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Author:  Larael [ June 28th, 2007, 11:27 pm ]
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Aww! I can imagine it as well Gwenny.. :P

But if you think it's a good idea I think that's what I'll do.

Author:  Estë Undómë [ June 29th, 2007, 6:17 am ]
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Gwenneth wrote:
A pile of newbies with puppy-eyes sitting in a box with a sign, "Newbies to be adopted."

Bless the ickle newbies. :lol:

Author:  Drew's Destiny [ July 1st, 2007, 7:03 pm ]
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Hey, I was wondering if you could please add me to the list? I pmed JF (Johnny's Fan) and she said that her and her husband, Norrington, would adopted me. Then my husband is William Turner. If you could add that to the tree (list) I would really appricate it. Thank you very much in advance! :-D

Author:  Larael [ July 1st, 2007, 10:56 pm ]
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Yay! Welcome to the family! :hug:

Author:  Gwenneth [ July 3rd, 2007, 11:06 am ]
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Hey Drew! Hey, that makes you my niece! :D *huggles*

Author:  Larael [ July 3rd, 2007, 6:18 pm ]
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I'm getting married [again!]. Say good-bye to Robert Pattinson and hello to Severus Snape. :teehee:

Author:  Johnny's Fan [ July 3rd, 2007, 11:08 pm ]
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Wow, I think I only just realised that I was your sis Gwen. :teehee:

Eww... RP... :yuck:... yay for SS!! :D

Author:  evenstar of mirkwood [ July 3rd, 2007, 11:19 pm ]
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oooh, I get a new brother in law! Nice choice Lar!

Author:  Larael [ July 4th, 2007, 4:12 pm ]
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:teehee: The perfect amount of quietness and darkness for me.. *huggles Snape-y* He was just begging for someone to love him. ;)

Author:  Dark, Queen of Angmar [ July 4th, 2007, 5:13 pm ]
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I have no idea where to go, but I wish to be adopted! So yeah, whoever wants to adpot wittle old me, go ahead!

Author:  Johnny's Fan [ July 4th, 2007, 8:32 pm ]
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I'll adopt you if you want Darky! :D

Author:  Dark, Queen of Angmar [ July 5th, 2007, 10:54 am ]
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Thanks JF! I've always wanted Norrington as a Dad! (although its weird because I think he's good looking... oh well, its just a tecnhical difficulty, lol)

Author:  Estë Undómë [ July 5th, 2007, 12:17 pm ]
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Mwhaha, JF has the child-adopting bug! You'll soon have as many children as me! *Cackles evilly*

Author:  Larael [ July 5th, 2007, 1:27 pm ]
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Aww! You people move much too fast. Sevvy and I are in need of a couple more children as it is.. :P Has anyone seen Gily?

Author:  Estë Undómë [ July 5th, 2007, 2:44 pm ]
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Awww, poor E-Lar. *Pats her on le head* E-Lar needs children! Roll up! Roll up!


Author:  Drew's Destiny [ July 5th, 2007, 3:26 pm ]
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Larael, thank you the welcoming and for adding me to the list! Congratulations on your new husband. Snape would make a very good husband for you. :-D
Uh last I heard (read) she was on a mission trip, that was a while back though ( a week or two ago I think).

Gwenneth, Thank you for the welcoming. :-D Cool, Auntie Gwenneth.

Dark Queen of Angmar, Welcome to the family! Now we are sisters and Will Turner is your brother in law. :-D I wish you luck with us. We (Will and I) are a bit crazy. lol

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