Instructions: Your goal is to box in as many squares as possible...before Sauron does! To start, click the Begin button on the right. On the grid below, click between any of the dots to make a horizontal or vertical line. Sauron will place a line somewhere else. Take turns placing lines, wherever you want, but remember: if there are three out of four lines needed to make a box and it's Sauron's turn, he'll complete the box, and leave an eye behind...and gain a point. But if there are three out of four lines needed to make a box, and it's YOUR turn, you get to complete the box, leave your mark, and win yourself a point. Each time either of you completes a box, that player gets to go again immediately. Play your moves right, and you'll be able to box in square after square in a single turn. Play it wrong, and Sauron achieves world domination. (Note: you can play as Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, Arwen, or Eowyn. To change your icon at any time during the game, click the "Click to change your icon" link at right.)


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