towards the knife in Lindsey's belt. She could ask for it, the girl would think nothing of it, and seconds later it could be over for her. Fear would be over. Pain would be over. Running would be over. Afterwards Evan could place the blade at her own throat and end her misery too. Although the idea should have terrified her it didn't. Evan's heart didn't race, her pulse didn't pick up. It would only be for her sake, because if there was one person who didn't deserve the indignity of being turned into a monster it was Lindsey. Lindsey deserved a first kiss, a first job, a college degree, best friends, proms and drunken nights out. She was only thirteen, for Christ's sake - why was she in that apocalypse? What had she done to deserve it?

Evan's conscience wasn't completely clean; she'd messed up in the past. Shoplifted at Waitrose's, done some underage drinking and even stole the boyfriend of a friend. Maybe she did somehow deserve to be in their position, maybe she had earned it by not being pure and kind to everyone. But Lindsey sure hadn't done anything of the sort. Never. Lindsey was innocent and she didn't deserve the fate that was waiting for them. It was only a matter of time, really. Sooner or later they would die, but Evan was determined to make sure they were allowed to stay that way.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 7:30 pm ]
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It was late morning before Paige could be convinced to to kill their guest. For the first few hours she'd been struggling to stay conscious but once she could think clearly all she could think was that she wanted to smash his head in.

"Paige, seriously, calm down," Leah begged her while Paige watched the guy through narrowed eyes. He was sitting on the kitchen counter, calm as you like, acting as if he didn't care if she was longing to use his own gun on her. It didn't matter if he'd killed the other zombie and helped them, Paige still saw him as a threat. She knew what people were like, especially in desperate situations and she didn't want to take any unnecessary risks. Plus, she'd only just learned to trust Leah and now some stranger had wandered in and was expecting her to put her life in his hands.

"Why should I?" She snapped, not bothering to keep her voice down like Leah had. Paige turned to the guy, who held her gaze, still smirking slightly. "What did you say your name was, anyway?"

"It's Shaun. Shaun Mason. I was here on business when it all kicked off," he replied, not bothered in the least by her aggresive tone. "I'm a reporter."

"And how did you get a gun here?"

"I have my ways," he continued to look unfazed by the conversation and it only infuriated Paige more. She fought her temper desperatly, remembering all those times in the past where she'd started fights over tiny reasons. It was why she started dancing, it helped her channel her anger into a more productive channel. Taking a deep breath, Paige turned her back on him, her body trembling from the effort to not punch him in his smug face. "Anyway, I've got my bike if either of you need a ride or anything."

Paige bit her lip. Of course he'd have a mode of transport, of course he'd have a place to go and a way to get there, while they were wandering blindly trying to survive. He probably knew how to get food too. It was envy mixed in with anger now, and a tiny pang of longing to let him help her. But her pride was too much. They'd made it this far themselves and she didn't want to have to change the group dynamic and make them vulnerable. What if Paige trusted him and then he betrayed them? She'd rather die than let that happen.

She turned to Leah, who was looking at her expectantly, waiting for a decision. For a moment she hesitated, wondering if she was doing the right thing, then her resolution hardened and she turned her glare on Shaun, who finally looked flustered.

"We don't need a ride and we don't need your help, so just... Just leave, okay?" Paige snarled at him and he raised his eyebrows at her, jumping down from the counter. "If I had it my way I'd have been fine smacking you in the face in revenge for almost killing me, but..." Paige glanced at Leah, who's eyes were now downcast and all her anger faded. "Whatever."

Shaun shrugged, adjusted his jacket and left the way he came, without looking back. After a few minutes they heard the revv of an engine off in the distance and they were alone again, three dead zombies at their feet.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 14th, 2013, 7:54 pm ]
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Although Evan though she could do it she realized there was no way. The look on Lindsey's face stopped her. There was hope there, in the lines and the features. Hope that Evan had lost long ago. She envied the girl for being able to keep her faith, when Evan herself thought - knew - that they were going to die, it was just a matter of when. With the sounds of the walkers dancing around in her mind she tried to figure out another course to take, one that didn't involve suicide. But there was nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Her mouth fell open for her to speak at the same time that the first gunshot hollered through the air. Now her jaw hung in surprise. Who...?

Lindsey's eyes connected with hers, and they peered down together, seeing one of the walkers fall swiftly to the ground. Another gunshot and another walker down. Evan's mouth dried up and she motioned for Lindsey to hand her the knife. Of course whoever was wielding the gun would be no match for their meek weapon - but Evan needed to hold it in her grasp anyway. She had to let her slender fingers seize the handle. Panic was rolling over her, wave after wave in sync with the loud bangs from the unknown shooter. Lindsey had a mixture of relief and fear tainting her innocent features. Evan knew why; in their world another person could mean help or it could mean harm. So many people had abandoned all sense of reason and laws - this person could be more of a danger to them than the walkers had been.

Before they'd barely been able to react all the walkers were dead and the air was completely still. Silent. Lindsey made a motion to speak but Evan quickly held her hand up, stopping her. If they were lucky the stranger wasn't aware of their presence. While her heart buzzed in her ears Evan looked through the branches as best she could, doing her best to catch a glimpse of the intruder of their territory. The first thing she saw was the gun, the black metal glimmering in the rays of sunlight that managed to find their way through the thick layer of leaves. Then she saw brown hair, broad shoulders, and a tan shirt. Evan held a breath captive in her lungs until they ached but she was too scared to grant them what they wanted. They had to be silent. Completely silent.

His movements were swift and graceful, but he still managed to break a twig here and there and soon he was below them, inspecting the pile of dead quickly. Maybe looking for something useful. Evan didn't know, all she could hear was a loud ringing in her ears and all she was aware of was the sweat building at the nape of her neck. Lindsey still looked like she wanted to speak, make their presence known, but the glare on Evan's face prevented her from doing so.

"I know you're up there," the man called suddenly, causing Evan to almost fall out the tree. "Hello?"

Now there was no point in staying silent anymore. No point in pretending they were only pieces of the tree, or something else inanimate.

"What do you want?" Evan called down finally, still a hand up in the air to keep her companion silent. She needed to be very careful with what they let slip, and Lindsey wasn't known for knowing what the right thing to say was. Although Evan didn't know that either, to be fair.

"To see if you're okay. I did just save your lives." There was something smug in his voice and Evan wanted to climb down and kick it off in a swift movement.

"Who says we wouldn't have made it anyway?" Evan countered.

"Common sense," came the reply and Evan's face burned with agitation.

Whoever he was she longed to slap him so hard in the face he'd forget his own name.

Author:  motorkitty [ May 14th, 2013, 8:10 pm ]
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Leah and Paige didn't talk after Shaun left, just raided the house in silence. Leah chucked a few tins in her rucksack that weren't out of date while Paige looked in the cupboard the crowbar had been in. She found a steel baseball bat as well which she decided would come in handy, as well as on old Stanley knife which was rusted but might come in useful. She shoved her crowbar and the knife in her rucksack, the bat too large to fit in with the rest of her stuff. She had a few tins of soup and spaghetti in there, a spare sweater and jeans that she'd had with her at the dance studio and her old mobile phone. It had long since ran out of battery but she was too scared to let it go. Just in case one day she found society again and her family were alive and trying to contact her.

"You ready to go, Leah?" Paige asked when she returned to the kitchen. She was trying hard to be nice, even though she wasn't good at it. When she was at school nearly all the boys called her a cold and frigid until her nickname became 'Ice Queen.' She'd carried on the attitude nonetheless.

Leah nodded, avoiding Paige's gaze. She realized with a sinking feeling in her stomach that the other girl had wanted to team up with Shaun. She didn't blame her, really. Leah was the more upbeat one, the trusting one, the optomistic one- even if she was a little flakey and not exactly the most reliable person in the world, and she was the kind of girl who believed everyone was as nice as her. Paige knew better, knew what people were really like, but she still felt like she'd betrayed Leah somehow, even though she'd only been trying to help her. A wild urge to run after Shaun was stamped out with the logic he would be far gone now and it'd make her look like a fool.

Refusing to let it get to her, she forced a smile on her face and grabbed a large bread knife from one of the counters and handed it to Leah, who stuck it into her belt without a word. Instead of waiting for Paige to lead the way like she normally did, she stomped out the broken back door and outside, Paige scurrying after her, guilt and worry and regret weighing heavy on her, her stomach twisting in knots. She hoped her decision wouldn't affect her and Leah too much. She had been trying to do the right thing after all. And plus, she reasoned, her guilt turning to annoyance, Leah could have said something. It's not like it was all her fault.

Feeling better, even if only slightly, Paige picked up the pace, taking a practise swing with the bat and hoping she wouldn't have to use it again too soon.

Author:  Bellatrix [ May 15th, 2013, 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: To The End [Private]

In the end Evan and Lindsey decided together to leave the tree behind. The monsters were gone, and it was temporarily at least safe from them, and the stranger had technically saved their life. Although Evan did keep the knife in a steady grip, both while climbing down and when they were standing face to face with the stranger. She pushed Lindsey half-way behind her own figure, as if it would matter if the man opened fire. He had brown hair and his stubble was a witness to the time he'd spent out in the wilderness, like them. He was wearing a worn shirt and dirty jeans - just like they were.

"Are you guys alright?" he asked after a long pause. There was a tint of care in his voice, but Even couldn't determine whether it was genuine or not.

"Thanks for taking care of those things so we could climb down," Evan started, her voice cold. "But we're not out to get to know anyone. We just want to keep on moving."

There was another patch of silence and Evan's grip on the knife tightened as he seemed to hesitate. His hands still held the gun at ready and there was no way for Evan to take him by surprise.

"Where are you headed then, if I may ask?" His voice held a heavy American accent and in spite of herself Evan found herself wondering who he was and why he was there.

"Wales," Lindsey piped up before Evan could stop her. "My grandparents have a cottage there. Had."

Not sympathy painted his features. "I've been to Wales. I have a truck just some miles from here. I was hunting when I came across those things and saw you in the tree. There's nothing left of Wales. There's no one left."

Lindsey's lower lip started trembling and instantly Evan wrapped a protective arm around her shoulders. Her eyes shot daggers towards the stranger; who was he to come here and crush the girl's hope? Even if he had saved their life.

"I'm sorry," he said. He shifted in his stance and looked around. "I'm going back to my truck and then I'm heading up, towards Scotland, you're welcome to come with me. I have some food, and another gun."

"Please, Evan can we go with him?" Lindsey asked then, turning so quickly that her hair danced in the hot mid-day air. When the sun touched it the hair still had a golden glow, but whenever it didn't it was limp and lifeless. Just like Evan's own dark hair.

"We don't need strangers," Evan said solidly to the girl. "Remember last time."

The reminder was enough to quiet the enthusiasm in Lindsey's eyes. The last time they'd trusted a stranger three of their group had died and only Lindsey and Evan got out alive. And only barely.

"I mean you no harm." He lowered the gun and tucked it into his belt, holding his hands up. "My group is gone, they all... we lost track of each other a few weeks ago. It's driving me nuts to be all alone. I just want the company."

Silence. Evan tried to decide whether he was being honest or not, but her mind drew a blank. Again she was faced with a decision she had never asked for but maybe had earned by not being good in her previous life.

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