Full Name: Ugluk

Name Meaning: Unknown

Aliases: None

Birth Date: Unknown

Date of Death: 29th February, TA 3019

Race: Uruk-hai

Parents: None

Siblings: None

Spouse: None

Children: None


Ugluk was one of Saruman's orc hybrids, the Uruk-hai. When Saruman had news of the Fellowship of the Ring's whereabouts, he sent a party of orcs, including Ugluk, to capture any hobbits they could find. Ugluk succeeded in capturing Merry and Pippin, and his group of orcs started traveling back to Isengard. The group wasn't only made up of Saruman's orcs, though: there were some orcs from Mordor, and some from the Mines of Moria. The Mordor orcs wished to take the hobbits to Sauron, the Moria orcs wished to kill the hobbits in revenge for the Fellowship's killing many Moria orcs, and some orcs from each party were hungry for fresh meat and would gladly have eaten Merry and Pippin. Ugluk chopped off a few of the orcs' heads in answer, which quelled the quarrels for a bit. This was not an act of kindness towards the hobbits: Saruman's orders had been to bring the hobbits back alive and unspoiled. On the night of February 29th, TA 3019, the orcs were attacked by the Riders of Rohan, led by Éomer, the Third Marshall of the Mark. The Rohirrim killed all the orcs, and Éomer himself slew Ugluk.


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