Full Name: Gimli

Name Meaning: Unknown

Aliases: Elf-friend, Lock-bearer

Birth Date: TA 2879

Date of Death: Unknown

Race: Dwarf

Parents: Father, Glóin. Mother, unknown

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Children: None


Gimli was the son of Glóin the Dwarf, who had been one of the famed companions of the great Thorin Oakenshield. Gimli moved with his father to Erebor in TA 2941, and in TA 3018, the two dwarves made another journey: this time to Rivendell. A Ringwraith had been haunting the Lonely Mountain, an ancestral home of many dwarves, and it constantly asked for news of Glóin's old companion, Bilbo. Its words were thinly veiled threats: if the dwarves gave the Ringwraith news of Bilbo the "thief" and other hobbits, they would be richly rewarded with three of the Dwarven Rings; if they refused, they would be punished. Glóin sought advice from the Lord of Rivendell about what should be done.

At the council, Gimli was chosen to represent the race of Dwarves in the Fellowship. He guided his companions through the Mines of Moria, where he thought to find his cousin Balin. He did find Balin, but not alive and well as he had hoped: Balin was buried in a stone tomb with many slain dwarves about it. After Gandalf fell into shadow and the Fellowship fled from Khazad-dûm, Gimli became the first Dwarf to enter Lothlórien since Durin's Day. He began to develop a curious friendship with Legolas--before, the two had avoided speaking to each other as a result of a long-standing feud between Elves and Dwarves. In Lórien, Gimli became enamored of Queen Galadriel. When the companions left the Elven realm, Galadriel asked Gimli what gift he would ask of the Elves. At first he refused, saying only that it was enough to have seen the Lady of the Galadhrim and hear her gentle words, but, when entreated, he asked Galadriel for a single strand of her golden hair. Galadriel gave him three, a gift that he would cherish for the rest of his life, and earn him the title of "Lock-bearer."

After Frodo and Sam left the Fellowship, Gimli chose to accompany Legolas and Aragorn to attempt to rescue Merry and Pippin. He defended the honor of Galadriel when he met Éomer, who rashly spoke ill of the Lady. Éomer gave the Three Hunters two horses, a gift that, though generous, Gimli did not appreciate greatly, as he was as uncomfortable on a horse as Sam Gamgee was in a boat. When Gandalf appeared to the three as a figure cloaked in white, Gimli would have slain him if Gandalf had not made the Dwarf's axe leap out of his hand--Gimli mistook the white-garbed wizard for Saruman. Gimli continued to journey alongside his companions, with the new addition of Gandalf, all the way to Helm's Deep. There, Gimli and Legolas started a deadly game to see who could slay the most orcs. After the battle, Gimli won the competition with a final score of 42. Legolas lost the game by one. While inside the fortress, Gimli discovered the Glittering Caves, which awed him, and he spent much time trying to describe them to his Elven friend.

Gimli was reunited with his truant hobbit friends, Merry and Pippin, at Orthanc, and was present when Saruman tried to weasel himself out of his cornered situation. The Dwarf also followed Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead, where he was ashamed to be afraid to go underground when an Elf feared not. He fought bravely in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and was the only Dwarf that marched in the army of the Captains of the West to the Last Debate before the Black Gate of Mordor. Gimli rescued Pippin from a giant troll that had fallen on top of the hobbit, and never forgot the sight of a hobbit foot under many bodies.

Gimli was present at Aragorn's coronation, and afterwards followed up on a promise he had made to Legolas: if the Elf would visit the Glittering Caves with the Dwarf, then the Dwarf would explore Fangorn Forest with the Elf. Gimli became Lord of the Caves, and brought a group of Dwarves there. He also helped forge new gates of mithril and steel for Minas Tirith. In FO 121, Gimli and Legolas passed over the Sea to the Undying Lands.


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