Welcome to the media section! Below are all the categories that you can explore. Feel free to use anything from this section but do not claim things as your own. For graphics, please use an image host provider such as TinyPic or PhotoBucket instead of direct-linking graphics from A-U. If you wish to have a graphic made for you specifically then check out the requests section of the forum as there will be someone more than happy to create something for you.

100x100 pictures (both animated and still) for you to use on forums

Huge collection of character, cast, and location banners for you to use

LotR brushes for use with Paint Shop Pro

Over 25 Elvish, Dwarvish, and LotR-esque fonts to download

Sound and Music
Music clips, full-length songs, and sound clips to download

A few trailers, movie clips, and interviews to watch or download

Decorate your desktop with different wallpaper backgrounds