Full Name: Celeborn

Name Meaning: Silver-tree (Sindarin Elvish)

Aliases: Teleporno, Lord of the Galadhrim

Birth Date: FA

Date of Death: Unknown

Race: Elf

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: Galadriel

Children: A daughter, Celebrian


Celeborn was a kinsman of Thingol (father of Luthien Tinuviel). He met and married Galadriel in Thingol's realm of Doriath, and, after Doriath was destroyed, fled with her to Arvernien. Celeborn was given the option of passing over the sea at the end of the First Age, but he chose to remain. With Galadriel, he founded Lothlórien, which became one of the most beautiful lands in Middle-earth. During the War of the Ring, Celeborn led the army of Elves that conquered Dol Guldur, which had been Sauron's abode in the early Third Age. Galadriel passed over the sea soon after the War, but Celeborn did not go with her at that time. When Arwen journeyed to Lothlórien after Aragorn's death, though, Celeborn was gone: it appears he grew weary of Middle-earth and followed his wife to the Undying Lands.


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