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Author:  A-U Moderators [ December 7th, 2005, 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  The "Your Site" Directory!

This is the place for the list of sites created by A-U's members.
This is in no way to replace the current system - by all means go ahead and start a thread all about your site as well! This is so that it's easier to find other sites by members, and other people that may be attempting a similar thing to you! :)

Please PM the details of your site to the Mod account (or Herenya will do as well).
Include URL, site title, category (forum, fansite, graphics site, personal site, blog etc) who owns/runs it and whether or not you are interested in affiliating.
Also WHAT you are about - if it's a fansite, I need to know what it's fansite for, and if it's a personal site - is it for graphics or writing or just random stuff?

I hope that's all clear! Feel free to PM with any problems/queries etc.

Sites will be listed below, organised by category: (and will include which member they are run by)

Author:  A-U Moderators [ December 10th, 2005, 2:32 am ]
Post subject: 

*: interested in affiliating (which will probably be everyone.. lol!)


Maidens of Middle-Earth
Owners: Larael Greenleaf and Elberethsq
The four main "maidens of Middle-Earth" [Arwen, Eowyn, Galadriel, and Rosie] character bios, image galleries, graphics, and quotes. seperate part for the actresses includes complete updated bios, image galleries, and graphics. Note that the site is still under construction.

Alba Illuminata run by Myra *
Gallery Portfolio

Back in Time run by Herenya *
About the Ninth Doctor, from Doctor Who - info/graphics/links

Fantasy Worlds run by Elanor *
About LotR, Harry Potter, Narnia and other fantasy films and books

The Light of the Evenstar run by Ellethwen *
LotR site with graphics, info about the films, gallery, etc.

Field of Candy run by Ellethwen *
CatCF site with media, info on the movie, misc. stuff, etc.

Life's Grace run by Celebwen *
LotR site

The Crownless Again Shall Be King run by Ororuthiel *
Avatars, banners, blends [more is being added]--just a basic LotR graphic site.

Lothlorien of the Elves run by Alassë *
LotR fansite, with Elvish, Humour,Tolkien, Downloads, Cast, graphics, Gallery, team battles, and more!

Fallen Angels run by Arien Elensar *
A LOTR graphics and poetry site

Dream run by Silmarwen Idril~Dhodrimme
a LotR-inspired site with artwork and writings.
Into Light run by Eowyn Arelen
a LotR fansite

Evenstar Dreams
a (mainly) LotR fansite with fan fiction and artwork
Rose of Rivendell*

Arborlon run by Arborlon Elf
A Shannara fansite with information on the books as well as news updates about the series. Will only affiliate with other Shannara sites.

The Elfstone run by Telturwen*
A fansite focused on giving visitors a comprehensive experience of Middle-earth with information on the history, lore, languages, characters, as well as an interactive atlas.


The Aristocracy
The story-line it revolves around is this:
Beneath the very earth itself.. is a realm that is forgotten to the sands of time. A realm, so deadly, that no human has ever sought to understand its legends...
.. Myths have been spoken of its power... tales have been woven about its unsatible desire to engulf the entire world, with its influence.
The Aristocracy.
Beaneath the streets of London, Paris and Venice, spans many labyrinths; alive with a preternatural hum of voices, and sounds.. the Aristocracy dwells here.
Legend tells of creatures of the supernatural.. vampires, and Demons.. that these beings lurk deep within the luxurious passage ways.. a refuge for the hellish. Marble halls.. vulgar tapestries.. these things are only a glimpse of the Aristocracy's splendour.
None can escape its call.. none dare to defy its will. For there is no escape.. the Aristocracy reigns even on the sea; a massive gallion ship, crewed by the undead beauties of the refuge.
Enter at your own peril.. remember, there is no turning back.

Acerbus Liber Libri
This site is a role play forum. It takes place in 2008, and when people open certain books the creatures in the books are allowed into our world.

Here There Be Monsters
The site is a Pirates of the Caribbean role play site.

Fords of Beruna
It is a Narnia Forum, to discuss the films, books or whatever! Anything related to narnia

Green Dragon Inn run by Myra *

The Kingdom Forum run by Rembinallë
For discussion of books/films (especially fantasy) and general randomness

A/U Haven run by Mierwyn Kenobi *
A forum for Alternate Universe roleplays and fanfiction

Hordes of Mordor run by Smeagolisfree99, Ellethwen, and Darkmage
Lord of the Rings based site, groups, randomness, socially fun.

Nameless LOTR Board run by Perian *
A LotR RPG/Chat Forum

Lost is Livin' run by Perian and Edhela *
Forum for the show Lost with both chat and RPG boards

The Ha-Lo Community or the Haleth Lorindol Forums run by Kyly *

The Fantasy Within run by NuilanwenElfWarrior
General Fantasy Roleplaying forum.

Realm of the Ruaathiat run by Silmarwen Idril~Dhodrimme
a LotR related Forum mostly, and also used for RPG, plus it is a place to request information regarding LotR and Tolkien's world.

Out of Darkness run by Eowyn Arelen
a LotR/Eowyn Forum

Gilmore Girls Forum
Forum for the Gilmore Girls

Personal Sites

Silmarwen's Middle Earth run by Silmarwen Idril~Dhodrimme
a LotR related Base site for all my connected websites, some for writing, some for graphics/art, and some for LotR RPG character "journals" and stories.

Telpeath's Gift
The Forum, if you want to check it out, is here

Skyward Thoughts run by Gilraen Ringeril *

Herenya's Ramblings run by Herenya
Diary, stories, poetry, graphics, quotes (and etc) run by Elemmire *
Blog/random stuff

Starlit Illuminations run by Ellethwen *
Graphics, writing, and so on...

Simple Dreams run by Celebwen *
For graphics, writings, blog, and creativity in general

Anna's Picture World run by ErulissëEnethNîn *
Site for photography

Poisoned Rose run by Orouthiel *
Tutorials/help to other people, and it has blog, and things you can download. So I guess random stuff.

Subtle Lights run by Bubble Black *
Blog and graphics

Pecan Films run by Precious
Videos, graphics, and forum




MSN Spaces

Title: &&she said, she said;; I'm no friend of Mr. Valentine's.
Category: Blog
Owned/Run by: Silme Din
About: Random stuff, I guess

Graphics Sites

Between the Rain Drops run by keyodie *
a graphics site a forum, with some brushes, textures, etc., and graphics/art

The Tales That Really Mattered run by Perian *
Graphics Site

The Three Hunters run by Enwiriel
A LOTR, LOST, Star Wars, Moulin Ruoge and Harry Potter graphics site

Drifting Designs run by Elberethsq *

site title: Aragorn Telcontar
[url=}Aragorn Telcontar[/url] run by Elessar Celebrindal, a graphics site

Costume Sites

Arwen's Closet run by Lady Lithoniel
Site for Costuming

Author:  [ December 2nd, 2006, 8:12 am ]
Post subject: 

IMHO all the sticky threads are getting a bit confusing. It looks like there are two directories for MSN blogs and there are a couple of threads for different artwork. In the Fan Art forum there is also a directory for graphics and art... My suggestion is that some of the directories could be put together in one thread divided in MSN, Xanga, Live Journal etc. And perhaps the Photobucket accounts should be put in the Fan Art forum...?

I know this might also be confusing since people not always check both places, and some websites contain personal artwork as well as other stuff, so they would belong in both forums...
Well, this is just a suggestion and it must be up to those managing the directories if they will change anything. :angel:

Author:  Herenya [ February 22nd, 2007, 3:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Yes, that's a good point! There probably needs to be a list like this for blogs in general - although I can understand why the threads exist. It's easier for there to be a thread and for members to post to it than waiting for the mods to get the directory post and add a link. Easier for the mods, too. :P

So I'm not sure... but agree it needs sorting.

Author:  [ February 23rd, 2007, 6:12 am ]
Post subject: 

*nodnod* I understand. I don't have a problem with it now, I just noticed there is seven stickied threads in this section and three in the Fan art forum where people can post their sites or blogs. Got me a little confused because I was looking for a specific site at that time. But it looks like it's working :-)

Author:  Feanor [ April 12th, 2012, 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The "Your Site" Directory!

Whoa a ton of these sites are not available anymore... seems like this list really needs updated. :P

Author:  Taurquende [ May 22nd, 2012, 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The "Your Site" Directory!

Ouch-- Good call, Feanor. :) This might be my next project.

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