Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)
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Author:  Jax Nova [ March 15th, 2018, 11:09 am ]
Post subject:  Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)

Through conversation on Instagram (yes, it can be done! It's not just all pointless pictures! Lol Though, admittedly mostly is. :P )

Anywho, through conversation on Instagram, I came to contemplate what would/could have come to be if Smaug had lived. So, I will endeavour to write a fan fiction on my favorite idea (out of many) that came to me.

I will write short posts when able and post them as I write them!

Author:  Jax Nova [ March 15th, 2018, 11:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)

The water was cold, and the giant dragon crashed into it, obliterating a boat on his way down. He, Smaug, could feel the elongated metal arrow still piercing his body as he sunk further down.

Finally, a cool slimy mire oozed around his scales. He had hit the bottom of the lake, resting now beneath the waters of Laketown. Smaug, wounded as he may be, dare not give up! He had lived too long and worked too hard for his hoard in the Dwarven City.

With a clawed grasp he wrenched the iron arrow from his body, blood wafting upwards and turning the water red. He swam, for he knew if he was to surface the people would accost him. He was no longer in any condition to fight.

That night, on the far side of the lake, he crawled out of his would be grave. He retreated down river, into Mirkwood. That would not be safe either, though. If the elves found him, he would be no better off. So he traveled as far as the Misty Mountains, to places so remote that only a goblin would dare call it home. There he rested, and waited. He waited for the day he would have his revenge... The day he would retake Erebor!

Author:  Jax Nova [ March 19th, 2018, 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)

They say time heals all wounds... but the longer Smaug lay, the deeper his wound was felt. The flesh healed, and the pain went away, but the memory of his defeat seethed inside of him. Soon he would be able to fly again... soon he would return.

However, as many know, the best laid plans of dragons... or anyone for that matter, are not always what is meant to be. Fate dealt Smaug a different hand. As the dragon slept in a deep slumber, healing his wounds, goblins came from the mountains. The creatures had seen the great beast wounded and hid their presence from him. Never would they have approached him, until this day. For there was a greater presence growing in middle earth. One that demanded their allegiance. This greater presence saw the wounded dragon as an opportunity.

So at the hand of the small goblins, a large net was spread over Smaug while he slept. A net that even a dragon could not escape. As the trap closed in around him, the giant beast opened his eyes. He burst out in a roar, shooting fire in all directions! He flailed and thrashed, trying to open his wings. He clawed and bit, and rolled. None of it, however, gained him a thing. For the net had been crafted with great skill and deep magic. The dragon was a captive...

Author:  Jax Nova [ March 28th, 2018, 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)

Smaug was dragged over hills, through trees, and beyond the Misty Mountains. He vaguely recognized his surroundings as the land of Mordor.

"What villain may have brought me here?" He wondered. Stories of the dark lord that once ruled Mordor had not escaped his ears, but long had been the road and painful the journey. The dragon wondered, but cared little. He had no more concern with a new evil rising than he had with what sorts of rocks he might dash these goblins against when he was free. After all... As far as he was concerned, any sort of rock would do.

His wonderings seemed, however, like they may soon be answered. Dark sounding footsteps came through the rocks of Mordor's barren land. Around the corner came a tall and gastly creature, with a dramatic helm upon his head.

"I am the mouth of Sauron," the beastly creature introduced himself. "My master has seen you hiding... Healing. For years he watched you. Now, he offers you the chance to reclaim your lost treasure. To reclaim Erebor! He can make you strong. Stronger than you know."

"You assail me, kidnap me, and then offer me strength?" Smaug roared. Fire billowed out his nostrils. "You let me out of this cursed net and I will show you true power!" The dragon boasted, for he did not yet believe that Sauron himself had returned.

The mouth of Sauron grinned a wicked grin. "I expected you might say as much." He looked back at his minions. "Bring the torture tools!" The goblins scurried off and their leader laughed wickedly.

Author:  Jax Nova [ April 3rd, 2018, 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Smaug The Undying (a LoTR fan fiction)

With a deadly sounding thump, and a drag, the goblins brought the cruelest looking device. Smaug growled in defiance, but his net was strong and enchanted. There was no escape, from the net or the pain. The beastly creature, the mouth of Sauron, stabbed beneath his scales, burnt through his dragon's armor, sent electric shock through his body. Smaug did not know where this vile looking spear had come from, with its interchanging heads and strange markings. It was the only weapon of that sort the dragon had ever seen that could harm him!

The dragon lost track of time, or pain, and of the suffering. The mountains were filled with the haunting cries of the beast. He swore he would not break, but break he did. One day, he could take no more. "Stop! I will do as you say!" he called in a weary, yet desperate voice.

The mouth grinned a lipless grin. "You will?"

"I will," Smaug's voice had no more growl to it. It had not but desperation. "I will destroy Rivendel. If only you set me free from this torture!"

"You shall be free," the mouth promised. "But first you must prove yourself. Consume Rivendel, and you will be released until our master has need of you next."

The mouth stepped back, letting the goblins un-net the great beast. The mouth still held the spear in his hand, ready if the dragon were to lash out against them. No such action occurred, however. Smaug stood in a wilted demeanor, head drooped and wings dragging. "What would you ask of me?" the great dragon inquired.

"Go," the mouth told him. "Destroy Rivendel. When the deed is done, return to me."

"As our lord commands," Smaug said, wearily jumping into the sky and flying away.

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