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Author:  Lothy [ July 2nd, 2015, 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+


After the events at World's End and the Battle of the Brethren, life for the pirates is slowly starting to regain a semblance of normality. Their freedom has been won and the tides are finally flowing in their favour once more. A new adventure is unfolding and the crew of the notorious Black Pearl are ready, the puzzle of the mysterious Fountain of Youth is slowly unraveling before them.

The battle has not been forgotten, however. In London and Jamaica the East India Trading Company are recovering from their losses, determined to bring an end to the scourge of Piracy for good. When several key political and naval figures in the Caribbean are murdered, the blame is placed on the unknowing pirates and Hunter Costello-Nightingale is named the new Chairman of the Company, tasked with hunting down every last crewman of the Pearl and bringing them to justice.

The world of free men is shrinking and it is up to the pirates to escape their hunters and clear their names, before the noose is tightened.

(Set after AWE and separate from OST)

Canon Charaters

Jack Sparrow - Lothy
Hector Barbossa - Maethoriel
Joshamee Gibbs - Maethoriel

Original Characters


Andrea Costello-Nighingale - Lothy
Hunter Costello-Nightingale - Lothy
Aleksandra Gavrilla-Jenko - Lothy
Henry Clarke-Summers - Calloniel (PD)
Reagan Aels - Calloniel (PD)
Varianna Pierce - Aramel
Edward Blackhaven - Aramel
Layne Sheppard - Aramel
Ian Thatcher - Aramel
Alyssandra Degaldo - Aramel
Aurora-Rose Delour - Pandora
Gabriel Phillips - Pandora
Eve Summers - Goldy
Rosalind Eagle - Goldy
Arielle Leclair - Goldy
Christine Geddes - Maethoriel
Galen Duin - Jax Nova
Micah - Jax Nova


Nina Phillips - Lothy
Amelia Fitzgerald - Lothy
Jonathon Phillips - Pandora
Shiloh Barker - Pandora
Elijah Bray - Pandora
Dante Galloway - Pandora
Jocelyn Delour - Pandora
Loralaine Richards - Pandora
Raschia Reich - Aramel
Ackerley Reich - Aramel

+ Rules +

- No Godmodding. This means doing something or saying something for someone else's character.
- It is up to the player if he/she has something effect his/her character. ie: Your character might aim a gun and shoot towards another character, however it is up to that other player as to whether the bullet hits and injures their character.
- Feel free o make plot advances, however major plot advances and time skips must be agreed by the majority of other players.
- Please try to include everyone, no one likes to feel left out.
- There is no specific plot destination for this thread, so feel free to take it where ever you wish, but see above re: plot advances.
- Chatting, plotting and planning to be kept to he discussion thread.
- Please wait until everyone has had their turn before posting again.
- Have fun!

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ July 2nd, 2015, 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Don't forget to add Raschia and Ackerley Reich to background charries for me ;) I'll work on my bios more tonight and should have them posted sometime before summer ends :P Kidding ofc.

(Also you spelled Beyond incorrectly on the graphic up top ;) )

Author:  Jax Nova [ July 2nd, 2015, 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Name: Galen Duin

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Race: Human

Appearance: Slender build with light skin, medium length brown hair with a bit of wave to it, sharp features, brown eyes.

Clothing: Prefers black leather

Weapons: Sword, long dagger, six throwing knives.

Personality: Galen is all about rank. Everything he does is for the purpose of furthering himself. There must be a reward or something in it for him, however, he does hold to moral standards that dictate what he is willing to do for the rewards. These morals, he is careful to NEVER define and intentionally seems to contradict himself from time to time so to keep people wondering and unable to play on his moral convictions for leverage.

History: Galen grew up as a nomad, loosing his parents at 10 years old (The story of how he will not tell), at this point he began seeking adventure and piracy became his mode of choice.


I decided to add a second character. :)

Name: Micah

Appearance: Dark Skin, tall and medium/muscular build, grey eyes. Bald with a clean shaven face.

Clothing: Light leather Armour. Wears a brown leather long coat when not wearing his armor. Under his armor or coat he wears a simple tan shirt and brown pants.

Weapons: Crossbow, A simple sword, and a pistol which he rarely uses.

Personality: Micha is a loner of sorts. He always does things for himself, by himself. He doesn't need anyone's help. He isn't rude about it but just says, "If I can't do it alone I don't need it." He is quiet, calm, and calculated.

Background: The few who know the heritage of the wondering nomad say he originated from the amazon, a direct descendant of the tribal kings. Yet others say he came from the gulf area far to the north, and a few even believe his home country is on another continent entirely.

Micah, however, considers them all his home. His nomadic life never letting him settle in one place for long before his lust for adventure draws him back to some sort of quest.

He grew up hearing stories of adventure, buried treasure, and mystical wonders beyond imagination. Micah made it his life's goal to discover and see all these wonders before he died.

Author:  Maethoriel [ July 3rd, 2015, 12:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

My creativity is around zip so I'll get Christine's revamped bio up soon.

Author:  Lothy [ July 3rd, 2015, 3:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+


Meanwhile, hey Maeth, I shall add you in and that's fine Jax xD

Author:  Pandora [ July 3rd, 2015, 6:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Dante's last name is Galloway ;) Otherwise it looks perfect. I am stealing a minute of wifi at work, but I can't stay long :( I hope to get wifi soon so I can actually be a part of this because typing out replies on mobile is going to be a pain in the butt.

Author:  Lothy [ July 3rd, 2015, 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

I repeat, Lothy + tired = crazy and wild adventures into the world of 'is that how you spell things? WELL SURE WHY NOT?!?!?' and 'WORDS ARE OTHER WORDS'

Author:  Jax Nova [ July 3rd, 2015, 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Thanks. :).

Lol well, everything funny when you are tired so it can cancle out the misspelled words, no?

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ July 3rd, 2015, 11:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

I literally cannot force myself to sit and write out intricate bios, so here are my characters in a quick synopsis:


Varianna "Vari" (pronounced: "Vah-Rhee") Pierce - Age 27 - Pirate
Played by Liv Tyler
Basically you don't want to mess with her because she has a massively fiery temper and frequent mood swings. In an "on-again-off-again" relationship with Edward Blackhaven. Was born in Barcelona but moved to Caribbean at an early age, so she speaks Spanish and English.

Edward "Ed" Blackhaven - Age 29 - Pirate
Played by Jared Leto
Ed's a good guy but can be super indecisive. He's known Vari since they were in their late teens/early twenties. He's torn between Vari and ~Goldleaf~'s character, Eve Summers.

Layne Sheppard - Age 31 - Pirate
Played by Jensen Ackles
He's the son of a boatbuilder and the second of six siblings. Has been involved with piracy since his early teen years. Openly bisexual and lives a loose lifestyle, flirting with women and men alike and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Secretly involved with Ian Thatcher.

Ian Thatcher - Age 32 - Former Royal Navy soldier, pressganged into piracy, trained in medicine (only slightly)
Played by Misha Collins
Ian has always obeyed his father's wishes and became a soldier in the Royal Navy, until his ship was attacked by pirates and he was injured. Struggled with slight attraction to men, telling himself it was wrong and sinful. Later, he met Alyssandra Degaldo and the two formed a relationship, but Ian is also having secret "meetings" with Layne that Alyss can NEVER find out about.

Alyssandra "Alyss" (pronounced: "Alice") Degaldo - Age 22 - Pressganged into piracy, highly trained in medicine
Played by Lea Michele
Alyssandra is Vari's younger cousin. She grew up with an interest in medicine and surgical procedures, and despite her young age, is quite proficient at treating injuries. She treated Ian when the Navy ship he was on was attacked by a group of pirates and the two began a relationship. She speaks some Spanish, but not as fluently as her cousin, Varianna, does.


Raschia (pronounced: "Ray-she-uh") Reich - Age 26 - EITC, Mercenary
Played by Mila Kunis
Raschia lost her mom at a young age, and was raised solely by her father and a nanny he had employed. She became a contract killer, mostly undertaking jobs that involved rapists, abusers, and especially pirates. She is cold and has little mercy for the lives she is sent to take.

Ackerley Reich - Age 48 - EITC Officer
Played by Mark Sheppard
Ackerley was a pirate in his earlier days but eventually gave up the lifestyle so that he could begin a family. His wife died when their daughter, Raschia, was only 4 years old. He raised her as best he could, while also acting as the head of an EITC office in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Phew. That was WAYYYY easier than posting super long bios :happy:

Author:  Lothy [ July 5th, 2015, 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

(Okay, I'm a little rusty as I haven't done anything this large in ages, but feel free to have anyone approach, my people don't bite (unless you get near Aleks which just... yeah just don't. She bites hard.) But I digress, I hope it's okay. I now announce this RP officially open!!!)

Hunter couldn't help but run a hand over the back of his neck, the moisture in the air already collecting on his skin despite the early hour. The warm, orange glow of dawn was slowly creeping across the woven carpet of his office and casting prisms as it caught the crisp glass of the candelabra stands. Two years ago the house had lain dormant; the furniture covered with aged dust-sheets, still immaculately kept despite it's occupants having long left and perished, but none the less empty. It had belonged to his father and through the man's death, almost twenty five years before, ownership had passed to Hunter. It was a house of tragedy and loss, a place which Hunter had sworn to stay away from, but with age came a sense of determination and entitlement, as well as anger. A lot of anger. When Hunter had returned to his childhood home of Port Royal as a trusted mercenary for the East India Trading Company and under the employ of Lord Beckett himself, he had set about restoring the house for his own uses and means. Now the rooms glistened proudly, occupied with memorabilia and artifacts, charts and books, a permanent headquarters for The Company and under Hunter's sole command.

He moved around his office now, shifting books from boxes once again. After Beckett's death it was down to Hunter to return to London and explain the situation to the Crown. It had been a six month excursion before he had returned once more, determination and hatred fuelling him again in his decisions. The Caribbean was not lost, and he was nothing if not ambitious. He placed the books in a neat pile on the solid, mahogany desk, his fingers brushing their spines delicately, caught up in his thoughts still, before he stiffened.

Of course he hadn't sensed it before; there had been no sound or sight or movement. Simply one minute he was alone and the next she was there, her long, stiff form tensed and hidden by the book case, blue gaze piercing into him. His heart had leapt into his chest and he cleared his throat, swallowing some as he tried to appear calm. She was simply too good at sneaking up on people. It unnerved him and almost all of the others he had allowed to reside in his house.

"Well?" His voice croaked slightly and he cursed himself for it, still attempting to regain his composure. He watched as the figure seemed to appraise him with the smallest incline of her chin, her gaze flickering over him. Her couldn't shake the feeling of being sized up, his merits weighed, or perhaps in the way a predator evaluated the capacity of it's prey. He watched as her eyes glazed a little and he noticed the twitch of her fingers, where they hung at her sides. She had her issues and sometimes there was only one way of getting answers from her. His voice was cold and commanding when he spoke again and this time his words were orders.

"I want a report, Jenko. Has it been done?" He could see in the way her back straightened that his tone had had an effect. She moved from the bookcase, coming closer to him and even in her flat boots she stood a good few inches taller than him. It was disconcerting at times. Right now he tried to ignore the creeping feeling which told him to back away, that she was dangerous. He focused on the emptiness of her eyes, on the expression which told that she was a woman emptied out. There was hardly anything left now, except sheer ability and a need for direction. For understanding.

"Цели были устранены. Там не было никаких свидетелей, и я не был обнаружен." Her voice was devoid of emotion as she spoke, words a thick, cutting Russian and although Hunter struggled with the language he knew enough to understand that she'd achieved his goal. A slight shiver travelled through his veins at her cold deliverance of the news, but once again he tried to push those thoughts away. Objectives have been eliminated. There were no witnesses, and I have not been detected.

Hunter couldn't help but smirk. It had started, then. He took in the appearance of the woman before him; the way her raven hair had been collected up at the top of her head, the dark circles beneath blue eyes. He knew if one was to get close they would see gold specks amongst the blue. He also knew that getting so close was extremely inadvisable. He watched as her fingers began to twitch again, as her expression flicked in pain which she refused to show, the slightest crease of her brow and the tightening of her lips. slowly he breathed in and let out the breath as a sigh.

"Very good." His words were accompanied by a nod and his own fingers flickered in gesture to the door, hiding his own satisfaction and cruel excitement at the news. "Dismissed, then." The nod of her head was minute and he turned back to his desk, giving her the opportunity to slip away into the shadows without a sound once again. After a few moments he glanced back, making sure she had indeed disappeared, before reaching out a hand to find his seat, sinking down into it with satisfaction. He was tired, yes, but soon his extra work would pay off. He smirked further. Perhaps there would even be a title in his future, a knighthood from the crown and a rather promising reward. He had plans, after all. He had always been a man of duty, a man of family. He was going to build his own empire and now it was all in his grasp.

He inhaled slowly, closing his eyes and revelling in the warm, dawn sunlight which was now filtering across his face. It was at the height of this breath that he caught a familiar scent and his lips spread into an even greater smile, cracking an eye open in anticipation.


The man woke with a cough, startling awake in a way which made his world spin. Or lurch. It was definitely lurching. He scrambled quickly, his hands reaching out as he was falling backwards through the air, something rolling from his lap to smash against wood, before his back followed suit with a juddering crash.

Jack blinked wildly, looking around as his eyes tried to adjusting to the faint light and the havoc around him. His was in his cabin, at least, his legs half strewn across a chair which had fallen backwards and slowly he began to piece things together.

"Ah." He mumbled the word to himself, brushing away the broken glass - rum bottle, empty, he noted with a frown - before heaving himself up and swaying slightly on the spot. He must have fallen asleep in the chair, half perched with his legs up on the table. At least that was the last he recalled from the night before. He had been talking with Hector. Arguing? There had been rum, really that was the part he cared about. Oh and the ownership of the Pearl. that had been a hot topic. Chrissy and Drea had been there. The former grew tired of the bickering and had excused herself while the latter was already wound up tighter than a corset, something about the storm they had been sitting through making her tense. Jack hadn't paid attention to them, he had been trying to outlast Hector, sure the man would take the opportunity to throw him overboard and claim the Pearl once again if Jack fell asleep before him.

He was still here at least.... or was he? Was he in the locker again?

His heartbeat sped up then, looking around himself desperately in search of something to ground him and assure him that he was indeed back and on his beloved ship, that he wasn't there of all places. He scrambled around the large table, riffling through maps and charts. Of course, either way Hector would still have the charts to the fountain. The man only brought them out when they were trying to decipher them. The rest of the time he hid them... well, Jack didn't know where. It was a good hiding place, where-ever it was. In fact Drea probably had them, Hector and Jack both knew that the latter captain wouldn't dare search her cabins. They were probably in one of her chests... big chests... huge chest... he was getting sidetracked.

There was a thump and a screech as an apple rolled across the floor and Jack's eyes flew to the small monkey perched on a shelf. Jack's expression became one of distaste and he bared his teeth, hissing slightly, causing the small monkey, the other Jack, to scuttle off and away. This wasn't in the locker then, at least. The ship swayed gently, betraying the fact that they were making good speed in the storm's aftermath and Jack headed out onto the deck, swaying a little with the ship, squinting his eyes as his pupils adjusted to the light. The sky was completely clear and the horizon was turning from pink to blue as the sun slowly rose from the depths, the only clouds in sight fluffy and white. He made his way to the steps, grumbling low under his breath still about being the one to give orders to the crew and not some puffed up peacock in a stupid hat.


Andrea groaned, her head a swimming mess which she had to wade through to bring herself to waking. She rolled over somewhat on her cot, shifting as she cracked her eyes open to peer around the cabin, before closing them once more with a huff. It was morning at least and the storm had passed. She remembered trying to sit through it in the Captain's cabin, but in the end it all became too much and she bundled herself away below deck in the spare cabin.

Technically the cabin was hers. Years ago, when she and Hector had sailed under Jack, before the curse, she had shared it with the older man., then after the mutiny she had claimed it for herself, not because she was a woman, but because Hector had made her First Mate and she simply needed he space. Now that both men and the remainder of their crews manned the Pearl, the cabin had become Drea's once more but she had been happy to share it with others, whenever they wanted (apart from Sparrow of course). It was rather enjoyable, if a little cramped, when she, Vari, Rory, Chrissy, Zoe and Eve all tried to fit in, using the space as a solace from the world of overbearing, arguing men. Andrea was in no way a mother hen, but her position on the ship gave her a responsibility for the crew and she tried to accommodate those loyal to her as best she could. Of course this didn't mean she was a very good role model... far from it in fact, if the numerous empty bottles had anything to say for her and her friends. They could drink and cause havoc to rival any of the men and, possibly worse, they revelled in it, especially when she, Rory and Vari were together.

The women knew of her fear of storms too, something Drea didn't advertise to many. The fear stemmed back to a time when she had been a younger woman, caught up in a hurricane which almost killed her. She didn't like to dwell on it and half the time she purposely pushed the misgivings to the back of her mind... but whenever large dark clouds appeared on the horizon she became more than a little tense. The only other person, apart from the girls, who knew about this fear was Hector and Sparrow, both knowing better than to tease her about it thankfully.

She took a deep breath, forcing her eyes open once more. In truth she didn't really remember much of what happened after she had returned to her cabin and grabbed the nearest bottle of alcohol to help block out the sounds of the storm. She swore inwardly, noting how her head thumped dully and she brought her knees up to her chest, her short blonde hair sticking up at a strange angle as she took in the scene that was the cabin.

Author:  ~Goldleaf~ [ July 5th, 2015, 5:34 pm ]
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It had been a long time since Rosalind had been able to afford such luxuries as rose water scent. It was the fragrance of her old life, the aroma of wealth, elegance and sophistication. The skirts of her pink damask gown rustled as she leaned forward to draw back the drape that had been concealing her within the bay window. She neatly climbed down and smoothed her skirts. It was one of the many dresses Hunter had bought her over the past months. He had taken her, wild pirate girl, and turned her back into a lady. There was no luxury that she could possibly want for, nothing that he would deny her. But she did not stay with him for the riches. She had not uttered one word to him concerning love - nor would she even admit it to herself - but that was the truth of her feelings. She would have remained at his side had he been a beggar living on the side of the road.

She'd been lurking behind the drapes for at least an hour, keeping a watch out for the sunrise. Upon hearing Hunter arrive, she had neglected to announce her presence to him, preferring instead to stay a while and let the first rays of the sun soak into her skin. Then, without any warning, a second presence had entered the room; one who spoke Russian. Rosalind had no affection for Aleks, and there could be no doubt that the feeling was mutual. The other woman was too cold, too mechanical, too - well, dead, really. Rosalind was wildfire, with a spark in her blood that could never be put out. Her temperament provided her with a healthy distaste for the company of cold personalities.

Rosa approached Hunter's desk, taking a few steps to stand behind his chair. She slowly slid her hands onto his shoulders. "She has accomplished your great wish, then," she observed, referring to Hunter's conversation with Aleks. Rosa didn't care that she had been caught out eavesdropping. She and Hunter were well enough acquainted by now for such things not to be considered intrusive. She was not only his mistress; she had become his ally as well. Rosalind tried to ignore the rising feeling of guilt as she considered just what kind of business she was participating in. She had turned against her own. She was going against her own past, her own history. Still... she found comfort in the promise Hunter had made her. Cairbre and Guinevere would not be touched. They had left their piratical lives behind to make a home on land together, and so they were not to be put in the frame along with the others. This alone she could be grateful for. But there was still the matter of the other pirates. Including Andrea: a woman Rosa had been proud to call her friend. But Rosa had been forced to choose. And when it came to making a choice, it would always be Hunter.

She ran the back of one slender finger over his neck, before drawing away from him with a faint smile. She turned her attention to a globe of the world, running her blue gaze over the various countries. She trailed her thumb over the diagram that represented England, the land of her birth. Abruptly, she span the globe so that England blurred and disappeared, her lips taking on a contemptuous twist for one moment.

"When shall we be back to sea?" she finally asked. "I'll have to be sure to pack all of my parasols," she added, with a deliciously sarcastic gleam in her half veiled eyes.


"Good morning, Capitaine." Arielle greeted Jack Sparrow with a disarmingly cheery smile, sitting on the steps that lead up to top deck. She had overheard the ruckus going on inside his cabin, and had gone to investigate. Jack the monkey had just sprang past her a few moments ago, seemingly rattled by something. Arielle gathered that Sparrow and the animal didn't exactly see eye to eye. As a new recruit, she was still learning about everyone on board the Pearl. In her opinion, it didn't take too long to size people up. She had already formed one or two staunch opinions about several individuals. Edward Blackhaven, for instance - now he was a man that didn't sit right with her. There was something about him. Given the connection between him and her newly found half sister Varianna, Arielle was determined to keep an eye on Blackhaven. Her vigilance could only be for Vari's own good.

Arielle jumped up and walked along beside Sparrow, sprightliness and bounce to her step. She had always been a morning person. Whilst others were only just dragging themselves from their slumber, Arielle had been awake for hours. "So, what is on the agenda today, Capitaine?" she chattered in her thick French accent, with no care for the fact that her company was probably unwanted. Arielle liked being with people. Back in her home village, she'd had little opportunity to make new acquaintances. Her childhood had been a lonely one. She had always longed for siblings, for friends. Now, here she was, with a brand new sister of her very own - and a ship full of people to get to know.

"We must be the first ones up, almost," she remarked breezily. "Sainte mère! Am I the only one who knows that an early morning is a healthy habit?" She nudged Jack with her elbow. "Cat got your tongue?" She couldn't resist teasing anyone, even those in authority. "A little shy, perhaps?"


Eve rose her head, kicking back the tangle of blankets that had been her bed for the night. Her shirt slipped down over her slim shoulder as she leaned up on one elbow, making herself acquainted with the fact that she was now awake. Some days she wished to God that she wouldn't wake up for a period of at least several months. She reached out for a nearby bottle of rum and removed the stopper, before discovering that the thing was empty. "Oh, God," Eve murmured, tempted to roll onto her back and close her eyes firmly. Not one drop left. If the headache that was dawning on her now was any kind of sign, then she'd put away quite a bit of alcohol last night. She wasn't mad about the stuff, but it blocked out what she needed to block out. It made her forget that a man called Edward Blackhaven existed, if only for a little while.

She craned her head, looking around to see who else was awake. The first person she saw was Andrea, who seemed to be suffering from a similar hangover herself. It took a little while for Eve to be able to form her first words of the day. "Morning... Andrea..." she mumbled softly, keeping her voice low so as not to wake anyone who still might be in the restful oblivion of sleep. "Thanks for letting me sleep here." It had been kind of Andrea to extend the offer, considering that she was close friends with Varianna - the woman who despised Eve with all her heart and soul. Eve would've thought that Andrea would simply try to keep the peace and leave Eve out, but that didn't seem to be the way she worked. They were all women, after all - women who all needed to get away from the men now and then. Eve was grateful for not having had to sleep in any close proximity to Edward last night. When she slept in the communal sleeping quarters, curled up in her hammock, she was always aware of the sound of him breathing and turning in his sleep. It bothered her to have him so near and yet so far away.

"I really shouldn't have drank so much." Eve gave into temptation and fell onto her back, covering her eyes. "My head feels like a rock."

Author:  Jax Nova [ July 5th, 2015, 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Galen Duin drug himself out of a pile of barels in the lower deck of the Pearl. There had been arguing and drinking the night before... that was most of what he could tell you. Not because he had been drinking... no, the rest of the crew had made him swab the deck and clean out the lower. He was the newest member on the crew and the guys, and girls, liked to pick on him it seemed.

That night he had simply slept down in the bilge deck and heard all the ruckus above. He had snuck a small bottle of rum for himself to finish off while he was working. It wasn't enough to get him drunk but he often times didn't drink that much anyways. He liked the taste and a little buzz. He began stacking all the barrels back up and looked around. Everything else was pretty much done. He figured he would go out and try to get a bite to eat.

Above deck Galen looked around as people started emerging. You could tell who was a morning person. Some nearly frolicked around on the ship deck while others stumbled into step with the morning. He himself was somewhat in between. Over near the railing, one leg perched on the side as he leaned against a rope was Micah Lonewolf. Galen didn't think anyone knew his full story... and Galen had never seen the man sleep.

Truth be told, Micah didn't sleep... much. When he did he stole a few minutes here and a few minutes there without most realizing it. He could even sleep standing up. He gazed out towards the ocean, a fire blazing in his heart as always... blazing for the next adventure. He stood to attention as he saw the captain pass by and only a stern, but respectful look was sent towards Jack Sparrow.

Micha's brown leather long coat blew in the breeze and as he looked over to Galen who had recently emerged from below deck. "A fine night?" Micah asked Galen.

Galen shot him a bit of a glare but playfully shook his head. He knew he had to start out at the bottom but he hadn't taken that so literally at first. He was determined to work his way up the ranks, however!

"Trust me, lad," Micah told him. "You were better off down there last night than you would have been up here."

Micah didn't drink and had not participated in the night's festivities. Instead he stood, nearly all night, gazing out to see. He had this thing... he refused to take any substance that made him loose control of his faculties. Some said he had control issues... Micah assured them that he DID. There was nothing worse, for him, than not being in control of himself and his situation.

He walked over towards the captain and where he was going to await the day's instructions.

Author:  Maethoriel [ July 6th, 2015, 3:13 am ]
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"They'll kill each other before the week is up, at this rate," Christine lamented to Joshamee with a heavy sigh, wishing herself somewhere else - not for the first time this journey. Perhaps the old maxim about distance and fond hearts stemmed from this. They had known Hector, Jack and 'Drea - then they came to the sensible conclusion that loving them from a distance and seeing them months apart was good for nerves.

"Yah're being dramatic, Chrissy," the man scolded, pulling on a boot, trying to maintain balance on the hammock he called a bed for the time being...and failing. He'd nearly toppled over a good three times over in the effort.

The redhead in front of him sighed again, leaned forward and steadied the makeshift bed and was rewarded with a thankful grunt.

“You sleep at all?” Christine ventured to ask, blue eyes raising to look at the ceiling, a silent acknowledgement of the storm that raged loud the night before.

“Oh, aye. There’s not a one yet that could keep me from a good sleep,” he laughed merrily, standing and taking the steps out of the bilge and onto the deck, Christine followed without provocation. The two were close friends - Joshamee hardly need speaking to relay messages to her anymore; their causes usually being the same and minds of a similar bent.

“You are lucky then. I hardly slept an hour. The ship tossed too much for me, and was very hard on my stomach,” she admitted with a frown. After all this time, you’d think she’d develop some sort of immunity to it - but it seemed her sea legs needed developing yet.

“Breakfast?” She called out to Joshamee who’d already begun to meander over to Jack.

“Aye!” He replied, sending a glance at the captain to assess his health. “And some for the Captain!”

“I shall get enough for the lot - I have a feeling Captain Sparrow is not the only one who forwent breakfast. And it would be terrible to have crewmen dropping from heat exhaustion so early in the day,” she laughed, giving the captain her own look. “And water for the Captain as well.” It was decidedly not a question.

With that, the woman took her leave below once more, departing from her intended task only to knock on ‘Drea’s cabin. “Eve? ‘Drea? Breakfast soon!” She chirruped pleasantly.


Hector slept well, but short. He relieved Mr. Gibbs from his duty at the helm when the weather seemed too rough for him to be trusted with it. Jack Sparrow could speak all he wanted about the idea of the Pearl, but the fact remained than there was no man on the ship besides Hector Barbossa could maneuver it so well. He’d be drawn and quartered before he admitted Jack as a decent captain - but he was when it came to creativity, but he was sloppy on the finer points of sailing (and swordplay).

And the devil was in the details as they said.

“Snug up that halyard, y’lazy dogs! We’ve lost enough time as it is!” He yelled at the crewmen. They were tired, he was certain - but relief and breakfast from the sound of it was on the way. “You’ll get yer rest soon enough.” So would he, with any luck. But, perhaps not - he’d need to wait until ‘Drea woke so she could keep Sparrow in line.

He couldn’t leave the ship to the man’s command with Joshamee Gibbs - a certain traitor should it come to that - and others of uncertain loyalty on deck alone. No, he’d not won this ship only to lose it to an error such as that. Besides, the wind was strong and cool on his cheek - refreshing in itself. He could last a few more hours if need be.

Author:  Pandora [ July 7th, 2015, 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

[[I will be bringing more characters in and out, just didn't want to make my first response too dang long with the myriad of background characters...]]

Gabriel had not been able to take his mind off of the rumors that were being whispered through the ranks of men. Talk of pirates of mutinies, cursed gold and endless treasures stretched across the seven seas. His father, a general of the Navy, had to know by now the truth of these whispered words. Of course, the man was keeping moot as he usually did. Gabriel understood, his father was a man of duty and would not go idly into the waters unless necessary. That was why his friend who had become almost a brother to him over the years, was handling the situation now.

If he were to be honest, all of these talks of pirates did not bother him the way it should. Yes, Gabriel too had a sense of duty and would fight for the crown as any good man of the colors would, but there was something holding him back from truly taking up arms. There was someone who was weighing his heart down.

He had been the one to let her go. Yet he could not fully seem to give her up. Foolish.

Making his way through the halls, he passed a woman who looked unlike any other woman he had seen before. Not only was she almost a head taller than he was, but her dark hair and tight features easily revealed her to be a woman of foreign blood. 'Best not engage.' Gabriel muttered to himself. Offering her a quick nod, Gabriel did not let his feet slow down, in fact they may have gone a bit faster.

Turning the corner, Gabriel came upon Hunter's room. He had expected the man to be alone, so seeing Rosalind near Hunter surprised him slightly. Gabe coughed to make his presence known before stepping forward with his hands clasped behind his back. "Sorry to interrupt, should I leave?" The quirk of his brow and the slight upturn of his lips were unintentional, yet the glint of amusement in his eyes was.

----- bloody hell. That was Aurora's first thought when her body started to wake up. She had yet to open her eyes, but she knew once she did the horrid sensations running through her body would only become worse. "Argh. That rum must have been tainted." She grumbled, pushing herself up from the corner of the room she must have found herself in the night before. How she had curled her body into such a position she had not known. All Aurora knew was she would be aching for the rest of the damn day.

"Drea? Eve?" She heard voices, but they sounded far away. Reaching up, she thrust a finger in her ear and wiggled it about. What seemed to be some sort of crustacean fell from the crevice of her ear making it so much easier to hear. Honestly... she thought to herself, finally cracking her eyes open. The gunk of sleep made it hard to do, but with a little perseverance she was able to see. "Any of ye want to remind me what happened last night?" Aurora's brown hair was matted, making her look like a some sort of sea anemone. She started to crawl towards the nearest bed, her vision still blurred. All she knew was she was crawling to something blond.

By the time she reached what she thought was the bed, the door to the cabin flew open and a voice spoke up, much too cheerfully in fact. "Breakfast? I think I've found me some breakfast right here." Her hand grasped a nearby bottle that was shoved precariously beneath the bed. It was much too clear to be rum. "Aha! Found it." It was a bottle of vodka that she had snagged from a Russian the last time they had been at Port. "Care to join me ladies?" Though as soon as Aurora cracked the bottle open, her stomach began to churn and she closed it tightly.



"Why aren't you with the lasses?" Elijah grinned widely at the younger girl. She was the youngest crew member, yet vastly more mature than she should be for her age. Elijah had thought once that Loralaine had simply wanted to fulfill a childhood fantasy of pirates and treasure. Yet the more he got to know her, she thirsted for something so much greater than he could even understand.

"The moment Rory started threatening to unlace her bodice, I knew it was time to leave." Loralaine snorted, breaking some bread and dipping it in the salty broth laying in front of her. She, Elijah, and Dante had been early risers. They watched the sun rise over the horizon while most of the other crew had been enchanting by an inebriated sleep.

"Good on you. Now pass that bread."


Dante had left Elijah and Loralaine to take a stroll around the deck. The cool morning air always made his legs ache and he needed a stretch. Halfway around the ship, Dante found himself running into Galen and Micah. The latter looking much more refreshed than the former. "Rough night?" Dante smirked, his dark hair tied back at the nape of his neck with red string. "Luckily you aren't the only one." He motioned towards some of the other crew members who were hobbling up from the lower decks.

Aurora: click
Gabriel: click
Dante: click
Elijah: click
Loralaine: click

Author:  Aramel Elyanwe [ July 7th, 2015, 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: +| Beyond the Edge of Night - a PotC RP |+

Vari propped herself up on one arm and blinked through the haze of sleep that was quickly starting to give way to a vicious hangover. Her whole body ached from laying on the wooden planks of the cabin's floor, where she'd ended up the previous night along with Aurora after insisting that the bed was too soft for her liking. However, she had now come to regret that decision, along with the one to begin drinking long before Andrea had even invited Vari to her cabin for a night of innocent female companionship.

"You may want to pass on that one, A-Rose." Vari smirked, finally awake enough to discourage her old friend from continuing the events of the previous night. She dully noted that her shoes were missing, kicked to opposite ends of the room amidst last night's drunken festivities. Not that it was the first time she'd woken up hungover and missing articles of clothing. Her hazel eyes scanned the room, lingering on Eve longer than they should have and she could feel a knot twisting in her stomach that had absolutely nothing to do with the alcohol. Last night she'd either been too caught up in conversation or too trashed to notice the other woman. Probably both.

Unlike last night's storm, a different sort of tempest now brewed behind her eyes. It wasn't exactly a secret that Vari and Eve despised each other with every fiber of their beings, but Andrea was not the type to just leave a crewmember out. While Varianna couldn't fault Drea for that, she wasn't exactly thrilled to be in the same space as Eve, breathing in the same air as her. Call it petty or foolish, but the brunette simply couldn't let the grudge go. There was really no reason to hate Eve, other than the fact that she hung around Edward a lot. Vari had her suspicions that Eve felt something towards him, but she had never come forth to say it - probably too coward to speak up.

"Well ladies," she said, standing up and gathering her shoes in one hand, "this has been fun, but I should go look for Ed now." At the mention of his name, she focused on Eve, a knowing look in her eyes but she kept a sweet smile on her face for Aurora and Andrea's sakes.


Edward sat up in his hammock and yawned. He hadn't seen or heard from Vari or Eve all night and prayed they hadn't killed each other; not that Andrea would have let that happen but his concerns were still perfectly valid, especially after Vari had gone into explicit detail once about ripping Eve's throat out with her bare hands. Running a hand through the knots in his long hair, he sighed deeply. He couldn't figure out what the reason was for the volatile state between Vari and Eve, but it always seemed like he was the one to stand between them before the bloodbath could start.

Just as he stood up, the Black Pearl and its cargo creaked and shifted with the tide, causing him to lose his footing and stumble into someone, cursing under his breath.


Standing near the ship's stern was Ian, arms crossed on the railing to support his scrunched form. Even as the sun rose from the aftermath of the storm, he was still far from hopeful. The Endeavour was now an ashen shell of its former glory, permanently residing at the bottom of the ocean with its captain. Even as the men and women on the ship celebrated, there was no doubt their victory would be short-lived. Retaliation was guaranteed to come swift and violent from the hands of the Company and King. Even after cutting off the head, they still had to deal with the body. It was far from over.

On top of that, he'd managed to slip away last night and ride out the storm with Layne in a dark, private corner of the ship away from the others. No matter how he tried to tell himself they had to stop meeting behind Alyssandra's back, it was a thinly veiled attempt to mask the lust he felt for the other man. Closing his eyes, he tried to calm the fluttering in his stomach, which only worsened when someone touched his face.

Alyssandra ran a hand across the stubble on his cheeks, but Ian didn't press into her touch. He simply looked at her with blue eyes full of sadness and masked guilt, which she mistook to be about the battle with the East India Trading Company. Ian was thankful in that moment that she couldn't read his mind, know his deepest secrets and inner struggles... She could never find out that he and Layne were intimate with each other late at night while she slept elsewhere by herself.

"Even if they do catch us, you and I are bound to be pardoned." Alyss's dark eyes sparkled and she offered him a smile, hoping it would dispel all of Ian's fears and concerns. He forced himself to return a smile for her sake, determined to hide all of the inner conflicts he was facing. "We're not here on our own will," she continued, cupping his face in her hands. "The moment we can disembark safely, we'll finally be able to begin our life together."

Something struck him then, deep inside. He had to tell Layne that they were done. While it had been fun messing around with each other - experimenting - he belonged by Alyssandra's side. Once they departed from the pirates, he'd put everything aside and forget anything that wasn't the beautiful woman standing next to him.

[[Anyone can feel free to have their char be the one that Ed stumbled into :P For now, I'll wait to bring in Layne and my background charries :yes: Gah I feel like this is such cr@p compared to everyone elses' posts... :erm: ]]

Author:  Lothy [ July 9th, 2015, 7:33 pm ]
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(I'm not half as happy with this post but I'd rather get it posted and keep going than spend another day on it. Honestly after a stressful day at work I'm just tired and overly critical.)

A rustling behind him caught Hunter's attention and he opened his eyes once more, letting them trace over towards Rosalind's newly revealed figure with a hint of a smile creeping over his lips. He watched as the early sunlight caught in her hair, causing the dark tresses to glow a warm, mahogany tone, reaching up to let his index finger to brush through a curl before breathing deeply and composing himself once more, the smell of rose water completely filling his senses as she leant on him. His attraction to her had been almost instantaneous. From the moment he had laid eyes on her she was constantly filling his mind, ensnaring his senses and plaguing his dreams. Too often it had left him awakening in the morning, underclothes tighter than they should have been and a sheen of sweat upon his forehead which could not be attributed to he Caribbean heat. At first he called it lust, but he soon realised that it was her wild and precarious personality which had him addicted, craving her company as often as he respectfully could. His uncle had raised him right, of course, and he strived to be a gentleman towards her, but there were times when gentlemanly behaviours were far from his mind.

"She has lit the spark which will ignite our pyre, yes." Hunter's smirk turned slightly sinister for a moment, the glint in his eyes echoing the twist of his lips. This was not just a quest to right wrongs and deliver justice; he could remember the sharp crack of the lashes to his spine, the sensation of flesh tearing through to bone while his knees pressed hard into solid, slippery wood, as if they had happened mere hours ago and not years. He had been a boy of thirteen when he first joined the navy, wishing to follow in his uncle's footsteps, worshipping the man he saw as a father; but the ship he had been placed upon, to gain experience as a sailor, had been captured by Barbary Corsairs mere weeks into it's voyage. Kept as a slave, Hunter spent five years at the mercy of the pirates, until finally their enterprise was brought down by the East India Trading Company. It was a personal vengeance, as well as a sense of duty and honour to the company, which fuelled Hunter's plight against Piracy, filling him with hatred and rage.

Rosalind was moving away from him now, her attention fixed on the large globe which stood in a proud position by the large bookcases. His eyes followed her, tracing her curves momentarily before returning to her face, shaking himself of any dangerous thoughts. He chuckled at her comment about her parasols and was about to reply when a voice interrupted them and Hunter's eyes flickered across to where Gabriel Phillips was standing. His lips spread into a wide grin and he stood, rounding the desk before approaching the younger man. "Gabriel!" It only took a couple of large steps before the two men were face to face and Hunter made little hesitation in pulling the other man into an embrace.

They were close, cousins by relation but brothers at heart and there were few people that Hunter trusted as much as he did Gabriel. Rosalind was another, as was Jonathan Philips, Gabriel's father and Hunter's uncle, who had raised him as his own.

Hunter pulled away from the embrace with his grin still in place, a hearty laugh escaping his lips as he clapped a hand against Gabe's shoulder, meeting his eyes for a moment as he evaluated his friend, making sure all was well. When he spotted the amusement there Hunter couldn't help but chuckle again, nudging him with his shoulder before turning back to Rosalind. "The two of you have met, of course?" He queried somewhat, glancing between them. Far from ashamed to be caught with his mistress, Hunter was proud to be found with her, as well as to have her by his side. He certainly wouldn't hide such a thing from his oldest friend and he continued to beam as he watched them, confident that they would grow to be friends as well.


Jack came to a stop as he reached the steps and the body which belonged to an overly cheerful voice. His eyes quickly adjusted, focusing on her for a moment and the aura of energy which caused him to almost step back. He peered forward, trying to place her face and his brows furrowed with the effort. "You. You're new." His observation was simple, but he was sure he had not seen her about his ship much. Then again, he hardly recognised many faces aboard of late anyway - he was sure he hadn't hired half of these people... Hector or Drea must have had something to do with it.

He turned from Arielle, determined to find a reprieve from the night before, preferable something in bottle form, his hips swaying with the ship as he walked this way and then that, seemingly looking for something or someone. To his chagrin, however, the dark-haired recruit had followed him and he huffed slightly, trying to turn away once more. Gibbs. Where was Gibbs? The man was sure to have some rum, or at least a task to distract this new one with. Briefly Jack glanced up to where Hector had taken hold of the helm, his face furrowing further, in no way able to trust the man still, unless it was trusting him to be dishonest.

"We're Pirates, luv', healthy habits aren't exactly our forte..." He muttered, still distracted somewhat as he tried to shake he girl off. "Go and do something useful,... over there!" He flapped his hands in the general direction of the bow of the ship, not particularly caring whether there was a task for her or not. "Ah!" His features lit up as his eyes finally caught his first mate and he strode over purposely, just in time to see a flash of red hair disappear down below deck.

"Mister Gibbs would you offer an explanation as to why that... scraggly peacock be steerin' my ship?" His tone was accusing somewhat as he stared the seaman down, his hand flapping once more in he general direction of the helm. The other captain in question was already booming out his orders and Jack gestured harder, trying to emphasise his point. He turned, glaring pointedly towards the older captain with frustration in his eyes.


Andrea ran a hand over her face, obviously still rather groggy herself. Although she recalled in-taking an awful lot of alcohol the night before, the remaining effects were not nearly as bad as she had experienced before and she felt grateful for it. Of course, that didn't mean she remembered all of the night. Most was still a fuzzy blur and she couldn't help but smirk as Eve's head popped out from under a pile of sheets. "Mornin' Eve." She chuckled, her voice naturally rougher while her strong Dublin accent wavered the words. Her hand scraped back into her hair as she ruffled it, trying to shift it back into place as around her the others began to wake.

"Y' know the more y' drink the less y'll feel it." Her advice was meant good-naturedly and she stretched out her long limbs, letting them pop before she tried to get up and instead fell right back down onto the bed which she noticed Rory crawling towards. As if to counter her words, she felt a growing pressure in her head, causing her to turn her face back into the pillow, mumbling curses incoherently. Still, she heard Rory's query and she tried to poke her head out once again, shrugging her shoulders. "Come off it Rory, I drink to forget, not to remember!" She huffed, before realising the brunette was heading towards more alcohol. Vodka, at that. Forcefully 'Drea picked up the pillow and threw it at her friend, chuckling with menace before trying her best to duck away once more.

There was a knock at the door which caused her head to throb further and she distinctly heard Chrissy's chipper voice through it. She picked up the nearest thing to hand - which happened to be a boot, Vari's possibly? - and tossed it with heft towards the doorway, hoping to stop the cheerfulness. The redhead needed to join them more often and let go for once in a while. Then again, Christine's tastes in entertainment and a 'good night' were far different from the other women's.

Drea slowly sat up on the bed once more, pulling on her breaches and tucking in her shirt, securing a waistcoat of a royal blue material over the top for good measure. The men's garment was difficult to secure over the bust and she hardly had the skills with a needle and thread to adjust it, but she carried on buttoning it none the less. She paused in the search for her own dark boots as Vari spoke out, her voice and expression betraying her obvious displeasure at Eve's presence and 'Drea couldn't help but sigh and roll her eyes as the woman left. It wasn't that she didn't understand, after all, if anyone could hold a grudge it was Andrea, but for the most part she simply didn't see the need for such hatred. She pulled on her frock-coat, royal blue once again with gold brocade upon the lapels, and stood, waiting for the room to stop spinning long enough for her to move.

"I'll see you both on deck." She grumbled, the lack of sleep and mild hangover beginning to catch up with her once more as she slipped out of the cabin, dragging her feet up the steps and shielding her green eyes against the morning sun. After taking the briefest of moments to compose herself she moved forward, avoiding the growing crowd around Jack with a glare towards the man, and instead climbing the further steps to where Hector stood at the helm, coming to lean against the railings with her arms folded, still not speaking a word to the man. Although she couldn't remember much of he night before, her gut told her that she had good reason to be annoyed at Hector Barbossa, and she wasn't about to ignore it.


Aleksandra's footfalls hardly made a sound as she moved along the wood panelled corridor, her tread light and unhurried as she moved through the large house. Costello always ensured it was kept clean, more out of respect for his late mother and her memory than anything else, but even the servants kept their distance from the east wing. As far as anyone was concerned it had become her space, the large and airy rooms which had once belonged to the Costello twins now her own little sanctuary, a place for her to inhabit without interruption or incident. Of course, for his own amusement, Costello had also decided that the east wing would be the perfect place to room Summers as well, no doubt hoping that the volatile Russian might do him a favour and dispose of his competitive rival in he middle of the night. Even if she didn't, Aleks was sure Costello saw sense in keeping the two of them as far away from his and Rosalind's rooms as possible, believing himself safe and in control.

Perhaps he was, for now. One of the many things Aleks was good at was following orders; following them without question and, perhaps worse, following them without need to question. Or at least she had been...

She slipped through the door to her own room, leaving it ajar as she pulled her hair down from it's bun, letting the raven waves cascade down her back, the tresses smelling distinctly of salt and brine. Costello had ordered her to report to him the moment she returned and she had followed those orders to the mark, taking not even a moment to refresh herself before hand. She took that opportunity now, removing her long, dark military jacket, gold tassels swaying from the brocade shoulder pads as she placed it aside in favour to slip the blades from her side. They had been cleaned already, polished an cared for as part of a strict self discipline, and she moved to store them safely away.

The room was stuffy, stifling even, and, only once she had finished placing away her affects, did she allow herself to move to the window, opening it to let in a slightly cooler breeze which caught in her hair, lifting it from around her face. She stayed there for a moment, her eyes scanning across the gardens, subconsciously watching, waiting for sight of someone...

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