Why didn't Arwen sailed over?
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Author:  Guard of the Citadel [ December 29th, 2007, 12:33 am ]
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Aerlinniel Leryanëlyën wrote:

Gotc wrote:
I'm not an expert on Elves and I don't know about this "Halls of Mandos" that you are referring to. I would assume that anything that had to do with the Elves would naturally not be associated with Middle-Earth, otherwise Arwen would have retreated there (Lorien being the closest she could get to it at the time); thus these "Halls" would be in the Undying Lands?

[color=white]Oooh! Plain, nice explaining without debatable stuff :D Lol. It's a nice change, hahah :P

Awwww....thanks for liking my "simple" mind! :-D

Author:  Guard of the Citadel [ December 29th, 2007, 1:43 pm ]
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Aerlinniel Leryanëlyën wrote:
^ oooh, I'm sorry if I may have sounded that way, but I wasn't trying to offend you or saying that you're simple. :blush: I was just happy I could finally say something that wasn't just "probably" and "maybe" :blush:

Oh, don't worry; I didn't take it that way! :-D I took it as a compliment! See, I see things in a simple way. To me, not knowing all about the Hall of Mandos and all, it is a simple issue really. I just took what everyone else had answered me and used it in the most logic way and came up with the logical answer. Simple really. :)

Author:  Felarof [ August 22nd, 2012, 4:54 pm ]
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Eä wrote:
Firiel wrote:
From what I understand, it's because she's actually half-Elven and she has one chance to choose between a mortal and immortal life. She chose a mortal life and she couldn't go back on that.

Now if I'm completely off, someone please correct me!

I think you're correct on that Firiel.

Arwen stayed because of her love for Aragorn and because of her lineage (being half-elven) she could choose to become mortal. And after that she couldn't sail to the Undying Lands. :angel:

Yah, I think you're right. Even after Aragorn died, I don't think she could because of her choice.

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