Full Name: Grima

Name Meaning: Grim, cruel (Old English)

Aliases: Wormtongue, Worm

Birth Date: TA

Date of Death: 3rd November, TA 3019

Race: Human

Parents: Father, Galmod. Mother, unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: None

Children: None


Grima was once a man of Rohan, but, sometime in the late Third Age, came into the service of Saruman the White. Saruman wished for a spy in Rohan, and sent Grima to do the job. Grima became counsellor to King Théoden of Rohan, though all the people of the land called him "Wormtongue" in exchange for his weakening the king and poisoning his mind.

One of those who called Grima "Wormtongue" was Éomer, Théoden's nephew. Éomer refused Grima's order (which Grima proclaimed to be Théoden's) to abandon hunting down Saruman's orcs, who were ravaging Rohan. When Éomer returned from the hunt, he threatened death to Grima in the halls of Meduseld, partly because of Grima's stalking Éomer's younger sister, Éowyn. Grima imprisoned the King's nephew for his impudence. When Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli came to Edoras, Grima tried to turn them away, but they gained entrance in spite of him. Gandalf healed Théoden of Grima's leech-craft, and the King gave his evil counsellor one last chance to prove himself: Grima could follow his lord to Helm's Deep and prove himself worthy in battle. Grima refused, and rode to Isengard where his true master, Saruman, awaited him--or so he thought. In truth, Saruman was imprisoned in Orthanc by the Ents, and when Grima arrived, Treebeard incarcerated him also.

After the Battle of Helm's Deep, Gandalf and his companions rode to Isengard, where Saruman tried to worm his way out of the tower and failed. Grima aimed the palantir of Orthanc at Gandalf's head as the wizard left, but he aimed poorly and missed.

After the War of the Ring, Treebeard freed Saruman and Grima out of pity, since the old Ent couldn't bear to see any living thing imprisoned. By then, Grima had become Saruman's grovelling slave. He followed Saruman to the Shire, where Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry returned and defeated Saruman's men who had taken over the land. As Saruman turned to leave the Shire, he kicked Grima in the face, and something finally snapped: Grima pulled back Saruman's head and slit the wizard's throat. He then tried to flee, but fell dead with several hobbit arrows in his back.


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