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Author:  Melanie [ April 24th, 2017, 11:01 pm ]
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"Alright." The man said as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. Once he flipped through his contacts list and found Henry's number, Riley put out her hand.
"Wait, before you call..." The man looked up at her with concern.
"Let me push a thought into your mind...that way when you talk to Henry it will sound legitimate. Your...pain, I mean..."
Riley glanced up at Jaxson, then back to the man who looked rather hesitant and unsure.
"I don't know....I won't....actually experience any pain, will I?"
Riley shook her head and reassured him.
"No, not at all. And the memory of it will fade within a day....which could also help you sell the story when you meet him."
The man sighed then nodded.
"Alright, let's go."
He muttered, then held his wife's hand.
Riley let out a nervous breath but straightened up and gazed deeply into the man's eyes. Her pupils dilated as she pushed a thought, a clear memory of Jaxson threatening him until he gave in. She then pushed the thought to call Henry to negotiate with him before Jaxson harmed his family.
After she pushed the last thought from her mind into his, Riley let out a breath and took a step back then let her hand fall by her side. A few moments passed before the color left the man's face as fear filled his eyes as he looked at Jaxson.
Trembling, the man took a few steps back and made the call to Henry.
After a few mintues, the man looked hesitantly back at Riley and Jaxson with his arms up in the air-in surrender.
"A-a-alright, I'm going t-t-t-to meet your boss. Tomorrow at 1. P-p-p-please, don't hurt me! Or my wife!"
The man looked over at his wife, who stood there dumbfounded and shocked. It was Riley who reached out and touched the woman's arm.
"Take him home and let him rest. Make sure to put another phone on him when he goes tomorrow."
The woman nodded then went to her husband and waited for Jaxson.

Author:  Jax Nova [ April 25th, 2017, 6:37 pm ]
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Jaxson was a little unnerved by the response from the man, but it seemed a wise choice. It would be hard to act out such a scheme and this would give it that extra touch of reality.

"I guess we better get back then?" Jaxson said, looking back to Riley. He wasn't sure what they were to do at this point.

Author:  Melanie [ April 25th, 2017, 8:26 pm ]
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"Yes, I'm sure Henry wouldn't want to be kept waiting."
She nodded to the woman who escorted her husband out a back door where they hailed a taxi home. Riley took Jaxsons' hand and began to make their way back into the main room, but before she opened the doors to the room, she squeezed Jaxson's hand a whispered quietly.
"He'll probably ask you questions about what happened."
She shifted her gaze to his as she spotted Henry drinking a large glass of red wine across the room.
"Do you...want me to push you? It might help with authenticity."

Author:  Jax Nova [ April 28th, 2017, 6:19 pm ]
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Jaxson took Riley's hand and sighed in reliefe as that part of their plan seemed to be done and done well. The tention re-visited him, however, when Riley mentioned Henry and then the man was sighted not far away. He looked over to her, "Do it. We can't risk being discovered."

Author:  Melanie [ April 28th, 2017, 8:39 pm ]
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Riley nodded, but before she started, she foolishly glanced over to where Henry was, only to meet his gaze. Her breath caught and she quickly looked back into Jaxson's eyes and began to transfer a false memory into his mind.
Although she knew it wasn't real, she shuddered at the scenario and what she made up to be the truth. In the memory, Riley brought the man's wife into a dimly lit room and sat her down opposite from Tom-her husband. Both looked frightened and were both unharmed, but both thought the other to be severely wounded. It was all due to her pushing the harm into their minds. After stating what was needed from the Henry, Jaxson then used his mind to heat up Tom's bare feet. To add more incentive, Jaxson then began to heat up his wife's hands. Tom immediately caved in and called Henry on his cell. Then she and Jaxson left them.
Riley let out a breath and blinked her eyes a few times as she fully released the memory into Jaxson's mind.
"There...hopefully that will satisfy hi-"
Riley shut her mouth and turned as Henry sauntered up to them, his eyes focused on Jaxson.
"Good work, kid. I just got off the phone a few minutes ago with Tom...he sounded very eager to meet me tomorrow."
Henry squinted his eyes at Jaxson, then his eyes shifted to Riley.
"So...what made him want to give in?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 1st, 2017, 8:55 pm ]
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With his false memories in mind, Jaxson tried to remind himself they were false but the reality over took him and he felt the remourse and sadness. He had sone it though... because he HAD to. He had to protect Riley from Henry doing something to her to get to him.

When Henry walked up Jaxson recounted what he had "done" and stood glancing towards Riley in a near shame yet glad to know she was safe.

Author:  Melanie [ May 2nd, 2017, 4:22 pm ]
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(Hi friend! So, I bought your book yesterday....:) And I am very excited to read it based off of reading the prologue. :) )

Henry clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth and stared at Jaxson as in thought after the boy told him his story.
"Is that so? So tell me, how did it feel?"
Riley answered him, perhaps too quickly.
"It felt good...oddly enough. I haven't done anything like that since....well, since a few days ago, so it was nice to get back into the swing of things."
She gave Henry a mischievous smile in an effort to appear bold and trustworthy....but inside she shuddered as Henry looked her over and winked.
"I'm glad you feel that way, dear...Well, that's enough for tonight. It seems I need to get back to do some planning."
Henry patted Jackson on the shoulder, then turned and walked out of the room. As he got into his limo, he cracked his neck and sent a thought to the couple.
Go home, kids. Get some rest. You'll need it.
Riley let her facade fall as soon as Henry left. Her breath caught and she shuddered as she turned to Jackson with tears in her eyes.
"I'm so sorry, Jaxson. I....I shouldn't have done that. I haven't done that in...years....and the only reason is because I still see what I pushed into her mind...."

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 2nd, 2017, 8:12 pm ]
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(Hey how are you? :) Well I certainly appreciate your support with a pirchase and I do hope you like the book! I look forward to hearing what you think!)

Jaxson held a steady gaze even after Henry had left. When Riley looked at him he aoftened and sighed. "No... you needed to. Inwould not have been convincing otherwise."

He took her hand and then heard Henry's voice. "For once I agree with the.." he resisted using the word he wanted to. "Man. We will need rest."

Author:  Melanie [ May 3rd, 2017, 1:38 pm ]
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(I'm doing really well, how're you? Yes, I'm very excited to read it. ^^ I just had a totally random your character based off of Joan of Arc??)

Riley smiled at Jaxson as he reassured her, but her smile faded as she heard Henry's voice in her head. Apparently Jaxson had heard him too.
She nodded in agreement and couldn't help but smile as the strain in his voice. He obviously wanted to call Henry something else.
"Yes, we will." She sighed then squeezed his hand gently.
"Come on, my apartment isn't very far from here."
Riley turned and led Jaxson out of the building and down the street towards her apartment building. It was very plain, having been built in the 70's, but it was relatively clean. Once inside, Riley led Jaxson up four flights of stairs then down the hall to her apartment where she bent down and picked up her key from a welcome mat in front of her door. After a few short moments, Riley opened the door and walked in, then shut and locked it after Jaxson followed in after her.
The living area and kitchen were small and very outdated, but modestly cosy. As Riley walked past the kitchen, she took off her heels and placed them in a wicker basket next to the bedroom door on the left hand side of the room. She then turned to Jaxson and shrugged.
"It's not much, but it's what I call home for now."
The corner of her mouth lifted as she spoke, for it was true. Coming back to her apartment every night felt to her like a safe haven. Riley gestured to the blue couch which had handmade tee-shirt pillows and a red knitted blanket.
"I know it doesn't look very comfortable, but it is, and I have some extra blankets in the closet if you'd like them."

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 7th, 2017, 7:59 pm ]
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(That's good. :D I am also excited to see what you think. lol As for your random thought, I'm pretty sure you will discover the answer once you get very far into the book. ;P )

Jaxson nodded and followed Riley back to her home. It would be good not to have to spend the night in the same place as that awful man. He had assumed that would be their fate.

Once they were inside he looked around, but stood in the living room area near the couch. "No, it's nice," he said as she mentioned it wasn't much. "Much better than any other option right now." He walked around and sat down on the couch, still glancing around the room. Being that Henry knew this was her apartment he wondered if he had any surveillance or listening devices in the place.

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 1:28 pm ]
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Riley noticed Jaxson's gaze around the room then she moved one of the pillows and sat down next to him.
"It's all right. There's no way for him to know what we're me. I've checked."
She smiled then began to fidget nervously with her hands as a silence passed between them.

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 15th, 2017, 7:33 pm ]
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Jaxson smiled. "You read minds now too?" He joked. He paused as the silence drug out for a moment then he looked up at her and gazed into her eyes for a frw moments. "Riley... if anything... goes wrong, I want you to make sure you get out of there. For good. I'll do what I can to make sure you escape."

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 8:43 pm ]
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The small smile that had graced her face had now vanished and was now replaced by creases between her brows and a slight frown. She wished that she could assure him that nothing would go wrong, but even she felt like something was off. She sighed then laid her hand gently on his and shook her head.
"That would be impossible. If I escaped without you...I...I wouldn't be safe. Please....promise me that if there is a chance for escape that you'll go with me?"

(P.S. I just read chapter 4 of 'Arise to Fall' ....Will there be many characters that will share the same fate as Roldin? :( Let me tell you that I was not expecting that...I literally had to read it over again just to make sure I understood what happened. And you killed him off quite brutally too. Lava? Ouch.)

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 15th, 2017, 9:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Telekinesis-inspired rp

( :( I'm sorry! I know... it's just the way the story unfolded, but no, there are not many who meet his fate. Trust me, there is a positive note to his fall later on in the book. I am sure you will appreciate it.)

Jaxson took her hand and held it to his chest. "I would do anything I could to escape with you. I swear. But if for aome reason only one can make it, I want you to go... you have suffered under that man long enough."

He dared to let his other and slide up her arm and rest on her shoulder as he gazed into her eyes. He felt regret for what he only imagined she had been through. Yet in his eyes was a small sparkle as he smiled at Riley. He had never cared for someone so much before... it was more than love... he would literaly do anything he had to for her... he would die for her if he had to. More than anything, though he wanted to escape and be with her for many years to come.

Author:  Melanie [ May 15th, 2017, 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Telekinesis-inspired rp

(Yes, it did seem quite inevitable that he would perish, even though it was sad. But good! I look forward to reading it! ^^)

Riley shivered as he touched her arm and rested his hand on her shoulder, but her eyes never left his. Unwanted tears sprung into her eyes and she blinked in an effort to keep them at bay, but the action only hastened them down her cheeks.
She said quickly as she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand, then looked up at him again.
"I...I'm not sure if I could make that a promise....but...I will try."

Author:  Jax Nova [ May 15th, 2017, 10:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Telekinesis-inspired rp

(You will have to let me know what you think when you get to that part. You will know it when you get there. ;) )

Jaxson shook his head lightly and brushed her cheek with his thumb where her tears had fallen. "Don't apologize," he told her. "I just want to make sure you are safe." He smiled and tried to lighten the mood a bit.

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