The Marauders' Era HP roleplay
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Author:  Lhunardaien [ May 24th, 2013, 3:26 am ]
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Just before Dumbledore started his speech, Morgan gave Ermina a shy smile. Her quick flow of words reminded her of her older sisters, who could get just as excited over something. "Hi Ermina, I'm Morgan Whytlaw. I'm also very excited to be here, although honestly I'm also starting to get a bit hungry!" Hushed whispers of the students around her caused her to stop talking again, as Dumbledore had started talking.

After a speech of about five minutes, Dumbledore sat down again while wishing everyone a nice dinner. Suddenly food appeared on the golden plates and the delicious smells made Morgan's stomach rumble in response. She got a bit of everything from the plates and bowls she could reach, and she continued talking to Ermina while they ate.

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