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 Post subject: Of Giants and Little Folk
PostPosted: May 22nd, 2017, 10:57 pm 
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Just a piece I worked up for my fictional world and shared on my author facebook. Thought I would share it here too. Hope you find it entertaining!

It's a curious curious thing indeed,
For this fellow and all his manly seed.

At twenty five years old they stood five foot seven,
But they'd wake up the next morning and be eight foot eleven!

All of them exactly the same, to a T,
Everyone one of them born at five foot three.

But when their mama held them in her arms and the pain was through,
That baby would shrink right down to two foot two!

Finally the mama said, "I can't take no more!
Teaching toddlers to walk at four foot four."

So she took her son to the waters where the sick get well,
But being weary from her labor she slipped and fell.

Her baby rolled into the water as she watched it disappear,
But she dove after that lad that she loved dear.

When he fell in he stood about two foot four,
But when she pulled him out he wasn't so tall anymore.

Now she tells folks he's only one point two,
But they don't understand that's only half way true.

Now she cradles her son in the palm of her hand,
Because one inch two is as tall as he stands.

Ever since that day that woman gives birth in that pool,
Then sends her little ones off to faerie school.

Where they teach the little people how to survive and win,
In a great big world full of giants and men.
As legend has it, all leprechauns and pixies descended from the miniaturized offspring of the women in this poem. Oddly enough, separate legends name the women's other children, who stood eight foot eleven, as the forefathers of the giants. The women, in other texts said to be "A women of unusually large proportions," was clearly able (though with difficulty) to give birth to a child five foot three inches tall. The women's husband, by virtue of this poem, is also known to have been eight foot eleven inches tall.

Little is known about faerie (leprechauns and pixi) culture but it is a well known fact that giants for a fact are born quite large and then shrink after birth.
The common thread that is found between giants and faeries is that both races mature at twenty five years of age, the age mentioned in this literary work. Giants, as depicted, have a huge "over night" growth spurt the day after their twenty fifth birthday after which they are welcomed into adulthood. What happens when a pixi or leprechaun reaches twenty five is unknown.

It is also unknown what "school" this women would have sent her little ones to, but it is widely speculated that they were assimilated into the culture and inter married with whatever type of race ran the school. That mix is assumed to be the early ancestors of the present day faerie.
Now, when we use the term faerie, one must not be confused. During the early ages of the earth the Varsa walked among the people. After this ceased, however, people became estranged to the Varsa presence and began miss appropriately calling them "faeries" because they lost understanding of the higher race and it's original function in Varsia.

The earliest recorded usage of faerie was in fact used by Minotaurs nearly seven hundred and thirteen years before the great scarring of the earth. Minotaur records report that one day on a journey into unexplored swamp lands the scouting party came upon a small village with tinny people with glittering wings. They would have unknowingly trampled the village if a young minotaur had not stopped near the stream for a drink. When he bent down he observed tinny houses hidden in the plants on the river shore. The minotaurs made contact with the little people and though little is recorded about the actual meeting from that day forward the pixi and leprechauns are referred to as faeries in all Minotaur literature.



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