Full Name: Galadriel

Name Meaning: Lady of Light (Sindarin Elvish)

Aliases: Altariel, Alatariel, the Lady of Lorien, Galadhriel, the Lady of the Wood, the Lady of the Galadrim, the Sorceress of the Golden Wood, the Mistress of Magic, the White Lady, Queen Galadriel, Nerwen

Birth Date: FA

Date of Death: Unknown

Race: Elf

Parents: Father, Finarfin. Mother, Eärwen

Siblings: Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, and Aegnor

Spouse: Celeborn

Children: A daughter, Celebrian


Galadriel was the granddaughter of Finwë, the High King of the Noldor Elves. She was called the greatest beauty of Finwë's house, with her long golden hair that seemed to capture the radiance of the tree Laurelin. Fëanor even asked once for a strand of her hair, but she disliked him and refused. When Fëanor's Silmarils were stolen, Galadriel was the only woman who played a prominent part in the rebellion of the Noldor. She was eager to journey to Middle-earth, and may even have joined in the Kinslaying at Alqualondë: she certainly did not hinder the bloodshed.

In Middle-earth, Galadriel dwelt with her brother, Finrod, for a time, but when he moved to Nargothrond, she took up residence in Doriath and befriended Queen Melian. Though Galadriel did not speak of the reason for the curse that lay upon the Noldor, Melian read her heart and realized the suffering the rebels had caused. While at Doriath, Galadriel met and fell in love with Celeborn, a kinsman of King Thingol. She married him, and they had one daughter, Celebrian.

After Doriath fell, Galadriel and Celeborn fled to Arvernien. In the early Second Age, they founded Lothlórien, which she modelled after Doriath, and made the land beautiful with the help of the Ring of Adamant, Nenya. Nenya was one of the Three Elven Rings, and was given to her by Celebrimbor at its making. Sauron endlessly tried to know Galadriel's mind, but it was closed to him, though she could read his thoughts.

On January 17th, TA 3019, the Fellowship of the Ring, having lost Gandalf, came to Lothlórien's capitol, Caras Galadhon. Galadriel perceived all their minds, and saw that the quest was close to failing. She showed Frodo and Sam visions of the future in her enchanted mirror, and, though Frodo offered her the One Ring, she wisely refused to take it, seeing that her intent to do good would be overpowered by the inherent evil of the Ring. Before the Fellowship left Lothlórien, Galadriel gave them all gifts, including an invaluable phial filled with the starlight of Eärendil that she gave to Frodo.

After the War of the Ring, Galadriel attended her granddaughter Arwen's wedding, and rode with Théoden's funeral company until they reached the road to Lothlórien. The Valar had set a ban on Galadriel's return to Valinor during the second and third ages, since she was the only surviving leader of the Noldorin rebels. In autumn of TA 3021, because of her long opposition to Sauron, the ban was lifted: she was finally permitted to fulfill her desire and pass over the Sea.


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