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 Post subject: The RP Charries of Inwe Calaelen
PostPosted: January 16th, 2007, 9:37 pm 
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Okay. My old topic got lost in the black pit of A-U pages and I'm creating a new one b/c I have a whooole bunch more charries^^Here ya go:
*Feedback is welcomed* :-D

Inwe Ayane Calaelen*
Olwe Calafalas*
Elliryanna Silimaure*
Seremela Silimaure*
Ayzia Charzimia
Estelle Starstorm*
Jareth the II (Goblin King)
Eruaphadion Char*
Zephyr Winsor
Kasumi Lei Fang

(Ones with "*" after them are my currently active/used to be active charries. I'll update as I use more.)

-Inwe Ayane Calaelen-
Aka- Inny-poo
Age- 23
Race- Half Elf, Half Human (I forget the "Scientific" Name for this if any of you know please do tell...^^)
Skills- Healing powers, Telepathy, Apparation, Stealth, Horsebackriding while demonstrating intence swordsmanship, And some random magic skills. (All of the above other than the Healing powers and the Telepathy Inwe Taught herself....^^)
Eyes- They change with her mood but-Normally- Hazel
Height- 5'4"
Weight- 135 lbs
Gender- Female
Occupation- Waitress
Hair- Waist length, black and wavy
DOB- (I need help with the whole Fourth Age/ LotR timeline...>< Help is much appreceated!!) June 9 as of right now
Spouse- Himura Kenji (Then he dissapeared), Takiliran Mist (Then Kenji came back so Inwe and Takiliran weren't legal >.<)
Current Spouse- Humura Kenji (WW)
Anni- January 16, 2007
Horse- Mor Meleth
Sword- Proelium Victoria (Latin for: Battle Victory)

*Notes* She has a pet Jaguar who can speak as a human, his name is Jag. She was put on a ship as a child (About 6 or 7years old) and was taken to "Safety". She does not know where she came from or who her parents were... she was sold as a slave and as she grew older (About 16 years of age) Rissien, the son of her owner, asked her to marry him. She said yes, but before the wedding, he was called to war. There he was slain, two of his friends brought his wedding band and his sword, both she carries with her today. Now she is 23 years old and married. She has no children... yet.

-Olwe Calafalas-
Age- 20ish
Race- Human
Skill- Stealth, Tracking, Studying the stars
Eyes- Brown
Height- 5'9"
Weight- 179 lbs
Gender- Male
Job- Rides out to forien lands and takes note of peace/war among them and reports to his master who reports to the kings of nearby lands.
Hair- Brown
b-day- Unknown
Spouse- Tikeal Saadar
Anni- May 21, 2006

*Notes* He has one daughter. Not much is known of his past at this time.

-Elliryanna Silimaure-
Age- 17
Race- Elf
Skills- Unknown
Eyes- Silver-Grey/Blue
Height- 5'3"
Weight- 100 lbs
Gender- Female
Job- Waitress at a bar
Hair- Straight, long, and black
B-day- Unknown
Spouse- None

*Notes* Twin of Seremela Silimaure.

-Seremela Silimaure-
Race- Elf
Skills- Unknown
Eyes- Blue
Height- 5'3"
Weight- 90 lbs
Gender- Female
Job- Waitress at a bar
Hair- Blonde, long
b-day- Unknown
Spouse- none

*Notes* Twin of Elliryanna Silimaure.


I need you to: help me come up with ideas for the story of Kasumi Lei Fang! I want her to be a very cool charrie, I want her to be diffrent! Therefore I need outside ideas other than my own! if you comment with ideas please say something like: "About Kasumi...." or "Here are some Kasumi ideas!!" etc..etc...
THANKS! :-D :bounce:

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: February 15th, 2007, 6:06 pm 
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ABout Kasumi:
Kasumi could be the child of a dwarf and a hobbit, who raised in Minas Tirith and lived with the children of Aragorn and Arathorn. Then she would be a allround-charrie^^

I like the stories you wrote ;)

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