Full Name: Shadowfax

Name Meaning: Shadowy grey coat (Old English)

Aliases: Shadowfax the Great, Prince of Horses, Chief of the Mearas

Birth Date: Unknown

Date of Death: Unknown

Race: Meara

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: Unknown

Children: Unknown


Shadowfax was one of the mearas, the lords of horses. The mearas may have been descended from Oromë the Vala's horse, Nahar. Shadowfax was also a descendant of Felaróf, the horse that killed Léod, father of Eorl the Young. Until Shadowfax's time, the mearas could only be ridden by the Lords of the Rohirrim.

After Gandalf escaped from his prison atop Orthanc, he fled to Edoras, where King Théoden bid him take any horse and be gone. Gandalf, in his insolence (at least in the minds of Théoden and Grima), took Shadowfax. On September 21st, TA 3018, the wizard met the horse, who wouldn't allow Gandalf to come near. Gandalf followed Shadowfax and overtook him the next day. Gandalf tamed the horse, and, after Théoden was healed of Grima's leechcraft, the King officially gave Shadowfax to Gandalf.

Gandalf rode Shadowfax through every battle in the War of the Ring, and, when he departed over the Sea, he may have taken his beloved horse with him.


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