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General Site Questions

Is A-U an "Arwen site"? If not, why is it called "Arwen-Undomiel.com"?

A-U used to have such frequent updates - what happened?

Click to hide answerI need to contact you; how can I?

I e-mailed your arwen[at]arwen-undomiel.com e-mail address [insert time period here] ago and you never responded!

Something's not working! I can't access a page/a picture's not showing up/something else has gone wrong! What can I do?

Who runs A-U? Are there multiple staff members?

Who designs A-U's layouts?

Does A-U cost money to run?

Is A-U non-profit? If so, what's with the ads?

How do I become a member of A-U?

How often does A-U get a new layout?

What happened to the A-U newsletter?

What happened to the Vanyara Awards?

Are there any contests I can enter, since there aren't any up-to-date ones listed on the A-U Contests page?

What server is A-U hosted on?

Can I use A-U's content on my site?

Can my site be affiliates/sister sites with A-U?

Is He's a Pirate part of A-U?

Tag-board/Chat/Forum Questions

I was banned on the tag-board/chat room. I didn't do anything wrong; how can I get unbanned?

Someone was breaking the rules on the tag-board/chat room. Where/how can I report this?

The box where you enter your name for the chat room doesn't load. What should I do?

I tried to register for a password-protected username on the chat room and never received the password. What should I do?

Can I be a moderator?

Graphics & Site Help Questions

How do I get a banner dedicated to me?

How do you make your graphics?

What software do you use?

What site programs do you use?

How do you get music on your site? How do you get this web effect? How about that one?

Where do you find all the pictures you use in your galleries and graphics?

How do you make screen captures?

Will you help me with my own site / be part of my site's managing team?

Will you make me a layout? An affiliate button? Any graphic?

Miscellaneous Questions

Do you have any personal interaction with the cast/crew of LotR?

Where did you get the idea for the Sanity Is Relative avatars?