Who would have been best for Aragorn?
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Author:  Nurrantiel Mashiara [ July 23rd, 2008, 1:00 am ]
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Telpeath wrote:
*Telpeath Sneaks in*

This reminds me of my 1st post here on A&U! Such memories


*Wonders if anyone remembers*

*Telpeath puts on anti-Aragorn T-shirt*

*Runs Away*

I remember...mwhaha. It was a very interesting post to read.

As to the topic on hand, I believe Aragorn and Arwen were the right pairing. Though I'm not a huge fan of Arwen, more along the lines of she would only marry Aragorn once he was king, I believe she truly did love him, he loved her, and they..worked. They fit, as Tolkien had them do.

Author:  ~Mereneth~Ithilwen~ [ July 23rd, 2008, 6:43 am ]
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But it wasn't her who said she would only marry him once he was king, actually it was Elrond trying to keep them from marrying.

Author:  Nurrantiel Mashiara [ July 28th, 2008, 12:18 am ]
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Elrond may have said it, but Arwen went along with it. She didn't fight back, saying that she loved Aragorn and would marry him whether he was a king or not. She sat back and waited.

But as I said, Tolkien wrote it so well that they suited each other the best.

Author:  Elessar [Sly] [ March 10th, 2011, 8:00 pm ]
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Arwen. Although they both match him greatly in different areas. My heart and mind would have been disappointed if he didn't choose Arwen

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