Top 10 Favourite Books
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Author:  ~ladyofrohan* [ December 24th, 2007, 7:32 am ]
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think of the last 5 later....................

Author:  DoubleCherryPie [ December 28th, 2007, 1:40 pm ]
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these are definitely in no particular order...

pride & prejudice
the chronicles of narnia
the lord of the rings
harry potter series
twilight series
to kill a mockingbird
ella enchanted
the adventures of huckleberry finn

i can't think of a last one. but i know i left a lot out, i love books. so i guess i'll leave that spot for everything that i've left out.

Author:  Tar-Vanimelde [ December 29th, 2007, 3:50 am ]
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This tends to change regularly, depending on what I have been reading at the time so it is currently...

1. The Twilight Series (does it actually have a name?)--Stephanie Meyer
2. Good Omens--Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchet
3. The Children of Hurin
4. The Dragonlance Chronicles
5. The Lord of the Rings

Um, I'll come up with the othe five...

Author:  Fencing Maiden [ January 7th, 2008, 9:12 pm ]
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Oh, hard. Let's see:

1. Sherlock Holmes books - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2. Enna Burning - Shannon Hale
3. The Sea Wolf - Jack London
4. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens (Sydney Carton!! :swoon: )
5. The King of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner (Eugenides = :drool: )
6. Obsessed - Ted Dekker
7. The BFG - Roald Dahl
8. Lord of the Flies - William Golding
9. The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
10. A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court - Mark Twain

...eeek! That was pure torture! There are so many other books I want to list! :annoyed2:

Author:  Teh FF [ January 9th, 2008, 8:19 am ]
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Fencing Maiden wrote:
9. The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I've never heard about this one. Sounds interesting! ACDoyle is such a great author!

Author:  Johnny's Fan [ January 9th, 2008, 11:17 pm ]
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^ It is a great book. :-)

I thought it would be interesting to see how my taste has changed since last June when I first posted my choices.

Johnny's Fan wrote:
Not in any order. :-D

The Chronicles Of Narnia
A Christmas Carol
Murder On The Orient Express
The Lost World
Little Women
The Hobbit
Sense & Sensibility
Around The World in 80 Days

Again, not in any order.

Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility
Jamiaca Inn
His Dark Materials
Little Women
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter (begrudingly added.. for the first three and the first three only)

Author:  Ashwise [ April 26th, 2008, 11:12 am ]
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Anything by Tolkien
Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Confessions of Georgia Nicolhson
Mirror, Mirror
Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister
Lessons from a Dead Girl
Single White Vampire
Anna Karina
Tess of the d'Urbilvilles

Author:  Gilraen Ringeril [ April 26th, 2008, 11:59 am ]
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Hmm...this is a hard one. So I'm going to be posting entire series as one book :teehee:

In no particular order:
Harry Potter series
Twilight series
His Dark Materials series
A Chance to Die
the Uglies series
Eragon series
Lord of the Rings series
Nobel Warriors series

any book by Tamora Pierce (lol)
Case for a Creator

Author:  ErulissëEnethNîn [ April 27th, 2008, 2:45 pm ]
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In no particular order:
  • "The Lord of the Rings" - J.R.R. Tolkien
  • "The Da Vinci Code" - Dan Brown
  • "Ronja Rövardotter" - Astrid Lindgren
  • "Agnes Cecilia" - Maria Gripe
  • "The Shining" - Stephen King
  • "Bröderna Lejonhjärta" - Astrid Lindgren
  • "Tordyveln Flyger i Skymningen" - Maria Gripe
  • "Intensity" - Dean Koontz
  • "Sunnanäng" - Astrid Lindgren
  • "Skugg-serien" ("Skuggan Över Stenbänken", "...Och De Vita Skuggorna i Skogen", "Skuggornas Barn" and "Skugg-Gömman") - Maria Gripe

Author:  Starlight [ April 28th, 2008, 7:55 pm ]
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Fencing Maiden wrote:
7. The BFG - Roald Dahl

ZOMG! Someone else who shares my passionate love for The BFG! A musthave foe everyone's shelf, I believe. :yes:

Er.... goodness this is hard.

The Lord of the Rings (I tend to think of them all as one book.) - J.R.R. Tolkien
The Hobbit -J.R.R. Tolkien
Pride and Prejudice -Jane Austen
The Importance of Being Earnest - Oscar Wilde
Harry Potter series -J.K. Rowling
1984 -George Orwell
Great Expectations -Charles Dickens
The BFG -Roald Dahl
The Lorax -Dr. Seuss
Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales -The Brother's Grimm

I could go on, but for once I won't cheat on a list. :P

Author:  Estë Undómë [ May 17th, 2008, 6:41 pm ]
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Ah, hard one! In no particular order...

:: The Twilight Series - Stephenie Meyer
:: LotR
:: Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
:: The Keys to the Kingdom - Garth Nix
:: Salem Falls - Jodi Picoult
:: Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
:: Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice [Probably the whole of the Vampire Chronicles to be honest.]
:: His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
:: Inferno - Dante [It's a heck long poem, so I think it can count as a book.]
:: The Tudor Court Series - Philippa Gregory

Author:  Starlight [ May 17th, 2008, 10:42 pm ]
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Estë Undómë wrote:
:: Inferno - Dante [It's a heck long poem, so I think it can count as a book.]

The Inferno pwns. :yes: We had to read it for school this year and I loved it. I need to buy it.

Estë Undómë wrote:
:: The Tudor Court Series - Philippa Gregory

Are those about Henry VIII? Because if it is, I need to get them.

Author:  Estë Undómë [ May 18th, 2008, 4:50 am ]
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Starlight wrote:
The Inferno pwns. :yes: We had to read it for school this year and I loved it. I need to buy it.

:lol: It is brilliant. Although my friends thought I was mental when I told them I was reading it. Those that knew what it was, of course.

Starlight wrote:
Are those about Henry VIII? Because if it is, I need to get them.

Yup. :)

Author:  Tar-Vanimelde [ May 19th, 2008, 5:43 pm ]
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I started out a while ago, and I only posted five, but I'll post all ten right now, and we'll see what's different, or if I am still so predictable. :P

"Twilight" - Stephanie Meyer (the series)
"The Dark Tower Series" - Stephen King
"The Host" - Stephanie Meyer
"The Children of Hurin" - Tolkien
"The Dragonlance Chronicles" - Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
"Good Omens" Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
"The Lord of the Rings" - Tolkien
"The Count of Monte Cristo" - Alexandre Dumas
"Christine" - Stephen King
"The Chronicles of Narnia" - CS Lewis

Author:  Maironiel [ May 20th, 2008, 5:47 pm ]
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i felt the need to contribute...though i'm not sure that these are my faves of all's impossible to pick just ten...i am what is referred to as a voracious reader...

Twilight series (specifially, Eclipse has been the best so far)
The Robber Bride/The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood (she is so amazing. does poetry as well)
100 Love Sonnets, by Pablo Neruda
Catalyst, by Laurie Halse Anderson
The Queen of the South, by Arturo Perez-Reverte
Wild Roses, by Deb Caletti
The Silmarillion/Children of Hurin
the Thursday Next series, by Jasper Fforde
the Wish series (manga)
the Animorphs series

Author:  Beriadanwen [ May 21st, 2008, 4:53 pm ]
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The Lord of the Rings series + The Silmarillion
The Harry Potter series
The Quiet American
House of Sand and Fog
Mrs Dalloway
How The Light Gets In

Hmmm this is sad, I can't think of any other books I really like.

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