Telekinesis-inspired rp
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Author:  Melanie [ November 21st, 2017, 9:30 pm ]
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(OOC: Heyo! Look at us, we're on a roll!)

The panic and anger she felt began to decrease at the elderly woman's words, then she nearly shouted for joy as she heard Jaxsons' familiar voice in her mind.
Yes, it's me! It's Riley, Jaxson...I''s okay...I'm coming for you. I promise.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 21st, 2017, 10:12 pm ]
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(OOC: Indeed. :) It’s always fun to cartch the other person on!)

“What is going on?” Jaxson asked. “They told you I was in surgery?” He thought for a moment, and once he stopped to think about it... he did seem to feel a rather large ammount of pain. It was all dulled, though. Much like his senses. “I... feel like I’m asleep,” Jaxson said. “Like a really weird slee where you don’t get any rest.”

A short moment later andoctor walked into Riley’s room inquiring about her request to be moved. “We understand you wanting to be with your boyfriend,” the doctor told her. “Especially given he is the only family you have left... but a hospital to hospital transfer is an emergency usually and that costs a lot of money. So, unless you have someone to drive you to the hospital across town, I’m afraid we can’t release you until we are sure you are good to go.”

Author:  Melanie [ November 21st, 2017, 10:23 pm ]
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(It helps with the flow. :) Oh, also...I'm going to PM you with more of my novel/story/thing...XD)

Riley furrowed her brows and stared at the foot of her bed as she raked her mind for any memory of the accident.
Are pain?
Just then, the image of Henry torturing him filled her mind and her heart with terror, but before she could respond, a doctor came in and told her the news.
"No." She said rather abruptly. "That's not good enough. I need to be with him, you don't understand. He may be in danger! Please, just...just let me out and I'll pay you whatever it costs to send me over to him. Please, just get me out of here!"
Just then an idea formed in her mind and without another word, Riley glared at the doctor and focused her energy on him, pushing a thought into his mind.
She would find Jaxson again. She had to.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 21st, 2017, 10:28 pm ]
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(Indeed it does. Cool! Look forward to reading it!)

“I... think so,” Jaxson answered. “I mean I am, butnit’s numbed somehow. I think it’s effecting my mind too. I can’t think straight.”

The doctor gave Riley a stern look and was about to scold her outburst when a sudden and unexplainable compulsion came over him. He frowned and nodded, then turned to a nirse walking past.
“Bring me the papers for a hospital to hospital transfer please. This patient needs to be moved.”

“O-of cpurse,” the young nurse said, giving Riley an odd look. She noted that Riley seemed fine, but did as the doctor instructed.

Author:  Melanie [ November 22nd, 2017, 4:42 pm ]
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Riley furrowed her brows as she heard Jaxsons' voice; something was going on, and she didn't like it. It didn't seem right.
It's okay, Jaxson. Just....just hold on. I'm coming for you.
Tears began to fall from her eyes, but she focused on the doctor and pushed another thought into his mind. When he walked over to her and unbound her, relief washed over her and she sat up, but had to lay back down again as she got dizzy.
She blinked and forced herself up again, then looked up as the younger nurse came back with the transfer papers. She could see the look of confusion in the nurses eyes, because in all honesty, Riley felt awful.
But she had to find him.
She had to get to Jaxson.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 22nd, 2017, 5:57 pm ]
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Jaxson nodded... at least he felt like he did. He hadn’t the mind to consider Riley could not see or hear him nod telepathically.

The young nurse, confused as she may be, handed the doctor the papers. The doctor promptly signed them. “Make sure she is taken exactily where her young froend was taken,” the doctor instructed the nurse.

The nirse, if once uncertain, seemed even more so now. “Sir... are you sure-“

“Don’t question, just do,” the doctor snapped.

“O-of course,” she complied, nervously brushing her hair out of her face. She turned to Riley. “This way.” She led Riley down the hall and through a back exit. It seemed odd, to say the least. “I don’t know what you and that young man have got yourselves mixed up in,” the nurse said once they were outside. She glanced arpund nervously. “But nobody deserves this.” She looked Riley in the eyes and said, “Hit me.”

Author:  Melanie [ November 22nd, 2017, 8:32 pm ]
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Riley avoided making eye contact with the younger nurse, not because she was afraid, but because she really didn't want to force her to do anything. She was relieved though when the girl did as she was told, but the moment she stood up and started walking down to the main entrance, she knew that she was seriously injured. Somehow....she...couldn't see it, but she felt it.
Riley hadn't expected the girl to say anything, much less to hit her. Wait, what?
"I...I'm sorry?" Riley blinked in shock and confusion as she stared blankly at the girl.
"Hit you? Why....why would you want me to do that?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 22nd, 2017, 10:34 pm ]
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The young nurse became near frantic at that point. “Please, I don’t know what is going on... but there is no good reason for the doctors to move you. You are not well! Your friend... they did the same thing with him. They had him taken out the back way where there are no cameras, and then... then military behicles came and picked him up! They told me to take you out the same rout. If I take you I’m afraid they will kidnap you as well. If you hit me, I can tell them you became violent and ran....” the young women felt stupid after uttering all that, and perhaps her face looked just as stupid.

“I don’t know... I-I just know I became a nurse to help people... sending off a youmg man to be experimented on doesn’t seem like helping anyone...” at this she hung her head.

Author:  Melanie [ November 23rd, 2017, 9:30 pm ]
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Riley blinked and stared at the young nurse in shock; she had been right, he had been kidnapped. Her breath caught in her throat as she realized that he was being...experimented on.
Jaxson...I....I think I know what's happening to need to-
Her thoughts were interrupted by the odd request of hitting the nurse and running. For some reason, it threw her completely off guard.
Her hand twitched and she stood in a fighting stance, but before she punched her, she looked at her with thanks and hope.
"Listen....I really appreciate everything you've done for me....but, I need you to tell me anything you know about where he is. Anything, even a license plate will be helpful...."
She glanced over her shoulder, wondering if anyone was watching them.

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 24th, 2017, 11:12 am ]
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The nurse nodded nervously, eyes darting about. She recalled the make and model of the car. It was fancy, black, tinted windows. Military style.

"I am afraid I never thought to take down the plate number but I know they said they had a thirty minute drive. There are no military bases within thirty minutes, but there is one military hospital. I'm sure that has to be where they took him."

Author:  Melanie [ November 24th, 2017, 6:34 pm ]
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"Okay, well....I guess I'll just figure out where that is. Maybe I can find a car with..." Her voice drifted as pain began to overwhelm her. Once the worst of the pain was over, she opened her eyes and looked up at the nurse with regret already in her eyes.
"I...I'm so sorry for this."
She said as she balled her hand into fists and punched her in the face. After the impact, Riley flexed her hand and shook it then nodded at the girl.
"Thank you."
She muttered gratefully before she ran off down the road to hail a taxi. Once inside, she asked the driver to go to the nearest military hospital, but the driver just looked at her strangely before looking ahead and driving down the road.
It took a while for them to find it, but once they did, the driver dropped her off at the entrance and left.
"Okay....where are you Jaxson...?"
She muttered to herself as she walked inside the sliding glass doors. The entrance was plain and a rather ugly color, but still intimidating due to all the large men in dark military uniform.
"Um....ex...excuse me?"
She looked up at a man who was standing behind the receptionists desk.
"I'm...I'm looking for my husband. I think he may be here?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 24th, 2017, 6:52 pm ]
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The man at the desk eyed Riley for a moment. "A little young to be married." He chuckled. "Give it six or seven years, then you will know whether you really want to stay with the guy."

He flipped open a note book. There seemed to be almost no computers or electronics in the building.

"What is his name?"

Author:  Melanie [ November 24th, 2017, 7:35 pm ]
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Riley blushed fiercely and glanced down at the desk before clearing her throat.
"Um...Jaxson....that's...that's his name. I uh...I'm not sure what his last name is...because I...well, I suffered from memory loss."

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 24th, 2017, 8:56 pm ]
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The man eyed her with an even more scrutinizing gaze, but she did seem... Not well. Sick or injured... Or something.

He picked up the phone and called the office upstairs. "Our newest patient has a visitor." He looked at Riley again. "Says she is his wife."

A few moments passed and the man nodded.and gave a grunt. "Understood. I'll send her up."

The man looked back to Riley. "Fourth floor, room 301."

Author:  Melanie [ November 24th, 2017, 9:21 pm ]
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Riley didn't hear the exchange on the phone, for another shot of pain ran through her entire body. It wasn't like anything she'd experienced before, had felt this way before, it was when the bald man looked at-
"Miss? Miss?"
Her thoughts were interrupted by the man's persistent voice. She forced a smile and nodded her head.
"Yeah, sure thing. Fourth 32-"
"Room 301."
"Right, 301." Riley gritted her teeth to fight through the pain and muttered a quiet thanks as she walked past him and towards the elevators. Once the doors were closed, she grabbed onto the thin railing and leaned against the wall; it took every ounce of her not to cry out in pain.
She released her grip on the railing as the doors opened and stumbled out into a brightly lit hall, with doors lining the walls. A breath escaped her lips as she determined to get through this.
"You're almost there.." She muttered as she passed a door with the number 299 on it.
Riley looked to her left to see the next number: 300.
The pain began to slowly release as she made it to his room.
Her heart started to lift in excitement and she nearly stumbled onto the ground, but caught herself on his door.
"Jaxson?"She knocked a few times.
"Jaxson? Hello?"

Author:  Jax Nova [ November 25th, 2017, 12:25 am ]
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Jaxson didn't answer, but the door was opened. A rather tall man stood there. He was lanky and wore a black suit. "Mrs. Paxton," he greeted her with a nodded. "Your husband is this way." He motioned through the doorway and around the corner.

Once Riley was inside there was another man standing by a hospital bed where Jaxson lay. He was older, shades of Gray fading through his once brown hair. His face was creased with wrinkles that showed a hard life more than his old age.

"Riley?" He inquired, a gruff rattling sound to his voice. "Jaxson is safe... For the time being. Until he wakes up, maybe you can explain this to us?" The man grabbed a remote control and played a video recording. It was footage from a security camera, catching Jaxson using his fire abilities on Henry when they had tried to record his illegal dealings.

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